Building Your Spiritual Tribe – Our Spiritual Shenanigans


Our Spiritual Shenanigans is an initiative to bring like-minded spiritual seekers around the world together, and build a community of trust, sacredness, and awareness.

This group is exclusively created and nurtured to provide extended spiritual support towards the people that show up and do their inner work, in a group setting. So, this is an opportunity for you to go deeper into your journey, build new friendships, and get access to more self-healing tools every month.

This is perfect if you are unable to commit your time or investment towards one-on-one support, but would like to receive the same spiritual education conducted through different group activities.



Sign-up to become a part of the sacred community, called Our Spiritual Shenanigans, and build your spiritual tribe. Through this purchase, you get:

  • 90-minutes laser coaching session with Vasundhra;
  • Editable workbook: 21 Days of Emotional Awareness;
  • Editable workbook: 31 Days of Enlightened Thinking;
  • MP3: Wisdom of the Road – A Guided Walking Meditation;
  • MP3: 60-seconds Energy Reset Tool & Meditation;
  • Workshop: Hypnotherapy Debunked;
  • Life-time access to the community through Facebook;
  • New spiritual prompts, tips, & self-healing tools every month;
  • An opportunity to connect with genuine spiritual seekers from around the world;
  • Invites to exclusive spiritual calls & discussions,
  • A safe space to share your thoughts, ask questions, and simply be yourself.

Once your order is processed, you will get a unique link to schedule your call with Vasundhra, access to both the editable workbooks, and the steps to join the community.


This is not a religious group. Please respect and honor all views shared. If anyone in the group is found being disrespectful or creating spam/promotional content, they will be removed and permanently banned from all future community sessions.