Soul Amnesia – Finding Our True Life Purpose


What is the soul? What is the point of all this healing? Why don’t I feel like an infinite, eternal being?
And what is my life’s purpose? Why don’t I remember what I’m here to do?
How will I know when I’ve found my “higher calling”? And do I even have a special mission here?

If you’ve been asking such questions and want a clear roadmap on how to live a purposeful life and be in touch with your soul, this power-packed, 90-min workshop is for you. Join me on a journey full of spiritual revelations, deep metaphysical discussion, and a little bit of 9th-grade physics. It’s time to truly wake up to who you are and remember what you’re here to do.

By purchasing this material, you get access to:
– 3×30-min videos
– Workshop notes & presentation deck
– 2 practical tools to deepen your soul connection + live a purposeful life every day
– Opprtunity to have a gifted 1:1 session with me

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