One-on-One Spiritual Coaching

This year has been about really putting myself out there. First, I began with conducting spiritual workshops. And in March 2020, I was guided to step up and provide one-on-one spiritual coaching.

My mission is not to heal you, but to empower you to heal yourself in all spaces of life – career, relationships, self-esteem, spiritual obstacles and more. 🙂

So, if you’re truly ready to deepen your journey inwards, but don’t know what to do next, I’m here to give you the tools and teach you how to use them! Here’s how it works.

Spiritual Coaching

First Week : 50 USD or 2000 INR
Recurring Weeks : 45 USD or 1800 INR

Setting Expectations

I’m here to help you get through this, but I don’t entertain clients that don’t put in the work. Before you agree to take spiritual coaching with me, please understand that:

  • This is NOT a substitute for any medical advice,
  • Healing is NOT a quick fix and neither is it linear,
  • It requires YOU to invest your sincere time and effort into these tools to see lasting results.

Rest assured, I will go above and beyond to ensure you’ll find something worth exploring within. 🙂

Book Your Complimentary 20-Min Session

Please provide a briefing about what you’d like to work on through the form below. I will get in touch with you for details on our free assessment call.

NOTE: Currently accepting payment through Paypal, PayTM and UPI only.