What is My Spiritual Shenanigans?

My Spiritual Shenanigans started anonymously back in the day when I was “closeted” about my spiritual experiences, but today has become an open and welcoming home to over half a million soul searchers!

Through my writings, teachings, and coaching, I hope to catalyze your healing journey.

You can expect deep psychospiritual education, raw and candid personal stories, and a touch of eye-rolling humor.

All focused to help you become the best version of yourself.

Let’s bridge the gap between ego and soul – one inward step at a time.

Let’s become UNSHAKEABLE.

client testimonials

  • It was by serendipity that I came across Vasundhra's blog and found it very unique and insightful. Our association has grown ever since as I attended her workshops and one-on-one... read more

    thumb Vishakha Khetrapal

    My Spiritual Shenanigans is a great experience for anyone looking for support, guidance, and encouragement with making positive changes in their life that align with their true self. I did... read more

    thumb Shivani Trivedi

    I cannot recommend Vasundhra, (or "V", as she is lovingly known), enough! Last year, I felt like my life was falling apart. In the midst of all of it, I... read more

    thumb Aakash Patel
  • My spiritual shenanigans helps you engage with the spiritual aspect of life in a modern and practical manner. If someone is looking to elevate their lives through a holistic, scientific... read more

    thumb Gaurav Pandvia

    My Spiritual Shenanigans as well as the one-on-one coaching programme of its owner, Vasundhra, are a gift for everyone who is curious and keen to go deeper in the realm... read more

    thumb Claudia Groessing

    My coaching program with Vasundhra was really a gift to myself. She is blessing the world with her service! I encourage you to give a gift of a few months... read more

    thumb Elizebeth Thomas
  • Vasundhra is very clear in thinking and communication. She could spot and understand the issues I was dealing with and help me understand what was going on. Her voice is... read more

    thumb Mariana Prodan

    I found the sessions very insightful. She has an explanation for anything and is extremely helpful. She also uses personal examples which make you feel you're not the only one... read more

    thumb Jinkle Patel

    Vasundhra is a wonderful coach, despite me being in a challenging phase of my life, I feel so blessed to have had so much support. V taught me a number... read more

    thumb Zainab’s Podcast

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