5 Spiritual Books with Scientific Backing

If spirituality isn’t a hoax, where’s the proof? I hear you. And I want you to give such questions a true chance to be answered.

“If spirituality isn’t a hoax, where’s the proof?”

“Where is this heaven you all keep talking about?”

“Karma? Prove it!”

I hear you. And I want you to give these questions a true chance to be answered.

So here are 5 books with compelling insights into spirituality. Don’t believe me? Read them for yourself.

#1 – Return to Life, by Dr. Jim B. Tucker

Over fifteen years of research was put into this book. Hopping from one country to another, Dr Jim B Ticker alongside Dr Ian Stevenson, scientifically investigated the ‘strange’ phenomenon that children still have memories of their past lives.

Funds were raised, documentaries were made; this book felt no less than a thriller! There are stunning evidences, such as famous people being reborn, humans being ‘possessed’, animals being reborn as humans, psychic powers, near death experiences, and much more.

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#2 – Many Lives, Many Masters, by Dr. Brian Weiss

First published in 1988, this book on Past Life Regression still hasn’t been ‘debunked’. Infact, many organisations have went ahead to set up their own practices and teach regression to the masses. Dr Brian himself continues to conduct past life regression on countless audiences and leave everyone stunned.

What starts off as a case of clinical psychology takes a fun twist of fate, not just because Dr Brian’s patient, Catherine is supposedly seeing her past lives, but also because the Masters from the ‘beyond’ start talking through the Catherine to Dr Brian, providing shocking evidence of the proof of their existence.

There is a lot more to take away in terms of healing and embracing our life in a new way, and it was this book that inspired me to get my own past life regression done. More on that, another time!

Also, there are several books to follow his works, but this is his first and perhaps the most unconventional.

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#3 – Proof of Heaven, by Dr. Eben Alexander

While other books talk about others’ experiences, this is actually the account of a doctor who had a Near Death Experience. And not on some casual level – the doctor’s illness had led him to his deathbed and his treatment was failing him. Other doctors had given up.

We’re all looking for a true ‘miracle’ and in today’s age and date, this might be the miracle that changes your worldview for good. How is this scientifically backed? Because the healing that he underwent and his recovery has no explanation in medical science, till this date.

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#4 – Journey of Souls, by Dr. Michael Newton

Another psychiatrist set out to explore what happens between lives, or “after-death”.

This is a complimentary yet distinct study from Dr Brian’s works. You will find heavy introspection (at times, intimidating) for profound questions like – what happens after we die? What happens before we’re born? Why we have challenging lives and how we actually opt for them, how soulmates find their way back to each other, what ‘heaven’ looks like, the truth about spirit guides, etc.

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#5 – Power of Your Subconscious Mind, by Dr. Joseph Murphy

It is one thing to say we are in control of our destiny, but it is another to prove it. Decades of case studies and a life-changing explanation are provided on how you too, can manifest the kind of life you want regardless of the extent of your current problems.

I have read many books of Law of Attraction and manifestation, but this was the only one which brought results. The techniques are thorough and require not much investment, other than a couple minutes before bedtime.

Another unique thing about this book is, it approaches the Subconscious Mind through psychology, but if you are observant enough, you will notice the subtlety with which Dr. Murphy integrates spirituality into his practice.

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This list is not limited to these publications only, ofcourse. There are countless research papers, and other great books going deeper into this thing called ‘Spirituality’. This is just the beginning.

Even if you aren’t completely convinced, it is my truest belief that you will be stirred and given something new to think about.

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