Guest Posts

I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some wonderful spiritual writers from around the world! And here are their guest posts for my blog. I also happened to write for other websites every now and then, and you can access my other work at the end section of the Archives.

If you’d like to contribute your work as a guest for the blog, feel free to read the guidelines on this page and reach out.

How to Balance the Ego & the Soul, by Chris Cade

The Law of Attraction poses an interesting conundrum for spiritual seekers: How do we balance what our ego wants with the deep desire to know and commune with ourselves and our soul? Today, spiritual enthusiast Chris Cade shares his beautiful insights on creating harmony between our human and eternal selves. Here’s what he says. Discovering … Continue reading “How to Balance the Ego & the Soul, by Chris Cade”

Extraction, Divination & The Journey Continuing Into Shamanism, by Phil

Shamanic student Phil shares what extraction, divination and casting grids are in the world of shamanism. Here are his delightful stories!

5 Fascinating Experiments That Explore the Science of Spirituality, By Brian A.

How can science explain spirituality? Here are incredible experiments that explore the truth of energy, healing and other spiritual ideas.

The Untold Truths About The Law Of Attraction, By Kingsley

Can you really manifest your reality? What are some LOA myths? Here are some untold truths about the law of attraction, shared by Kingsley.

Active Surrender: The Root of Empowerment, by Loren Swift

What does it mean to surrender in spirituality? How is the idea of active surrender revolutionary in our healing? Loren Swift explains.

Can Meditation Be Bad For You? With Clayton Micallef

Can meditation be bad? Are there adverse effects? Should we meditate if we have mental health problems? MBLC-approved Clayton shares insights.

Shinrin Yoku: Forest Bathing Explained By Katriina Kilpi

Katriina and I crossed paths through my blog, and she quietly stayed in the corner of my Facebook chat, until one day, fate led us to talking. I found out that Katriina is a Forest Bathing Guide. Sounds fancy? I know! Now, I’m going to dive straight into our conversation and let you learn from … Continue reading “Shinrin Yoku: Forest Bathing Explained By Katriina Kilpi”

Remembering Your Soul’s Natural Manifestation Abilities, by Shivangi

Through a quantum dream, Shivangi explores the soul’s natural manifestation abilities. Join her in this thought-provoking article!

A Spiritual Interpretation of the Gospels by Zakary Reif

Zak shares a spiritual interpretation of the gospels, to dispel our preconceived notions about Christianity & help find the spiritual truth.

Tuning Into Divine Love Through Breathwork, By Suzi N

How can you tap into the all pervasive divine love of the universe through simple breathing exercises and meditation? Read this to know more!


Humility: Is Your Ego Stopping Your Spiritual Growth? By Shivangi S

Why is humility important in spiritual growth? And how can you cultivate a humble mindset in your journey? Read this!

Vipassana Meditation : A Candid Review Of What To Expect, By Ankita S

What does the 10-days Vipassana Meditation feel like? Here’s a candid experience of what to expect from this profound spiritual retreat.

Life Is A Video Game – A Powerful Metaphor for Spiritual Growth

What metaphor do you use for spiritual growth? Try thinking about life as a video game. Here’s how Angela & Donald view it.

Reiki: Facts, Myths & Honest Experiences, by Jim Schmidt

What is Reiki? What can it do, and what can’t it do? Here are some facts, myths and candid experiences by Jim – Level 2 Reiki Practitioner.

Oracle Cards: How to Use Them For A Life Transformation, by Anja Ferk

What are oracle cards? How can they help you in your spiritual journey? And what are the steps, tricks & tips to use them effectively? Read to learn more.

Ugly Duckling or Majestic Lion: Who Do You Want To Be? by Favour Scott

How did the famous neurosurgeon Ben Carson make his breakthrough? Why is a lion the king of the jungle? And who do YOU want to be?

How to Recognize a Karmic Connection With Someone, by Aaron

Reincarnation, soul contracts, the law of karma and an introspection on our karmic connection with people in our life. Guest post by Aaron Lin.

Shadow Work : Everything You Need to Know, By Jo Zurita

What is shadow work? What are shadow aspects? What are some tips, steps & examples of effective shadow work practices? And more.

Tea Ceremony : A Gateway To Oneness With The Cosmos, by Sharon

Can the simple act of drinking a cup of tea allow us access to our pure consciousness and divine infinite? What is the spiritual meaning of a tea ceremony?

The Chemistry of Pleasure : Fuel Your Life With Nitric Oxide, by Lisa

What is the chemical proof that pleasure is good for you? What are some subconscious blocks preventing you from experiencing pleasure? And more!

Introduction to Chakra Balancing with Susan

An introduction to chakra balancing, why you need to balance your energy centers and 7 tips on how you can heal your chakras. Guest post by Susan Anderson.

Embracing the Divine Light Within, By Shivangi

After a vivid dream shook Shivangi to her core, she wrote this compelling spiritual reflection on the nature of Divine Light and Self-Awareness.

5 Ways to Increase Self-Love, by Iman

A guest post by a repeat writer for the blog, Iman Walker on five simple strategies to increase self-love. Read this for some new year motivation!

5 Tips to Overcome Anxiety with Present Moment Awareness, by Iman

A meaty post about dealing with anxiety, with a variety of techniques for present moment awareness. Bookmark this for later!

Embracing My Different by Sasha Bulimo

Were you the kid that always moved too much, or had too few friends you could relate to? Sasha’s story will inspire you to embrace your different.

My Turning Point by Hasitha Illa

An inspiring story of how a young girl, Hasitha Illa braved through Friedreich’s Ataxia. All thanks to her Turning Point. Find out what that was!