Finding YOUR Spiritual Shenanigans : One-on-One Spiritual Coaching

I believe that there are infinite ways for us to “go home”, but a common challenge that spiritual seekers face is getting stuck in this journey. After a while, there’s only so much that reading books or listening to self-development podcasts can do for us. This is where, when the time comes, we seek the support of spiritual coaching.

I feel deeply called to support those spiritual seekers that are ready to accelerate their journey of self-mastery. Are you ready to take on that challenge with me?

I see this as a path of deep, transformative work, and I would love to call you forward into your power. Truly, there’s nothing more sustainable for our systems than to claim our eternal role as a student of life, and to go deep within to get high on life!

The Focus Of My Spiritual Coaching Practice

I only bring that to the table, which I’ve personally used for my growth. In that, I hold complete transparency to tell you, I’m not “enlightened”, but that is one of my deepest desires. At the same time, I’m not going to wait to be enlightened, to share the things that are helping me live a higher quality of life.

My work is a blend of modern healing tools learned through professional training as a coach, including modalities like,

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ),
  • Subconscious reprogramming,
  • Inner Child Healing,
  • Somatic Healing,
  • Mindset Mastery,
  • Art Therapy,
  • Hypnotherapy,
  • Unconscious conditioning,
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT),
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP),

Paired with ancient spiritual healing modalities like karma, soul contracts, destiny & life purpose, masculine & feminine energy, chakras, breath-work, meditation, and more.

This work is intended to bring shifts that change the way you approach and show up in the rest of your life. So, we will be working on accelerating the growth of both the internal and external experiences you have. This is what I like to call your inner and outer transformation.

What Is My Experience In Spiritual Coaching?

When I first started, I had no curriculum or course. It was just pure intuition that guided each session.

My first client literally asked me to help because she believed that I knew the way, and that was that. I didn’t know what I was doing, or what to expect. I just felt called to serve.

However, as more and more people show up to receive spiritual support, I feel the need to expand in my knowledge and grow with you.

I am first a student of life and then a coach. So to me, it has been the obvious choice to take on different courses and programs to strengthen my understanding of the human species, and our eternal selves. I’ve worked with numerous healers from around the world, participated in formal group programs like Landmark, and continue to deepen my education through the works of masterful teachers like Dr Gabor Mate, Dr Stephen Porges, Dr Brene Brown, etc.

As of August 2020, I’m a professionally certified life coach by Transformation Academy.

And throughout 2021, I am accelerating my own growth by undergoing an intensive training program for a Mastery-level certification as a coach, under the Institute for Coaching Mastery (ICM).

That said, knowledge and tools can easily be acquired from any resource. But our experiences are what make this work sacred and exclusive to each of us. So, if you enjoy reading my experiences through this blog, I sincerely believe that my workshops and coaching will bring you a heightened experience of a paradigm shift.

Who Is This Spiritual Coaching Relevant For?

While I do believe in my work and that spirituality can be applied to ALL aspects of life, not everyone will resonate or need my work. That’s why I encourage people to signup for a complimentary call first, so that we can both sense each other’s vibes.

Here is a series of challenges that I have personally overcome through different healing modalities, and am committed to helping you evolve through.

  • Gaining clarity on your soul contracts and life lessons;
  • Navigating your spiritual awakening;
  • Finding and pursuing your higher calling;
  • Healing your inner child & parental wounds;
  • Twin flame dynamics and coming into inner union;
  • Interpreting the spiritual meaning of vivid dreams;
  • Developing a sacred spiritual practice and strengthening your connection with the Universe;
  • And more…
Through everything I do, I want to help you fall in love with YOUR Universe. 🙂

So, if you’re truly ready to deepen your journey inwards and find your spiritual shenanigans, I’m here for you! Sign up for your complimentary, initial consultation here.

What Is The Structure Of Spiritual Coaching?

Currently, all coaching is being conducted online via Zoom calls. I work with people in two intensities:

The first is what I call a weekend intensive. These are 200-minutes spread over 2 days that laser focus on a key area of your journey. The intensive is created to provide you a mixture of powerful coaching, spiritual education and a personal retreat experience.

The second offering is a four-month program called the Sacred Bubble. It kicks off with a weekend intensive and dives deep with every session, until you are so resourced and elevated that the “intention” you had once imagined for yourself starts coming to life. You witness transformation in ways that not only change your life, but every life you touch hereafter. It’s a domino effect in healing. 🙂

Either program is designed to move at a pace that works for you – so you can take this as deep or light as your heart desires.

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NOTE: If you are enrolled for one-on-one support, you also receive complimentary lifetime access to the spiritual tribe, where we conduct group sessions, share spiritual experiences and are building a loving community of spiritual seekers from around the world.

What It’s Like To Work With Me

I’ve visited numerous healers and life coaches myself, to know what I liked and didn’t like about their ways. I am working continually to reform my teaching style, and to show up with more compassion and generosity. Here are just some of the guidelines I have created for myself as a coach.

You can also view the full list of coaching terms and conditions (simplified) here.

I continue to serve the community with multiple success stories, and am happy to share everyone’s valuable feedback. Here are some of the highlights.

Let’s see if we click before you commit.

Before you commit to these offerings, I invite you to get on a complimentary 30-minute spiritual coaching session with me. Here’s where you can put in your application.

Let’s discuss the possibilities on how to deepen your spiritual path and know if we make a good fit!

I look forward to helping you deepen your spiritual journey 🙂