Hello lovely soul,

Welcome to My Spiritual Shenanigans!

My name is Vasundhra, which translates to Mother Earth, in Sanskrit.

My tribe lovingly calls me V, and if I were a Starbucks person, that’s what I’d put on my drink. I don’t drink caffeine anymore though, but that’s a story for another time. Although yes that story is influenced by my spiritual journey.

You see, ever since I was shaken ‘awake’ back in 2017, nothing has ever been the same again!

I’ve seen drastic changes and continue to feel so mind-blown by how beautiful this spiritual path is.

In the beginning, it was definitely NOT pleasant. And that’s when I had first started writing about my experiences.

It’s been a while and a half, and I continue to write because I realize that this journey is like a flower with infinite petals – there’s always something new unfolding for us.

Through my work, I hope to help you right from your initial days of awakening into several years of maintaining your spiritual practices.

I know that like me, you too seek support, want to figure out your purpose in this world, and long for a tribe. All that, and much more, is what this website (and my life, now) is devoted to helping you with.

Here’s a short video I’d like to share with you.

It’s a path of great uncertainty, change and overwhelm. If I had it my way, nobody would have to remain clueless ever again!

You’ll notice that I express my journey in different ways. I write some, make videos sometimes, and then professionally, I’ve been lucky to actually coach people in this space. If you’re new to my space, I want to keep things simple for you. So, here are some resources to help get you started.

I also recommend downloading my free spiritual ebook, 11 Questions. It sheds some light on the 11 most-asked spiritual questions.

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How can you work more personally with me?

I am grateful to now serve the community as a Certified Life Coach, Spiritual Author & Speaker. I’d love to connect with you and know more about your journey, supporting you in whatever way you need me to. Feel free to set up a complimentary 30-min session with me using this link.

And just in case you don’t find a time slot that works for you, you’re welcome to write an email to me using this form and get in touch in that way. I personally read and look after every email I receive, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Whether you visit just once, continue to binge through my blog or decide to personally work with me, I hope you’re inspired to develop your own connection with the Universe.

To find YOUR Spiritual Shenanigans.

May you receive everything I can possibly offer for your journey to empower you to live as consciously as possible! And may your journey back home be ever mesmerizing, ever so pure.

Love, Light & Awareness,
Vasundhra (V)