How to Help People Around You Understand Your Spiritual Awakening

How does your spiritual journey effect people around you? And how can you help people understand your spiritual awakening? Here’s a resource!

When Renee reached out to me, I had no idea what I could do to help her understand her brother’s spiritual journey. But she did spark a huge realization. That no matter how empathic and spiritual we believe ourselves to be, our awakening has a bigger impact on our loved ones than we can imagine. And that it becomes our responsibility to help people around understand this spiritual awakening, to bridge this growing gap in the physical plane.

So, I reached out to every single person I could think of who would have some pieces to add to the puzzle. Every volunteer shared their perspective while answering the following set of questions:

  • When did you have your spiritual awakening?
  • In what ways did your behaviour change?
  • Who were the main people to be most affected by your awakening?
  • In what ways were your changes affecting the people around you?
  • Looking back at that time, what would you do differently to help them understand your journey better?
  • How has your relation evolved with your loved ones ever since your first stage of awakening?
  • How can the family of the person undergoing an awakening deal with the rapid changes in a better way? What advice do you have based on your experience?
  • If you’d like to share a testimonial or insight directly from your loved ones, you can email me separately.
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’ve leveraged the answers to these questions in completing this book.

Collectively, our experiences are from anywhere between a few months of awakening, to several years!

Having said that, it is true that the research and depth of this will be never-ending. I don’t want to let my perfectionist stop me from hitting the publish button, because I believe that done is better than perfect.

So, consider this as a starting point in understanding the scope of a spiritual awakening and its impact on relationships.

The resource is written keeping both readers in mind – those that are undergoing an awakening, and those that surround this person and struggle to understand what’s going on. Throughout the book, I address those people as the “awaking” because I believe it’s a domino effect.

It might start with one person, but it has a ripple effect on every person the awakened one meets. And through that, as the saying goes (and I paraphrase), we transcend generations of ancestral trauma and heal the world around us.

One awakening at a time.

An extract from the book, Homecoming: A Spiritual Guide for the Awakened & Awaking

“I mean, what does it even mean to “wake up”?

Well, there’s no standard definition because the experience is very personal for every person. But what I can explain it as, is finally becoming more present in the moment and being able to see the different habits and patterns that form our reality. And then realizing that we have a choice to behave differently from our past patterns.

This is “spiritual” in that we also come to terms with something “higher” looking after us and facilitating our journey so we can keep evolving and learning from life.

Some may call this power God, others may say it’s the “Universe”. When we dial into that higher stream of consciousness, we are compelled to reevaluate our material needs and the impermanent nature of everything. This also catalyzes an inner wonder and curiosity about other, subtler possibilities beyond this dimension of space and time.

What does all that mean?

Think of your life as being on “autopilot” for most parts. So, you might sit in the car and drive home, but because you’re on autopilot, you might not even realize when you got home.

I mean, you will know you did. But if you had to explain your drive home, you might not be able to give much detail.

person hand on steering wheel, driving on autopilot,

That’s because the mind has evolved to register our everyday nuances as involuntary actions and experiences, so that it can focus on something else.

It’s good for us… until it’s not.

It’s not a problem in the sense that we don’t want to have to “rethink” how to open a door or switch gears in the car. But some of our actions in relationships go on autopilot too.

Do you ever find yourself having the same argument over and over again? Only to realize you’re not going anywhere.

This observation is called “awareness”.

And when you have a spiritual awakening, it’s like becoming hyper-aware of your surroundings. You just wake up one day and realize how much of your life has been on autopilot.

There are so many flavours to this awareness, as it heightens.

You could become aware of your toxic relationships, of your emotional outbursts, of the limitations you have taken on because of your past conditioning.

This all leads to a LOT of inner turmoil. And as a result, most people find themselves experiencing an identity crisis.

Who are we, if not someone’s partner?
Who are we, if not for our day jobs?
And who are we, if not the habits we used to swear by?

confused, not sure what to do, how to help people around understand your spiritual awakening

This immense amount of questioning can lead to bigger questions, like the purpose of life, why you’re here on Earth, and then some. And to be honest, we should be asking those questions much sooner. But it typically takes an external turmoil to “shake us awake”.

That could be a bad breakup or the loss of a loved one to death. It could mean being intensely bored at your job, or something else.

In some circumstances, it could also just be the need of the hour. For me, I had a perfect life, on paper. I was in a high-respect corporate job and was surrounded by amazing friends and family.

And yet, something felt incomplete. I’ve shared more of my story here.

But the crux of all this is – when you are undergoing a spiritual awakening, you begin to lose all ground and clarity.

Even the smallest decisions seem very challenging. And in all this inner turmoil, it is vital to be able to talk about everything with people you trust.

It took me nearly a year before I started openly sharing my spiritual journey with friends and family. I would’ve loved to share this sooner, but I was afraid of being called “crazy”.

Of course, when I did share, none of that happened. People were receptive, even though most of them didn’t really get what I was going through.

I wish that same level of support for every person who comes on this path, though that doesn’t always happen. This is why I’m compelled to put together a few words on the topic.”

(end of extract)

This extract is from the introduction section of the book. We go much deeper into the different mindsets and challenges that happen during the spiritual journey, as well as insights on overcoming the separation that we experience with loved ones.

You can download the book from Amazon (available worldwide), or through the blog as a PDF, here.

Concluding Thoughts

We cannot and should not walk this path alone. Of the different realizations I have had over the course of my journey, one is that we believe we are much lonelier than we really are. Simply because we don’t know how to talk to people around us about all these woo-woo things and share our worldview with them.

And yet, as the world wakes up, more and more people long for deeper, meaningful conversations about life, and beyond. The word “meditation” has more Google clicks than ever!

So now, more than ever, we need to open up and help people around us understand our spiritual awakening. This is one of the core intents of the book. There’s a lot more too, I do hope you’ll read and enjoy this work.

Hold space for the ones that are waking up – build your tribe, both within your circle of known ones, and beyond them. And just know that I am holding space for your journey too. Let’s walk into Oneness together, shall we?

Ready to take your healing deeper? Let’s talk about it! You’re welcome to setup a complimentary 30-minutes call using this form, and learn how you can set your spiritual plans into action. See you soon!

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3 Ways To Read Someone’s Energy Without Being A Psychic

How can you tune into someone’s consciousness and read their energy? Here are solid tips to help strengthen your telepathic skills.

Its important to be conscious enough to read someone’s energy, because you not only elevate the quality of your relationships, you learn how to dis-identify with what is not yours in that interaction. And yes, you don’t have to become a psychic to do this.

The fact is, we are all very sensitive to each other’s energy. Some of us are so sensitive, we act like an emotional sponge, soaking each other’s moods and emotions up in daily interactions.

But in general, we might not even realize that we have the ability to tune into someone’s energy field, and that it can effect us so deeply.

I wanted to share these tips to help you understand your own energy, as well as that of the other person.

How to Read Someone’s Energy & Heal From The Experience

First things first. Energy is in continuum, even though our physical bodies may be distinctively separate from each other. So, there’s no point where you stop, and I start, metaphysically speaking.

But it helps to see another person’s energy as separate from yours. Otherwise unconsciously, we might find ourselves getting stirred by another person’s baggage, if we don’t recognize the distinction. Which brings me to my first point.

#1 – Realize that energy is neutral, but your past experience is what brings charge to it.

Have you ever spoken to a loved one that’s undergoing a life challenge, and you’ve felt deeply sorry for them? But when you talk to them, it feels like in their mind, their situation might not even be that sorrowful?

This is because the first mistake we make around other people, is projecting our own fears onto them.

Let’s say someone was sharing about their relationship problems with you. And you have fears around a failed marriage, or the fear of ‘dying alone’. So, you get nervous and start convincing this person to hold on to their partner through thick and thin.

At that point, you might become so winded up in your own thoughts about how to save their relationship, that you forget to hear what the person is really trying to say.

communication, openness, telepathy, friends talking, building a connection

Of course, it’s completely normal to get emotionally charged up when we’re interacting with people, and then, to subconsciously project our fears on them. However, here’s what you can do when you catch yourself projecting into someone else’s energy field.

Get present in the moment with them. Take a deep breath, acknowledging your own fear as it comes up, and affirm to yourself that you’ll come back to it later. And then, allow yourself to be with this person in the now, minus your own idea of how good or bad the situation is.

You can do that by asking lots of questions to help you reconnect with them, and then tuning into their answers as you listen to them speak. This is where you can tap into their consciousness – from a place of curiosity.

As you become neutral, you will be able to approach this person with more openness. And it will become easier to read someone’s energy when you’re not already charged up by your own past. Here’s another example of what it can look like to move out of emotional charge, into a place of alignment.

Later on, when you do finally sit down and work on your fears, perhaps journaling about them or meditating on the blocks, it becomes such a great healing opportunity for you!

#2 – Observe their projections in your energy field.

On then opposite end of the spectrum, we might become so involved in troubleshooting a problem with somebody, so tapped into their psyche, that we literally ‘share the load’ and carry their burdens for them.

When we wake up from this experience of getting so shaken by some people, we can find ourselves labelling them as ‘toxic’.

It isn’t so much as the other person being toxic, as their energy penetrating yours and creating overwhelm. This is an invitation to you, to setup healthier relationship boundaries and read someone’s energy from a distance.

Here’s an example of handling projection from other people that I’ve recently been working on. Being aware of other people’s disappointment and not trying to fix it.

If we’re in our unconscious patterns, it becomes easy for us to step into people-pleasing behaviors as a way to avoid disappointing another person.

handling disappointment, projecting fears,

However, this notion that we need to make someone feel better if they get triggered by something we do or say, isn’t healthy. When we take on the responsibility to make another person happy, we rob them of the opportunity to sit with themselves and reason with their own inner turbulence.

Infact, this is a bad example of telepathy, when you can almost sense their reaction, and you try to manage it before it even unfolds.

So the next time a conversation brings emotional charge to you, evaluate how much of it was actually a reaction to the other person’s emotional charge. And as you do that, you heal simply from understanding how much effect someone’s reaction has on you.

#3 – Speak to their fears.

Now that you understand how easy it is for everyone to get charged up, let’s address the very thing that creates this charge for us. Fear.

Fear is the primal part of us that steps into action, the moment we need to deal with a problem. Depending on how much grip your fear has over you, you begin to operate in your survival mode.

scared, fear, read someone's energy and help them heal

The survival may not be a physical threat, but to our mind, a physiological threat is just as scary. So, people are not only losing their logic and reasoning when they get emotionally charged, they become primal in their ways.

This is because we aren’t familiar with using our right hemisphere. The emotional, feminine energy becomes dormant within us when we are acting out of fear.

This leads to tightness and contraction in the mind, and the body.

So, to read someone’s energy, start by noticing how their body responds in any given discussion.

The more open and fluid they are in movement, the lighter their thought pattern will be. The more rigid and closed they appear, the denser their conditioning will be in that moment.

As you become aware of their energy, and you are neither adding fuels to the flame, nor getting triggered by them, you step into your true power. And then, through your own playful and nurturing nature, you can bring them back into the flow too.

Concluding Thoughts

Reading someone’s energy isn’t about predicting the future for them, or reading their mind. It is more about picking up on the language beyond words that you read from their energy field.

And then translating it to them in a way that not just heals them, it heals you too. Of course, this is a rich topic that we’ve just touched the tip of! So if you feel called to, let’s take it deeper. Setup a complimentary 30-min session with me, and let’s find ways to elevate your consciousness!

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10 Essential Qualities to Look For In An Authentic Spiritual Coach

How do you know you’ve found an authentic healer or spiritual mentor? And what are the best practices every lightworker should undertake in helping others?

I’ve visited a variety of spiritual mentors, healers and life coaches over the course of my journey and made some observations. This year, as I too, step into the role of a spiritual coach, I’ve been reflecting on the kind of experience I want to create for people that reach out to me.

This is the foundation I want to set, as a bare minimum. And what you should expect, whether you work with me, or anyone else.

And if you’re a lightworker stepping up in the spiritual community as a healer or coach yourself, this also acts as a checklist of what people will look up to you for.

Note: This post isn’t about medical professions like therapists and counselors that follow different formal guidelines and an ethical code of conduct. A relationship with a healer or spiritual coach will be much more personal.

#1 – The right spiritual coach will push your buttons.

Every time I talk to my healer, I have to push down my ego, because boy, it feels attacked! When inner work and healing is initially triggered through another person, it can feel like being shown the mirror, in a deep and moving way. The ego doesn’t like it, but it’s essential for your soul.

Mirror, Man, Darkness, Light, Look, Shadow aspects, Healing, Self-awareness

I learned about the depth of this while reading Paramhans Yogananda‘s experiences with his own teacher, and how hard it was for him to navigate the journey.

Good spiritual mentors can intuitively see our gaps in a way we cannot, because they’ve done their own intensive healing. They can see straight through the ego-mind and all its gimmicks.

If they’ve been doing their inner work long enough, they won’t be afraid to bring out these shadow aspects to you.

#2 – When they push your buttons, you’ll be inspired to take action.

I know every healer or coach has their own approach, but compassion plays a big part in the way any truth is delivered to us. It’s one thing to reveal someone’s shadow side to them, but it’s even more imperative to help them see it with kindness and persistence.

I don’t resonate with coaches that demean the person, yell at them or threaten them as a ‘tactic’ to make them overcome shortcomings.

A good spiritual mentor must be heart-centered.

One who not only directs you towards what’s better for you but makes sure you get there NOW! (Or yesterday, if they had it their way)

#3 – They’ll be generous in helping you heal.

I am all for earning as a spiritual practitioner, but there’s also a fine line between earning versus becoming greedy. Some people have turned a sacred profession into a business, and if that’s the vibe you get from the person you visit, they don’t qualify to serve you.

An authentic spiritual mentor understands that they are an infinite and abundant being of wisdom, and you can never draw enough from their sacred well. They will thus, NOT scramble to share their wisdom, but offer it generously.
Water, Drop, Blue, Liquid, Clean, Clear, Wisdom, Knowledge, Authentic Healer

I’ve spent hours outside my sessions with her, and my healer never hesitates to impart the best of what she can at any given moment.

Caveat: That’s her level of generosity, but it may not be another’s. Nevertheless, you should feel satiated, not unheard in every interaction.

#4 – They won’t keep upselling services to make you stay longer. They will empower you to serve yourself (and others).

If you feel like you’re always investing a lot of money, and always hearing about how you’ll heal once you do their next workshop, trust me – they’re not worth your while.

Money, Commercialization, Transactional relationship

You won’t need to spend endless money into your healing, to no avail. A few modalities into the work, you’ll begin experiencing greater self-awareness and feel more confident to work independently on yourself.

Also, if a healer guarantees a quick-fix to your problem, that THEY can heal you, there’s something fundamentally missing.

We can only give you tools, but you’re the one trying them. And YOU will be the one that heals yourself.

#5 – Your spiritual coach will be from your soul family.

You may have never met them before, but once you do, they’ll fit right into your life. You will be able to open up about things that you couldn’t have with anyone else, even if you’re just slowly beginning to trust this person.

Think of it like this, that even though there are countless spiritual teachers in the world, not everyone can resonate with just one teacher. Every teacher, based on the extent of his or her own inner work, will be able to serve a group of people.

That group may or may not be yours. But you have your own group, and you’ll know when you find it.

After I met my healer, I knew an important soul contract had come into fruition. Conversations happen at a different depth and dimension.

Friendship, Hands, Union, Love

#6 – They will LISTEN more than they speak.

Everyone that goes to a spiritual coach first goes to be heard, then to be healed. No exceptions.

Sure, a mentor is knowledgeable, but there’s an important lesson every genuine teacher knows. And it’s the art of listening.

Portrait, Face, Listen, Talk, See, Human, Authentic Healer

You cannot teach unless you know where to begin. Your coach should be asking you lots of questions, getting to know parts of you that you may have not reflected on yourself before, and have a consistent curiosity to learn more about you so that they can help you better.

Most importantly, they will not be quick to push solutions on you and treat you like a ‘classic case’.

Side Note to Healers: Don’t make coaching revolve around your experiences. It’s nice to share a lot of personal stories, but the ultimate goal isn’t to make it about ourselves, it’s to make it about the person we’re helping. So be mindful of what you share and make sure it only benefits the person in their life.

#7 – A good spiritual mentor will practice what they preach.

It’s easy to talk, but true healing and inner work is a process. An unhealed healer does more harm than good simply because they’re going to project their opinion on you, and talk to you from a place that’s still hurting.

In My Honest Opinion, Imho, Healing, Hurting,

Some examples are:

  • If a person talks about compassion but on the contrary is getting a Spiritual high from insulting you (because that’s their style), you better get yourself out of that space. There’s nothing sacred about it.
  • If somebody keeps making disappointing faces when you tell your story, in a way that’s making you cover-up your truth and grow protective, they’re NOT your healer.
  • If a person brags or boasts about their own healing capacities (all talk, no display), or if you sense the fluff, they are NOT the right healer for you.

When you connect with somebody that is non-judgemental, compassionate and humble, it’s safe to say that you’ve found your person.

#8 – A genuine spiritual coach will also have their own mentor.

Our learning NEVER stops, because we are constantly evolving. Enlightenment isn’t a destination, it’s actually the beginning of a journey of authenticity, accountability, and awareness.

So no matter how good you get in any profession, having a mentor is key to your growth. Then, one good way to gauge whether someone is worth investing your time and money in, is by understanding how invested they are in their own development.

Reading, Bookworm, Man, Books, Learning

Even if your coach doesn’t have a personal coach, they will at least be eager and open to learning new things. And what’s the best way you can tell that? They will bring more to the table, every.single.time! It shouldn’t feel like they’re repeating the same two lines like a broken record.

#9 – A good mentor will not feel threatened by you.

It’s natural to feel apprehensive and want to ask deep, challenging questions.

I’m not suggesting you be rude, but you can take your time to trust this person. If a healer or spiritual coach gets easily provoked or acts from a place of self-defense when you raise questions, they aren’t ready to help you. It’s evidence that they are not in their power.

People, Cover, Cry, Desperate, Scared, Fear, Hide

At other times, a person just doesn’t click, even if they’re really good and may have been recommended by someone you trust.

But a genuine healer is powerful, grounded and confident enough to know that you may or may not resonate with each other. Which means you’re always welcome to move-on. If you’re getting a desperate, needy or clingy vibe from them, you’ll know they’re not the one.

#10 – They will NOT act supreme or holier than thou.

Having a Spiritual Ego is counterintuitive. But it does happen to the best of us. Which is why, whether you’re taking spiritual advice, or the one giving it, it can easily begin to sound preachy.

Whoever you seek help from should be grounded, admitting to not always having answers, and accepting if ever they were wrong. Is being wrong a big deal? No. But accepting it can be.

Woman, Write, Pen, Hand, Self-Esteem, Ego, Arrogant, I'll do it my way

The same goes for wisdom. A healer might listen to you and not know how to help you right away. However, through openness and determination, they may be able to guide you through tools that start bringing results.

Concluding Thoughts

Having spent a lot of money on my healing, I can tell you this. It can take you a while before you find the right mentor for your journey. Don’t stop searching! And it’s okay to have multiple mentors or to keep evolving and needing someone wiser to coach you.

Very few people are fortunate to have a consistent mentor for years on end, someone that can continue shaking them.

At the end of the day, a healer shows you how powerful you’ve been all along, that you were acting like a victim!

As you experience that power for yourself, they will cheer you on and let you move forward to do your thing. But they will always be remembered as one of the most significant people in your journey back Home. 🙂

Should you feel inclined to work with me, and give me an opportunity to be of service to you, you’re welcome to setup a complimentary 20-minute telephonic discussion with me. I hope you find my work in the image and standard that my spiritual coach set for me through her incredible work! 🙂