Ugly Duckling or Majestic Lion: Who Do You Want To Be? by Favour Scott

How did the famous neurosurgeon Ben Carson make his breakthrough? Why is a lion the king of the jungle? And who do YOU want to be?

Who do you want to be?

You probably remember the story of the ugly duckling. The ugly duckling, an ugly young duck was criticized by the other ducks. Whenever it desired to play with them, it was mocked at and told;

“Get off, you ugly duckling”.

And this caused it to develop low self-esteem. It never saw anything good in others, neither did it see anything good in itself.

But what it didn’t know is that it was beautiful in its own unique way. It wasn’t a duck, but a beautiful swan. One of the most beautiful of all birds.

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Who are YOU?

Do you know why people harass you, mock you or probably embarrass you? Have you ever wondered why most people look at you and criticize you?
Why most people underrate you?

People treat you the way they do, not because you are stupid, or because you really are what they say you are.

People assess you based on the way and manner you carry yourself.

A lion is the most feared, respected and majestic animal in the wild.

A lion will never associate with any other animal because it knows who it is. When a lion roars, all the animals in the forest will hear it and shiver. When a lion steps its foot on a particular place, the inhibitors of that place will tremble because they know that something great has arrived.

Lion, Predator, Dangerous, Mane, Big Cat, King of the jungle
People can only pull you down if you allow them to do so.

Never underestimate your potential.

If only you know exactly how blessed, mighty and great you are, you’ll stop underestimating yourself.

You are greater than you think. Yes, I’m talking to you. You are underestimating your potential.

Who do you WANT to be?

You are not an ugly duckling, you are a majestic lion.

“When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”

Myles Monroe

You still haven’t unravelled the mystery behind your existence, you still haven’t discovered your purpose. If only you knew.

The mockery and scorns from people should be the force that propels you to greater heights.

Remember the nicest necklaces, wristwatches and most beautiful of all ornaments all went through the hottest flames.

My dear friend, you are like a seed. A seed cannot be buried, it will always grow back into a beautiful and mighty tree.

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People will never stop trying to pull you down because you make them enjoy doing it.

Do you know why people never stop criticising you?

Assuming you had let the scorns, the mockery from people shapen you in the right direction, they would have stopped a long time ago,

Instead, you blame yourself for being YOU. But have you paused to ask yourself, who do YOU want to be?

Beloved one, people laugh at you because you are different, but instead, you should laugh at them because they are all the same. Being different is not a bad thing, but being like everyone else is as deadly as a poisonous viper.

Imagine how the world would have been, if everyone were to be the same. The whole world would have been boring and stagnant.

But God created room for variety. He made everyone uniquely different in their own uniquely different way!

So be happy you are different because “the different one is the one that progresses.
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Never let anyone bring you down because you are;

  • Wonderful,
  • Beautifully created,
  • Awesome,
  • You are an embodiment of God’s greatest creation,

And above all, there’s no one else like you in this world. You are unparalleled.

God created you without blemish, you are perfectly perfect in perfection.

God commanded other organism, trees and planes but he took time to create you so as to make you perfect.

Ben Carson was mocked by his classmates, they called him a dullard and this saddened him. But thanks to his mother, he realised that their scorns were the force he needs to propel him to greater heights.

And today, he’s one of the best Neurosurgeons in the world.

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Have Self-Esteem.

Self-esteem means confidence in one’s own worth and satisfaction in oneself.

No matter what happens, never let what people say becloud your self-esteem. The opinions of people do not matter. No one has a say over your life, so why should you care?

Believe that you are the best because if you don’t, no one will. It’s what you say to yourself that manifests in your life.

Assuming you continue reminiscing over what people say about you, you’ll eventually blame your parents, yourself and everyone around you.

But if you say good things to yourself, your mind begins to work in that consciousness that you are the best, and in a short while, you actually become the best.

The mind is the greatest asset God bestowed on us.

Take every negative word said to you as an encouragement, and you’ll see, the sky won’t be your limit, but a starting point.

Never let anyone limit you. You can do beautiful things for this world, it all depends on you. All you have to do is put your mind to it. And keep asking yourself the question that matters – who do you want to be?

Favour Scott
Favour Scott

Favour is the driving force behind the website Seven Exceed. He’s an author, enthusiast and a futurist. His goal is to reorient people on the pros and cons of life.

How to Recognize a Karmic Connection With Someone, by Aaron

Reincarnation, soul contracts, the law of karma and an introspection on our karmic connection with people in our life. Guest post by Aaron Lin.

“I saw that you haven’t covered this topic, although you have covered karma pretty extensively in general”, read his email. I smiled. Its true! While I’ve talked about karma and soul contracts, I never thought of writing about how to recognize when a karmic connection is taking place in our life.

And that’s how this interesting collaboration with the Individualogist came into fruition. Here’s what the archetype-specialist Aaron had to say on the subject.

Reincarnation has long been spoken about in Hindu scriptures. It’s one of the more popular theories sought after, about life’s nature.

Seeing life as an interconnected string, our physical death is not always interpreted as something that leads to a total disconnection. Instead, some beliefs perceive it merely as the death of the body, and the transitioning of the soul.

Then, the soul is transferred on another life form with a different context. Hinduism, for instance, would say that the next life will only be as good as the Karma that we’ve put into the current one.

When someone is born poor, this belief suggests that the person did unspeakable deeds in their past life. Similarly, someone who did well in their previous lives would be reborn in a far better situation.

But did you know that as the soul lives its next life or next thousands of lives, it carries with it the various relationships and experiences it’s had.

So, how do you recognize that a karmic connection is taking place with someone?

Here are 3 tips.

Tip #1: You’re mysteriously drawn towards their existence.

The first thing to take note of is that mysterious, unexplainable feeling where you’re just somehow drawn towards someone.

Intuitively, you feel drawn to their existence without practical or rational reasons at all. Simply because that’s what your karmic energies exude.
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We don’t have awareness of our past lives and who we contracted to form relationships with. So it comes as no surprise that we’re unable to comprehend this mystical connection.

Even so, you constantly find yourself thinking of that person subconsciously. If you’re not yet acquainted with that person, you’ll have random moments wanting to know them better.

Thus, no matter how much you try to run away from this feeling, it constantly haunts you. As that is the nature of Karma itself!

Tip #2: You feel intuitively connected with this person.

While the first tip focuses on the mystery in the connection, the second highlights the intuitive knowledge you have about someone.

This examines the concept of wavelength in a relationship.

Literally, wavelength is defined as some sort of similarity between one’s thoughts with another’s, pinpointing the seamless connection between them. So in this case, that intuitive connection with others is born out of reason no other than your Karmic Connection.

Think of your internet connection for instance. The stronger it is, the quicker you’re able to download files and resources, right?

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Similarly, having a strong karmic connection with someone relays the same feeling. You’re able to intuitively perceive their thoughts and feelings without having to force things.

I used internet connections as an example since the internet is nothing more than the mere passing of data between endless networks. I remember having a 54/kbps dial-up router a long time ago, signifying how ‘slow’ the connection was compared to now. 

So my point here is that when there’s a mysteriously strong connection between people, where thoughts are transferred easily to one another (like telepathy), it can be identified as a form of karmic connection.

Tip #3: The Universe is bringing things together for you two.

The debate often revolves around whether or not free will exists, in trying to understand the concept of destiny.

For some, free will is irreconcilable with destiny. Afterall, you wouldn’t be free if you’re destined to do certain things in life.Though true to a certain extent, a general majority still believes that you are indeed, truly free.

Yet, you’ll realize you’re destined to meet certain people in life. Particularly those whom you have a strong karmic connection with. Why is that?

Ultimately, the power of the Universe is behind this. As the very string where all of life is connected, the Universe can bring certain elements together and apart.
Lovers, Pair, Love, Sunset, Romance

And for those who have unfinished business from their past lives, the Universe finds a way to bring them together. Whether these past experiences are positive or negative, it doesn’t matter. It is simply the natural response from the Universe to place the puzzle pieces wherever they fit.

In order to serve the Laws of Karma itself and restore order, the Universe magically puts things together. Yes, without us even knowing it!

Final Word

Having a strong karmic connection with someone naturally reveals itself to us in due time. Without the need to search for it or force things out, we’ll feel that strong, albeit intuitive connection with others.

Thus, in noticing karmic connections, we allow the Universe to work its magic more seamlessly. So it’s crucial to pay attention to these 3 tips and maintain a high level of intuition and spirituality!

Aaron Lin
Aaron Lin

This article is written by Aaron from, a personal development resource that focuses on applying jungian psychology to transformational methods.

Their research on jungian archetypes has helped thousands of members identify their personality archetypes.

My Therapy Stories (#5): Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

Hypnotherapy and past life regression are fascinating subjects. Alongside studying the works from Dr Brian, Dave Elman and the likes, here’s my experience.

I was instantly fascinated by Dr. Brian Weiss’ books about past lives. So in November 2017, I scheduled a session for my own Past Life Regression. Along with sharing what I experienced, I’ll also be answering some of the major questions asked on the subject.

What happens during Past Life Regression?

I was asked to read Many Lives, Many Masters before coming for the session, just so that I’d know what I could expect. Having already been acquainted with Dr Brian’s works, I prepared myself in other ways.

I was additionally asked to be well-rested, listen to some guided meditations and come on a light stomach. Why? Let me explain by going into the science of past life regression. This will also be fundamental in helping you learn how to do past life regression, in case you’re interested.

Hypnotherapy is the underlying tool used to review past lives, by working with the subconscious mind.

A person is regressed back into a certain period of their life, using steps that I’ll discuss shortly. The end-to-end process takes up a lot of mental energy! And if unrested or on a heavy stomach, it can make you tire easily. In some cases, you could even doze off.

Hypnotherapy is not exclusive to past life regression though.

When hypnotherapy is used to access the “Akashic Records”, or past life memories, we call it past life regression therapy. However, the same technique can also be used for inner child healing, overcoming addiction or getting closure from a traumatic experience from the past.

Side note: Akashic Records is a metaphysical term used for the energy ‘database’ of all events that have happened, are happening and are yet to occur. The belief in hypnotherapy, especially past life and future life regression healers is that because everything is energy, you can tap into the past or the future (beyond constructs of time) and gather information that will help you heal.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

Hypnosis is NOTHING like the dramatic TV shows where a person is influenced and taken captive. You must understand that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Hypnotist, Sleep, Trance, Hypnosis, Memory, Subconscious, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression

This means that when you’re hypnotized, it simply means you’ve been given a suggestion by another person, and you have willingly taken action on it.

For example, in your day-to-day life, if someone says, “come, have a seat” and you go sit down, you’ve accepted their suggestion.

On the contrary if someone said, “let’s go eat chicken wings” and you’re a vegetarian, you will reject the suggestion.

When you undergo a hypnotherapy session, the only difference is that you’re given several layers of suggestions in order to achieve deeper stages of relaxation.

This helps you experience your past memories, without the unnecessary inquisitiveness or resistance of the conscious mind.

You may first be asked to count back from 50 to 1, while staring at a wall. Then, you might be asked to close your eyes and visualise a pleasant situation, like walking around a garden. Eventually, you’ll be asked to travel back in time to a specific memory, which is the part called regression.

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This process is a rather artificial means to tire your conscious mind that operates in beta waves. Thus allowing you to experience the subconscious thoughts by moving towards alpha waves. The different brain wavelengths and their purpose can further be understood through this source.

If you’ve listened to a guided meditation before, you’ll realise that the process is the same. Because guided meditation too is a form of hypnotherapy.

There’s nothing more dramatic or fanciful to it!

So, no, it is NOT dangerous. Even under hypnosis, you are fully aware of sounds around you, you can talk and you will remember everything that happened. You are just more relaxed while experiencing your subconscious thoughts.

Which is why, you’ll even find self-hypnosis videos on YouTube. Many people claim to have experienced healing through it too. It hasn’t worked for me though, for various reasons.

Here are four other common myths that Serena and I recently debunked in a workshop with the tribe.

“Isn’t hypnotherapy scary?”

No, it’s just different.

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When you recall an old memory, does it scare you? Probably not. A few incidents might create anxiety for the future, or stir other emotions like anger, insecurity or sorrow. But then logic will kick in, and you’ll be able to self-soothe by self-affirming thoughts like,

  • – you’re HERE now and you’ve overcome everything;
  • – the past is gone, and there’s a new hope for what lies ahead;
  • – the past doesn’t have to control you or enslave you;
  • – you’ll continue to overcome your obstacles beautifully in the future;
  • so on, and so forth.
This is the purpose of hypnotherapy. To revisit the exact moment in the past which influenced your behaviour to be a certain way.

Many times, the reason will seem so silly and unnecessary that as a consequence a person can experience major breakthroughs. Like immediately quitting smoking, no longer needing to binge-eat or no longer feeling so insecure about key relationships.

Does the hypnotherapist directly take you into a past life or is it gradual?

Every hypnotherapist has their style, and they might take you into a pleasant memory, or help you tap into childhood wounds first. It isn’t necessary for you to access your past life right away.

While the hypnotherapist will walk you through different ‘doors’ or walk down stairs in your imagination, it is your soul that decides what happens when you cross the door to the “other side”.

However, before the session, the healer will typically ask you what your area of concern is, and why you are using PLR to heal it. In some cases, past life regression may not even be necessary to heal something, which is why it’s important to let the healer suggest what they feel is best.

Ultimately, whatever may be the area of concern, your regression into the past is navigated to find some answers.

Such was my case. Here are some interesting findings from my own past life regression stories.

How Past Life Regression Healed My Fear of Black Cats

As I regressed into my third lifetime, I saw a woman in her late twenties being tortured and raped by a group of men. She was left to die in the jungle, stripped naked, sans resources to return.

She made her way into a cave, where she shivered through the night. When she opened her eyes, there were a couple of giant, black leopards ready to attack. This was how she finally died in that lifetime.

My healer worked with me to release the trauma of assault as well as the wildlife attack. Ever since then, I actually love cats! And rape? The fear reduced significantly.

Image courtesy: my lovely tribe member, Denise Schaffrinski

It’s important to understand here that when you consciously access past life memories, and work to heal them, you will notice that many experiences will no longer matter. But some things might still have some charge around them, such as the “rape” case here.

It is both an opportunity to understand why it still grips on to us, and a chance to free ourselves from fears that might seem irrational and unexplainable in this lifetime.

Are Past Life Regression Experiences Real?

There have been countless validated cases, where exact details were mapped to lesser-known family history. The works of Dr Ian Stevenson and Jim B Tucker focused precisely on validating such claims, by children.

There is compelling evidence in Dr Brian’s books too, especially Only Love Is Real where two people narrated the same past lives with each other, without even knowing about each other. It was magical to read!

Love, Relationship, Ice, Fire, Feelings, Soulmates, Reunion, Past Life Regression, Eternal
Personally, whatever I saw did not have concrete geographical information or detailed timelines. I still consider a past life regression experience logically powerful because:
  • When you revisit a subconscious fear and retrain your brain to look at it differently, you alter your conscious behavior too. This is precisely what we want to achieve,
  • Our brain uses the knowledge and dictionary we have created from our experience, so what you see is the closest possibility of what happened. Good enough to help you understand the significance, at the least,
  • Irrational and unexplained fears are explained through the story you see. In the moment it feels so real that it can shift your point of view. Thus lifelong fears can be transmuted in a short span within a few hours of hypnosis,
  • Even if it’s a figment of your imagination, or confabulated, the fact that your subconscious is conducive to healing can be a breakthrough in itself for people who otherwise struggle to make lasting changes in their life consciously.

For me, it didn’t matter whether what I saw was factually correct. But it did help me see aspects of myself that I wasn’t aware of, at least not consciously. One such example being intense anger and anguish.

How Reviewing A Past Life Helped Me Mourn A Child I Didn’t Have

I wasn’t even married at that point, let alone a mother. But regressing back into time, I saw a woman badly starved and beaten by her drunk husband. She held a baby, her baby. Their baby; force-fed alcohol by that man. As her child passed away, she grieved intensely. And so did I. I could deeply feel her pain, and anger.

People, Parent, Adult, Hands, Child, Memory

Now to put things into perspective, I’m not easily emotionally swayed. It takes a lot to make me cry, but this vision felt so personal, so real, it really felt like my loss.

And the kind of anger I felt in that moment was nothing I’ve seen before. My healer worked diligently to help release the emotions that were uncovered in that lifetime.

I was stunned when I recognized that baby in the past was a friend from college in my present. The next day, out of curiosity and upon my healer’s recommendation, I asked that friend if he had “stomach issues”. He mentioned that he did, but he healed from them in college. Which was when WE had met.

“Mother healed baby”, said my healer as I conveyed my findings.

Heart-touching, eh? 🙂

How do you recognise other people?

You might have an instant knowing (feeling), you might recognise their characteristics (visual), or in introspection a name might come to you (auditory). It’s my theory that perhaps the psychic sense which is strongest in you will be utilized during this process.

Fantasy, Beach, Children, Jellyfish, Past, Dream, Subconscious Mind

Past life regression in itself is like seeing a dream. Except it’s not illogical, and you can remember it long after you wake up.

But just like a dream, you can experience the past life by being a passive viewer, active participant or somewhere in between. You will see places, people and important events in ways that are unique to you.

I’ve had the privilege to see a significant past life in one of my dreams, which I’ve talked about in a post analzsing the spiritual meanings of dreams.

How many past lives do we have?

To be honest, I don’t have an answer for that because each soul is unique. Some choose to incarnate often, while others try to learn their lessons through the other realms. I’m not a huge fan of religious scriptures that put a number on our births and deaths because healing, once conscious, is timeless.

past lives, memories, past life regression, hypnotherapy, self awareness through PLR

This means that you could take several lifetimes to overcome a pattern or you could finally sit down and “get it” one day. The process of incarnation is so fluid and dynamic. But it’s safe to say that we have had many, many lifetimes. At this point, I’ve seen over a dozen glimpses from mine and they have all served in my healing.

Instead of worrying about how old your soul is, it’s important to focus on what you’ve been doing with your time while you’ve been around. And of course, what can you do ahead, to make the most of your time here! 🙂

Why is it good or bad to get a past life review?

While the benefits outweigh the flaws, here are some things to be mindful of during subconscious work:

Unless you heal the memory after seeing it, it may not be useful having seen it. For example, when I saw the black cats, I didn’t know what to do because I was scared. A professional hypnotist needs to help you navigate such incidents. My healer suggested I turn the black cats into beautiful, vibrant butterflies and let them carry my body into the Light.

NOTE: This isn’t about denying something happened, but to creatively help you reconnect with the bigger picture.

Therefore, on most occasions, you will not be able to see a past life yourself, unless you’re capable enough of dealing with it.
  • It can seem exciting to revisit the Akashic Records and retrieve your soul’s journey. But becoming overly obsessed with the past is one of many spiritual vices. Trust me, I’ve been there! So please remember that though past life regression is useful to understand some of our behaviours, we don’t always need to know WHY something happened for us to change who we are NOW.
Man, Assembly, Portrait, Resolution
  • It is expensive. I don’t know why. But in general, all healers charge a fortune for past life regression. I don’t discredit their work, and I’m all for balancing the karmic debt in whatever way one deems fit. But I’d say that if you can understand the process and go for a few sessions just to get the idea, you should focus on learning how to regress yourself.

    It’s really not that difficult. Dave Elman, the pioneer in Hypnotherapy has explained in great lengths about all this. Unfortunately his book is difficult to purchase anymore. But looping back to where we started, Dr Brian Weiss has a fantastic collection of resources for self-hypnosis, layered into his books.

All that being said, let’s talk about the benefits of a past life review with a few more stories.

How Seeing My Best Friend From A Past Life Healed My Trust Issues

This story had both of us laughing. We were in fits when I slowly mumbled through my phone, “you were my wife in a past life”. Ironically, when we were roommates, I would always call her biwi (hindi for wife).

In the first past life I had regressed into, I saw that I was a secret agent, on a mission in Russia where I was finally captured and tortured to death. My best friend, the wife at the time, had left me, unwilling to stand by my side in my life-threatening decisions.

Binoculars, Birdwatching, Spy Glass, Memories,

It was her leaving then that had placed a subconscious message in my heart that she might leave me again. It was this thought that challenged our friendship. Even though we were best friends, I had a tough time trusting she would stay that way.

Sure enough, this silly but sweet story brought us closer. I’m married to my husband now, but it was cute to see how our roles keep switching in lifetimes. And even our genders!

Not just that, past life regression showed me why I had an inclination towards Russian history and thriller stories, and why I’d conveniently switch to a faux Russian ‘accent’ in casual conversations.

Would you like to hear more? Okay, one more!

How I Finally Stopped Being Scared of Diving

In my first session, I regressed a total of five lifetimes. They were all tragic in their own ways. But brought me great insight about the trauma I was carrying subconsciously.

One recurring pattern I saw was about drowning. Two of my lifetimes came to an end because I drowned at the deep-side of a river and pool. It had to do with swimming and losing control.

Life Buoy, Digital, Graphics, Water, Diving, Safety, Life guard, Drown

Growing up, I used to learn swimming at the YMCA. But every time I was led to the 10-feet diving board, I would panic. My body would freeze, and I would become a fetus in mid-air. I ended up scraping my wrists very badly, twice.

When I finally learned the why, my inner child took a deep sigh of relief too. She wasn’t scared without reason, was she? 🙂

Concluding Thoughts

I could go on and on about my regression stories, and the messages I gained from them. But my objective here is to help you understand the beauty and empowerment that comes with all this.

If you have any other questions for me, please drop them in the comments below. I will edit this post to include them, in due course of time! And if you would like to learn more about Hypnotherapy from an expert, check out this power-packed guest workshop we recently hosted for the community.

And with that, I also happen to be wrapping up my series called My Therapy Stories. Next month, I’m bringing in a different segment. I hope you’ll enjoy it just as much! 🙂


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