Spiritual Manifestation with Carleen & Vasundhra


Carleen is a Heart-Centered Life Mentor & Coach who specializes in transforming pain and suffering through heart-centered alignment and spiritual integration. She has been integrating consciousness for 14 years. Together, Carleen and Vasundhra hope you enjoy the recording of their workshop called “Manifesting Meditation” and that you have much to learn from it.



Here’s a high-level overview of the topics we talk about in our workshop, Manifesting Meditation:

  • The difference between the two types of manifestation
  • Manifestation in ancient versus modern times
  • Do we manifest because we desire, or do we desire because there’s a manifestation in the future waiting for us?
  • Are you blocking your own manifestations?
  • Jim Cary’s money manifestation story
  • Balancing your masculine & feminine energy to manifest better
  • A demo of manifesting through your heart’s desire
  • Giving yourself permission to manifest
  • Things to watch out for when you’re manifesting
  • How can you manifest a “6-figure income”?
  • How can you manifest “on time”?
  • 40-day manifestation practice and how to track your manifestations
  • And a lot more!

After signing up, you will also receive bonus self-healing material including:

  • A complimentary 30-minute session with Carleen,
  • How to register for her additional classes (some free, some paid),
  • More insights on the power of manifesting through inner work,
  • And more!

Some of the testimonials of the attendees of this program:

“Thank you so much for this program today. Know that your presence, and Carleen‘s, and the individuals in the group are like a nourishing drink of water to the soul, for me anyway. I will benefit from remembering we all carry hearts in our chests that function separately from the brain.” – Jackie

“Thank you so much Vasundhra & Carleen for the experience today! It was very lovely!”  – Thao

“I thought it was such a different and interesting way to think about manifesting. It felt good to be in the heart space.” – Shanal

“This session brought me the reassurance that I’m going in the right direction as far as not second-guessing my intuition when I get a vision or deeper sense of knowing and with synchronicities.” – Chelsey

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