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How To Write a Guest Post For My Spiritual Shenanigans

While I can’t write about everything in this infinite space, I want my readers to be able to read an unlimited variety of spiritual musings. So, I’m always on the lookout for genuine spiritual writings.

Who can apply? Anyone! You don’t have to be a seasoned writer. I will take care of everything else, I just need you as a potential guest writer, to provide deeply insightful content from personal experiences, for my readers to enjoy. 🙂

Note that while I’m very open to different kinds of material submitted, I am NOT open to posting for the sake of backlinks or financial gain. That said, yes, you will be fully accredited and given links to your work as a consequence of publishing a genuine article.

I’m happy to publish your work on my website, if you can follow these guidelines:

Step 1: Use the form below to submit one or multiple potential guest article “titles” that you want to write about for the blog. Note that you need to only share some options of titles, and NOT the full article.

What gives your title a chance for selection:

  • That exact topic hasn’t already been written about on this blog (you can use the search feature to explore what’s already covered).
  • It’s relevant to the spiritual space, on topics like (but not limited to):
    • metaphysics,
    • practical spirituality,
    • energy work,
    • astrology,
    • numerology,
    • feng shui,
    • self-healing tools,
    • spiritual stories & wisdom,
    • book recommendations,
    • holistic recipes,
  • It is not generic, intends to go DEEP into exploration on the subject, and is NOT clickbait.

Step 2: After I receive your email, I will respond within a couple of days to let you know whether you can proceed to write and submit an article or if you need to share other title options. There are a small list of guidelines to write a coherent guest article for the website that will be shared with you once your title is confirmed.

Caveat: Selection of the article is subjective to quality and the guest writer is welcome to use their material elsewhere IF the post isn’t selected for this blog. However, if your work gets a go-ahead, please do NOT post your article anywhere else.

Step 3: The content on this website is free to consume for the readers, but is run with expenses incurred by me (Vasundhra Gupta). For this reason, you will be requested to submit a small administrative fee of $25, if your guest post is confirmed for publishing.

What guest writers receive as a benefit for their submission

  • Your work is exposed to over 300,000 (and growing) annual readers.
  • Full accreditation will be given to the author, with upto 2 do-follow links back to their own work (if you’d like).
  • Potential to collaborate in bigger ways (affiliates, paid workshops, etc).

If that sounds like something you’d love to do to spread the Light in this world, feel free to drop me a note using the form below.