Tapping Into The Wisdom of the Road – Guided Walking Meditation


Have you ever tried a walking meditation? Where you tune into your environment, all the while being in a meditative state?

Tapping Into the Wisdom of the Road, is a guided, walking meditation that will help you stay in a calm state of mind, as you explore the very same road you always walk on, from a fresh perspective.



Meditation is not just done sitting on a mat, or underneath a tree. It is a state of mind that can be achieved at any instance.

The idea to create this guided walking meditation came to me, after this recent life-changing experience. And once my clients, my Shenanigans Tribe gave me the go-ahead to share this tool with you, I knew it was ready to be at your service.

Some of the Feedback

“I tried this meditation today morning on my stroll in the mountains and it made the quality of the walk so much better. I felt a heightened connection with nature as if I was merging with it. Also, I ended up with streams of tears in my eyes as some pent up emotions surfaced. It was followed by deep relaxation and clarity.
– Vishakha K.

I did try this meditation while walking. I don’t know what to say. I got a little emotional while becoming aware of the path I walk daily. I am not getting into details even though I feel like telling what I experienced. Let everyone try and experience the same. ┬áJust go with the flow without expecting anything.
– Indu S.


  • Please use this audio recording for personal use only.
  • Please only listen to it when it is safe for you. Do NOT listen to this while driving or at any other time, where being distracted could cause harm to you or people around you.
  • To get the most out of this meditation, please do not multitask (other than mindfully walking in a safe space).