Introduction to Chakra Balancing with Susan

An introduction to chakra balancing, why you need to balance your energy centers and 7 tips on how you can heal your chakras. Guest post by Susan Anderson.

Let’s start with an introduction to chakra balancing, the first in the Chakra Series. This post is a fun collaboration with Susan from Soul Garden Seekers.

The post, a lengthy one, is divided into the following segments:

What Are Chakras?

Chakras, literally meaning wheels, are energy centers in our body, which process our life energies at specific frequencies. Each Chakra is related to many things in our daily life, from our diet, mental health, physical well-being to much more.

The science of chakras is an ancient part of the Eastern philosophies of Hinduism and Buddhism, and has slowly made its way into the modern age.

The Chakra System is studied as a means of achieving spiritual healing and well-being.

Though these energy centers are not physically visible, and thus susceptible to the argument, “are chakras even real?”, working along the practices laid out for balancing your chakras gives sufficient evidence to a direct association with our day to life and physical health.

There are many variations on how many chakras are there in the body, and as an entry point into the study, it is worth learning and healing the key, seven energy centers.

Over the course of this series, we will explore the various centers in depth.

Why would you want to unblock and heal your chakras?

Chakras Energy Healing

Chakra balancing is a healing modality which helps strengthen your mind-body connection and balance your emotions. When your seven core chakras are in balance and in optimal health, you will experience:

  • increased sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self- confidence.
  • improved overall health and well being.
  • greater and faster ability to heal your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional issues.
  • increased openness, memory, concentration and awareness.
  • positive outlook in terms of understanding, perception of behaviors and thought processes.
  • heightened creativity and better resourcefulness through increased perception of your  surroundings.
  • improved and deeper sleep which provides a higher level of control over your emotions and therefore improved patience in life’s idiosyncrasies.

So, by now, it is clear that free flowing and healthy chakras will assist and support you in living the life you want and deserve.

How will I know which chakra needs balancing?

In this series, there is a self-assessment quiz for every Chakra, to determine which specific energy center needs work on.

However, even within this post, we will outline our known tools but the biggest tool (said in the best possible taste!) is yourself.

Whichever method you choose, and feel free to mix and match, is the one that will resonate with you and your 5 senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. This resonation is one way that your chakras communicate with you.

As your body lets you know what nutrition it needs with food cravings, your chakras will let you know with your senses and your choices. So, take note of what clothes you select to wear, their color, texture and fit. What your downtime activities consist of, what company you keep, the effect they have on you and how you react to others, especially when stressed.

All these will be signs as to how healthy your chakras are and which ones may need attention.

An easier way to think of it is, as food cravings affect the physical body, emotional cravings affect the energetic body.

As you feed each body with healthy eating and emotional habits, they will naturally become drawn to the ones that have a positive effect. As in both, choose wisely to turn detrimental habits into positive ones.

What is a Balanced Chakra?

A balanced chakra is one where its wheel operates continuously and at a steady speed. This steady speed enables the chakra to generate the exact amount of energy that keeps that chakra’s related emotions in balance throughout the human body. Balanced chakras = balanced emotions.

Balancing your chakras entails using vibrational energy to either open up or slow down an energy center so that the energy the chakra is generating can be used effectively and efficiently by its host’s human body.

7 Tools for Chakra Balancing

1. Colour Therapy

You will naturally be drawn to wearing certain colors on certain days, just go with it.

Colorful, Chakra, Lsd, Spirituality
Each chakra has its own make-up of characteristics, needs and vibrations.

This is where the mind-body connection comes in. Depending on your emotional/energetic needs of the day, you will naturally be drawn to the color that assists the needed chakra to operate as effectively as possible.

Example, I began to have a heightened awareness of the effects of color when I was taking exams. I had a blue and yellow dress which I used to wear and always had a good experience when I wore it. Blue for the throat chakra and communication and yellow for solar plexus chakra and fire (calm my nerves).

There is no need to concern yourself with how much or size of the color, the needed chakra will take what’s needed. It is the vibration of the color that balances the energy centres (chakras) and not just the color itself.

2. Crystals & Chakra Stones

As with wearing certain colored clothes, interacting with specific crystals and chakra stones will depend on which chakra needs balancing. Use the tools outlined here to identify which chakra(s) are out of balance before purchasing any good quality crystals.

Crystals, Stones, Healing, Mystic, chakra balancing

You may wish to look for a starter kit. Some spiritual stores have a bag with a collection of seven stones, one for each chakra. Whatever crystals you purchase, we would recommend cleansing them before personal use.

Crystals and Chakra stones can be used in a variety of ways. The most common and easy methods are during meditation and to place it within your clothing.

Do not place the crystal directly on the needed chakra. The crystal needs to feed the chakra its energy, not drown in it!

The other chakras will be fine as they are on a different energy frequency. This is why when you hold crystals, some will resonate with you and some won’t.

3. Food 

Most eating habits recommend a variety of foods and colors. It used to be so that it was pleasing to the eye. This is still true but also visually seeing, eating and digesting foods that have certain colors also assists your chakras.

colorful, food, rainbow, chakra balancing

Adjust your diet to take in more food of the same colour of the Chakra you are trying to balance. Using the sacral chakra as an example, try eating more oranges, orange peppers, pumpkin, mango, cantaloupe, carrots, apricots, and orange sweet potatoes/yams, etc.

4. Sound 

Rainbow, Notes, Music, Flow

Just as colour has a frequency, so does sound. Our energy centres resonate with specific musical notes.

  • C = Root
  • D = Sacral
  • E = Solar Plexus
  • F = Heart
  • G = Throat
  • A = Third Eye
  • B = Crown

Listening to music hat has a concentration in the required note will stimulate that particular energy centre (classical music is pretty good for this).

5. Vocal Toning

You can use our own vocal vibration/voice to create tones to stimulate and balance the energy centres.

Place both hands on the energy centre that feels out of balance, then begin to sound your deepest possible tone, gradually getting higher in pitch. You will intuitively know which pitch is correct for you, as you will begin to feel the centre feeling lighter and responding to that tone.

Use this tone technique to identify the out of balance chakra and focus on this one until you feel it is now in balance. Don’t neglect the other chakras as you need to stay in balance as a whole as well.

6. Essential oils 

essential oils, healing

100% pure essential oils also resonate at specific frequencies and can be used to balance chakras.

Although some can be applied directly on the skin if they have been diluted sufficiently with a suitable carrier oil, we do not recommend it. Given humans various skin sensitivity levels and allergies, it’s best to apply the oils to an outside material.

Our favorites are chakra bracelets, commonly known as diffuser bracelets. These are bracelets that have lava beads where the essential oil drops can be placed and enjoyed throughout the day.

Caveat; only use the same oil on the same lava bead. The other recommendation would be in an essential oil burner or steamer.

Although a direct passage, we do not recommend inhaling any essential oil, even 100% organic, on a regular basis. Apart from anything else, it’s too strong and could damage your nasal passages and sense of smell.

7. Mindfulness, Intuition and Visualization ~ Possibly the most powerful tools of them all

Mindfulness for being aware of changes in your internal body as and wen they occur, intuition for what causes those changes and visualization to correct them.

Balance, Stones, Meditation, Zen, Chakra Balancing, Rainbow

As you become familiar with the health of your own chakra system, you could start practicing visualization, preferably just before the close of your meditation.

When sitting in meditation, visualise drawing chakra energy up from the centre of the earth and cleansing each energy centre with its relevant colour, sound and frequency. Remember to clear the chakra first bringing any debris back to the center of the earth and then feed the chakra with its energy vibration with its relevant colour.


When your chakras are in balance, their wheels spin to generate the energy that keep your emotions in optimal balance. When your emotions are in balance, you can experience life at its best.

Su & Soul Seekers

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Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson

Su is the founder of Soul Garden Seekers and Executive Soul Seekers. Her passion and mission is to guide others to reconnect with their soul, to live their own life.

Do Dreams Have Meaning? Here are 7 Interpretations.

Do dreams have meaning or are they by-chance? Can dreaming serve a higher purpose in life? Here are 7 spiritual and psychological interpretations of dreams.

I’ve always been a vivid dreamer. And after my spiritual journey began, I started noticing the different types of experiences these dreams were bringing for me. I was also able to remember them even hours after waking up. I began to wonder – do dreams have meaning?

So, I started keeping a Dream Diary next to my bed. And sometimes, I would wake up several times through the night, just jotting down messages that my subconscious was throwing at me. Later in the morning, I would sit down and reflect on what the dream could mean.

Years into dream analysis and interpretation, it is thus my understanding, that dreams are a very powerful gateway into our subconscious mind. They can come to us with many different reasons. So, here is my attempt to explain them to you, with my own personal experiences.

#1 – Dreams that Predict the Future

Rare but not impossible, sometimes you will realize that you recognize a place, person or event. Because it happened in your dreams first!

Oracle Girl, Photomontage, Witch, Advent, Dreams have Meaning, Dreaming

Some real-life examples of prophecies in my own life include :

  • My mom envisioning I’d say yes to get married on a whim, and that I’d be head over heels in excitement, whereas the guy would be calm and peaceful. That is EXACTLY what happened at the time we both said yes to each other. Which was literally within 24 hours of meeting and spending time together! And I was the excited kid that couldn’t stop grinning, whereas he played it super cool.
  • Me dreaming of a giant temple. And several months later visiting Haridwar with my family to randomly walk through this temple, and being able to tell my parents exactly what would come next as we walked up the stairs. It was surreal!
  • One morning, when I was supposed to lock my room to go visit my parents for the weekend, I woke up dreaming of water leaking in the kitchen. I went outside, groggy and rolling my eyes at how superstitious I was being. But sure enough, overnight, the piping from upstairs had leaked through the kitchen and the wall was growing increasingly damp by the minute. Mishap managed!

#2 – Dreams for Healing and Closure 

Whether you see your ex lover hugging you after a terrible breakup, or your passed-away loved-one that’s meeting you to affirm that they’re doing okay, dreams can help us reconnect with souls that are not physically around us due to the present circumstances.

Pair, Dreams, Luck, Together, Friendship

This is also depicted beautifully in the mystical book, Immortal Talks : Part 1. In the book, two souls reconnect with each other in a dream. And then, the healing they needed to receive through meeting in person, was achieved on the astral plane.

#3 – Dreams with Divine Guidance

Our conscious mind is very skeptical, so dreams are a perfect opportunity for us to gain insight from the Spiritual Realms. Many famous artists including Stephen King, Maya Angelou and children’s writer E.B. White admit that their best works came to them during their sleep!

Brain, Think, Communication, Intelligent, Subconscious Mind

Some interesting incidents from my own, personal collection include :

  • The time at work when I got a dream for a solution to a problem, which I tried and the issue really got resolved! I even told my team lead about this, and to not give me the credit because it wasn’t ME.
  • Before I met my husband, I kept seeing signs of “Canada” and the name “Sagar” wherever I would look. I didn’t understand any of this, and I had no intentions of moving, so I kept ignoring the message. Then one day, in my dreams, I saw a figure merge into my husband, and tell me I am meant to go to Canada. This, along with a conversation with my cousin sister sparked the idea of finally meeting my future husband!

Infact, this analysis about finding the Divine Light in dark times, was what compelled my friend to wake up in the early hours of her day and share the divine guidance.

#4 – Dreams to Purge Subconscious Fears

Our dreams can help us face our innermost hidden fears. You may see nightmares and awful things which you fret might happen in real life. This is the type of dreaming science most often talks about.

Some examples include:

  • Having an argument at work and then dreaming about getting fired. This could simply mean you’re scared to lose your job.
  • Watching a scary movie and then having nightmares at night. Pretty common, which is why people who have an active third-eye chakra in the spiritual journey are advised not to watch such movies. Because they
Dreams have Meaning, Nightmare, Phobia, Dreaming, Unreal, Fear, Subconscious, Dream interpretation

Like I mentioned in the beginning, when I started seeing more nightmares than ever, using a Dream Diary to write down what you saw right after you wake up, can help with interpretting these dreams. This is a significant step to heal your mind and heart, and become a braver, more loving person.

#5 – Clearing Karmic Debts Beyond THIS Life

We are not limited to our human life, as you’d know by now. Our mind may sleep but our soul is always working.

For instance, dreaming of a romantic relationship with someone else while you’re already happily married is NOT an indication of infidelity, but more likely an old connection that’s being completed through the astral plane.

You may also experience traveling to different realities where things are more beautiful, or time-traveling.

Fantasy, Wanderer, Sculpture, Monument

These are lesser explored areas myself, but I am a believer of parallel universes and that’s how I interpret what happens when say, I’m dreaming of a High-Techlife that Earth has nothing remotely close to achieved.

These are all ways of clearing your karma, and making the most of your soul’s learning plan.

#6 – Manifestating Reality through Your Dreams

People who train themselves in self-healing through Lucid Dreaming have confessed that they have manifested wonderful things for themselves by working in their sleep, including no longer needing to wear specks!

Here’s an awesome video that explains what happens in Lucid Dreaming.

#7 – Seeing Past Lives

To me, there are a couple of characteristics that affirm whether a dream was a past life or not. These include:

  • The dream makes logical sense, and it’s like seeing a real-life story from a different time, except you’re in it.
  • The dream vividly stays with you days, weeks and years after you first saw it.
  • It connects dot in your current life and helps you heal an aspect you weren’t previously able to.

I started seeing past lives in my dreams only after I visited a healer for a past life regression. A few months after, the dreams began and they have helped me to continue healing in the most profound ways.

One such memorable dream was about being abducted as a child, and kept in a house where two women took care of me. One was my grandmother in this life, and another was a lady I didn’t recognize.

One day, when I visited the Bangla Saheb Gurudwara in New Delhi, a lady on a wheelchair called for me to feed her. As I sat next to her and put one bite after another in her mouth, I started crying profusely.

Old Woman, Desert, Old Age, Bedouin, Dry

There was an intense connection and only later did I understand why. She fed me before, and I fed her as we met again. Our Karmic bond was completed.

Final Thoughts : Do Dreams Have Meaning?

I want to end with the thought, that if we spend a third of our lives sleeping, and a sixth of it dreaming, shouldn’t there be an actual basis behind these dreams?

Shouldn’t there be something much deeper at play, that we tend to brush off as a coincidence?


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Do Dreams Mean Anything? Here are 7 Spiritual Interpretations.

15 Influential Spiritual Authors Worth Reading

Sharing my list of top spiritual authors and their most influential books about spirituality and consciousness that are worth reading.

Today, the idea is to share 15 different spiritual authors with you, and my favorite works by them. All of them, in my perspective are worth reading (and RE-reading).

Incase you decide to buy or (gift) books by any of the authors recommended below, please consider using the Amazon links. At no added cost to you, every purchase gives a small commission to the blog. Thank you!

#1 – Osho

When I first asked my husband about his opinion of Osho, he told me that he’d heard one lecture recording, and that was enough jyana for a lifetime! Haha.

Osho, Spiritual Authors, Enlightened Master, Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment, Consciousness

But jokes apart, the 112 Meditation Techniques, combined with mystical and practical Spirituality is literally everything we need. If you read one spiritual book by Osho, make it this one – the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. This is also available online for free.

Also, you don’t have to read it for the Meditation techniques, just read it for the discourses. Trust me, you’ll be shaken awoke, if you aren’t already!

#2 – Caroline Myss

Myss was my introduction to the world of all things spiritual and consciousness. And I liked her even more for her NO-BS, straightforward and hard-hitting approach to practical spirituality. She is one of the finest and most seasoned spiritual authors of our time.

Caroline myss, Spiritual teacher, sacred contracts, chakras, archetypes

She talks about a range of topics in her works, from Chakras and Archetypes, to Soul Contracts and Healing. So, if I could recommend my top favorite spiritual books by Caroline Myss, they would be :

She also has a terrific blog and YouTube channel where she continues sharing her wisdom, after all these decades.

#3 – Sadhguru

It may not come as a surprise that I mention Sadhguru, because I talk about him and share his work quite frequently.

Sadhguru, Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening, Shiva, Adiyogi, Isha

In terms of books, there are 2 very powerful works that his stout followers have written on his behalf, that I highly recommend exploring. Keep in mind that they are more mystical in nature and require reading with an open mind.

For those that don’t know, Sadhguru’s official website, Isha also has a profound spiritual blog worth reading.

#4 – Thich Nhat Hanh

This is the point in my blog post, where I start including Buddhist book recommendations. Thich Nhat Hanh is a leading spiritual and Buddhist teacher, greatly revered for dozens of publications about mindfulness and meditation.

Thich nhat hanh, spiritual teacher,buddhist monk, buddhism, spiritual author, meditation, mindfulness

But if you ask me, the one book that I was moved by the most, is called Old Path White Clouds. This is a gentle and profound book about the teachings of the Buddha, weaved intricately into his life’s memoir.

#5 – Sogyol Rinpoche

I was motivated to read the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, by Sogyol Rinpoche, after I kept seeing one synchronicity after the other, to read it.

Sogyal Rinpoche, Buddhism, Buddhist Monk, Spiritual Teacher, Enlightenment, Tibetan Buddhism

And, oh my! This is such a fine introspection on Tibetan Buddhism philosophies. Especially on the nature of death.

Simple, profound and enriching. One of the wisest spiritual books worth gifting, reading and re-reading because it is sure to spark the enlightenment within anyone that crosses its way!

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#6 – Dr Michael Newton

An unparalleled, brilliant pioneer in the space of metaphysics, with scientific backing! I wish his books were a mandate to be kept in every household, for the brilliant discoveries revealed to us about the afterlife, past lives, destiny, our life purpose and more.

michael newton, journey of souls

I have even referred to his books to write my initial metaphysics blog, Soul Contracts. And, the two books that changed the course of my spiritual journey overnight, are :

#7 – Dr Brian Weiss

Many Lives, Many Masters was my first spiritual book, ever. And it sat so deeply, that I went ahead and got my own past life regression done!

This was my first inclination towards hypnotherapy. One so strong, I had myself wanting to become a Hypnotherapist myself.

dr brian weiss, many lives many masters, hypnotherapy

Dr Brian is a pioneer in past life regression, and other than his classic which I mentioned above, the book Only Love is Real is food for the soul. His book is another important addition to 5 Spiritual Books Backed By Scientific Evidence.

#8 – Dr Joseph Murphy

Best known for his works, Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Dr Murphy taught me the true meaning of the Law of Attraction, and the power of manifestation.

dr joseph murphy, power of your subconscious mind, spirituality, spiritual author, psychologist

I have successfully pestered most of my friends into reading his book, and they weren’t disappointed. You should explore his work too!

# 9 – Neale Donald Walsch

My first experience reading automatic writing. And definitely one of the finest! This interesting series called Conversations with God, is about the author Neale, having a late night conversation with ‘God’.

Neale Donald Walsch, Spiritual Author, Writer, Automatic Writing

There are many spiritual revelations and mythbusters that debunk the purpose of religion. I learned so much, and if you read this, your spiritual truth really unfolds a lot faster than if you tried discovering it through trial and error.

This is one book series I recommend every spiritual aspirant to read. Your journey may not be complete without this!

#10 – Michael A Singer

One of the most underrated and relatable spiritual authors.

Michael Asinger, Surrender Experiment, Untetherd Soul

I’ve learned so much from him, and I just can’t shut up talking about both of his bestsellers :

I’ve talked in great length about the spiritual lessons his second book taught me, for anyone that’s seeking a teaser of his work.

It’s worth noting that Singer also has a wonderful Youtube Channel that goes into deeper spiritual wisdom like Karma Yoga and Dharma.

#11 – Marianne Williamson

One of my favorite spiritual messages of all time, from Marianne, is the Divine Law of Compensation. It helped me understand Karma in a way that till date, inspires me to be the best version of myself, without worrying about how the others around me are.

marianne williamson, course in miracles, spiritual authors

Marianne is most known for her teachings and reflections on a Course in Miracles, and I highly recommend listening to her lectures just as much as you read from her books.

#12 – Sonia Choquette

I first heard about Sonia when I was getting acquainted to the world of psychic senses. Though she has a number of bestsellers, I was deeply moved by her work called Trust Your Vibes.

sonia choquette, spiritual authors, healer, psychic powers, sixth sense

Because in this book, over the span of short, action-based chapters meant to be read once a week, she teaches you how to step into your sixth sensory glory. There are exercises, insights and guidance on how to be more unapologetically spiritual!

This was a game changer for me – the book that also taught me to go find my tribe.

#13 – John O’Donohue

Anam Cara, Celtic wisdom, at its absolute, profound best.

 john o donohue, anam cara, celtic wisdom

My friend gave my this book in exchange for Caroline Myss’ Invisible Acts of Power, and I clung on to it dearly for over a year! There was just SO much to takeaway, and so much to let heal your heart. I recommend keeping this book at your bedside and reading a few pages every night before you sleep.

#14 – Daaji

I stumbled upon the Heartfulness Meditation by sweet fate. I was looking for a meditation group to join, and I had my eyes on Isha Kriya, but it wasn’t manifesting for me.

daaji, kamlesh patel heartfulness, meditation, spiritual authors, enlightenment

And then, I was called forth for the life-changing Heartfulness program, thanks to a friend.

The Heartfulness Way is a beautiful book, written by the Heartfulness leader Daaji, or Kamlesh Patel. The book goes in great depth about meditation practices for everyday life and helps answer many questions around the right way to meditate.

#15 – Anodea Judith

One of the finest spiritual authors talking in great depth about Chakras, and their association to our day-to-day life.

anodea judith, chakras, eastern philosophy, spiritual authors, western spirituality

Her work, Chakras : Wheels of Life, is an encyclopedia of all there is to know about Chakras! So, I highly recommend exploring her work, for an all-rounded healing experience.

Concluding Thoughts

I have great regard for other spiritual authors such as Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and Don Miguel Ruiz. However, I was not as personally moved by their books, as I was by the authors I mentioned above.

I would however still encourage you to read and watch their content, too. They too, are noteworthy and influential in their own rights!

I hope this post inspires you to discover more awakening pearls from some of the best spiritual authors out there. Drop a comment below to let me know about some of YOUR favorite teachers!

NOTE : All images have been sourced from Google Image Search. I give full credits to the websites/photographers for capturing these great headshots.



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15 Influential Spiritual Authors Worth Reading (& Watching)