Soul Plan Reading with Annalisa

I got a Soul Plan Reading done, and here’s everything you need to know before you get yours!

I became intrigued with the term, Soul Plan, as soon as my friend and healer, Anna mentioned it. She was kind enough to prepare my Soul Plan Reading shortly after our conversation. And, it turned out to be quite impressive!

During the reading, Annalisa revealed things about my personal traits and behaviors that she couldn’t have known, because I myself hadn’t seen so many of them that way, consciously. The accuracy was uncanny. This girl knows her stuff, mhmm!

I was so impressed, I asked her if she’d let me share this with my audience, to help spread awareness about this empowering spiritual method.

Here’s everything you’d want to know, to get a reading done for yourself. First, I want Annalisa to explain what this reading is about.

WHAT is a Soul Plan Reading?

Soul Plan Reading is a practical and energetic way of finding out the purpose of our (soul) life in this reincarnation.

This is a great method for anyone that feels stuck in life, is experiencing challenges that they don’t know how to overcome, or in general want to discover their soul purpose.

NOTE : All information that is retrieved and discussed about the inidividual’s soul plan is kept highly confidential at all times.

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What is the origin/source of this reading?

In 1950’s Frank Alper channeled this method through the soul of Moses. This is a numerology system. It takes in the 22 characters of the Hebrew alphabet and draws in elements of the Kabbalah, Tarots and Astrology, using the 5 pointed star called “the Star of David”.

What can you expect from getting your Soul Plan read?

There are a couple of steps, and to summarize,

  • First, this very accurate method will give a reading through our birth name as it appears on the birth certificate. The reading reveals our spiritual and worldly challenges, talents and goals together with our soul destiny.
    Note: Nicknames, changes of names will also be taken into the reading as part of an inlay reading. This adds deeper insights and information on the client soul path.
  • Second, it will also provide healing affirmations and a soul message.
  • Third, the end of the reading is called Grace Clearing. This step ensures any energetic blockage gets cleared to fulfill the purpose of our soul with ease and courage.

It’s worth noting, that the soul plan practitioner also channels insights and intuitions on what the individual needs to work on. Also, it can be revealed if there is resistance on certain challenges or some talents haven’t been developed yet.

The soul plan practitioner also channels insights and intuitions on what the individual needs to work on.

By having a reading, the client will benefit consciously or unconsciously of great changes on an energetic level. On a more practical level, it explains about personality traits, career opportunities and ultimately how to fulfill the soul purpose.

Preparing for the Soul Plan Reading

Now, talking about my personal experience.

Once you share your name with the soul plan practitioner, the Soul Plan takes a couple of days to prepare. Then, it is discussed over phone, video call or in person if you’re geographically close to the reader. There’s nothing else we need to do other than that!

The duration of the phone call was exactly 1 hour, 12 minutes and 12 seconds long (synchronicity, yay) for me! But this can be shorter, depending on the conversation.

The Soul Plan Reading takes a couple of days to prepare, after which it is discussed over phone, video call or in person.

I’m quite inquisitive, so hats off to Anna for dealing with me so patiently!

The Actual Experience

About 10 minutes into the session, I knew this reading was Divine Intervention. I started getting answers to personal questions I had been stuck with for a long time.

I found all sorts answers, ranging from my own health, to relationships, life purpose and connection to the Universe.

  • One fun personal instance, was the insight that my left nostril is likely to get blocked if I resist my reality.

    This may sound ridiculous but this is BANG ON. More than half the time, I only breathe properly through one nostril, my right one. I couldn’t stop laughing from amazement and amusement when she told me this.
  • Not just that, another insight that stunned me was that the energy of my numbers indicated my laziness. It was a life challenge to be overcome, by becoming more physically active. Anyone that knows me can validate how much I excel for mental tasks but struggle with getting off my arse.
    Strike two for me!
Lazy, Son, Student, Home, Mother, Woman
  • Third and most importantly, Anna confidently explained that I can take up roles in leadership, vocal trainings and workshops, writing or business, and they’d ALL do me really well.

    As someone who totally sucked at YouTube several years ago, and previously only revealed this to my husband about wanting to do a TED talk one day, I had goosebumps. The reading brought me faith, and gave me butterflies!

Clearly, the insights were being sourced from something much higher and beyond either one of us.

Final Thoughts

The Soul Plan Reading was an inspiring revelation that gave me the final push to step up as a Spiritual Writer, and start giving my ALL to the My Spiritual Shenanigans blog.

The Soul Plan Reading was an inspiring revelation that gave me the final push to step up as a Spiritual Writer, and start giving my ALL to the My Spiritual Shenanigans blog.

It provided an increased sense of awareness for many things I hadn’t observed in myself before, and to see many of my own shortcomings as actual soul challenges that I was meant to overcome all along.

The affirmations discussed at the end of the reading were also shared with me over email, along with a channeled message from Source, and I still get goosebumps reading them.

Most importantly, this reading was a gentle reminder that everything is ultimately a part of our Soul Contract.

I might sound biased because Annalisa is also my friend, but the truth is, she doesn’t know me at a level where she could have come up with this reading on her own. So to me, this was as authentic and insightful as it gets.

If you’re interested to book your own reading, and want to work with Anna, drop her a query at her blog, The Reiki Sense.

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15 Life-Changing Lessons from Spiritual Memoirs

A wide range of spiritual lessons on lifestyle choices, marriage, relationships, detachment, humility, and more!

There was a time when I couldn’t stand biographies. And then, I was introduced to the world of spiritual memoirs – the less factual, more emotionally invested kind of look into people’s lives. It was like a paradigm shift!

While our Ultimate goal as spiritual beings is to attain Enlightenment, not all of us are aspiring single-mindedly to achieve that goal within this lifetime. Also, not all of us are inclined towards renouncing our material lives to go live in ashrams or caves with the monks, to attain this guidance.

That being said, we need all the encouragement, wisdom and inspiration along our way, that we can get, even whilst we choose to engage in worldly matters.

To me, these are the books that brought different flavors of enlightenment to the comfort of my lazy space. Here’s highlighting what stood out to me, in each of the recommendations listed below.

* The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer

This inspiring story looks into Michael’s life of almost monk-hood; spending 40-years in the forest trying to live in solitude but by a strange twist of fate, being anything but alone, ever!

Meditation, Buddhism, Monk, Temple, Spiritual Memoirs

Not just that, there are humbling insights like him teaching meditation to jail inmates, building a spiritual temple that is a magnet to spiritual masters from around the world, coming clean from an FBI raid, and demystifying several spiritual experiences in simple laymen language.

Without giving away too much, here are my 5 key takeaways.


Meditating for long hours is not comfortable, not easy and definitely not rosy. But he shows us how to get through the sluggish phases, as well as embrace the overwhelming ones.

#2 – ON EGO

Even years of meditation can lead to stagnation in spirituality. You might be able to use his life incidents to identify your own shortcomings and ego blocks, so that you can accelerate your journey once again!


It is possible to earn a LOT of money, get married, have kids and still be increasingly, spiritually-conscious. The real-life incidents in this book are more than plenty of evidence in terms of practical spirituality.


Our personal preferences about what should and shouldn’t happen, is the reason we experience resistance. Once you stop feeding these preferences, you are able to do what needs to be done without being emotionally driven.


Pursuing Spirituality is NOT black and white; the universe continues to throw other necessary ‘obstacles’ such as jobs or relationships, and the only way out to the other side of Oneness, is through these obstacles. As the saying goes, obstacles on your path, are your path.

Read more : Being Spiritual Everydyay – 8 Books on Practical Spirituality

This book affirmed my belief that we are no longer in the time where we go sit in caves and become monks. The monks need to live amongst us – WE have to find our Light and spread it, all the while being amongst those that are in the darkness.

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* Sadhguru by Arundhati Subramaniam

What stands out about this book from other spiritual memoirs, is the strange experiences that are described. Though strange, are not impossible to believe. It also is perhaps the deepest introspection into Sadhguru’s life, I’ve read thus far.

Shiva, Lord Shiva, God Shiva, Isha


Marrying a non-spiritual partner is okay (and as proven by this mystic, at times necessary in your journey). This book helped me close the loop on my personal pondering – Should Spiritual People Get Married?


Non-spiritual people might attain nirvana before the Enlightened being (called Bodhisattva) who was evidently more Spiritual in life! Everyone is moving at their own pace, don’t let someone’s journey disappoint you or make you arrogant either.


Not only are past lives proven to be very real experiences as proven by Sadhguru’s stories, what seems like an ‘instant’ and effortless enlightenment is actually many lifetimes of raising awareness to attain that peak point of bliss.


Enlightened beings can fall sick and undergo a lot of challenges too, their life doesn’t become rosy and effortless. As long as you’re alive, you’re going to learn a lot! This makes me think we’ve exaggerated the topic “your external is a manifestation of your internal”. Some things happen regardless, and that’s just that.


Disembodied spirits (ghosts) are real, but they aren’t spooky as we believe them to be. They’re just searching for the Light and sometimes they think we, as humans, can show them the way. So are other concepts like chakras, soul bonds, and much more.

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* Old Path White Clouds by Thich Nhat Hanh

This was single-handedly the most influential spiritual memoir I have ever read on my journey yet. If there is one book you ever buy on my recommendation, please make it this one!

Buddha, Banner, Religion, Meditation, Spiritual Memoirs, Thich Nhat Hanh

Though over 400-pages, it is not overwhelming at all. It is a gentle, easy-breezy read that will transform you in the most subtle and lasting ways.

I learned a lot about Buddhism and the life of the Buddha, by reading this but also was able to adopt many aspects into my own life. Here are 5 highlights :


The Buddha and his disciples only ate one to two meals a day, before sunset, depending on the food available.

The practitioners were not required to cook meals because it was considered an added household chore – so both with the intention of learning humility, and saving time, they would beg alms once every morning, and that food would be used throughout the day. (Focus on what really matters, Essentialism)


The same for clothing – the monks were advised to have only two pairs, one to wear, one to wear whilst the other pair was in wash. This minimized worldly duties. (Minimalism has been around longer than us new-age folks want to believe)


Lay disciples, were the followers that didn’t want to be monks, but wanted to benefit from Buddhism while pursuing their livelihoods. The lay disciples had five simple practices to follow – don’t cheat on your spouse, don’t steal from anybody, no alcohol, no non veg, and don’t lie. (If you can’t be a monk, following just this little bit of advice is enough to change your life)


Though the Buddha did not voluntarily cook meat, if during bhiksha, the process of begging alms, he was served non vegetarian food, he would not decline because he saw this also an opportunity to connect with and share the Buddhist practice in every household. (Don’t stand against those that are not like you; gently gain their confidence and show them a better way; but stay open to possibility that they will still not walk your way)


Buddha was aware in much advance, of the exact moment of his death, and reason. Still, he continued to carry out his life without trying to win death. (Stay humble, and know when your time is up, don’t try to bargain with destiny)

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That being said, a special mention to the classic works of Paramhans Yogananda, called An Autobiography of A Yogi. This is one of those spiritual memoirs slash autobiographies that get the review “this answered many of my doubts”.

And this has been true for me too. Whether it was my confusion about Hypnotherapy, fear of negative entities, or any other personal experiences, this book gave me the guidance I otherwise had no access to.

The language is a bit dated and complex, but if you try not to get too stuck in all that and simply glide through the story, your answers too will find themselves in this 400+ page biography.

There are many wondrous books that bring us the lessons that we otherwise would have to learn though ardent life obstacles. It is a fortune more than ever to have such a beautiful bouquet of diverse information.

Hope these works inspire you to read and gain from them too.

Also, these are some spiritual fiction books that I highly recommend reading as well!

Happy reading! 🙂


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5 Essential Ways To Get Over A Breakup, by Mariam

Here are 5 tips on how you can get closure after a rough breakup and heal a broken heart.

You might have had months or years with the person, before the breakup. And all the feelings and emotions you have felt during that time don’t go away on their own overnight.

However, there are things you can do that will help heal you a little faster, move on and accept the fact that the relationship was meant to teach you life lessons.

Without further ado, here are my 5 tips that might help you overcome this relationship heartbreak.

#1 – Give yourself time to grieve the breakup

There is no easy way out of these feelings, other than to allow yourself the permission to grieve. That too, right away. The more you let your feelings build up, the longer it will take you to get over the person.

Taking time to grieve and let go of any feelings you have is healthy and encouraged. If you need to cry it out, do it. There is something healing about crying, which is why a lot of us feel better after doing it.

sadness, unhappy, breakup, heartbreak, grieve, upset girl

Give yourself a few days to cry it out and be sad, and then try to understand what this relationship was meant to teach you. Which brings me to the second point…

#2 – Understand why the relationship ended

When you breakup with someone, or get broken up with, you might not understand what happened.

Did you two have a big fight and decide to throw in a tunnel?
Or have things been building up for a long time?
Was one of you unfaithful?
Or were you just not a good match?

breakup, couple fighting, argument, unhappy

Sometimes, the person we think we are meant to spend our entire life with turns out to just be a stop along the journey to find that very person. And that’s okay.

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What we need to do when these relationships come along, is recognize what aspects of that relationship were ones we would like to have in future relationships and which aren’t. Are there any things you have done in this relationship that you wouldn’t want to carry on to a new relationship?

#3 – Remove physical reminders of them

This one is a huge one for me. Many of us get attached to material things from past relationships and have a hard time parting ways with them.

There is something to be said about giving away/throwing away/donating your ex’s clothes, gifts or whatever other things of theirs you have lying around.

move on, closure, end relationship, cleaning out closet, pack bags, shoes, hat

How many times have we kept something small from a past relationship because it reminded us of better times? That can be fine for some people, but for most of us, it just makes it harder to move on when we have physical reminders of that person all around us.

Rip the band-aid. Get rid of their stuff.

#4 – Fill up your alone time with self-care

Self-care is crucial during any breakup. Instead of thinking about the past, taking time to work on yourself in the present is a great way to strengthen the bond you have with yourself.

self care, self love, pamper, heart, mug

Anything from taking a walk, to baking something delicious, to taking a bubble bath and nap are forms of self-care. Filling up your alone time with things you can do to better your mental health and happiness will help you a lot in the long run. For over 60 ideas to practice self-care, click here.

#5 – Stop following them on social media

Ah, social media. Remember when I talked about removing physical reminders of your ex? The same goes for following them on Instagram, Snapchat, and anywhere else you might be following them on.

I know that most of us are nosy and want to know what the person you just broke up with is doing. But trust me when I say that that’s one of the worst things you could do for your mental health.

Stalking them on social media is not going to help you with moving on. In fact, it might just do the opposite, and keep you in this weird place where you are broken up, but still a part of each other’s lives.

divorce, marriage, relationship, egg break, heartbreak, shock, end, breakup

If you want to move on, do yourself a favour and hit that unfollow button.

Concluding Thoughts

I hope these ideas gave you a deeper perspective on how to get over a breakup. I do want to add one final thought, though.

Not every single time you break up with someone is going to be the same as the other.

Every relationship is different, and all of us have different ways of dealing with going through hard times. Ultimately, you know yourself best and I hope this inspires you to look after yourself even better!

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