Divine Intervention Stories (#4) : Proof That The Universe Has Your Back!

Here are 10 beautiful stories that prove the universe has your back! Come read these amazing divine intervention stories and warm your heart.

Recently, I conducted a spiritual group activity for Toastmasters, called The Universe Has Your Back. I invited people to share their stories with the group, reflecting on the miracles in their life.

And I was touched to see the kind of stories that people shared!

Because it’s one thing when you read it like a fancy Instagram quote or Facebook post. But that weekend, real people shared their real stories, with moments of hope & despair. And one at a time, they revealed how the cosmos worked in their favor, instilling their faith in the grand scheme of things.

I promised them that the best stories would make it to the blog, but I don’t know how to choose just one or two stories because they were all so beautiful and meaningful! So I decided to share ALL of them with you, to inspire you and affirm your faith in the universe’s unconditional love and support.

10 Stories That Prove The Universe Has Your Back

Here is the magic that unfolded in our group sharing, that weekend. I’ll warm up with my story, followed by everyone else’s.

#1 -Just keep going, the Universe will meet you halfway!

In the weekend I was conducting this activity, I was also traveling. I was nervous about the fate of my book, Spirit Animals, because it hadn’t received the response I was hoping for.

Also, it wasn’t a topic I had ever imagined to write a book about. But it somehow happened, as most things in my life do. Unplanned. But divinely orchestrated nonetheless.

And now, with the ego fully active and telling me what a bad idea this was, I was beginning to assume all kinds of self-critical things. Even to the extent of quitting as a writer. No matter how much I knew from past signs that I was meant to be on this path, in the moment, I had completely fallen prey to my ego’s skepticism.

Of course, writing is too close to my heart to quit, but I was slowly feeling more and more dejected with each passing day. Not for long, though. The Universe came forth to prove it had my back, even if I had forgotten.

I came across a fortune cookie at one of the restaurants my husband and I were dining at.

fortune cookie, the universe has your back, healing, faith, hope, destiny, higher calling
It read, “success if yours if you continue on the path you have chosen”.

And lo and behold, within that weekend, my book sold over a hundred copies!

It may not be a bestseller but it was enough sign from the higher powers that the universe has your back, and it will take care of you in all highs and lows if you just show up for it.

This was just my experience, but here are 9 more incredible stories that will give you goosebumps!

#2 – If It’s Meant To Be, It’ll BE!

The year was 2009. One of the happiest days of my life. I was selected to travel to UK to migrate a process for my company. The only problem was I did not have a passport. And it was told to me that if I don’t get my passport and visa in a week’s time, some one else will travel on my behalf.

I felt like Tom Cruise trying to get my passport in such a short span. It was no less than Mission Impossible!

The following day I flew to Darjeeling, my hometown, only to realize that I have to go to Kolkata to get my passport. So, the next day I was in Kolkata.

I was in queue outside the passport office at 10 pm and the office was suppose to start the following day at 10 am. I slept in the streets, as I had to get my documents sorted as soon as possible.

the universe has your back, people waiting in queue for passport

My turn came at 2 pm, and I was thrilled to get my passport.

When I reached Delhi, I was informed all my colleagues had left for UK, and I had to get my visa by day end. I was carrying the exact cash in my pocket for my visa, and my turn had came just 10 minutes prior to the closing time of the VS office.

Now I was told the cost of visa had increased! So, I told the authority, if you allow me 10 minutes, I will withdraw money and will be back. But the authority refused to budge. I was shattered, as I felt I was almost there and yet so far.

A lady looked at me and to my surprise gave me the money required to get my visa. Then, I rushed to the ATM to withdraw the money and when I returned, I could not find the lady.

I looked outside the plane window and I knew immediately the universe had my back.

Story Submitted by Abu Shadab

#3 – The Secret to Happiness Lies In Trusting That The Universe Has Your Back

My life was miserable and everything was awkward in my life. I was failing in exams, relationships, you name it, I had it – life was wasting away.

You know why? Because nobody told me what life really is, who I am, and how the universe works.

But one day someone suggested me a book, The Secret, and after that my life became magical. Same me with different software (thoughts) thoughts creates reality.

law of attraction, spiritual images, divine intervention stories, divine laws of the universe
Change your software change your life. Can’t live happy with pirated one! Now I can say everything in this created by our mind so if you have the mind. You already have universe with you!

Now I just need to ask and the universe always replies to me. It doesn’t matter what questions I ask I always get answers. I take this book in my hand and open a random page and you will be amazed to hear that it always gives me the exact answers!

Now I am ecstatic because I know our mind created this universe, and we can create anything and achieve anything! We just need to think we deserve and then take action.

All humans have same capabilities, mind and powers. We just need to train ourselves to realize the universe lives within you! We all are connected. And the universe has your back.

Story submitted by Mayank

#4 – The Universe is Steering the Wheel For You

It was late Sunday evening. I was riding my bike back from Delhi to my flat in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad.

When I was about to reach and was around 200 meters away from my flat, I looked from rear view mirror and saw a car was fast approaching.

I was surprised because I did not notice any car in last stretch. But I shrugged it off. After a few more meters, I noticed that it was not a car but two bikes racing towards my side. And later the bikes were driving parallel to my bike.

There were three people – two on one bike, and one on the other.

They waved me to stop. At that instant I knew that I am about to get robbed.

I immediately stopped my bike. The robbers also stopped their bike but a few meters away. I’m not sure what happened but I just took a u-turn and started driving away.

man riding a black motorcycle in gray scale photography

The pillion rider ran after me held my bike to stop it. I nearly missed hitting divider but did not stop. The guy chased for a while but then he left it.

I came on the main road but did not slow down. I stopped only when I reached my flat. My heart was still racing fast but deep down I felt the Universe has my back.

Story submitted by Arun Khanna

#5 – The Universe Will Give You What You Deserve (And More)

My parents say I never gave them a hard time or sleepless nights. Sleeping is my third hobby after reading and eating, followed by laughing.

Even when someone teased me (it’s called body-shaming) laughter bubbled inside me and spilled out. And I was unable to stop till my sides burst. My family didn’t know what to do with me, so they just let me be.

Teenage brought along rosy spectacles and, a hopeless romantic, I fell into a bad relationship. I didn’t realize it, but slowly I had changed from this bubbly girl to a sourpuss.

I didn’t let my family get a whiff about what I was going through. But, I lost confidence in myself and just floated through life with nothing stirring my like before.

emotions, sadness, anger, healing your life, universe has your back
After 15 years of trying my firstborn stoked the fire and then roused it as she grew into someone who was just like I used to be. I wanted to be something do something.

Writing on FB brought me alive as praise for my writings poured in even from persons who didn’t know me. But I was still without direction. Toastmasters opened a whole new vista for me.

I shed the layers of doubt and started blooming again. The Universe really has my back and this Universe has given me back my lost laughter. 🙂

Story submitted by Nisha Majoni

#6 – The Universe will protect you through thick, thin and cold!

The mystic mountains covered with gleaming snow, dazzling sun rays playing hide and seek with me, a twirling road uphill with a clear sky, accompanied with soothing music and my loving family.

The perfect drive to Nathula, a mountain pass in the Himalayas in East Sikkim district. It connects Sikkim with China’s Tibet Autonomous region and is 14,140 feet above sea level.

white and brown mountain near body of water, trek through the himalayas, spiritual encounter, universe has your back

After a certain point , we had to park our car and walk to climb the stairs leading to the border on the Indian Side, the last Indian check post of Sikkim. We could see the Tibetan valley, the Chinese check post, all covered with snow.

It was freezing cold and the biting wind was not allowing us to stay there for more than 5-6 minutes. We captured exotic views of the Himalayas in our cameras, saluted the rock strong soldiers for their grit and dedication for being there to safeguard our country and us.

I could feel my limbs freeze, so I hurried down to grab a cup of coffee and then start the journey downhill.

When we reached the Changu lake, I started feeling uneasy and could not bear the low temperature anymore. My family decided to skip lunch, have the all-time meal of Maggi Noodles and head back to the hotel, so we left by 1 PM.

When we reached the hotel, the receptionist was frantically taking calls and looked at us in amazement throwing numerous questions at us,

“How did you reach, what time did you leave, are you all ok ?”
We exchanged confused looks, when she further added,
“Most of the tourists that went up to Nathula are stuck midway, as there is a landslide and they will have to spend the rest of the freezing cold night in their car.”

Indeed, the Universe has my back. 🙂

Story submitted by Shradha

#7 – You won’t walk, you’ll sore high into the sky when the Universe has your back!

I still remember the day was Thursday. I was scrolling down LinkedIn. Found a post from author Simon Sinek. He was encouraging people to open a book club and read his book Start with why together as a community online.

I shared the idea with our EC team. They all supported it with full passion and madness. And by Sunday, we launched the book club.

success, team work

Our why to open book club is to help people cultivate the reading habit. Now we don’t have the format ready like we have for our Toastmasters meeting but still, we pursued it.

We didn’t restrict this book club to our club members but opened for the world to join. Initially we had around 20 members from South Delhi Toastmasters Club only.

As the initiative was noble and supportive, we received love from people all over India and the world.

We wanted to achieve the first milestone and that was to get recognized by Simon Sinek for answering the questions we were sharing every week on YouTube live with 1000s of followers.

In the 5th week, we achieved the milestone and recorded it. Today that book club is known as Leaders Are Readers Book Club.

People are encouraging us every day to get out of comfort zones, to form a new network and to create something new. We didn’t know this initiative will turn into a good community where every week someone wants to tell a new story, share new insights, express their emotions and showcase the love for reading.

I think The Universe has my back, whenever I attend the book club meeting every Tuesday. 🙂

Story submitted by Paramjot Singh

#8 – There is great magic in this cosmos.

When you least expect something to happen with you, it will happen for sure. Later, you will realize how great it was. That’s when you will realize that UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK.

I think I will only share one incident of my life. This is from back when I was about to have my recruitment interview, and I was almost sure that I don’t know anything. I was sure that I would suck at it.

And I sucked the next day! 10 questions were asked of which I gave only 3 answers. For the remaining seven, my mind was BLANK.

interview, nervous, exam, signs from the universe that you will pass the test

But when the result came and I was among the first one to get selected, I was on cloud nine… That day I thanked one of my friend, and also realized that the universe has my back! I am thankful to Vasundhra for coming again to change our life once again.

Story submitted by Vimanyu

#9 – The Universe is protecting you, and your loved ones!

Agitations, curfew, tough times in Imphal.

I was just in seventh grade, when one day at 4 pm the curfew was released for some time. I stood in my balcony, enjoying a cup of tea and watching the people rushing towards the market to get the necessary goods.

Suddenly I saw a commotion and people shouting,”the truck has run over the child. Don’t spare the driver.” I saw someone waving at me. My heart missed a beat. A shudder ran down my spine.

accident, the universe has your back, miracle, healing

I yelled at the top of my voice calling my siblings.I realized that my youngest sister was not at home. Trembling like a leaf, I ran down to the street, followed by the others. And I saw people carrying her in their lap.

I closed my eyes and prayed to the Almighty. When I opened my eyes expecting the worst, to my amazement, I saw my lil sister in full form. I couldn’t believe my eyes! A truck had run over her tiny frame but miraculously she had survived. God certainly has His own ways.

Story submitted by Gita Kashyap

#10 – The Universe breathes its Light into every myriad of your life.

To be honest for me, I deeply believe and have had a myriad of experiences where the universe has my back. If I look back, everything is well orchestrated by the universe for my evolution.

universe has your back, universe has my back, divine intervention, spiritual stories

All the things, events and situations irrespective of good or bad are necessary and greatly synchronized for me to become a better human with every event.

Life was not so easy on me throughout. Now and then it keeps testing me, but with every test, I have received more number of certificates in the form of learnings. Even the people who entered my life or exit or even during the harsh circumstances, the universe always has my back.

Dear universe, always keep us all blessed in this way!

Story submitted by Shweta

Concluding Thoughts

When this blog began, back in 2018, I didn’t know how many people would read it, let alone write for it. Today, it wells my eyes to see that the Universe has been kind to each and every one of us, and that so many amazing souls share their stories here!

We are surrounded by angels, masters, ancestors and many other divine beings who are always ready to protect, guide and nurture our spiritual growth. We only have to pause, and seek their intervention.

And when it happens to you, sing praises of these miracles. Let the Universe’s Light become YOUR light. Let the miracles become the hope in someone else’s story!

If you’d like to share one of your spiritual experiences and help spread the light, feel free to drop me a note. 🙂

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Life Is A Video Game – A Powerful Metaphor for Spiritual Growth

What metaphor do you use for spiritual growth? Try thinking about life as a video game. Here’s how Angela & Donald view it.

The internet fascinates me, for the opportunities it has in store for each of us. One such opportunity I’ve had, is to connect with a lovely soul, Donald Lee. He too, is a new spiritual author who’s learning how to gracefully step into the role. This week, he wanted to share this interesting metaphor with you and me, to enhance our spiritual growth.

Here’s what he has on his mind.

I love metaphors. I use them to describe and explain spiritual reality. As a musician and a teacher, I often use a music or teaching analogy, like “Life is a school”, “Life is a band”, etc.

After all, how can we understand spiritual things except through metaphors, analogies and paradox? 

With all our modern developments, there are many more possibilities. “Life is a movie”, is another great one.

Here is a metaphor of “Life is a video game”. I wish I’d come up with it. But I didn’t. I’ll share it with you anyway because it’s great. Let’s see how it resonates with you.

Life Is a Video Game—Here Are the Rules

This metaphor will help in our spiritual growth, because it has some profound truths nestled within it in the utmost simple yet impactful way.

#1 – The Rule of Accountability

You can only control one player, and that player is you.

accessory buttons console control, life is a video game, metaphor for spiritual growth

#2 – The Rule of Purpose

You will have challenges presented to you. The purpose of these challenges is to help you grow and progress to the next level—to master the game.

#3 – The Rule of Smart Living

You will have limited resources, both internal resources and external resources. You will not know the level of resources assigned to you until you begin the game.

Players who figure out how to best use their resources will do better in the game. Having more resources does not guarantee success; you must learn how to leverage your resources.

Players who can create new resources/tools (both internal and external resources) will do better in the game.

#4 – The Rule of Change

Players are responsible for their own experience in the game. If you are not happy with your experience in the game, you are the only person who has the power to change it.

Other players will come in and out of your experience in the game.  However, you will enter and exit the game on your own.

#5 – The Rule of Choices

Players will have many options in the game; choose wisely. Your choices will impact your experience. Your choices will also impact who you become as a player in the master game.

The more you put into the game, the more you will get out of it. Within the master game, there are a multitude of game modes and avatars you can choose.

#6 – The Rule of Virtual Reality

You may identify with the game mode and your Avatar, but neither the Avatar nor the game mode is the real you or the real reality. You are only playing a character in the master game. 

person wearing black henley shirt and white vr goggles, metaphor for spiritual growth

#7 – The Rule of Replay

If you fail a lesson or a level of the game, the particular challenge at hand will continue presenting itself to you repeatedly until you successfully figure out how to master that challenge.

Some players may never master all their challenges. Those players may opt to change the gameplay—a new game, using a new Avatar.

#8 – The Rule of Success

The game should be fun, challenging, and fulfilling; the goal is to help you learn. The more you learn, the more successful you will be at the game of life.

The more you can align who your Avatar is with the real you, the more successful you will be at the game of life.

The goal is to create your Avatar into the best version you can make it, given the context, resources, and challenges you have in the game. 

#9 – The Rule of Failure

There are no winners and losers, only those who were able to make the most of the opportunity, or less of the opportunity this time.

Players who do very well typically opt to not continue playing new games, since they got the development they needed.

Whatever happens in the game, the real players are safe. Avatars may get hurt but the actual players behind the Avatars are simply watchers of the game.

photo of man touching his head, metaphor for spiritual growth

#10 – The Final Rule

You are already in the game.

Created by Angela Cotellessa.
Used with permission of the author.

Does that give you a new perspective on life? I hope so.

Is it Disrespectful to Use Such Figurative Thinking?

It might seem irreverent to think of life as a game, but on the other hand, most of us take ourselves too seriously. 

Most of us think to ourselves, “Why is God doing this to me?
Why is my husband doing this to me?
Why is it just my fate to be unhappy?”
And similar thoughts.

This metaphor helps our spiritual growth because it encourages us to take the perspective of,
“I wonder what I am supposed to learn from this?
How could I change my avatar and my results in this game?”
and so on.

As you may have already realized, changing our perspective changes our experience.

You could also consider that, if you’re happy with the level you’re on, you can just stay there for a while. But the game always has other levels to explore—whenever you are ready to go there.

So, this analogy helps to dissipate fear. There really is nothing to fear. We, that is, the spiritual self that is our true self, can never be hurt. We are eternal beings of light. This avatar we currently inhabit will one day pass away.

All of us know that. Yet we still fear it. We fear getting old, becoming feeble, death, and a hundred even more minor events.

When we perceive our true self, our immortal and invincible self, then all fear passes away.

Concluding Thoughts

I hope this metaphor is an inspiring and enlightening perspective in your own game of life, for your spiritual growth.

Oh and I have a spiritual gift for you, before I go! Here is an abridged version of my book, “The Band Director’s Lessons About Life”. You can download it right here.

God Bless You!

Donald Lee
Donald Lee

Donald Lee is a spiritual author and speaker. His life and my website are dedicated to helping people everywhere understand that we are spirit. His first book of modern-day parables, “The Band Director’s Lessons About Life” is available here.

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What Reparenting Means & 5 Ways to Heal Your Inner Child Wounds

How can reparenting help your daily life? Why is it important to heal your inner child wounds? What are some tips & tricks? Read this!

Inner Child Healing has been a big part of my journey over the past couple of years. And the process through which it’s done, called reparenting, has not only helped me see my behaviors and patterns, it has helped me release them from the root and evolve much more rapidly.

While going to a therapist or coach is the conventional way to work on your inner child wounds, a lot of the healing activities require you to pursue them consistently, by yourself.

So it’s worth knowing about the tools you can apply in day-to-day life. And then if and when you’re ready, work on deeper wounds with a professional.

Let’s begin with understanding this word reparenting first – something that you’ll commonly hear about throughout your inner child work.

What is Reparenting?

I will explain this to you with a few examples from personal experiences.

When I started sitting with my ‘mother wounds’, it felt like opening Pandora’s box of grudges against my mom! And I realized one thing. The young version of me had a lot of issues in how she was treated by her elders.

Why would you hold my arms and force me to eat?

Years later, I found out that I was a difficult kid to feed. I wouldn’t sit still when I was eating, and I would be full even before I had a few bites. I had a small appetite and a fussiness towards when I wanted to be fed.

Back in the days, my mom succumbed to a spinal injury after a life-threatening accident. She could no longer chase me. So holding my hands and gripping me close to her was her only way to feed me. Her last resort would be to scare me with the tale of calling the cops if I didn’t eat.

It amuses me now when I remember it! But it taught me that she was just doing her best and that there wasn’t any malice in intention, like my inner child’s mind had made up.

woman carrying baby at beach during sunset, parent wounds, healing your inner child with reparenting
Why did I have to study so much? Why wasn’t I allowed to watch Harry Potter or go on school trips like the other kids?

I had newly moved to India in between my academic years, and the only way I could catch-up with the curriculum was to spend extra hours studying after school. Even then, it took me many years to be able to adapt to the Indian education system, which led to other inner child wounds.

Plus my immunity wasn’t strong, which already led to many days off from school. So it was the only way I could have been protected – by not exposing me to potentially unhygienic conditions that come from group travel.

Tough love makes more sense now, but it didn’t back then.

Why were you so strict when I was growing up, always asking me to do things the way you wanted them to be done?

Because it was the right thing to do. Today, I’m not fussy about my veggies. I don’t mind making my bed, squeezing in the backseat when there’s too many people in the car, or serving food to a guest before eating first.

I’m flexible and disciplined in many areas in life where peers have thrown a fuss – it’s all thanks to my mother. Of course, there’s much room for improvement, which is why reparenting plays a role. But we’ll talk more about that shortly.

Who Is Right or Wrong In Inner Child Work?

In the age that these things happened, they mattered a lot to me. My experience wasn’t wrong because every person has the right to their own emotions and reactions. But at the end of the day, my perception was limited to myself. I wasn’t able to see the whole picture.

So while I had the right to feel upset, I wouldn’t have felt upset in the first place had I been able to grasp why things happened. Now, this doesn’t mean I was being selfish – at the end, a child can only perceive so much.

However, it means that as an adult, I am required to think beyond that child’s limited point of view and cater to my wounds with a more mature approach.

But until I didn’t understand my role in my healing, things effected how I related to my family. And because my personality was that of a quiet and sincere child at the time, I became a rebel as I grew up.

I started reacting, and overreacting as a teenager. I had tantrums and mood swings.

Even years into my twenties, I noticed a love-hate relationship. I was triggered quite easily. Because subconsciously, I was still hurting.

But on the surface I couldn’t understand why, because by the age of 25, I could easily talk about everything with my parents. They were best friends to me! Then why did I have my mood inconsistencies towards them?

This is what finally helped me. Reparenting my wounded inner child.

I stepped into my shoes AND my parents’ shoes. I took care of my inner child exactly in the way my younger self wanted to be taken care of, while integrating my mother’s and father’s perspective into the process too.

blue jeans

So, reparenting is not only giving your younger self their childhood back by fulfilling their desires. It’s about bringing closure to the events that trigger you because of anything that happened or continues to happen around your parents, siblings, teachers, peers and more.

Reparenting is the process of being your own parent, and finding your own blend of self-love and tough-love.

After understanding the hurt within, my dynamic changed drastically and I was able to show up for everyone around me with a lot more compassion and love. Especially my dearest momma and papa.

As a side note, I’ve written a small ode to my mom, for some of the lessons she has taught me.

These were the things I’ve taken for granted all this while but can now see transparently, because I am no longer hurt. That is the power of reparenting – the process of being your own parent and nurturing your inner child.

How Does Reparenting Your Inner Child Wounds Help In Daily Life?

Here are just some of the experiences, benefits and results that me and my clients have seen from inner child healing.

#1 – You gain Emotional Intelligence.

Many of us are told not to cry as a child, or that getting angry is wrong. So, we suppress these feelings and over the years forget how to express them at all.

man person people emotions, emotional intelligence from reparenting your inner child wounds

Some people may have nervous breakdowns later-on, in their adult life. Or they’ll experience bursts of rage and be ashamed of overreacting. All because the emotions are pent up over many years and many circumstances, and now are desperately seeking an outlet.

Anger and sadness are two powerful emotions that can and should be channelled properly. Once you work on inner child healing, it becomes much easier for you let these emotions gracefully pass out of your system.

#2 – You increase your ability to love yourself.

I can’t tell you about the number of times I’ve had a client tell me they’re too hard on themselves! It’s common for us to expect more from ourselves but sometimes, this expectation becomes toxic.

When we’re so hard on ourselves all the time, its natural that we feel uncomfortable being alone. We don’t like our own company!

young troubled woman using laptop at home

But there’s always a reason that we’ve picked up responses from, like
why am I so dumb!
can’t I ever do anything on time?!
why does nobody love me?!
can I ever get anything right in the first try?!
why does nothing ever work my way!

And so on. Our dialogue with ourself is highly self-critical and can lead to a poor sense of self-esteem. We may learned to think this way due to an external factor, like some of the stories I shared before. But eventually, it becomes our own story.

Healing your inner child helps you see that story and change it. Then, it becomes easier to practice the trendy things like self-love and self-care when you genuinely take care of the parts of you that have been hurting for so long.

And through the reparenting process, you’re able to develop a completely new relationship with your needs – no longer putting them on hold for a few more decades!

#3 – You give yourself permission to be carefree.

I’ve had every single inner child discussion lead to one conclusion – we need to stop being so uptight.

inner child healing, carefree children, reparenting

It is easy as adults to be confined under norms and rules. So much so that we forget how to be playful, and we’re constantly in work-mode. But once you start tapping into the energy of reparenting yourself, that spark returns.

On the other hand, I’ve had a few clients reverse their procrastination and moodiness into actually being able to show up for their work and make tangible progress towards their daily goals.

These are two ends of the same spectrum – doing what’s necessary but knowing when to stop.

#4 – You stop feeling helpless and become much more independent.

Once you understand that you can still give yourself the joy of a piano lesson or eating a giant chocolate bar in one seating, it becomes easier to take accountability for one’s happiness.

action carefree cropland daylight

You are no longer as dependent on your friends or loved ones to make you feel happy.

Therefore, through reparenting, you stop feeling helpless and dejected because you begin to move inwards and give yourself that joy. You become much more self-dependent versus codependent.

#5 – You become more authentic.

When you’re tuned in to your needs, you are able to pursue them as ‘needs’ and not ‘wants’. This helps you express yourself better. And when you begin validating your rights and place in life, it becomes easier to set healthier relationship boundaries as well.

You are also able to dissolve conflicts better, and say what you feel without losing your mind in an argument.

Eventually, you become more natural and easy-going to be around. And you aren’t as obsessed with people-pleasing or insecurity-based tendencies because you truly step into your power with all the inner work you do.

You understand what it means now, to love too much, and are able to overcome that by first giving yourself the nurturing qualities you seek from others. By the beautiful and mystical ways of the universe, the more you’re able to do that, the more people around you are inclined to be good to you!

How Does Reparenting Your Inner Child Wounds Help Your Spiritual Journey?

One metaphysical aspect is that reparenting helps you connect with the pure and eternal part of your inner child – your soul. This is the aspect that speak to you through your inner child to help you reconnect with God and bring you simple yet profound guidance when you’re stuck in an ‘adult-life’ crisis.

angels, higher self, spiritual image, healing, divine light

As beneficial as other spiritual and personal development courses are, I also believe that you are missing a fundamental part of yourself until you’ve made peace with your wounded inner child.

Sure, past life regression can heal your previous incarnations, and using Reiki, tarots and crystals can bring you tremendous healing at an energy level. But some of the deepest rooted wounds, behaviors and tendencies actually originate from our childhood, from this lifetime.

This is because when we’re growing up, we are the most vulnerable and thus most susceptible to getting hurt. So working on these wounds is integral, if you want to get over the small stuff fast and like I said before – evolve rapidly.

Are there any challenges when working on reparenting?

There are a few hiccups that you will learn to overcome. But I do want to mention them.

The first challenge is that you might experience many ups and downs. On some days, you might feel worse before you feel better.

As innocent as a child is, they go through quite a bit of emotional turbulence. You may discover that you’re holding many grudges and initially resent the very people you’re trying to heal your past with. It can temporarily create more duality in your relationships or make you experience deep sadness and loneliness.

This is natural and will pass, as you learn to open your heart again, in deeper ways.

However, if you’re someone that’s not ready to experience emotional waves, you may want to hold back on deeper inner child healing and instead focus on the lighter aspects, like learning how to be carefree and having more fun in life.

The second hiccup is the resistance to let go of old patterns.

Some aspects of our ego refuse to be healed. Maybe because we are unwilling to take accountability for how we feel, or that we are just not ready to let go of something.

Sometimes, you may even change an old behavior. But because you’ve been doing it for so long, it will keep coming back when you’re challenged. Then, it can almost feel like you’ve hit a plateau.

In such cases, people can feel low or like they’re incapable of change. It might lead to thinking that inner child work is not for them. It’s best to remain aware of this resistance and continue working on it subtly until it loosens its grip.

For these reasons, inner child work is a deeply intimate space of healing that should be done when you’re ready to open the pandora box.

But as I always say – you went through it once already, and now you have decades worth of more experience to go through it again. This time, to free yourself of it, once and for all.

5 Ways to Reparent and Heal Your Inner Child

#1 – Tap into the energy of your inner child.

One of the easiest ways to do that is through kid’s television. I love singing an old favorite cartoon rhyme like Barney’s song! Even watching a few episodes of Blue’s Clues gets me into the childlike headspace.

engage with inner child through cartoons

You can even look through old childhood photographs, or practice basic journaling techniques like the ones I shared in this article.

When you’re ready, you can eventually progress into more advanced journaling, hypnotherapy and visualizations – all modules taught within the workshops I conduct.

#2 – Express Yourself Like A Child

Ever noticed how a child doesn’t conceal their feelings? If a child is happy, you’ll know. If a child is angry, you and everyone in one-mile radius will know! Jokes aside, the best thing about being so open and vulnerable about your feelings, is that you don’t carry them into the future.

The best example is when two kids that were fighting a day ago will be laughing and having a great time together the next day. Why can’t us adults do that!

two kids playing beside glass windows, reparenting your inner child through expressing your emotions

Allow yourself to express negative emotions like anger and sadness unapologetically. This is a powerful resource to help you reshape your relationship with difficult emotions.

#3 – Do Things Your Inner Child Always Wanted to

Many of our childhood passions were not potential career choices, and we were swayed away from them. Sometimes they were distracting our education. At other times, we couldn’t afford them, or our elders simply found them as a waste of time.

But a big part of inner child work, is walking down those half-explored paths and seeing what unfolds this time.

Whether it’s practicing art at the age of 40, or taking bike lessons at the age of 60, it’s never too late. It can even be a hobby like building a coin collection, or writing poetry. There are countless communities out there that support and encourage you to pursue your childhood dreams as adults.

The more you do this, the more fulfilled your past self will be. And you’ll be able to collect those missing pieces and complete the puzzle of your life.

#4 – Play With Other Children

I don’t just mean toddlers or infants, which in itself is a great way to reconnect with your inner child. I also mean play with the inner child of another person!

baby touching woman s face

For instance, my husband and I love to play boardgames. And it surely brings out our inner child when we’re being sore losers! 🙂

In the same way, you can encourage your friends and family to do something fun that helps bring their inner child out.

#5 – Practice talking to yourself.

It can be strange at first, but simply checking in with yourself and asking the following questions can really help you in getting to know your needs better.
Why are you feeling upset?
– Who made you feel that way in the past?
– How did that effect you back then?
– How would you like to feel now?

– What can you do to overcome this the right way this time?

As you begin having such conversations with yourself, you’ll notice flashbacks of memories going way back into your childhood. And it’ll become easier to realize where the root was for a certain belief system, how it impacted you, and how you can overcome it now.

Professional Help For Reparenting Your Inner Child

I’d be lying if I said I did all this on my own. I’m a well-read person but even then, self-help books can only take you so far. At some point, you begin to crave a connection with someone at the same wavelength who can guide you through the journey.

It took me 2 years to find my first spiritual coach, and she became a mentor in no-time. I went to her for one problem, but ended up exploring a totally different side of myself.

If you want your personal development to not be linear (or even stagnant), consider the possibility of getting help.

I love working with people, and have dedicated my life’s purpose to this path. If you feel inspired to, you’re welcome to schedule one-on-one time with me and get support for your self-discovery journey!

Concluding Thoughts

I thought it’d be interesting to bring all of us adults together, so that our inner child interacts and makes new spiritual friends! For that, I’m throwing a virtual party this month, something along the lines of a spiritual Halloween.

If that sounds like something you’d want to join, just drop me a note for details. Let’s all bring our inner child out to play, this October!

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