How I Realised I’m an Emotional “SPONGE”

What is an Emotional Sponge? And how can you deal with it, both spiritually and psychologically.

Empathy is a term that’s being going around a lot lately, along with its side-effect, “emotional sponge”. I can explain it best by a personal experience.

This will be both a spiritual (energy) and psychological investigation into the phenomenon. Keep reading!

I recently got into the morning practice of clearing my energy, and the results are so amazing, that for hours to follow, I continue to feel very light and peaceful. (Yes – I will talk about these energy clearing practices in another post)

But one morning, I made the mistake of checking my phone too soon.
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I had received a message from an anxious and flustered friend, that was dealing with a problem. Though my friend is sensible and was only bouncing the problem to get a second opinion about it, I immediately felt my energy become heavy. I was annoyed and angry too, now.

I became an emotional sponge. In other words, I was so empathic towards the person’s problems, that I absorbed some of their emotions and made them my own!

I immediately became alert and stirred by what had happened, because the dip in energy level was significant. So this time, it didn’t go undetected and I was able to look at it from a more conscious and critical view.

This is where psychology pops in to say hello! We have just experienced a sign of an unhealthy Emotional Boundary.

In being the good listener, I am holding TOO much space and as a consequence, it is getting into my own space.

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Ofcourse I never write without solutions, so here it comes.

In dealing with other people’s problems, we need to create a safe space for us to comfortably listen from and be in – and remind ourselves mentally that we can remain detached and still help others.

Detachment being the key word, lets walk our way back to the spiritual side.

Detachment to me, means to be able to hear a problem, and advise a solution or see a better outcome of it without being shaken by the problem itself. It means operating from a higher frequency.

This, thus, means always choosing a higher frequency until it becomes second nature – that I am AWARE I am able to make this choice freely and voluntarily every time.

What are these frequencies I am talking about?

I love the Nicheren Buddhism philosophy that suggests, each being holds 10 different states of mind within themselves. These are called the Ten Worlds.

It is believed that our behaviour fluctuates between each of these states. Well, it fluctuates as long as we are unconscious and operating on auto-pilot. But we can choose the frequency by repeatedly staying aware and growing gentle in our ‘reaction’ in situations.

The Ten Worlds are, in ascending order of the degree of free will, compassion and happiness one feels, the worlds of: (1) hell, (2) hungry spirits, (3) animals, (4) asuras, (5) human beings (6) heavenly beings, (7) voice-hearers, (8) cause-awakened ones, (9) bodhisattvas, and (10) Buddhas.

As explained on the Sokka Gakkai website

Operating from higher frequencies becomes our way to experience detachment.

But how can we still be compassionate, if we are detached?
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True compassion can be understood when we hear stories of enlightened Masters such as the Buddha that would become teary-eyed in seeing another’s pain, in seeing the plight of the world around.

Compassion may not necessarily mean attachment – it means sometimes, to be able to experience the emotion by letting it pass through you. What does that mean? It means not holding back, understanding that is a byproduct of humanness and simply holding the space for yourself to process the emotion out of your system.

Yet at the same time, we are staying rooted in the knowing, that we are not the emotions we are experiencing and that we are holding space for another person to share their load.

This led me to think – is THIS why we feel better when we share our problems? Because we literally share our problem?
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I don’t want this to scare the empaths of the world. I want all this to empower you, by showing you that yes, you are a being of great capacity, that has immense love and care. The skills that you need to work on now, are detachment and healthy emotional boundaries.

All the empaths reading this, give me a holler and let me know if this changes things for you! 🙂


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