MSS Tribe

When my journey first began, I had a tough time sharing my spiritual experiences with people around me because they wouldn’t “get it”. Over time, I have been super privileged to have met some of the kindest spiritual seekers around the world, who I collectively like to call the MSS Tribe.

These are the people that have helped spread the light from the blog to different corners of their world, in their own unique ways. They’ve kept me grounded, motivated and have contributed in so many ways behind the scenes.

A huge shoutout to everyone that’s helped in expanding and making My Spiritual Shenanigans ours. Here are some of the key people that have helped make this space bigger.


Creative support + guest writer


Content proofreader


Spreading the word


Toastmasters (South Delhi)


Spreading the word + transcripts


Content proofreader


Content proofreader


Content proofreader + my devil’s advocate

Want to join the tribe? Here’s how you can help.