The My Spiritual Shenanigans community is growing, and I want to stay in touch with people to let them know what’s happening around here, every now and then. That’s why I’ve curated a short and crisp monthly newsletter. Just love and light to warm up your inbox, no spam!

At the same time, I want to give you more than what a typical visitor on the blog would see. And so, I’ve been preparing monthly tools and giveaways, as a way of giving back to you for your continual support.

Once a month, I send out a spiritual newsletter containing highlights from my work, with exclusive self-healing resources such as e-books, guided meditations, free workshops, etc to help you in your spiritual journey.

Recently, some of the free spiritual workshops I’ve conducted are –

  • Chakras & Relationships
  • Befriending your ego-mind (preview)
  • Preview for our inner circle‘s book club discussion
  • Spiritual Art Therapy session
  • Halloween-themed Inner Child Healing webinar

For the self-healing tools, there’s a Digital Library you get access to after signing up. It contains material such as :

  • My first spiritual e-book titled 11 Questions as soon as you sign-up,
  • 21 Unique Self-Care Prompts, as a pick-me-up. Also part of the Welcome Kit.
  • 30 Days of Mind Body Spirit
  • 30 Gratitude Writing Prompts
  • 10 Exclusive Must-Watch Spiritual Videos
  • 7 Custom Designed Chakra Balancing Wallpapers for Mobile
  • 30 Journaling Prompts for Self-healing
  • A beautiful Krishna Consciousness art wallpaper from a subscriber
  • Emotional awareness prompts from the workbook
  • Sneak peek into the Enlightenment Journal

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I just sent you the welcome kit – go check it out!

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I just sent you the welcome kit – go check it out!