The My Spiritual Shenanigans community is growing, and I want to stay in touch with you if you’d like! That’s why I’ve curated a short and crisp monthly newsletter. Just love and light to warm up your inbox, no spam!

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At the same time, I want to give you more than what a typical visitor on the blog would see. And so, I’ve been preparing monthly tools and giveaways, as a way of giving back to you, for your continual support.

Once a month, I send out a Self-Love and Spiritual newsletter containing highlights from my work, with exclusive content such as e-books, guided meditations, free workshops and numerous other self-healing resources to help you in your spiritual journey.

Recently, some of the free spiritual workshops that I’ve conducted are –

  • Spiritual Art Through Guided Meditation
  • Halloween themed Inner Child Healing Webinar

For the self-healing tools, there’s a Digital Library, which you get access to after signing up. It contains material such as :

  • My first spiritual e-book titled 11 Questions as soon as you sign-up,
  • 21 Unique Self-Care Prompts, as a pick-me-up. Also part of the Welcome Kit.
  • 30 Days of Mind Body Spirit for 2020
  • 30 Gratitude Writing Prompts
  • 10 Exclusive Must-Watch Spiritual Videos
  • 7 Custom Designed Chakra Balancing Wallpapers for Mobile
  • 30 Journaling Prompts for Self-healing
  • 30-Day Free Membership for Yoga International

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I just sent you the welcome kit – go check it out!


Ah, so much work put into all the blogs, posts, newsletters and other things. Love your energy! 
Thanks for showing the way through them 😇❤😄
With lots of blessings and love. 

– Shivangi

Wow that’s so nice to have extended guide on my spiritual path, I am grateful to have you in my life as spiritual mentor.Look forward for more such emails and good luck with the foreign life, you rock!

Many thanks,

“Honestly, whenever I have spent my time reading any of your writings I have never been disheartened. It’s always an experience reading your writings that I usually find challenging to express in words when it comes to feedback or a note of appreciation.
Keep up the good work and let this motivational spree on.
God Bless You 🙂

“That was unbelievable, I have got a good welcome from many of a pure souls . Thanks for sharing all your experiences with me, it’s helping me easier to walk in the way of Spiritual.Much love and grateful from button of my heart 😍😍
Love and light from Miss Hem Chanchhorvy!!”

“Hi Vasu
Thank you so much for the beautiful free resources in the email and on your website. I’m in the middle of my awakening and this helped me so much!!
Kind regards

“Hi vasundhra,
I love your mails…. Sometimes when i feel low and if i receive your mail i feel so happy and uplifted…. You are doing a fab job….

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I just sent you the welcome kit – go check it out!