What’s the Importance of Our Physical Body in This Spiritual Journey?

What is the importance of our physical body in our spiritual journey? What are some practical and spiritual tips to heal the physical body?

What is the importance of our physical body in a spiritual journey? It took me nearly three decades to realize that I’ve spent most of my life living in my head. Even when I was meditating and focusing on an arm or leg, it was mostly visualization.

I just hadn’t been paying much attention to my body. I was there, but I wasn’t really there to feel it.

Until I had no choice but to, after several weeks of unexplained fever. I questioned this from a Spiritual lens. And here’s what I discovered.

The Practical Importance of Our Physical Body

I’d like to explain this with a short story about Buddha, which I’ll paraphrase from the famous works called Old Path White Clouds.

In a brief period when the Buddha was ardent in his spiritual practices, he reached a point when he stopped eating altogether. At the time, he felt that eating was distracting his meditation practice.

One day, when he came out of a deep meditation, he realized that he was too weak and would not be able to sustain the body if he continued to starve himself. He began walking in search of a village to find alms, but he collapsed midway.

A young lady stopped and gave him the tiffin of food she had been carrying. The Buddha, ever since, focused on the importance of keeping ourselves alive and healthy in order to focus on the task at hand, of liberation.

His objective was to keep the body nourished but balanced – hence arose the practice of mindful eating.

monks walking near people holding baskets on street, alms, spirituality, importance of our physical body

And consequently, over the years, he encouraged his disciples to eat only one meal a day, just enough to keep one nourished but not make them sleepy or lethargic.

It’s interesting how different religions and cultures say the same thing.

When I recently read the sacred Hindu scripture, Bhagvat Gita, it rightfully said, that one who eats too much or doesn’t eat enough, or one who sleeps too much or doesn’t, cannot become a true Karm yogi. It’s all about moderation.

We can then say that the physical importance of the body is that it’s the carrier of this soul. It’s our home, for as long as we’re alive in this lifetime.

Then mustn’t we love and respect our home, trying to make our stay pleasant and conducive for enlightenment?

The Metaphysical Importance of Our Physical Body

Let’s now talk in terms of karma.

When we’re embodied, we’re able to process our karma quicker. We do this by pairing our soul’s karmic patterns with our body’s intelligence to free ourselves of past behavioral tendencies and traumas. We are able to think and be ‘conscious’ of our choices, thus overriding the past and eventually becoming liberated from all past tendencies.

Once we’ve left the body, our ability to handle our karmic debts depletes significantly. Why? Because we no longer have the same level of ability to take actions (clear our karam, deeds).

Creating actions in the physical realm is much more energy consuming than creating in the mental or astral planes. Without a physical body, we don’t have that kind of privilege anymore, to create deep, rectifying actions.

Let’s say someone is born with 75 years of life.

But due to bad habits and poor health, they die by 50. Having misused the body assigned to them, they now need to disperse this residual karma in spirit form. Or, they take on an extremely tough life, like a physically challenged child, to catch up.

Medications, Cure, Tablets, Pharmacy, importance of our physical body

So in that sense, we’d be foolish to live with the YOLO (you only live once) mindset. Because we don’t only live once, and if we don’t want to live again, we need to make the most of the body we have now!

5 Spiritual Steps We Can Take To Heal Our Physical Body

Living a spiritual life largely has to do with living a good human’s life. And that entails a lot of time spent cleansing our body and thoughts.

I didn’t want to write this post until I had embodied all that I was writing.

For most of my adult life, I’ve been ‘thinking’. Even when I go to bed, it takes ages to sleep because my brain doesn’t quiet itself easily. And the more we think, the less present we are in the moment.

As a consequence, I’ve tried many, many things and I’d say their combination has made things a lot better. I’ll start my first recommendation around sleeping and how to relax the mind so that your physical body gets the much needed rest.

Then we’ll move on to the other tips, which associate more directly to the body’s well-being.

Unwind with Osho’s Advice

From time to time, I enjoy reading a few pages of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, and learning more from spiritual teacher, Osho’s point of view on the 112 Meditation techniques. And one such technique that I recently discovered was undoing your memory. This does wonders to your Conscious mind, quickly tiring it and thus relaxing it.

You have to recount your day, backward!

woman lying under the leaves during daytime, sleeping, how to sleep, counting sheep

It’s challenging because it takes a lot of extra work to reverse your memory. Apparently it helps with your karma too, but for the time being, it definitely does help you unwind.

So all you do is start recalling the events of the day, from the very moment that just passed. And then keep going backwards, like playing the reel of a film on rewind.

The only word of caution is to not get attached to any memory, just keep reversing. Then, in no time, you’ll be fast asleep!

And now, onto the other spiritual tips to help take better care of your physical body.

#1 – Intermittent Fasting

There’s a significant relationship between our mental health and gut health. Here is what I can recommend by personal experience, on how to heal both in one shot – intermittent fasting!

I first tried it out in October 2019, after a trip to Bali, when I checked my weight and it was at an all-time high. For the first time, I was a 25 on the BMI. Hitting obesity.

I was fortunate to have come across a powerful book on the subject, called The Circadian Code by Dr Satchin Panda. Over a decade of research and some logical advice helped me take intermittent fasting seriously.

Meal Plan, Diet, Eating, Intermittent Fasting, Planned Eating, Mindful Eating, Health, Wellbeing
Image courtesy: Vegan Liftz

While I highly recommend reading the book for full benefit, here are some guidelines that I follow:

  • Eat within an 8-10 hour interval. But at least have a 12 hour interval between your dinner and breakfast, no matter what.
  • Fix the interval time. For me, it’s 10 AM to 7 PM on average.
  • Fix the number of meals you consume. When you sit to eat, eat wholeheartedly. When you’re done, be done for a good 3-4 hours. Munching is the real cause for weight gain, for most people.
  • Being hungry does NOT mean being weak. Hunger is the indication that your body has digested the food. At this point, your true gut healing begins.
  • If you want to have something sweet, make it the first meal of your day so that you can maximize your waking hours to digest it.

NOTE: Late-night snacking and munching in-between meals is a huge problem for many of us. If you initially struggle, try having a spoonful of edible coconut oil. It works wonders to curb untimely hunger pangs!

Having followed this for just a few weeks, you will instantly notice your sleep getting better. Also, the quality of your thoughts improves because you’re not as irritable, your bowel movements are better, and so is your gut’s health.

When we’re able to maintain higher levels of thoughts, we can observe a quieter mind more effortlessly. And we’re not constantly thinking about eating, one of the biggest hurdles on our journey to enlightenment.

#2 – Grounding

I go in depth about the essence of grounding when I teach about the Chakra System. Also, some basic things you can do right off the bat are:

  • Play with pets and children. They are much closer to the harmonious energy of the Universe than we are and being in their presence can remind us of our joyous Truth;
Friends, Dog, Pet, Woman Suit, Sunset
  • Go outdoors and be in nature. Either walk barefoot in the grass, or take a hike in the forest. Or if you’re fortunate enough to, go take a dip in the ocean. Mother nature can heal our energy like magic!
  • Take out time to just be. Use this time to observe your surroundings, to slow down and pause for a bit. Our bodies and minds are constantly consuming information and working on overdrive. Sometimes a 5 minute pause can be like restarting your internal clock!

#3 – Exhaust Your Physical AND Mental Energy

Did you know, each soul, when reincarnating, comes with a dedicated reserve of physical and mental plane energy? The two must be exhausted separately.

While subconscious work, and activities such as thinking and meditation will do wonders to exhaust your mental reserve, we’re not doing enough to burn out the physical energy allocated for our lifetime. Or in the opposite case, some people are consuming that energy too fast.

balance, self-awareness, spirituality

Whatever side of the spectrum you may be on, start approaching your two energy reserves with the intent to attain enlightenment.

And spend your energy in both realms, in moderation. Too little or too much time spent burning energy through the physical body is detrimental.

#4 – Communicate With Your Body

It was groundbreaking for me to write a letter to my physical body. It was like something sacred opened up inside of me. Have you ever tried that?

It’s worth taking a few minutes to just say hello to your body, and to thank it for all that it’s done for you. Or for all the times you didn’t pay heed, and how you plan to better take care of it.

journaling, self love, self care, talk to yourself, self awareness, self realization, self reflection

Some other tips for communicating with the body are:

  • Do a body scan every morning when you wake up, and before you go to bed at night, to checkin – how are different parts of your body feeling today?

I also love this mirror-work technique to practice self-acceptance and self-love.

#5 – Heal the Issues In Your Tissues

This is where we need to step into our thoughts consciously, to help heal the body. Did you know that the thoughts which affect us, get stored in our body, and if left unchecked can become a host to many diseases and hormonal imbalances?

So the resentment you have against your high-school crush, or the anger you feel for something mom said when you were 10 years old, is all stored in your body. And it’s slowly eating away at it!

orange band aid on concrete surface crack

Books like Anatomy of The Spirit can really teach you how a thought manifests into disease. And how cleansing a thought can reverse the effects of the illness!

There are many ways to actively investigate our subconscious patterns and heal them at their root level. To name a few popular solutions:


Having a series of questions to guide your self-reflection can really help you when you’re getting started, versus an uncertain “dear diary”. If you’re new and looking for tips, here are 7 different journaling techniques I’d recommend trying.

I also have a plethora of self-reflecting questions in my monthly newsletter resources library, which you can sign-up for. It’s free. 🙂

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Now, there’s a lot of fear around hypnosis, and I understand because I’ve been raised with the same notions. But having experienced hypnotherapy myself, I’ve noticed enormous amounts of mental blocks clearing, which I had no clue about.

Granted how strange hypnotherapy may sound, I’ve put together a post that addresses your questions around the process. If you want to undergo a session of hypnotherapy, it’ll be good to read this first, to set your expectations.

Chakra Balancing

This is my favourite subject to talk about, because of how easy it is to rebalance yourself, once you understand the Chakra System’s role in your life!

Not to toot my own horn, but I highly recommend my chakra balancing workshop, if you’re interested in uncovering and healing blockages in a practical way.

– Inner Child & Parental Wound Healing

This is one of the shadow aspects of our healing, where we go into memory lane. It can be uncomfortable if you’re not ready to open Pandora’s Box.

But I always tell people who come to me for inner child work, that if your younger self went through it once and came out alright, you will too. You’ve got decades of experience in front of your younger self!

And it’s high time you use it to your benefit.

Masculine & Feminine Wounds

It can come as a surprise how much our gender biases hold us back from being our true Self. Being able to balance one’s inner yin-yang nature ultimately harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. And it can lead to a more holistic way of being.

These are all modalities that can teach us where our limiting beliefs stop us. And help us re-evaluate the importance of our physical body in this journey.

Alternatively, you can explore energy healing in the form of Reiki, Pranic Healing and Crystal Healing.

Concluding Thoughts

I’ve repeatedly heard this advice, from great spiritual leaders. You don’t need to do many things, you just need to do one thing right.

So, if we could just devote our life to taking care of this temple, this body, it will lead us to the very heaven we seek as an escape from it. The importance of our physical body in this spiritual journey is actually imperative!

No matter how well or sick you are, please love your body. It’s been serving you for decades, and it is your first and last companion in this life.

Be your body’s best friend, not enemy. It will reward you ten times! 🙂

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7 Spiritual Lessons I Learned During My Self-Isolation

Here’s a spiritual take to my self-isolation journey under quarantine. I hope it brings you hope for the future and strengthens your spiritual growth too!

The first year of my marriage was quite long and anti-climatic for reasons beyond our control. Not only did I NOT get to live with my husband for 14 months due to visa processing, I also had to wait for 14 more days in self-isolation, once I arrived.

It has been one heaven of a ride, for sure.

But now that my quarantine period is done and dusted, I’ve decided to talk about the spiritual lessons that my isolation taught me, because this situation may happen for many more people in the upcoming period.

7 Life-Changing Lessons That I Learned From Self-Isolation

Whether you are under self-isolation yourself, or your loved one may be, I hope this post inspires you to keep going, by looking at the spiritual value of all that is happening.

Because, as the saying goes, nothing is by chance. Then let’s strive to find the underlying lessons and messages that the Universe has in store for us.

Lesson #1 – The universe may not unravel things as per your plan, but the Divine Plan is always pretty awesome.

In my case, my moving was rather melodramatic because we were constantly missing meticulously planned flights. But then the actual flight was like an overnight miracle. It almost came out of nowhere!

calendar, highlight, plan, spiritual agenda, journaling, handwritten

In March, my visa arrived 2 days later than assured to us by the team processing it, so I missed my original flight. And we rebooked, but lo-and-behold, 3 days before the second ETD (estimated time of departure), the nation went under lockdown.

Then, India kept extending its lockdown one phase after the other, and international travels kept being put on hold. So as more months passed by, we too, kept having to cancel one flight after the other.

So, after 8-odd travel plans being scrapped, it finally manifested for us.

As one of my friends so wittily said, and I quote, “when the world was traveling, you couldn’t. And now that the world is at a standstill, you finally made it”.

We can make all the plans we want, but sometimes, life isn’t about planning. It’s about preparing for what the Universe has planned for us. And though hearing this truth may not be flattering to our ego, the Divine Plan is perfect as it is.

It’s a strong reaffirmation from the age old saying that what’s meant to be, will be. And what’s not meant to be, will not be. All we can do, is go through all of life’s challenges with a little grace, and have faith in the Divine Plan. 🙂

Lesson #2 – We need a LOT less than we think we do.

To put things into perspective, I moved across an entire continent. To the other side of the world, to start a newly married’s life. With just 3 bags of essentials!

My original luggage plan was for 5 bags. But under quarantine, the travel restrictions became tighter and I only managed to take the bare minimum stuff I needed.

suitcase, self-isolation, travel, live out of a suitcase, minimalism, plan

I filtered out everything. Less clothes, less shoes, and dreadfully, less books. As a bookworm that wanted to carry over a 100 books from my collection to my new home, I eventually only brought a handful.

I also learned that bare minimum is a lot less than the bare minimum we assume. Imagine planning for a trip, and then having to filter out 40% of the stuff!

Also, I eventually only used 1 of the 3 bags to live in my 14-days period of isolation, and all my others bags were moved to a separate place of no-contact. So I literally did live out of a suitcase, for two full weeks!

Lesson #3 – Not just materialistically, we need way less spiritually, than we think we do.

My sister-in-law had lovingly lined up my bedside table with a great selection of spiritual books for me to enjoy through my self-isolation. But to my shock, as I started reading through one of them on Vedanta, I kept feeling saturated.

“All the books say the same thing”, I said to her one day, with my expression masked under the surgical mask, but my disappointment unmasked by my voice.

reading, books, spiritual insight, guidance, hobbies, passion, self-isolation activity,

Then, she taught something so simple yet profound to me.

There are 3 phases of knowledge. Learning, applying, becoming. In today’s day and age, with an overload of information out there, we spend a lot of time learning and very little applying.

I know it can sound counter-intuitive, but take this period of quietude to not just fill your time with more knowledge or wisdom. Also use it to enhance your grasp on the lessons you’ve already learnt.

I would even go as far as saying as use this time to create, not just consume. Empower yourself and the others around you with your inner Light. Whether its through an existing hobby or exploring a new one, find a way to bring more of your creative Self into the world.

What hobby did I pick up, you ask? Gardening! I’ve officially learned how to weed-out a river and plant new flowers, amongst other things. 🙂

Lesson #4 – We touch a lot of things which we don’t need to.

Self-isolation is basically about limiting your sense of touch.

One day, I was walking around the backyard, and I extended my hand to touch a peculiar looking flower, before I reflexively pulled back. Ofcourse, there wasn’t anything wrong with touching a plant, but I had become habitual of refraining.

purple and white flowers
While our sense of touch is rightfully given to us to enjoy our existence, most of the times, we end up mindlessly touching so many things and leaving our energetic trace everywhere we go.

We create karma whenever we engage our energy with something through touch. For me, this was quite underwhelming because it felt unrealistic to always keep your hands to yourself. And yet, here I was, living like a monk. Which brings me to my next realization.

Lesson #5 – Self-isolation is very similar to living a monk’s life.

Here are some interesting observations from the past centuries, that came full circle for me:

  • Like monks, one must learn to wash their own clothes and dishes, also owning very little garment or utensils (minimalism).
  • The period of self-isolation is about facing our own escapism. No more traveling, no more partying, no more mindlessness. When you have so much time on your hands now, it becomes important to be still and reflect. Even if you can’t meditate, there are a number of other spiritual practices that can support your self-reflection at such a time.
monks walking near people holding baskets on street, spiritual lessons from self-isolation, minimalism
  • In some spiritual communities such as sanatana dharma, sages covered their mouths to avoid causing harm to others, themselves or the natural environment with their breath. Face masks are fulfilling that role in our world now.
  • Like monks, we must keep our hands tucked in and to ourselves, refraining intimate human interaction like handshakes or hugs, to prevent the karma from extending.

Self-isolation may seem like an extreme way of living, but it is an opportunity for us to revive the great wisdom of the past and reincorporate it into our daily life.

Lesson #6 – Even in self-isolation, there are still numerous ways to feel satiated with love.

This period was an interesting challenge for my family to find new and creative ways to spend time with me, without crossing the guidelines. And boy, did they take on this challenge really well!

My husband made me a care package, loaded with my favorite snacks. Throughout the 2 weeks, he would send me a daily, quarantine check-in video from work, filled with fun tips and encouraging words. He’d make smoothies and sandwiches for me to have for my breakfast, and bring dinner from all the places he had been wanting to take me.

sliced cheese on brown tray

My sister-in-law hosted me for the full period, having decked a dedicated room with books, cozy blankets and all the essentials I could possibly need. She would also engage me in activities like gardening and meditation, which didn’t require proximity but at the same time provided companionship.

My parents-in-law would spent countless hours sitting around the boundary of my quarantine space, chatting with me from a distance. And every other day, the other family members made their presence felt by dropping by more of my favorite food, chit-chatting from a distance and celebrating the countdown with cake!

I felt so pampered and satiated with love, that by the end, the whole experience actually felt more like a blessing. 🙂

Whether it is a virus, or any other reason, our relationships are constantly challenged. But it is our responsibility to seek every change as an opportunity to make the relationship stronger, instead of becoming a victim.

Lesson #7 – It can be a period of immense transformation and reflection. Or you can let it pass by through a different form of escapism.

I’ve heard people talking about how many TV shows they’ve finished watching or movies they’ve binged on, during the period. Remember, it’s all about balance. None of that is bad, but you’re trading it off for something that could have added more value to your life.

Personally, as an introvert, I enjoy my time and space. But I realized I have escapism tendencies only recently. After spending nearly 1.5 years working around the clock towards my blog, I had to temporarily unplug. And it was overwhelming at first.

For the first three weeks, I wasn’t able to commit time to my work. And that period showed me how little attention I had been paying to the rest of my life.

So then, I took the opportunity to start changing my habits.

I had regressed on my own advice about self-love habits, so that’s where I began. I created more space and time for myself to do things that matter, to experience my multi-dimensional existence, instead of limiting myself to one life role.

green leaves on brown wooden surface

Don’t let such an amazing opportunity to self-reflect and live more consciously be taken away by your autopilot tendencies.

Concluding Thoughts

As someone who’s always been fascinated by monks and has been repeatedly asked about my perspective about renouncing life to go to the Himalayas, this was probably as close to living the life of a monk as I’ll go.

And not just me, but so many of us will be under self-isolation. It will be challenging for the mind and body, but it will be true spiritual resilience that will get us through.

Ofcourse, you don’t need to self-isolate to gain greater self-awareness. I’ve been practicing periods of maun vrat, observing absolute silence for a few hours at a time, in attempt to deepen my spiritual growth.

And let’s be honest. At the end of the day, it won’t matter how productive you were or how much money you made, but how you evolved. So make it count. 🙂

10 Spiritual Fiction Books that Are Packed with Wisdom

Top spiritual fiction books that will guide your spiritual journey and help you learn life-changing lessons like detachment, karma, the purpose of life etc.

As an adult, I always had the notion that reading a fiction book isn’t as beneficial to my growth. So, I limited myself to non-fictions, constantly trying to learn and grow logically. However, as my spiritual journey began unfolding, and my reading habits become even more intense, I concurred that spiritual fiction books are quite empowering too.

Sometimes, a message can be conveyed with much more ease, when it’s delivered with an analogy. This is actually how my first workshop around Chakra Balancing became popular – through a story-telling format. And ever since, I’ve been thinking about putting together a reading list in the fictional genre.

So, here we are now, and here’s what I would like to recommend to you!

#1 – The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin

If Winnie the Pooh and his friends could teach us about Taoism, what would they say? A LOT!

In their own cute and peculiar style, Pooh Bear and his group tackle the complex questions around Taoism. You know a book is well written if it can explain an intricate subject with much clarity and simplicity. I wasn’t able to understand much about the Tao before this, but the book made a lot more sense to me.

I thoroughly enjoyed and loved Pooh’s take on the Tao, and even more so for its amazing narrative when listening to the audiobook. So if you plan to read this spiritual fiction, I’d highly recommend Simon Vance’s voiceover.

The World of Pooh, Taoism, Spiritual Fiction, Must Read

#2 – The Quest of the Sparrows by Kartik Sharma

The most underrated spiritual fiction book in this reading list! But I see a bright future for it. 🙂

What happens if someone is given the responsibility of a guru, but they’re not ready? The Quest of the Sparrows was such a delight to read, for the relatable way in which an average person is dragged into the spiritual journey through a twist of fate.

sparrows, spiritual birds, animal totem, symbolism

The character development is primarily what made this gem so relevant for us spiritual aspirants, as we too learn to let go of our many vices as we progress.

And the spiritual lessons conveyed through the various characters’ narratives are just as profound and well-written. I also think this book perfectly captures the essence of divine timing and other spiritual laws effectively.

#3 – Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

Not the best storytelling, but the reason this Spiritual fiction is a classic, is for the nine spiritual insights that entail this story. Each insight is uncovered in adventurous (and increasingly fatal) ways.

As the protagonist goes through many hurdles, finally, with a team of spiritual aspirants, the truth about enlightenment is uncovered.

gray wooden house on green mountain

It’s a good blend of analyzing human evolution, human psychology and behavior, and then moulding the findings in respect to energy work and healing.

The mysticism of the Celestine Prophecy is unique, and you’ll most likely enjoy this work, if you’ve enjoyed reading books like The Alchemist.

#4 – Jonathon Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

One of my favorite works by Richard Bach, and the rare book that didn’t need a bookmark. I read it in one sitting!

The seagull, Jonathon is symbolic for a human’s journey through life’s obstacles to attain enlightenment.

The story beautifully depicts life in a full circle – from hope, to despair, to hope again. Although it is one of the older spiritual fiction books in my list of recommendations, Jonathon Livingston Seagull remains timeless even today.

seagull, jonathon livingston, must read spiritual fiction books

Note that the book has two versions. The second release of the book revealed an important chapter at the end. There’s a slight controversy about the value of this change, but I am for the notion that it only added more to the book!

#5 – The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

I’ve talked about this poetic fiction before in my reference to books about practical spirituality. However, I want to bring it up again, in hopes that you will look at this book as an opportunity to understand the meaning of life through a poet’s lens.

the prophet, wisdom, poetry, reading, fiction

The short booklet revolves around a prophet that arrives at a city, and makes many observations about the nuances of everyone’s day-to-day activities.

I’m sharing some of my favorite quotes here from Kahlil Gibran’s most famous work, The Prophet.

Quote about detachment and parenthood

“Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.”

Quote about work and dissatisfaction

“Work is love made visible.
And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste,
it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.
For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half man’s hunger.”

Quote about crime and punishment

” Oftentimes have I heard you speak of one who commits a wrong as though he were not one of you,
but a stranger unto you and an intruder upon your world.
But I say that even as the holy and the righteous cannot rise beyond the highest which his in each one of you,
So the wicked and the weak cannot fall lower than the lowest which is in you also.”

#6 – Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

This book was definitely not what I expected. But it was a writing that was extremely honest about spirituality, from the lens of a seeker that often gets lost on his way towards the Truth.

The story sets up a parallel premise to the actual Gautam Buddha and his enlightenment, versus a young man named Siddhartha on his quest to find the Truth about life.

rule of thirds of statue, buddha, siddhartha, spiritual fiction books that are a must read, herman hesse, purpose of life, ultimate truth

There are some interesting twists throughout the book. The thing that compelled me to read it the most, was perhaps how the author scrapped away the glory and glamour of a spiritual awakening, by bringing forth the many vices that get in our way.

There are very few books that talk about falling off the wagon and resorting to our old ways, but Siddhartha highlights that aspect beautifully. There are many spiritual lessons that were demonstrated and though it’s tough to like the protagonist, it’s really just a huge reality check for our ego. 🙂

#7 – Immortal Talks by Shunya

A unique take to spirituality!

The author of this short yet powerful spiritual fiction conveys his spiritual insights through an interesting discourse. The dialogues take place between Indian God Hanuman and some of his tribal worshippers, called Mahtang.

hanuman, immortal talks, mahtang, spiritual fiction books, must read spiritual books, bajrang bali, wisdom

Immortal Talks has many profound analogies in store, that elaborate on spiritual concepts like karma, detachment, reincarnation, astral realms, etc.

So for anyone seeking clarity about life and souls in a mystical and metaphysical narrative, this is a great read.

#8 – The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams

A childhood classic, sure. But the Velveteen Rabbit is a gem hidden away in the kid’s section that’s worth revisiting as an adult. The story revolves around a stuffed toy rabbit that longs to become ‘real’.

pink bunny plush toy, children's storybook, fiction books

Over the course of many hardships, the rabbit grows wise and learns about the essence of life. It can sound heavy when I summarize it like that! But it is actually laid out quite simply such that even a child can grasp it.

#9 – Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson

Its been nearly a decade having read this, because I picked up this self-help book back in college! But over the years, the story’s message really resonated with me.

mice, mouse, who moved my cheese

Who Moved My Cheese uses mice as a metaphor to represent our own human mind. And their quest to find their beloved cheese depicts our longing for material satisfaction.

This book may not sound spiritual right off the bat, neither is it sold as such. But it encompasses important reminders like detachment and going with the flow, which resonate deeply with spiritual teachings.

#10 – Breakfast with Buddha by Roland Merullo

The latest addition to my list. And perhaps the most wholesome in terms of a good story, progressive character development and meaningful messages.

Through another story of twisted fate, an atheist ends up in a car with an enlightened Buddhist monk. Their journey requires them to be together for several days, and as expected, a transformation happens in the atheist’s life.

smartphone turned-on in vehicle mount inside vehicle

What I enjoyed most about Breakfast with Buddha, was how it remains balanced towards all kinds of readers. You could just be getting started on your spiritual journey. Or be several years into it… but you will enjoy it either way!

And there’s very limited dialogue about the metaphysical nature of spirituality. Instead, the approach converges towards practical spirituality. Something we can all implement in our day-to-day lives.

Bonus: The God Matrix by Brian David Alexander

I’m genuinely shocked that this book hasn’t taken off in the world. It makes me realize how some of the most creative minds get lost in the crowd if they aren’t into marketing or selling their work. Shucks! But nevertheless, I wanted to highlight this beautiful science fiction book written with tons of hypnotherapy related insights, speculations in quantum physics and a touch of spiritual romance.

spiritual fiction books with sci fi and quantum physics plot, aliens, UFO, conspiracy theories

The God Matrix is a great 300-page novel for anyone looking to integrate aliens, soul contracts and all the other sci-fi stuff into one thriller. The book involves the abduction of the main protagonist, Mr Phoenix by aliens that want to help humans save their race. In the meantime, there’s a lot of pushback from the government. Who wins, and HOW?!

I highly, highly recommend Brian’s work in his book The God Matrix!

Concluding Thoughts

The great thing about a spiritual fiction is that it’s easy to remember the story, and imbibe the messages. I have overtime learned to appreciate a good fiction book here and there. And I hope this list encourages you to add more to your reading list too!

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