Spiritual Awakening : Don’t Let These 7 Experiences Disappoint You

Special 11/11 post at 11:11 PM! Discussing the ebbs and flows of the spiritual awakening, and some tips on overcoming these moments.

A 11/11 special post, at 11:11!

As much as I am excited to be on this path, there have definitely been some odd and unnerving experiences along the way which took some patience and perspective to overcome. These make me nostalgic and grateful to see how far I’ve come though, so no grudges! 🙂

Sharing a few of such moments, and hopefully in better light, so that you feel motivated to keep going.

#1 – You will not be regular with your practices.

If you’re like me, you might actually jump between one form of healing to another and feel short-lived joy. Here’s what I was like in the first two years.

  • Balanced chakras a few times and felt like a saint, until I clearly wasn’t;
  • Learned Reiki and completely quit after 3-4 days of practice;
  • Practiced hypnotherapy for a few sessions and felt healed (that bubble did pop quite a number of times);
  • Meditated sporadically and kept getting agitated at home and office;

My takeaway : It’s okay to be inconsistent or to keep exploring. Spirituality cannot and should not be FORCED. Treat this as your “no-strings-attached” period with spirituality where you’re not completely committed for some time. Eventually, you will automatically incline towards some practices more than others. Until then, keep going!

Checklist, Check, Think About

#2 – The duality will seem more obvious and unsettling than ever.

This may mean a few things, all which can be really scary to feel, such as,

  • you no longer like your job;
  • you no longer enjoy the things you used to (drastic change of habits, possibly making you an introvert if you weren’t one already);
  • you no longer enjoy being around certain people;
  • you may start resenting material pleasures;
  • you might look down on people that aren’t living as Consciously (which takes me to the next point);

My takeaway: I experienced ALL of these, and almost all at once. It was scary and I felt isolated. But gradually, I started enjoying my own company. So much, that I stopped going to parties or hanging out around people that I didn’t really vibe with. In other words – you will be able to transmute this into your strength, once you realize that YOU are still with yourself, and that’s really all that matters!

Girl, Feelings, Solitude, Unrest, Detail

#3 – You may experience arrogance, that you’re better than the people who are not Spiritual.

On the contrary, you may feel arrogant infront of other spiritual people too, and cut them off when they’re sharing something.

You might roll your eyes and think, you already know that, why are they wasting time repeating things to you!

My takeaway: Life has its own ways of humbling and grounding us. To save the embarrassment, I’d encourage you to focus on holding more compassion in your heart, so that you are able to accept people as they are. Work on keeping your heart open. And also on holding space for repeated advice – usually its the things we are so confident about are the ones that require most attention and sorting through.

#4 – You may feel overdosed.

When I had first started reading spiritual books and trying all sorts of Spiritual practices, I would swing like a pendulum. A few days or weeks, I’d devote to all things Spiritual.

And then, I’d ‘compensate’ because I was feeling overwhelmed by my experiences.

Upset, Overwhelmed, Stress, Tired

My takeaway : Though you will gradually establish a natural and less awkward rhythm in life, if you’re feeling this way, and want to do something about it, here are some suggestions. Try to balance yourself a little in both aspects of your life, by practising grounding and balancing your chakras. It also helps to meditate on crystals that balance our energy.

#5 – You may actually lose a lot of relations, or they may become somewhat irrelevant.

This is natural. You’re experiencing a growth spurt and the only thing that’s constant right now, is the growth itself!

As with all things, you will find new relations form where people vibe at your frequency and understand the experiences you’re having!

Men, Women, Apparel, Couple, People

My takeaway : It may be this way for quite some time, don’t let it get to you. Place your anchor within yourself, and your faith in the universe.

#6 – You may not behave spiritually at ALL!

I can’t even count how many times I’ve exploded in rage when cars on the streets cut my lane or honked incessantly at me the second the signal turned green. Even worse, I’ve over-reacted at home, and at work, for situations that now obviously seem petty. For a long time, it hardly seemed like spirituality was changing my behaviour.

Fist, Strength, Anger, Tear, Breeze

At times, it feels like being Spiritual is a curse more than a blessing because now we REALISE how many mistakes we make and we are desperate to really correct ourselves.

But being so deeply rooted in our past habits and patterns, it can take a really long time before we start acting like the way we think we should be acting, now that we’re Conscious.

My takeaway : As the saying often goes around, give time, time. Let yourself gently come out of years of behaviours and patterns. I assure you that in due course of time, you will be able to match your mind and actions.

#7 – You may start preaching and oversharing.

Because we think we know better (#3), we start preaching and nitpicking at people. We want them to behave in certain ways and we might scoff at them for not being conscious about the things that we have. We might think we’re being helpful, but it can seem more like mothering or teacher-ing, to those at the receiving end.

Lecture, Conference, Mission, Planning

My takeaway : Eventually, you’ll learn how to experience your truth without trying to impose opinion or recommendations on other people unless asked for. This infact has been my latest lesson, several years into the journey. Stop giving unsolicited advice. I still fumble with this one, but I’m getting there!

So you see, the journey is quite a ride. But the thing that always makes it promising is the benefits. You will start feeling balance in many forms, and it’ll all fall into place much faster than things do for people that aren’t consciously living out their lives.

So, hang in there. Not only does it get better, YOU get better too! 🙂


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My Turning Point by Hasitha Illa

An inspiring story of how a young girl braved through Friedreich’s Ataxia, all thanks to her Turning Point.

As a child, I was the cutest, most bubbliest kid there was. Wherever I went, I would have many admirers. My mom never lost the opportunity to take a photo of me. I even got a marriage proposal from a foreigner at that young age!

I would join any conversation, even if it was just for a laugh and I’d be surrounded by smiles. My characteristics had fulfilled the meaning of my name, Hasitha (smile).

Girl, Balloons, Child, Happy, Out

As I got older, I noticed the changes.

One day I abruptly started limping, which left my parents worried.

I started dropping plates due to my imbalance. My childhood, which was supposed to be filled with parks and games, was packed with hospital visits. I loved football but I ended up discontinuing playtime because of my physical transformation. 

I was diagnosed with a rare and progressive disease called Friedreich’s Ataxia, which currently has no cure. 

I was heartbroken.

When people started bullying me for the way I moved, and treated me differently, I became self-conscious. Although there were people like my parents who gave me constant support, I found myself focusing more and more on the negatives. This did no good to me, except dragging me further into depression.

The violin was an instrument which I learned to play passionately from the third grade, but somewhere down the road left angrily because I did not believe in myself.

Violin, Music, Musical, Instrument

I would isolate myself during the day and cry myself to sleep at night. I would distract my thoughts by concentrating on studying, but when I was free, I was not okay.

The ‘Hasi’ in Hasitha was becoming absent.

Everyone waits for their birthday, but I would not because with each passing year, my disease was progressing along with it. I started to walk with the support of others. Then, there came a point in my life where I needed the wheelchair.

I disliked the sudden attention it gave me, and the way people stared made me uncomfortable. I hated taking photos in it so, I was always ready to take that extra sweat to avoid it.

The thought of me being in a wheelchair crushed me.

It was during that time when Heartfulness came into my life, like a breath of fresh air. Initially, I was sceptical to join this system, but in the end, I went ahead for the sake of making my mother happy.

Yoga, Outdoor, Woman, Pose, Young

I received my introductory sittings which prepared me for meditation. Within a span of six months, I could feel a spiritual shift inside. I felt the presence of a divine energy that stayed with me like a guardian angel.

I slowly started to accept who I truly was and cherish the positives in life.

My Heartfulness practices gave me the courage to participate in the Miss Wheelchair India pageant, where people proudly showcase their abilities.

By the time I started my graduation program in B.Tech, I had become wheelchair-bound. However, this did not stop me from doing anything. In fact, I was ready to tackle new hurdles.

I joined my college’s hostel in Pune and successfully completed my project in CCMB, Hyderabad. I had the opportunity to give an inspiring speech, with the renowned Indian singer, Shankar Mahadevan. You can watch the video below!

My hidden interests continued to unravel.

I also suddenly gained interest in writing, which opened new doors for me. I now write a blog talking about my struggles with a mission to inspire many.

All of this makes me so happy! And joining the Heartfulness meditation made it happen.

The Heartfulness Way was my Turning Point.

I want to share all this with you, because I have learned that all of us have some or another difficulty in life. But, that should not bring us down. Infact, we should take that as a challenge to be won. Because in the end, how we actually win over the hurdles, is what makes us who we are. 

I hope you too, will find your turning point, and win life. 🙂

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Hasitha Illa recently finished her B.Tech. in Medical Biotechnology.

She enjoys science and is preparing to pursue her Ph.D. in Genetics. Apart from that, she loves to use her writing skills as a tool to inspire others.

Read more of her work on her blog, Turning Point and Instagram page.

5 Easy Things To Do, to Start Feeling Happier Every Day

Why we feel lazy and lack energy, and tricks to feel happier every single day!

I have experienced mood swings since the longest time, and I realise that a lot of us do. The worst is, we don’t know what overcame us! We succumb to these swings and by the end of the day, we feel drained, unhappy and just want to laze around in bed, like a panda.

Panda, Character, Chinese, Noodle

Often times, we are not really lazy. We are just very unaware of where and how our energy has been haemorrhaging from the day. It can be anything from internal stress to external factors like toxic communication or unforeseen circumstances.

Thankfully, this is the year I’ve actually been a lot less lazy, and a lot less in my emotions. Did I do something? Yes! Plenty. But none of it is too ‘tough’. It just requires experiencing for yourself, and being consistent to a degree.

Anyhoo, all the recommendations today are relatively new additions to my daily routine. They work for me, even though I don’t understand too much about how or why, so give them a go and see for yourself!

#1 – Balance Your Chakras

To be honest, I don’t know too much about this, other than the fact that Chakras are energy centres in our body which when unbalanced, can make us behave in unbalanced ways.

For example, not being able to feel compassion is a sign of a blocked Heart Chakra. And not being able to speak up (or speaking too much) are signs of an imbalanced Throat Chakra.

However, what I do know is that this quick, 10-minute Guided Meditation on Chakra Balancing continues to help me start my day on a more relaxed note.

NOTE : Even if you don’t see (in your mind’s eye) any colours as the meditation suggests, don’t worry. The key to a good meditation session is that you feel relaxed afterwards. As long as that’s what happening with you post-balancing your chakras, that’s good enough.

#2 – Work with Crystals

I was apprehensive for a couple years, until I saw a giant crystal as a decoration piece at someone’s house. My first thought – that looks really beautiful! And thus, I was hooked.

Again, no expert here, but I do find that Quartz (clear, rose) and Amethyst crystals make me feel a lot better. Black Tourmaline is also a crystal that I work with, to ground and protect my energy. But as they say, you should go for the crystal that you’re most attracted to.

Crystal, Amethyst, Purple, Mineral, Gem

Personally, I just sit with my crystals during the fore-mentioned Chakra Balancing Meditation, and sometimes I carry a few in my purse when I’m out in public. This keeps my energies protected and balanced. If you’re like me and don’t like being around buzzing markets, crystals help!

One good tip on working with crystals, is to ask permission from each crystal before working with them, because they do have a pure consciousness. And to say a heartfelt thank you, once you’re done!

#3 – Establish Holistic Self-care Practices

Whatever you like to do out of self-love, just keep three perspectives in mind for a holistic experience – Mind, Body & Spirit. This trinity is the real make or break of a balanced life. Here’s what I do, incase you need inspiration.

  • For my mind, I try to read everyday or atleast do something stimulating like craft work, a different kind of recipe, or anything that takes me off auto-pilot for atleast 30 minutes.
  • For my body, yoga and jogging does wonders. Sometimes we have too much energy and it can frustrate us or make us restless. It then gets wasted in the wrong way.

This also cues the opportunity to shamelessly plug in my other popular blog post about my self-care practices, called 7 Daily Habits that Bring Results Immediately.

#4 – Clear Your Energy

Though I had been Meditating for years, I wasn’t always feeling my best (as we’ve already established). Then, when I joined the Heartfulness program, they explained why cleaning our energy is also important.

They used a great analogy, saying that imagine yourself to be a glass of water. Due to the events and problems, we can become muddy water.

Meditation helps still this muddy water. Once the mud settles down, it’s important to clean it out as well. And that makes complete sense! No wonder we can feel better after meditation but not necessarily stay in that state of bliss soon after. We haven’t cleared up the mud.

But, how? They introduced a very simple technique (shared in the next paragraph). In short, it’s about using our intention single-pointedly during visualisation, to release the heaviness within us from our body.

I do also think that their whole 3-step process of meditation, cleaning and prayer work great together as a complete healing experience, and you should try that, instead of just the cleaning! Here are the 3 steps :

  1. Meditation
  2. Cleaning
  3. Prayer (non religious, FYI)

#5 – Invest Your Time in a Journal

I find journaling to be a fool-proof way to express yourself without getting judged. It is also the space where many new thoughts and inspirations come from; from where many solutions arise.

I do have a dedicated post on the different kinds of journaling I like to practice. But for this post, I want to keep it short and sweet, by saying that you can write as little as 5 sentences about how GOOD your day was (gratitude writing), or write 3-pages of emotional venting (Morning Pages).

Still, Items, Things, Notebook, Journal

They all work wonders, if only you can love yourself enough to sit down for this heart-to-heart with yourself!

These are just some of the things that make a lot of difference, lately. How many of these do you already do? 🙂


Once a month, I send a Self-Love and Spiritual newsletter containing highlights from the month.

I also include exclusive content such as e-books, guided meditations and numerous other resources – all of which you get access to as soon as you sign up!

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