The Life Purpose Matrix: How to Find Your Higher Calling

This post is dedicated to the ones that wonder, “what is the purpose of my life?” Try this effective Life Purpose Matrix and find the answers for yourself!

The Life Purpose Matrix is a simple tool that will help you find your soul’s higher calling. Here’s the background story on its origin.

Even though I was stir ‘awoke‘ in April 2017, it wasn’t until September 2018 that I really began to question if I wanted to live the life that I had been.

My job, though well-paying and respectable, was draining me. I was working tirelessly, but the sense of purpose was missing. It felt like I needed to do something more, something that helped other people on a more direct and compassionate level. But what? I couldn’t understand.

What was my soul craving to do, what would make me feel more satisfied, which I was too scared to admit?

Day after day, I spend hours talking to people that I look upto, seeking their advice.

Should I take up a job at some NGO? But what cause would I associate myself to, I wasn’t that passionate about anything yet…
Should I become an artist? I knew my paintings weren’t good, but I enjoyed the skill, so what if….
Should I take up writing as a career? But I would need to walk the path more professionally and seriously, such as journalism..

On and on, the ideas and questions, and doubts went on. It felt that beyond my education in Computer Science, I had failed myself. I knew nothing else.

It had been weeks thinking about all this, non-stop. I was beginning to feel that same air of helplessness I did before my first wake-up call.

This time, meditation and burning essential oils wasn’t working either.

Until one day, an idea came to my mind.

The Life Purpose Matrix.

Broadly speaking, the idea is, to lay out all your talents, interests and hobbies, and analyse them critically, to see what is the best fit for you. Here’s what you can do, to make your own.

Sidenote : Before you dive into the steps, here’s a quick video to motivate you to follow your heart’s desire. 🙂

What is your life purpose?

And now – onto the steps to create a blueprint for finding your life purpose!


Make a table on a piece of paper, or pull out an Excel sheet. You should have 10 rows, and 5 columns.


Your first column lists down everything you like to do. Trust me, write down everything. You should atleast have ten interests, no matter how vague.

I even wrote down going to the gym, and long-drives, and allowed myself to believe just for a few moments in the possibility that I could perhaps become a personal trainer or driver (neither of which I am remotely talented at, but I wrote it anyway).

life purpose matrix, interests, hobbies, my spiritual shenanigans


Your second column should list WHAT you can do about this area of interest. For example, if you write down ‘working out’, you can consider training other people, creating YouTube videos of workouts or writing about working out. You can further consider becoming a dietitian.

NOTE : The key is to be as creative as possible, and NOT restrict yourself right away in any of the possibilities. The upcoming steps will help you refine this matrix anyway.

interests, hobbies, my spiritual shenanigans


Being able to earn from your passion and area of interest can be a mental barrier. But in today’s day and age, the message is clear – spiritual people can both be humble and live with affluence. So why live a deprived life? This column is a self-assessment of how well you can earn from each interest. Don’t be overly critical here, just practical.

For instance, you may earn better if you work for an agency, than as a freelancer. Rank your professions accordingly.

life purpose matrix, interests, hobbies, my spiritual shenanigans, earn, income, profession, career


Time to evaluate the struggles and efforts you’ll be putting in as you pursue your path. This can take a while, so don’t rush the process. Sit with each profession and write down as thoroughly as you can.

interests, hobbies, my spiritual shenanigans


The last, and my favourite column is the one where you finally reach consensus with your heart and brain. The YES/NO/MAYBE column. Or in other words – do you want to pursue this professionally?

For the clear YES’, you know that it’s worth the effort. DO IT!

For the maybe’s, I would say, TRY. You never know where you get your breakthrough.

And for the NO’s, well, let’s just say that somethings are good for you, even though YOU are not good at them. Continue enjoying them in your own company. 🙂

My life purpose matrix had a lot of maybe’s and no’s, but there were only two clear YES’s. Hypnotherapy, and Writing.

life purpose matrix, interests, hobbies, my spiritual shenanigans, goals, personal development, challenges, career

Refine & Combine

A sweet subscriber, Kristen, wrote to me a few days ago, telling me how the Purpose Matrix helped her narrow down some interesting options for her future.

But also how the various ideas began to dovetail into each other! She called this stage the “refine and combine”, and I couldn’t help adding this to the steps.

There’s a possibility that you’re able to merge a few of your interests and create a multi-faceted profession out of them.

Interestingly, I see how that played a role in my trajectory too. Today, I am a spiritual writer and a spiritual coach (self-hypnosis is only one of the many modalities I work with).

I would encourage that you revisit this matrix a couple of times, let yourself brainstorm through each step, and allow yourself to think outside the ‘society-says’ box.

Additional Step (Optional)

I think it’s beneficial to add this step, although you may already have some level of clarity through the above exercise.

Take the Myers & Briggs Personality test, to get a deeper sense of your archetype, and see if it fits into the results from above, or teaches you something new about yourself.

I personally found my results to reflect “teacher” and “counselor” which are in alignment with my actual profession today as a spiritual writer and coach. 🙂

Does The Life Purpose Matrix Work?

As silly as may this exercise sound, thankfully, today, there are jobs like Social Media Influencer or Food Critic, which pay off too, and quite well. They are a beautiful mixture of fame and fortune, which otherwise is left for the elite few.

There’s no need to confine yourself in the 9-6, 5 days a week cycle, unless you really want to. Either way – more power to you!

The only thing left now, is to act on this purpose, and to live more purposefully! 🙂


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How to Find Your Life Purpose

Karma : 7 Spiritual Facts About The Divine Law of Cause And Effect

No more fearing Karma, it’s time to start working with it! Here are 7 things about the law of cause and effect that every spiritual aspirant should know.

Karma is misunderstood more often than appreciated. Simply because the information spread about this Universal-governing law is usually half-baked. While eastern holy scriptures, like the Bhagwat Gita, emphasize the importance of the law of cause and effect, there’s a need for an even simpler introduction.

So, here’s my small attempt to redefine your perception and, hopefully, help you develop a higher regard for this mystical law.

What does Karma mean?

Karma comes from the Sanskrit word, karam, or action. The Law of Karma talks about the consequences of our actions. In other words, cause and effect. You may or may not call it karma, but most of us have one of the following ideas already implanted:

  • You reap what you sow;
  • What goes around comes around;
  • You get what you give;
  • Life always come “full circle”;

Just the sheer fact that this philosophy is shared across multiple religions makes it all the more palpable. But as much as you and I want to believe that Karma is real, it seems to fail us when we need it the most.

What’s missing, and how can we understand Karma, if it’s real to begin with?

#1 – Understand that Karma isn’t always the bad guy. It is, in fact, absolutely unbiased and balanced. Set yourself free from this myth.

I’ve said this before while talking about the Divine Laws of the Universe, and I say it again. Karma is a neutral law.

We, as humans, are the ones that make it seem good or bad. But the truth is, there’s nothing personal about what’s happening.

Yin And Yang, Fire, Water, Hand, Destiny, Divine, Karma, Spiritual

We can like it or throw a hissy fit about it. But whatever needs to happen will happen. And we take up short soul contracts to help the Universe expand its consciousness while we face our karmic debts. It’s a part of the bigger picture.

The Universe doesn’t indulge in favoritism, doing more good for one soul and worse for another.

So, you won’t get any more troubles than you deserve, and you won’t get more happiness than you deserve either. If you keep holding onto the fear of Karma, you can never work with it.

#2 – Begin to clear your debt with grace.

Any hardships are not the time for you to ask “why is this happening to me, what did I do to deserve this?”.

We, as humans, might think we are entitled to all the answers. However, just like you cannot teach calculus to a first-grade kid, we cannot comprehend the complexity of how the Universe works.

Of course, we can try. That’s why we have so many metaphysical books out there. But spending too much time worrying about or resenting what’s already happened is futile.

Instead, start seeing problems as your opportunity to clear your Karmic Debt rapidly. The bigger the problem, the bigger is your clearance! But if you’re asking for God to ‘slow down’ on you, it’s like saying you want the band-aid to be ripped off slower, and with longer-lasting pain.

Paper, Low, Photoshop, Rip, Anger, Anger Management, Emotions

#3 –You can’t be ‘jinxed’ out of something you deserve.

The idea that somebody can jinx you out of what you deserve is not only fear-inducing and disempowering, it’s wrong. Worst comes, something you deserve might be delayed, but it will be rerouted to you and never deprived.

Know now that the Universe is always self-correcting. Which means that whatever is meant for you, will get to you.

This also means that if it isn’t already there, it may not be the right time for it in your journey. Or, it may not be palpable within your current karmic debts.

#4 – You are NOT a victim to your karma.

Fill every moment from NOW-on with good Karma.

EVERYTHING you do in the present is always building for your future. And if you can do good enough in the present, you don’t need to worry about the future, because you’ll start to override the consequences of your past too!

joy, happy, confident, self esteem, self actualization

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#5 – Don’t try to even the score, chances are you’ll make it worse.

Like I briefly mentioned before, we are assigned spiritual contracts with the people around us. Through them, we sign up to clear our karmic debts.

When we undergo uncomfortable situations in a relationship, there are only one of two possibilities.

  • One, they are clearing their debt to you,
  • Two, they’re creating their own hard fate for the future.

SO, DON’T GET INVOLVED. Don’t go on plotting your next revenge! Either way, you make it worse for yourself.

evil, karma, payback, revenge

Do I mean don’t fight for your rights? No. Of course not. Save yourself as best possible, but don’t adopt vengeance along the way.

Get out of toxic relations if you need to.
Limit yourself from people that bring out the worst in you.
Stay in the truth and the awareness that nothing can be “taken away from me”.

Because as a soul, you are imperishable, cannot be destroyed, and cannot be deprived of anything.

So, do NOT take Karma into your own hands. Your objective is to clear what you have, not add more to your plate.

#6 – Don’t wait around for Karma to hit somebody.

While we’re talking about getting even, let’s also talk about wishing for Karma to hit someone. In this era, we might find ourselves silently stalking, and then fuming, at their happy social media posts. Thinking we had the unfair end of the deal.

spy, stalking,

It all comes crashing down someday. But while you’re policing it, the law will not be set into motion. You have to EXIT that loop, that confining energy, for the law to generate the ‘bill of debts due’ in this ‘transaction’.

In the meantime, focus on what this relationship was meant to teach you, spiritually speaking. Here are 7 possible karmic lessons involved in such relationships.

#7 – If you want big Karmic changes, take big steps.

Instead of fearing or succumbing to the law, WORK WITH IT.
Go all-out on taking control of your present moment actions.

Don’t act from a small place, it won’t bring results fast enough. After all, the harder you spin the wheel, the faster it will go.

wheel, karmic debt, karma cycle,

Can Karma Justify Everything?

Sensitive topics like rape, untimely death, murder, etc can provoke a lot of bitterness in our hearts. Using any philosophy at such a time is detrimental to our grieving period. Whether it’s you or a loved one, give yourself time to accept the loss, without rushing yourself into the confusion of getting answers.

You may not resonate with the idea that everything does come full circle in life. And you don’t have to, at least not immediately.

But there is one book, called Journey of Souls, which I’d recommend to anyone trying to investigate Karma and Soul Contracts deeper.

A dear friend, Tesa, and I got onto a call and talked about Karma in much more detail. Hear us out, in this interview below.

Concluding Thoughts

This is only scratching the surface when it comes to understanding the nitty-gritty of cause and effect. You can explore more nuances through the various questions I get asked on Quora.

Karma can teach you detachment, acceptance, present moment awareness, and help you connect the dots over and over again. It may not make sense in that moment, but in retrospect, everything will always be more appreciable.

The more you see yourself as a student of this law, the more practical and useful it will be in consciously transcending your life!


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7 Spiritual Facts About Karma : The Divine Law of Cause & Effect

Why Are We SO Judgemental? And how NOT to be in 2 simple steps.

Are we inherently judgemental? What is the origin? And how can this be changed? Read this to find out more about the psychology of judging.

We are very sensitive when it comes to criticism about ourselves. This sensitivity is nothing but ego, which seems to inflate as we grow older; it grows bigger as we do. This same ego experiences a boost of pride in being judgemental towards another person.

We validate our greatness by invalidating someone else. But why?

Let’s step back. Way back, and into the clouds!

At a bird’s eye view of humans hustling and bustling in their lives, most of the people down there are living life on their terms. And to be honest, most of them are making a lot of mistakes that they don’t notice, but the rest of world does.

Pedestrians, Rush Hour, Blurred, Urban, Walking, Motion

Now when we come back down, closer, we see what the world is doing. They’re becoming judgmental about it. Bullies, even.

  • It could be as common as not being taught how to dine at the table, and thus being made fun-of by your colleagues at work.
  • Or a cultural naivety, such as making someone uncomfortable because you don’t know when to hug versus going for a handshake, or just a smile as an exchange of greetings.
  • It could be something more serious, as cutting someone off because they don’t fit our worldview of how rich they should have been, or maybe that they got divorced.

The truth is, in OUR eyes, it isn’t a mistake, it’s just our way of living this confusing thing called life. If we had known better, ofcourse we would have been doing better!

And something is missing in all of us. But when we know something that the other person doesn’t, our immediate reaction is to become judgemental.

“They should know that by now, they’re a full-grown adult!”

Mistake, Choice, Street, Business, Shoe, Right, Wrong, Judgemental

Why do we assume that everyone has been raised with the same cultural/social awareness as we have?

Well, you’re free to think about that question but I’m not going to bore you with expanding on a rhetorical nuance. Instead, I have something different to say.

As a responsible human being, we only have two options if we don’t want to be judgemental anymore.

The first. Teach them what you know. Because it’s unfair to expect that a handful of people, such as our parents or teachers can teach us everything we need to know to sustain ourselves through our ever-evolving lives.

So, YOU take the responsibility of this person to help them become better. You guide them, as a mentor, a friend, a soul sister or brother, that THIS is the right way to do something.

Responsibility, Pick, Select, Judge, Verdict, Shortlist

In other words, you briefly step into the role of a guru or parent. Because neither gurus nor parents have the desire to judge and gossip about their children. They take ownership for the child’s growth.

Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to ‘adopt’ this person for life. It can even be as small and valuable as a single-sentence advice. You don’t need to invest in this as a full-term relationship, you just need to invest in the person.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, let’s talk about the second option.
Gesture, Sign Language, Finger, V, Victory, Peace, Second, Two

That is, that we understand that they haven’t been taught something because no one has taken their responsibility yet, and we don’t intend to do that either. So we stop evaluating their ‘lacking’ and see what we can learn from them instead.

Eradicate judgemental behaviors, by either teaching someone what you know, or seeing them as capable of teaching you something instead. Simple!

Also, my friend Clayton did an interesting series with a psychological analysis about being judgemental. You can check it out here.


Image Courtesy : pixabay, shutterstock

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