Learning Resources for Self-Healing

Here is a plethora of learning resources available for your self-healing! If you’d like to get in touch with me to learn about something you can’t find yet, you can contact me here.

Most Frequently Read Articles

11 Questions About Spirituality (Free Ebook)

The 11 Questions Ebook will help you answer the key questions around your spiritual awakening. You can download it for free, through the free spiritual shenanigans newsletter. Signing up will also give you access to a growing library of other spiritual learning resources for your self-healing.

Most Frequently Watched Videos

Meditations, Workbooks & Workshops

At one point, I started creating some of my own content, which you’re welcome to browse through in the MSS Shop. This is my attempt to make more of my coaching material and teachings accessible to a wider audience.

I also run group workshops and one-on-one workshops on topics such as:

  • chakra balancing,
  • developing a meditation practice,
  • breathe-work,
  • inner child healing,
  • grounding and body awareness,
  • dream interpretation, etc.

Here’s more information about those workshops.

Ready to move from self-paced to one-on-one coaching?

If you’ve been on the path for a while and feel like you’d be best supported with a spiritual coach, I would be honoured to serve you! I encourage people to setup a complimentary 30-min clarity call with me to help them understand my vibes, the kind of work I do as a coach, and to get a taster of what’s in store.

No obligations! Here’s my calendar link, let’s some time up to chat.