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As I heal, I notice myself breaking out of patterns that were limiting my creativity. One such pattern I’ve broken, is trying to do what everyone else is doing (ie, social media). It works for them, but it doesn’t for me, and there are two reasons.

1) I realize that writing a “two-liner” motivational post is not my style. I’m all about giant articles and newsletters. And those take time, which I want to enjoy doing, versus feeling like a “chore” because I’m otherwise so busy trying to create smaller content for social media platforms!

2) I want to encourage you to slow down as well, and to reflect on such giant emails and articles, versus pumping endless content and making you hop from topic to topic. There are plenty of amazing social media pages out there, mine doesn’t have to be one of them.

Other than that, here are the key ways I am choosing to show up for you, and at your service.

  • You can ask me spiritual questions and read what I’ve answered for others, on the Quora group called Our Spiritual Shenanigans.
  • For video-based learning, join me in my mystical musings on YouTube.
  • To setup time for one-on-one learning, schedule a free consultation here.
And of course, there’s always new blog posts here. On the 10th, 20th and 30th of every month, at 11:11 AM Pacific Time, you’ll see something new in this latest blog posts section!

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