Finding YOUR Spiritual Shenanigans : One-on-One Spiritual Coaching

Spirituality needs us to move beyond the conceptual into an embodied way of living our journey. It also needs us to stop doubting the miracles of life, and our own infinitude. Alone, we tend to waiver and jump on and off the spiritual bandwagon. But through spiritual coaching, you learn how to tap into your inner wisdom and be in alignment with the Universe in an intimate and laser-focused way.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to be of service to others, helping them find Divine Guidance in their day-to-day life, and experience deeper self-awareness through the tools and techniques that have worked for me.

My mission is to work with you, empowering you with the tools you can use in your journey to shed the old conditioning, and walk back into that feeling of wholeness and inner peace.

What Makes This Spiritual Coaching Unique

As we work together, you will find my program influenced by many teachers, methodologies, and approaches, that will help you go deeper in a way you hadn’t been able to all this while.

This is because we don’t just work on the mind or the thought patterns.

We work on all four layers of your existence, to give you a holistic uplift – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Finding YOUR Spiritual Shenanigans with Vasundhra Gupta - One on One Spiritual Coaching

As a part of my own education, I’m a professionally certified life coach by Transformation Academy, and am now training for the Mastery Mindset program under the Institute for Coaching Mastery (ICM).

My work is a blend of modern healing tools like –

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ),
  • Somatic Therapy,
  • Mindset Work,
  • Art Therapy,
  • Unconscious conditioning,
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), etc.
My focus is to keep this coaching relatable and transformational, by pairing the tools above with ancient spiritual insights and my personal practices, like –

This work is intended to bring shifts that change the way you approach the rest of your life. So, we will be working on both the internal and external experiences you have.

That said, knowledge and tools can easily be acquired from any resource. But our experiences are what make this work sacred and exclusive to each of us.

So, if you enjoy reading my experiences through this blog, my workshops and coaching will be just as exciting for you. 🙂

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Who Is This Spiritual Coaching Relevant For?

The world has embraced meditation a lot more openly. But even then, there’s skepticism around core spiritual beliefs. The world hasn’t embraced the possibility of souls, past lives, karma, energy healing, etc. Not yet, at least.

And in such a world, where you’re outnumbered, you begin to feel like you’re not “normal”. I’m here to tell those people, to you, that you’re completely normal for wanting to experience more of the human life.

In fact, the consequence of spirituality is becoming a better human! It’s the way to heal not just yourself, but every single life you touch along the way.

So, we make a great team, if you want to –

  • stop hiding this sacred way of being;
  • are ready to embrace spirituality into day-to-day life;
  • become more and more self-aware;
  • take accountability for your healing.
Remember – we can’t heal other people. We can only heal ourselves and show others a different way of being, by being unapologetically ourselves!
Finding YOUR Spiritual Shenanigans with Vasundhra Gupta - One on One Spiritual Coaching

Here is a series of challenges that I have personally overcome through different healing modalities, and would love to help you learn about.

  • Finding and pursuing your higher calling;
  • Healing your inner child & parental wounds;
  • Understanding how Chakra imbalance affects your life;
  • Better self-awareness through body scanning;
  • Gaining clarity on your soul contracts and life lessons;
  • Interpreting the meaning of vivid dreams;
  • Navigating your spiritual awakening;
  • Developing a sacred spiritual & meditation practice;
  • Balancing your masculine & feminine energy;
  • Improving your self-esteem and confidence;
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs;
  • Creating healthier relationships;
  • Breaking free from toxic cycles;
  • And more…
I want to help you fall in love with YOUR Universe. 🙂

So, if you’re truly ready to deepen your journey inwards and find your spiritual shenanigans, I’m here for you! Sign up for your complimentary, initial consultation here.

Finding Your Spiritual Shenanigans through one-on-one spiritual coaching with Vasundhra Gupta

How Does This Spiritual Coaching Work?

My support is available to you in many layers so that you feel held and nurtured in your journey. These are the different ways in which we can work together:

  • One-on-one support
  • Group support

One-on-one coaching is the most intimate, in which I hold you accountable by:

  • Finding A Solution
    The first segment involves a one-on-one video call. You can pick a duration, anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes per session. We get very clear about our intention and work through one of your major pain points using tried and tested self-healing tools.
  • Testing Out the Solution
    Then, we take the self-healing tools into the real world! With ongoing support over the following days, I guide you on how to put these tools into practice in your daily life.

As we continue meeting over the weeks, we identify what really works, what sort of works, and what doesn’t work for you. And we make sure you do more of everything that helps deepen your spiritual journey.

We progress at a pace that works for you and make sure you get tangible results.

Thus, you leave feeling empowered and know exactly how to overcome ANY challenges in the future. In that way, I am committed to helping you become your own healer.

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Group support is the second component.

This is a sacred space created for individuals who are dedicated to their healing but may not want to work personally, for any reason.

This consists of:

  • Lifetime access to all community calls & bonus self-healing material;
  • Opportunity to build your spiritual tribe with people around the world;
  • Receive new insights and spiritual mentorship in a group format.

NOTE: If you are enrolled for one-on-one support, you automatically receive access to this community.

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What It’s Like To Work With Me

I’ve visited numerous healers and life coaches myself, to know what I liked and didn’t like about their ways. I am working continually to reform my teaching style, and to show up with more compassion and generosity.

Here are just some of the guidelines I have created for myself as a coach. You can also download the full list of coaching terms and conditions (simplified) here.

Along with them, I approach my work with the mindset, “never a master, always a student”. It’s my endeavor to continue growing with you. I am neither better nor above you – I am only sharing what works for me in my world, in hopes that it’ll work for you too. 🙂

I continue to serve the community with multiple success stories, and am happy to share everyone’s valuable feedback. Here are some of the highlights.

Let’s see if we click, before you commit. 🙂

Before you commit to this offering, I invite you to get on a complimentary 30-minute spiritual coaching session with me.

Let’s discuss the possibilities on how to deepen your spiritual path and know if we make a good fit!

You can use the form below or visit this link to setup some time.

NOTE: If you are unable to find a time that works for you, please drop me a note here and I will accommodate you into a better suited time.

I look forward to helping you deepen your spiritual journey 🙂