3 Reasons for Spiritual Loneliness, A Feeling You Don't 'Belong Here'

Some hard-hitting truths about “belonging here”, spiritual junkies, and more. Here are 3 reasons we experience spiritual loneliness.

It’s common for people spiritually inclined to start feeling disconnected from the world. I believe that 3 factors cause this spiritual loneliness. Working on these areas can help make our experience on Earth more wholesome once again, as it should be. So lets dive right in!

#1 – The ‘Illusion’ Mindset

One way I see this, and have personally been a victim of myself, is the ‘illusion’ mindset. This is messing with our heads in multiple ways. Here’s how.

Illusion #1 – We Are Not This Body

It’s true that we are not this body, and the body is only a vessel. But when you burn your finger, or hit your head, how do you go about believing this is an illusion?!

Plush Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Injury, Spiritual Loneliness, Disconnected from reality, physical health
It is most often in moments of pain, that the physical reality dawns upon us. Before that, we’re in our own worlds, in our own bubbles.

Then, my first question is, why should we reject this vessel? Or worse, misuse it, thinking that it is impermanent in nature?

Isn’t spirituality about respecting the entirety of existence – every cell, every molecule, every energy form?

Look after your physical body. Have more time for activities such as Yoga, gymming or a simple jog around the blog.

Illusion #2 – Everything material is ‘maya’

Not just the physical body. But when you’re focused on the spiritual aspect of your life, you automatically start feeling a disconnection from materialism.

For example, the car I drive is not an illusion, because it definitely does get me from one point to another. And every time I’ve had an accident, I’ve surely felt the impact of it in my very bones! But there was a time when I was the girl who freaked out and screamed at an auto-driver because he rammed his auto into my brand new car.

Auto, Vehicle, Automotive, Vw, Old, dent, scratch, broken, car, accident

Because of what I will propose in the solution soon, I am no longer attached to my car. I enjoy driving, and yes, it upsets me that all my hard-earned money is spent repairing the many scrapes that occur from driving on jam-packed Indian roads. But I am no longer that girl.

Illusion #3 – All Your Relationships are Temporary

Furthermore, the illusion mindset makes you disconnect from relations around you. When you start seeing everything as temporary, you force yourself to detach.

However, detachment, unless coming from a natural place is bound to give you the feeling of spiritual loneliness.

Read More : How to Stop Being an Emotional Sponge and Have More Detached Compassion

Illusion #4 – This Planet is Fake

And the most serious example of the implications of the illusion mindset, is people that aren’t worried this planet is under man-induced catastrophe that can wipe out our entire race. Why?

Because they believe that it’s temporary and that we’ll go live on another planet anyway. In other words, undermining the entire course of nature that got us to where we are. Hmm…

And so I come back to the question once again. Isn’t spirituality about respecting the very essence of everything, material and non-material?

It neither makes sense to ignore or call our experiences an illusion, and neither does it help to become overly obsessed with the things that deliver these experiences.

How do we find a balance though? We’ll get to that shortly. Let’s quickly talk about the second type of disconnect.

#2 – The Intergalactic Mindset

The second way in which I’ve seen the disconnection rise, is the growing talk in the community about people being starseeds, or coming from different planets to help the people on Earth.

Some believe that they’re from the future, or from a parallel reality and have been trapped into this version of life. Others even believe that there’s a matrix in place that prevents us from remembering our true state, and that aliens are helping us exit this matrix.

Ufo, Alien, Guy, Pozaziemianin, Ufoludek, spiritual loneliness
And while I respect all ideas and remain neutral about how true they are or not, ultimately we all come from the same source.

When we reminisce the potent planets we may have lived on in the past or that we’re better because we are NOT really human descendants, we are neither fully appreciating life on Earth.

Nor are we giving a fair chance to the opportunities we can take in the here and now, because we have layers of disapproval, resentment or even sadness about how the environment here is not what we want it to be.

And we are feeding our spiritual loneliness by trying to create spiritual qualifications, groups or hierarchies.

My philosophy is simple. No matter where you’ve come from and what paradise you’ve seen, now that you’re here, let’s try to make the most of it, eh?

#3 – Being on a Spiritual ‘High’

What could be so wrong with being on a Spiritual high, you might ask.

Desktop, Pill, Abstract, Addiction, Spiritual high, pretty capsules, colorful pills, sparkles, glitters, shiny

We feel better about ourselves, because hey, atleast we’re not sex-freaks or addicts, but are we really any better, if we ourselves are spiritual junkies? And you might even wonder, is there even such a thing as being too spiritual?

I’ll let you read more about this hard-hitting answer first, and come back to this post.

Even after reading the aforementioned post, you might not think you’re on a spiritual high, but there are always signs and symptoms that become prevalent.

The biggest sign is your lower chakras being out of balance.

Your lower chakras connect you to the physical realm, the higher chakras to the Spiritual realm, and your heart centers and anchors you to both!

The practice of balancing our chakras is essential, because it’s easy to get carried away and start renouncing so many of the human needs before we’re meant to. The worst effect is how disconnected we feel from EVERYONE and keep going on and on about how we’re ‘different’.

I mean think about it. Don’t you think something has to be off in our inner energies too? The whole of existence can’t be wrong, can it?

So, let’s talk about the solution now for all this talk about spiritual loneliness.


I will go into much more detail about Chakras in a future post, but major thing you need to understand today, is the need to align of your chakra system. This is quintessintial to make the most of every aspect of your being – Spiritual and Physical.

Chakra, Energy Centres, Body, Center, Balance, Yin Yang, Inner Peace, Spiritual Loneliness no more,

Some practical and easy techniques that I highly recommend from personal practice are :

  • Natural grounding practices like being in nature, around animals, playing with kids etc. to rebalance your lower chakras and help you feel more connected through your Root,
  • Meditating or wearing grounding crystals. Black tourmaline is one recommendation. Clear quartz and amethyst have worked well for me too.
  • Meditate on your heart Chakra (my suggestion is the Heartfulness Way by Daaji)
As spiritually awakened beings, it is our responsibility to look after and optimize our use of the energy centers given to us. Not ignore them and fool around (neither spiritually, nor materially).
Beer, Blotto, Comic, Court, Drinking, Fool around, joker, irresponsible

Don’t believe me? Sincerely try these techniques out for just 2 to 3 weeks, and you’ll experience the inner transformation yourself. Spiritual loneliness? No more. 🙂


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Is Prayer Religious or Spiritual?

Is prayer necessary on a spiritual path? Is prayer truly a religious aspect, or is there a deeper power in praying? Reflecting on these questions.

Growing up in a Hindu family, prayer has always been an integral part of my religious practices. But as I grow more conscious of spirituality, I come to one conclusion.

Prayer is NOT religious. Infact, it’s a vital part of our spiritual practices.

Let me start by clarifying the misconception, that “God comes to us when we pray”.

God is omnipresent. Well if you’re rolling your eyes at the use of the term God (because you are thinking of one specific energy), then let me rephrase.

The Universe is omnipresent.

Thus, in prayer, WE go to God.

What does that mean?

In prayer, as we establish a connection with the ‘beyond’, we work to eliminate the heavy densities of fear and doubt. So, we start moving up the ladder, to start operating in a lighter state of knowing.

This often occurs in our worst times, when we remember, or atleast hope to be assured, that life can’t be this bad. That there must be grace somewhere. And when we reach out to it, we take our leap of faith.

Running, Freedom, Sky, Run, Motivation

So, the Universe is always subtly present but in true, deep-felt prayer, the subtlety becomes a roaring presence.

And thus, the grace we seek is no longer subtle either. Our life speeds up.

Have I experienced this personally? YES. For each prayer I share in today’s list, there’s a personal story associated with it, to help you see the power of prayer.

Ofcourse, there would be no point chanting a prayer if you didn’t know what it meant. Because, any prayer is only as meaningful as YOU, the person praying can intend it to be. So, I’ve shared the meanings for each, that you can invoke in your heart.

#1 – Om PRAYER

Om, Sign, Icon, Reminder, Yellow Sticker, Prayer

MEANING : OM, or AUM, is the sound of vibration that reverberates throughout each particle of the universe, of existence. When you become one with this prayer, you become one with existence itself.

NOTE : Here’s a beautiful OM chanting music, click to check it out.

MY STORY : I started chanting Om when I first began meditation and my mindset was very pessimistic, and depressive. So, I talk about more about my meditation stories in this dedicated post, and as you will find, this simply word with its vibrations was just the beginner’s luck I was aching for!

#2 – Heartfulness Prayer

O Master!
Thou art the real goal of human life.
We are yet but slaves of wishes
Putting bar to our advancement.
Thou art the only God and Power
To bring us up to that stage.
Daisy, Heart, Flowers, Flower Heart, Heartfulness

MEANING : The first part of the prayer affirms our goal – enlightenment. The second part of the prayer refers to our present state, acknowledging that we are the creators of our own problems and that our wishes and attachments are obstacles to our progress. The third statement points to the source of our liberation, recognising that it is God alone who can help us rise to the higher state of existence.

(meaning extracted from : http://www.sahajmarg.org/sm/practice/prayer-meditation )

MY STORY : At a time where I was meditating daily but still quite restless and moody, the Heartfulness Way came to me like serendipity and changed my life. The prayer has brought me immense peace and clarity, and I continue to reflect on it every night before bed.

#3 – Lotus Sutra PRAYER

Namyo Ho Renge Kyo
Yin Yang, Good And Evil, Light, Darkness, Buddhism, Lotus Sutra

MEANING : I am devoted to the mystical law of Cause and Effect. In other words, repeating this prayer is a reminder to ourselves to be Conscious of our actions, and to let the Universe help us rapidly clear it. The faster you pray on this mantra, it is believed that life moves faster too!

NOTE: Incase you find it tricky to pronounce, here’s a powerful online version.

MY STORY : I chanted this prayer for one hour, and three days later, met my to-be in-laws and one week later, my now-husband! Before this, we had been actively searching for the ‘right guy’ since several months to no avail. It was this prayer that assured me, that sometimes our life is just a few chants away from completing a life-old promise and experiencing a true transformation.

Did life speed up? Oh boy, it did! I got married within the next 6 months and it was time for me to move to a completely different continent, with a new career path and family.

#4 – Forgiveness, Grace & Protection Prayer

I often heard my grandfather say this prayer in Hindi, which translates to,

If I have created bad Karma, please forgive me.
Please grace me.
Please protect me.
Prayer, Hands, Praying Hands, Sculpture

MEANING : The beauty is in its simplicity. When you seek humble forgiveness, when you acknowledge the karmic debts, you walk towards liberation. We alone cannot understand our Karma, because we are not that Conscious or evolved, but the all-knowing within each of us can help us act in a way to release them and free us.

MY STORY : This prayer humbles me, every time. Having been reflecting on it since I was a kid, it always reminds me that I’m only a part of the grand scheme of things, and only here to play my part. There are moments when I’m filled with hopelessness or resentment, and this prayer clears my head and the hurt.


While Karma, action, is important, so is being still and acknowledging the power of the Universe. Through prayer, you develop that connection during stillness; a key component to Self Actualization.

Keep doing, keep being, keep praying. 🙂


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7 Weird Spiritual Awakening Experiences Everyone Has

Special 11/11 post at 11:11 PM! Discussing the ebbs and flows of the spiritual awakening, and some tips on overcoming these moments.

As much as talking about my spiritual stories excites me, there have definitely been some odd and unnerving spiritual awakening experiences along the way which took some patience and perspective to overcome. These make me nostalgic and grateful to see how far I’ve come though, so no grudges! 🙂

Sharing a few of such moments, and hopefully in better light, so that you feel motivated to keep going.

#1 – You will not be regular with your practices.

If you’re like me, you might actually jump between one form of healing to another and feel short-lived joy. Here’s what I was like in the first two years.

  • Balanced chakras a few times and felt like a saint, until I clearly wasn’t;
  • Learned Reiki and completely quit after 3-4 days of practice;
  • Practiced hypnotherapy for a few sessions and felt healed (that bubble did pop quite a number of times);
  • Meditated sporadically and kept getting agitated at home and office;

My takeaway : It’s okay to be inconsistent or to keep exploring. Spirituality cannot and should not be FORCED. Treat this as your “no-strings-attached” period with spirituality where you’re not completely committed for some time. Eventually, you will automatically incline towards some practices more than others. Until then, keep going!

Checklist, Check, Think About, Plan

#2 – The duality will seem more obvious and unsettling than ever.

This may mean a few things, all which can be really scary to feel, such as,

  • you no longer like your job;
  • you no longer enjoy the things you used to (drastic change of habits, possibly making you an introvert if you weren’t one already);
  • you no longer enjoy being around certain people;
  • you may start resenting material pleasures;
  • you might look down on people that aren’t living as Consciously (which takes me to the next point);

My takeaway: I experienced ALL of these, and almost all at once. It was scary and I felt isolated. But gradually, I started enjoying my own company. So much, that I stopped going to parties or hanging out around people that I didn’t really vibe with. In other words – you will be able to transmute this into your strength, once you realize that YOU are still with yourself, and that’s really all that matters!

Girl, Feelings, Solitude, Unrest, Detail, Dark night of the soul, spiritual awakening experiences, sadness

#3 – You may experience arrogance, that you’re better than the people who are not Spiritual.

On the contrary, you may feel arrogant infront of other spiritual people too, and cut them off when they’re sharing something.

You might roll your eyes and think, you already know that, why are they wasting time repeating things to you!

My takeaway: Life has its own ways of humbling and grounding us. To save the embarrassment, I’d encourage you to focus on holding more compassion in your heart, so that you are able to accept people as they are. Work on keeping your heart open. And also on holding space for repeated advice – usually its the things we are so confident about are the ones that require most attention and sorting through.

Boast, pride, ego

#4 – You may feel overdosed.

When I had first started reading spiritual books and trying all sorts of Spiritual practices, I would swing like a pendulum.

A few days or weeks, I’d devote to all things Spirituality. And then, I’d ‘compensate’ because I was feeling overwhelmed by my spiritual awakening experiences.

Upset, Overwhelmed, Stress, Tired, Overdose, spiritual awakening experiences

My takeaway : Though you will gradually establish a natural and less awkward rhythm in life, if you’re feeling this way, and want to do something about it, here are some suggestions. Try to balance yourself a little in both aspects of your life, by practising grounding and balancing your chakras. It also helps to meditate on crystals that balance our energy.

#5 – You may actually lose a lot of relations, or they may become somewhat irrelevant.

This is natural. You’re experiencing a growth spurt and the only thing that’s constant right now, is the growth itself!

As with all things, you will find new relations form where people vibe at your frequency and understand the experiences you’re having!

Men, Women, Apparel, Couple, People, Happiness, Tribe, Love

My takeaway : It may be this way for quite some time, don’t let it get to you. Place your anchor within yourself, and your faith in the universe.

#6 – You may not behave spiritually at ALL!

I can’t even count how many times I’ve exploded in rage when cars on the streets cut my lane or honked incessantly at me the second the signal turned green. Even worse, I’ve over-reacted at home, and at work, for situations that now obviously seem petty. For a long time, it hardly seemed like spirituality was changing my behaviour.

Fist, Strength, Anger, Tear, Breeze, Emotions, Spiritual Awakening Experiences

At times, it feels like being Spiritual is a curse more than a blessing because now we REALISE how many mistakes we make and we are desperate to really correct ourselves.

But being so deeply rooted in our past habits and patterns, it can take a really long time before we start acting like the way we think we should be acting, now that we’re Conscious. Our spiritual awakening experiences can seem counterintuitive in the beginning.

My takeaway : As the saying often goes around, give time, time. Let yourself gently come out of years of behaviours and patterns. I assure you that in due course of time, you will be able to match your mind and actions.

#7 – You may start preaching about your spiritual awakening experiences.

Because we think we know better (#3), we start preaching and nitpicking at people. We want them to behave in certain ways and we might scoff at them for not being conscious about the things that we have. We might think we’re being helpful, but it can seem more like mothering or teacher-ing, to those at the receiving end.

Lecture, Conference, Mission, Planning

My takeaway : Eventually, you’ll learn how to experience your truth without trying to impose opinion or recommendations on other people unless asked for. This infact has been my latest lesson, several years into the journey. Stop giving unsolicited advice. I still fumble with this one, but I’m getting there!

So you see, the journey is quite a ride. But the thing that always makes it promising is the benefits. You will start feeling balance in many forms, and it’ll all fall into place much faster than things do for people that aren’t consciously living out their lives.

So, hang in there. Not only does it get better, YOU get better too! 🙂


Once a month, I send a Self-Love and Spiritual newsletter containing highlights of my work and lots of free downloadable self-help material. Sign up to get exclusive content such as e-books, guided meditations and numerous other resources!

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