Learning Resources for Self-Healing

Here are a plethora of learning resources available for your self-healing! If you’d like to get in touch with me, there’s a contact form at the end.

Free Online Learning Resources

Digital Workshops

I’ve carefully designed 3 Digital Spiritual Workshops to help you advance in the core spaces of self-healing. Here’s what you can expect from each workshop:

  • Creative & Unique Digital Sessions conducted for you in real-time,
  • Customized, Personalized & Practical Exercises Facilitated Through WhatsApp for 7 days post workshop to help integrate the material into your daily life,
  • All learning material and additional resources provided in high-quality,
  • Continual learning support through email and Whatsapp,
  • Complimentary access to future occurrence of same workshop,
  • Loyalty benefits for all future workshops and coachings.

These workshops have been conducted for dozens of people this year, and here are their testimonials. And if interested to book one for yourself, please use the form at the end to drop me a note.

Chakra Balancing Masterclass

How to Design Your Own Meditation Practice
Intensive Inner Child Healing

One-On-One Coaching (Remote)

In March 2020, I was guided to step up and provide one-on-one spiritual coaching. My mission is not to ‘heal’ you, but to empower you to heal yourself in all spaces of life – career, relationships, self-esteem, spiritual obstacles and more.

So, if you’re truly ready for your self-healing journey, but don’t know what to do next, I am here to give you the tools and teach you how to use them. Here’s how it works:

  • Get in touch for a complimentary 20-minute call to determine if we make a good team!
  • Once we agree to work together, confirm your booking through your preferred payment gateway, and hop on a 75-90 minutes call of deep-dive into inner work,
  • Receive a custom guided meditation recording,
  • For the rest of the week, receive a series of personalized tools, exercises and continued support over Whatsapp/email,
  • On the 8th day, reconvene over a 30-minute call to evaluate the process, exchange feedback and discuss other self-healing areas.

I’m here to help you get through this, but I don’t entertain clients that don’t put in the work. Before you agree to take a coaching with me, please understand that this is NOT a substitute for any medical advice, it’s NOT a quick fix and it requires YOU to invest your sincere time and effort into these tools to see lasting results. Rest assured, I will go above and beyond to ensure you’re feeling at least 7% better than you began with. 🙂

If interested, please use the form at the end to drop me a note and book a session.

Incase of dissatisfaction at your end, 50% money-back, no questions asked. I hold back the other 50% for the time and effort I’ve devoted from my end.

I’m at your service. Let’s get in touch!