Telepathy : Is Mind-Reading Real?

Is telepathy a coincidence or real? How does mind-reading work? Can we choose our thoughts? And more.

The corniest example of ‘telepathy’ can be seen in couples that seem to know what the other is thinking, even before something is said.

Some other hopefully relatable examples of telepathy, that happened to me over the last couple of days are :

  • Wanting to eat a specific food, and my mom preparing it for dinner, without me mentioning it to her!
  • Walking with a friend, and thinking about ending the walk, only to find them saying so too.
  • On a long drive, thinking about halting for a pee-break, and another friend immediately saying the same thing aloud.
  • Thinking about drinking water and my roommate handing my a water bottle in the very next moment.

It makes you wonder – did we get lucky in the moment, or is something deeper happening which we can’t explain because we don’t understand?

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Is Telepathy a Coincidence or Real?

Let’s take a step back and talk about the origin of our thoughts.

Have you ever noticed where your thought originated from? Sometimes, we latch onto a thought and begin creating more thoughts generated from this original thought.

For example, one day, you might wonder what you will have for dinner, and then immediately remember you haven’t met your friend in a while, so you should plan dinner together sometime.

So then, you wonder why your friend hasn’t talked to you in a while.

And then, you create your own conclusions about how they’ve ‘changed’ or that they’re probably mad at you. BAM!

Broken dinner plans for tonight.

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Now you’re in a bad mood, perhaps even experiencing a trigger of abandonment issues. You may continue to think more disappointing thoughts now.

It’s an endless cycle, you see? And in this case – a downward spiral.

As Buddha says, we are not our thoughts. Thoughts come and go. So what is happening?

Based on the frequency that we are functioning on at a given point of time, a Thought Bubble (as Eckhart Tolle calls them) will be interpreted accordingly. So if you’re already in a bad mood, no matter what thought bubble you catch, your inner filter will make you feel worse.

What is the relation between Thought Bubbles with Telepathy?

When two people spend time together, and are getting along well – their frequency is beginning to align. Therefore, for the different thought bubbles, sometimes, two people may catch the same one at the same time, and look at it in the same way.

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Which leads me to the next question.

Can You Choose Your Thoughts?

While in meditation you are asked to observe your thoughts, it is difficult to continue observation throughout the day when you’re more actively involved in activities.

What you can do, however, is to stay conscious of the frequency you are in.

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Don’t monitor your thoughts, instead, monitor your response to your thoughts. Your body language, your mood, your inner turmoil should be very obvious indicators of the frequency you are operating in.

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That’s how people that practice gratitude are more likely to find something good in everything.

Closing Thoughts (pun intended)

An original thought is neutral. Your inner filter is what makes it positive or negative. Therefore, you should and can be in absolute control of your thoughts, by being mindful of the filter that processes them.

And now we know, there’s nothing woo-woo when two people share the same thought bubbles. Telepathy is infact a beautiful form of the Universe’s synchroncities.

Be grateful for these little winks from the cosmos, telling you, you are in alignment with existence. 🙂


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Soul Plan Reading with Annalisa

I got a Soul Plan Reading done, and here’s everything you need to know before you get yours!

I became intrigued with the term, Soul Plan, as soon as my friend and healer, Anna mentioned it. She was kind enough to prepare my Soul Plan Reading shortly after our conversation. And, it turned out to be quite impressive!

During the reading, Annalisa revealed things about my personal traits and behaviors that she couldn’t have known, because I myself hadn’t seen so many of them that way, consciously. The accuracy was uncanny. This girl knows her stuff, mhmm!

I was so impressed, I asked her if she’d let me share this with my audience, to help spread awareness about this empowering spiritual method.

Here’s everything you’d want to know, to get a reading done for yourself. First, I want Annalisa to explain what this reading is about.

WHAT is a Soul Plan Reading?

Soul Plan Reading is a practical and energetic way of finding out the purpose of our (soul) life in this reincarnation.

This is a great method for anyone that feels stuck in life, is experiencing challenges that they don’t know how to overcome, or in general want to discover their soul purpose.

NOTE : All information that is retrieved and discussed about the inidividual’s soul plan is kept highly confidential at all times.

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What is the origin/source of this reading?

In 1950’s Frank Alper channeled this method through the soul of Moses. This is a numerology system. It takes in the 22 characters of the Hebrew alphabet and draws in elements of the Kabbalah, Tarots and Astrology, using the 5 pointed star called “the Star of David”.

What can you expect from getting your Soul Plan read?

There are a couple of steps, and to summarize,

  • First, this very accurate method will give a reading through our birth name as it appears on the birth certificate. The reading reveals our spiritual and worldly challenges, talents and goals together with our soul destiny.
    Note: Nicknames, changes of names will also be taken into the reading as part of an inlay reading. This adds deeper insights and information on the client soul path.
  • Second, it will also provide healing affirmations and a soul message.
  • Third, the end of the reading is called Grace Clearing. This step ensures any energetic blockage gets cleared to fulfill the purpose of our soul with ease and courage.

It’s worth noting, that the soul plan practitioner also channels insights and intuitions on what the individual needs to work on. Also, it can be revealed if there is resistance on certain challenges or some talents haven’t been developed yet.

The soul plan practitioner also channels insights and intuitions on what the individual needs to work on.

By having a reading, the client will benefit consciously or unconsciously of great changes on an energetic level. On a more practical level, it explains about personality traits, career opportunities and ultimately how to fulfill the soul purpose.

Preparing for the Soul Plan Reading

Now, talking about my personal experience.

Once you share your name with the soul plan practitioner, the Soul Plan takes a couple of days to prepare. Then, it is discussed over phone, video call or in person if you’re geographically close to the reader. There’s nothing else we need to do other than that!

The duration of the phone call was exactly 1 hour, 12 minutes and 12 seconds long (synchronicity, yay) for me! But this can be shorter, depending on the conversation.

The Soul Plan Reading takes a couple of days to prepare, after which it is discussed over phone, video call or in person.

I’m quite inquisitive, so hats off to Anna for dealing with me so patiently!

The Actual Experience

About 10 minutes into the session, I knew this reading was Divine Intervention. I started getting answers to personal questions I had been stuck with for a long time.

I found all sorts answers, ranging from my own health, to relationships, life purpose and connection to the Universe.

  • One fun personal instance, was the insight that my left nostril is likely to get blocked if I resist my reality.

    This may sound ridiculous but this is BANG ON. More than half the time, I only breathe properly through one nostril, my right one. I couldn’t stop laughing from amazement and amusement when she told me this.
  • Not just that, another insight that stunned me was that the energy of my numbers indicated my laziness. It was a life challenge to be overcome, by becoming more physically active. Anyone that knows me can validate how much I excel for mental tasks but struggle with getting off my arse.
    Strike two for me!
Lazy, Son, Student, Home, Mother, Woman
  • Third and most importantly, Anna confidently explained that I can take up roles in leadership, vocal trainings and workshops, writing or business, and they’d ALL do me really well.

    As someone who totally sucked at YouTube several years ago, and previously only revealed this to my husband about wanting to do a TED talk one day, I had goosebumps. The reading brought me faith, and gave me butterflies!

Clearly, the insights were being sourced from something much higher and beyond either one of us.

Final Thoughts

The Soul Plan Reading was an inspiring revelation that gave me the final push to step up as a Spiritual Writer, and start giving my ALL to the My Spiritual Shenanigans blog.

The Soul Plan Reading was an inspiring revelation that gave me the final push to step up as a Spiritual Writer, and start giving my ALL to the My Spiritual Shenanigans blog.

It provided an increased sense of awareness for many things I hadn’t observed in myself before, and to see many of my own shortcomings as actual soul challenges that I was meant to overcome all along.

The affirmations discussed at the end of the reading were also shared with me over email, along with a channeled message from Source, and I still get goosebumps reading them.

Most importantly, this reading was a gentle reminder that everything is ultimately a part of our Soul Contract.

I might sound biased because Annalisa is also my friend, but the truth is, she doesn’t know me at a level where she could have come up with this reading on her own. So to me, this was as authentic and insightful as it gets.

If you’re interested to book your own reading, and want to work with Anna, drop her a query at her blog, The Reiki Sense.

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Does Your Zodiac Sign Influence You?

Are you ready to give yourself the permission to undo your zodiac personality traits, be more than what your natal chart says? Read on.

Most of us have an inclination to learn more about our personality types. And, the zodiac signs seem to be fairly accurate for most of us.

These zodiac personality traits tell us about our tendency to behave in certain ways in day-to-day situations, based on our date of birth.

But the path of healing and self-awareness raises a simple question that pushes me to continue evolving.

Now that I have become aware of a limitation about myself, how can I make it into my strength?

Using the personality traits of a Virgo women as described in Speaking Tree, here’s how I un-zodiac-ed myself and allowed myself to be more than a Virgo woman.

And hopefully, I can inspire you to expand your personality more too!

#1 – Unsolicited Advice

“She always believes that she knows what is best for those around her and therefore throws caring advice whether accepted or not.”

The biggest lesson in 2019 was that I CANNOT change anyone else, except myself. I can only hope that when I tell people how I feel, they will be considerate enough to behave differently.

unsolicited advice, personality trait, virgo, human nature, interfere

How did I stop giving unsolicited advice? With three small steps.

  • First, is to pause and ask someone clearly, if they are looking for my advice on their issue, or just need me to listen.
  • Second, when someone is merely venting, I simply bite down my tongue, reminding myself to only share opinions when asked.
  • Third, if it’s something that I need to initiate, such as telling someone I didn’t like their behaviour, I ask myself – why does this impact me? Many times, being able to reflect within makes me more aware of my needs. And if at all a confrontation is required, it is not from an emotionally all-over-the-place way, rather a healthy, boundary-setting one.

#2 – Perfectionism

“Virgo born women are obsessed with a sense of cleanliness in anything and everything.”

Living with a messy (yet very joyful) spouse taught me one thing – organised doesn’t always equal happy. We don’t live in hotels, and our houses don’t have to always look that way. It’s okay to display signs of living and using things.

Wisdom, Traffic Sign, Meditation, Perfectionist, Zodiac Personality

Also, other ways of releasing my need to make-perfect, is to continue to post my content that doesn’t always resonate with other people or isn’t always ‘polished’.

I also no longer take lead in planning events or vacations. AND, I allow people around me to make mistakes, without trying to give them a hard time about it. (still work on the last bit)

#3 – Masculine-dominant energies

“When she feels the arrival of genuine love in her life, she will experience a sweeping feeling and move towards projecting her attractive feminine qualities.”

I have always been too shy to wear dresses, and considered make-up somewhat superficial and unnecessary. My wedding brought that change within me, which allowed me to embrace my femininity in ways I neglected before.

Marriage, Bridal, Wedding, Shoes, Dance

Not just physical appearance, but I have embraced the quality of being ‘courted’, recieving love and help, and not necessarily always courting. Thus, tapping and balancing my feminine energies.

#4 – Seeking validation

“She craves to be recognised and praised. However, a Virgo woman can never take blame or criticism sportively or constructively.”

Self-love came a little more naturally to me than enduring criticism.

Here’s what works for me – practicing the PAUSE when being criticised.

Criticism, Write A Review, Review, Star, Zodiac Personality, Flaw, Pointing Fingers

If we can keep our mental turbulence in check at the actual time of provocation, we can reduce any further drama or volcano-like emotional eruption.

Read More : Seeking Validation in 3 Ways

Later being able to reflect on, and revert on the thing that troubled you is a skill you cannot inherit. Teach yourself that there’s always a next time, and every conversation doesn’t have to be a battle where you have the last say or wittiest comeback.

#5 – Emotionally aloof

“When she escapes into her private world to suffer the blow in silence, she will never like her friends to extend their caring hands to pacify her.”

Having grown up with the mentality that “I got this”, I rarely ever spoke up about my problems within my family. I was more of the advice giver, than taker.

But now, I am learning to share and embrace my imperfections and mood swings. And simply being able to be myself makes a lot of difference.

Self love, self care, acceptance, embrace yourself, hug yourself

Permit yourself to exist, just the way you are. Accept yourself, and then the world will too.


It is always inspiring to reflect on how far we’ve come.

So I want to leave you with the thought, if there were 5 ‘negative’ traits that could describe your zodiac sign, how many of them would you say you have overcome over these years of conscious evolution?


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