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Ever since I was shaken ‘awake’ back in 2017, it has been my mission to support everyone through their Spiritual Awakening Journey.

Through my work, I hope to help you from your first days of being awakened, into several years of maintaining your spiritual practices.

Initially, it’s a period of great uncertainty, change and overwhelm. And if I had it my way, nobody would have to remain clueless ever again!

There are many stages in this journey, where things make no sense and we want to hit the “pause” button on everything happening to us. But as we persevere, we begin asking the right questions, and finding some life-changing answers.

Finding answers to bigger questions like Karma, Soul Contracts and Life Purpose brought me immense peace and clarity. I’ve written about such subjects in simplified ways, hoping to bring the same experience for you.

There’s a dedicated section for all this and more, called Metaphysics Simplified.

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Other Useful Sections To Explore

Overtime, as I got married, and found the need to bring spirituality into daily life, the website has expanded into more topics like Practical Spirituality and Relationships.

I also write about Mental Health, and the Books that inspire me to live a more conscious life!

How can you work more personally with me?

I am grateful to now serve the community as a Certified Life Coach & Spiritual Speaker. Here are more details about my Digital Workshops & One-on-One Coaching.

Whether you visit just once, continue to binge through my blog or decide to personally work with me, I hope you’re inspired to develop your own connection with the Universe. To find YOUR Spiritual Shenanigans.

May you receive everything I can possibly offer for your journey, to empower you to live as consciously as possible!

Love, Light and Awareness,

Vasundhra Gupta - Spiritual Writer and Founder of of My Spiritual Shenanigans