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Welcome to my blog!

When I first began writing My Spiritual Shenanigans, I wanted to simplify topics such as Karma, Past Lives and Soul Contracts for everyone to understand, because finding answers to these questions brought me a sense of peace that stays with me even after all these years.

For this, I have dedicated a section, called Metaphysics Simplified.

Overtime, as my own journey extended and I got married, I found the need to bring spirituality into my daily life, and thus came to birth the topics under Practical Spirituality and Relationships.

I continue to write about a mixture of all the above, as well as Mental Health and the Books that are helping me live a more conscious life every single day.

I’ve also been fortunate to be able to collaborate with other like-minded souls. The things I’ve written on other blogs can be found in the Archives, and others’ contributions here can be found in the Guest Posts section.

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All in all, I hope to inspire you to develop your own connection with the Universe, and to be able to live as consciously as possible.

Love, Light and Awareness,