Spiritual Vices : Are You ‘Too’ Spiritual?

Is there such a thing as ‘too spiritual”? Can we really be losing power to our vices? Let’s sit down for some real talk, today!

Our Spiritual practices can become a slippery slope, if we become too involved in, losing focus of the truth we had initially set out to seek. Looking at our spiritual vices, and hoping to inspire you to take a few steps back, today.

DISCLAIMER : It might seem like a tough-love kind of post, and I am sending lots of love and light to everyone that reads this and might be triggered. I have to take this one for the team, and put it out there.

#1 – Astrology & Tarots

There’s always a debate between Free Will and Destiny, and I think that many of us find comfort in reaching out to people that can predict our future, to bring us the hope we don’t have for ourselves. Some of us even have that capability for ourselves.

The fundamental truth is, the future cannot be fully ‘predicted’. There are some elements that are meant to be as a part of our Soul’s learning plan, and then there are others which alter as per the frequency we maintain in life.

person playing with tarrot cards

Therefore, the more conscious you are of your inner self, the more flexible and dynamic your future becomes.

In other words, there is truth in planetary alignments and Tarots, but they can only tell about you, as much as you know about your true inner self.

At every point in time, we have the power to make a different choice. And knowing you have a choice is the biggest power you have, don’t let yourself ‘succumb’ to what a future reading predicts about you. 🙂

#2 – Hypnotherapy

Just as your future cannot be known, neither can your complete past.

There is a powerful story from the Hindu mythology about a revered King, who could see into his past lives. He had many gifts and powers, but at the end he lay on his death bed, on a pile of arrows. And when God Krishna came to him, the King asked why he was going through this tormenting death? For in all of his past 100 lives, he couldn’t spot the reason.

Krishna conveyed, that it was a lifetime even before those 100, which brought this fate to the King.

The truth is, if we were really meant to remember our past, we would.

person opening photo album displaying grayscale photos

There are glimpses that can resurface through dreams and hypnotherapy, which certainly heal many traumas or bring clarity about karma and soul contracts, but it’s vital not to get fixated on manually dotting our history.

We don’t need to know our karma or our traumas to heal them. We are always healing and evolving, whether we are conscious of it or not.

#3 – Angel Numbers, Feathers & Signs

There was a time when I would constantly make note in my email drafts about the signs and synchronicities I saw. I write down nearly 20-30 signs a day, most of them included Angel Numbers.

My first healer, rattled me and called me out.

He said, that while angel numbers, feathers, animal totems or any other Synchronicities are great to gauge the near future, they can leave us handicapped and overly dependent on external validation.

At the end, whether from physical beings or astral ones, if we are seeking validation, we have lost our groundedness, our inner sense of knowing.

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As my healer went on to say, that the most organic way to build our intuitive strength and gain groundedness, is through Meditation. He was right. My true journey only began when I started going within.

While on one hand, I do encourage those that see repeated signs to interpret them and to rest in the comfort of being divinely guided, I also recommend going deeper into Meditation practices, more of which I’ve talked about in Meditation: Everything I Want to Tell You.

#4 – Psychic Senses

I see a lot of hype around the Clair senses. I do believe in them, I am a clairsentient and clairvoyant myself, but as one of my favorite Spiritual teachers, Caroline Myss says, we have to live with all 10 of our senses – 5 physical, 5 clair.

This means, to me, that we can’t put our Clair senses on a pedestal.

I mean, tell me how much you’ll enjoy life, if you lost your sense of taste and could no longer enjoy the food you ate, but you could definitely see in the future through your mind’s eye that you will get more delicious food to eat?!

Jokes apart, it’s vital to not go overboard in activating clair senses, trying to be babas.

man holding gray rod

For some it’s a birth gift, others develop it over years of practice. But those that are chasing these senses and using them for their own benefit, are merely fooling around like kids, in the spiritual space, like my second healer taught me.

#5 – Knowledge versus Wisdom

Of the 4 main paths of yoga, described to attain oneness with ourselves, knowledge or gyana is one of them. But it’s important to use this knowledge to tap into our inner wisdom, not replace it.

person holding string lights on opened book

Our experiences are unique and we ultimately want to be able to write the books we read. Not necessarily literally, but this is to say that the quality of our inner wisdom should be enough to overflow if we were to write about our experiences.

Spending countless hours reading or watching lectures is not enough. We must incorporate the knowledge into daily action.


I think ultimately, we must understand moderation is key, even in spirituality. I have been guilty of most of these vices myself. And I’m sure there are many more. It can take years to come out of these, if we aren’t mindful.

We mustn’t lose sight of where we’re going, by becoming too entangled in how we get there.

Love and Light,

V 🙂


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(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Angel Numbers

What does 1111 mean? Are you seeing repeated numbers on the clock or on license plates? Here’s everything you need to know about Angel Numbers.

Angel Numbers are an interesting phenomenon that have gained popularity over the last couple years. As mystical as they sound, I admit, they really are complicated to understand.

So in attempt to help you understand them better, I’ve written the key lessons that I’ve personally learned over the last couple years of working closely with the Angels and their mysterious musings.

We will start with the basics, to help everyone warm-up, and move into the more complicated theories.

  • Simply speaking, Angel Numbers are seeing repeated numbers such as 1111, 2222, 9999, etc as messages from the Universe.

    You will see them so often, you will feel like you’re losing your mind. But really, it’s just the Angelic realm trying to grab your attention and remind you there’s more to life than this 3-D, human reality you’re so consumed within. Your Spiritual journey has officially begun!
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  • The most common places to start noticing the numbers will be on the clock (for many people it begins with 11:11), license plates while on the road, and even digitally like social media ‘likes’ suddenly aligning.
  • You will see the numbers the most, when you are ‘wondering’ and stuck on a thought which requires clarity.

    It’s as if you have opened some kind of communication line with the Spiritual Realm and your advice is pouring in, even if you just ASK in your head. Many atimes, you will actually see the number within a few seconds of that thought crossing your mind. Even if you can’t understand what the number meant, you will feel reassurance, that your problem has Divine Intervention.
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  • There’s no point using someone else’s interpretation to really understand a number’s meaning in YOUR life.

    If you search online, you will realise that multiple numbers begin to mean the same thing – you will be wealthy, your love life is going to be successful, blah-blah. STOP!
  • Angel Numbers should also not need to mean a paragraph-long message. Keep Is Simple, Silly!

    Associate very simple, meaningful messages that are sufficient for the moment you need them, and deep enough to stay with you until the next time.
  • How to establish your own relationship with the AN’s? Associate them to something personal to you.

    Here are some of the examples I love to share with people.
    * 32 – Reminds me of teeth. So – SMILE!
    * 64 – Reminds me of a chessboard. So – PLAN YOUR NEXT MOVE!
    * 99 – Reminds me of the finish-line, of one less than 100. So – KEEP GOING, YOU’RE ALMOST THERE.
Smiley, Emoticon, Anger, Angry, Anxiety
  • Angel Numbers can remind you of other people, places and dates.

    * Your own date of birth – a reminder to focus on your Life Purpose.
    * Birth date of a loved one – a reminder to get in touch, or Pray for them.
    * Country code of a place – perhaps you must visit that place, or something significant related to that place will happen.
    * Other important dates – maybe an event you need to get closure on, or the premonition of a similar situation re-arising.
  • Speaking of premonitions, Angel Numbers can often act as an insight towards the energies and potentials that lie ahead in your life.

    However, sometimes, it will seem like what was assured to you didn’t manifest. In other words – the Angel Numbers and the premonitions are not written on fine stone. Use them as guidelines, with the knowing that the signs don’t lie, and at the same time respect the possibility that your life events can still be dynamic.
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  • Not every number is an Angel Number.

    Sadly, as soon as we learn about AN’s, we start going crazy and trying to find meaning in every number. The best rule of thumb that I recommend, is before you take a number as a serious message, to let a number appear thrice, in a very short span (within the same day).
  • Don’t let the numbers become your handicap.

    At the end, Angel Numbers too are a form of external validation. Once you’re able to tune into your energy and inner knowing, you will become more intuitive and develop a deeper relationship. Use the numbers as a guide, not your clutch. Know the Angels are working with you, for you, but you have to continue doing your Inner Work too.
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  • Angel Numbers are just the starting point to your journey into Spirituality.

    Adding to the last point, Angel Numbers are a precious way with which the Universe gets your attention, but you cannot stop there. Once you have become curious and start placing your faith in the possibility of receiving guidance from ‘the beyond’, many horizons will open for you.

As often as we’d like to improve communication and understand what’s being conveyed to us, Angel Numbers do have their limitations and there’s no point frustrating yourself over it. The universe will find the means to deliver the message because it knows you’re listening, Angel Numbers are just one of many resources.

Allow yourself to fill with gratitude in knowing that you’re being Divinely Guided and that the Universe has your back. Always. 🙂


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Universe 101: Ten Fundamental ‘Divine Laws’

Free will, Karma, Religion and many other spiritual concepts are understandable with the Universe’s Divine Laws. Check them out!

To build a strong spiritual foundation, it’s important to wake up to the laws that govern our Universe, and then keep our own thoughts and actions with them in mind. Afterall, you’re more peaceful working with the universe, than against it.

Unlike societal laws, these Divine Laws are never broken. Even if you don’t believe in them, they still apply to you, and to every other form of energy, from a single atom to a giant blue whale. I would consider these the 10 Fundamentals of the Universe, the starter pack to Spirituality, the things that we’ve known all along at a soul-level but have forgotten due to the Amnesia of Human Life.

NOTE: Read with an open mind. These can be quite appalling to what we’ve been taught.

#1 – Free Will

Everyone has the right to decide how they react at every instance in life. That means, among other examples, you can NOT use the law of attraction to attract a specific person into your love life. Hate to break it to you – but you have to stop blaming the Universe, and start respecting personal choices.

God does not micromanage, and we are not puppets. Which is also why God doesn’t “stop” wars or terrorism, or child trafficking – WE as a race, as a collective have allowed and brought this upon ourselves, and are thus accountable for it. It’s time we learn to take ownership of our actions.

#2 – Karma is not always the bad guy.

Karma is simply restoring balance for all So any good that’s in your life, is also karma. Your well-being, your finances, relationships, friends that share good food and music, all are a reward of the good karma. So stop being scared of it because you will always get what you deserve, the good and the bad, both.

Read More : 7 Ways to Master Your Karma

When you know you’re always being watched, you feel a growing responsibility to take better actions. As Maya Angelou says in this empowering video, just do right!


#3 – The Law of Divine Compensation

You’re not wrong to expect something in return for what you do for others. You’d wonder why despite all the good you do to someone, it doesn’t come back from them, and then you’ll hate God some more. Where’d all the good Karma go now, eh?

Remember Free Will?

Well, that person is executing their free will in treating you with less love. That’s not your fault. The Universe however, will always compensate by bringing that love to you through a different means.

Let go – you will quickly notice someone much more loving come in his or her place. This isn’t just about romantic relations, it’s true for everything – you will find someone else playing the role of a better sister, brother, best friend, mother, father if you can stop being stuck on the one who’s failing to.

By holding onto toxic and less-than-deserving relations, you’re the one holding back from the Universe reaching out to you and delivering what you so desire (and deserve). This is what Marianne Williamson calls the Law of Divine Compensation.

#4 – Going to churches, temples or mosques does NOT matter.

Praying in silence, with an honest heart does. 


God isn’t sitting in a temple, the Divine is everywhere and in everything, always listening to you.

Read more : God Fearing or God Loving?

Let me explain with a funny story.

A pastor and a taxi driver both died and went to heaven. St. Peter was at the Pearly gates waiting for them.’Come with me’, said St. Peter to the taxi driver.The taxi driver did as he was told and followed St. Peter to a mansion. It had anything you could imagine from a bowling alley to an olympic size pool.’Wow, thank you’, said the taxi driver.
Next, St. Peter led the pastor to a rugged old shack with a bunk bed and a little old television set.’Wait, I think you are a little mixed up’, said the pastor. ‘Shouldn’t I be the one who gets the mansion? After all I was a pastor, went to church every day, and preached God’s word.”Yes, that’s true. But during your sermons people slept. When the taxi driver drove, everyone prayed.’Source : Jokes Christians Unite

#5 – There is only ‘one-God’, an Ultimate Creator.

Krishna, Buddha, Allah, Shiva or Christ are not Gods, in the sense that we’ve made them to be.

They too are souls, just like us. They are however, Enlightened souls that became messengers of the Universe, spreading the message of Love and Peace, in dire times when the world was losing sight of its direction.


Respecting such Enlightened souls is great, following scriptures that talk of their Divine Messages is fine too, and through prayer you are simply seeking their support in your life – but no ‘God’ is better than the other.

Everyone is simply following their own Spiritual path, and invoking any ‘God’ is simply tapping into their unique strengths. We are all a part of the Universe, and thus there is only One of us actually here. The Ultimate Creator, and we are Him/Her existing.

If you’re really willing to open your mind, start praying to ALL of them. Having an entire team working with you increases your chances exponentially of gliding smoothly through life. Which brings me to the next point.

#6 – Don’t be ashamed to ask for help.

No one is keeping score up there, for how well you managed doing it all by your glorious self. The only thing being tracked, is how fast you’re Ascending and how humbly. There’s no need to struggle unnecessarily, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. There are no brownie points for suffering more. That’s all there’s to it folks. Pray all you want – nobody’s judging you!

#7 – You are capable of becoming just as Enlightened and powerful as the God you worship.

You actually eventually will be, FYI. That’s the whole purpose of this journey. I can’t make as convincing a case in a few hundreds words, as a book could. So if you’re looking for a mind-blowing, compelling argument, Conversations with God is the book that will challenge your belief system about this.


#8 – Something that’s meant to happen to you, will Something that’s not meant to happen to you, will not happen.

A major responsibility in life is to respond to such events with acceptance, faith and grace. You need to understand the underlying lesson and approach it with learning, instead of anger. By this I mean, if you’re not meant to die – you will survive that accident even if everyone else does not.

If you’re not meant to reach somewhere, you will notice indefinite hardships which eventually stop you from getting there. These are extreme but important examples, because some events in our destiny are planned for us, to challenge our learning. Instead of denying or getting furious, it is better to quickly move into learning the lesson and growing your spiritual strength!

It is also important to stop living out of fear just because you’re scared something will happen to you.

#9 – There are infinite possibilities and options for you to tap on, you always have a choice – stop placing limits on your life.

There are people who come to work everyday and crib about how awful it is. What are you doing about it?

The same goes for relationships – you give excuses in the name of ‘no choice’ to stay in unhealthy relations. And then, you mourn how poorly you’re being treated. It is true for everything in life. Anything you can crib about, is capable of being swapped for something better. It’s available, but the question is – how bad do you want it?


The Universe does not want you to be unhappy. You’re the one too scared to explore, too afraid to step outside your comfort zone. And so you see, you’re the one that’s settling for less than the best. The Universe always has your back. You’re the one that needs to make a choice to want more. Once you do, it’ll come in a magnificent scale, something you won’t be able to even believe!

#10 – Synchronicities are milestones to cheer you on your path, there are no such thing as coincidences.

Have you ever experienced this, where you kept seeing, hearing and reading something from various sources? Where psychology will dial it down and call it Confirmation Bias, the Universe does not believe in coincidences.

Pay attention when the Universe speaks to you. If you’re looking for signs – stop ignoring them when they do happen for you! Angel Numbers, feathers, dreams and intuitive hits often become a huge part of these synchronicities we see.

Read More : Everything You Need to Know About Angel Numbers

Note: I’m not talking about social media websites drawing in ads of things you browse. That’s not the Universe, that’s just a lot of creepy AI.

All that being said, if you asked me where you should start from, I’d say start from here. Allow yourself to put these laws to test for you. Let the Universe work with you, with your consciousness focused on the way it works. You won’t be disappointed.


Once a month, I send a Self-Love and Spiritual newsletter containing highlights from the month.

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