Twin Flames: Signs, Myths & Significance

What is a twin flame? What are the signs and misconceptions about twin flames? Are there stages in Divine Union? And other tips for your twin flame journey.

Have you heard the term Twin Flames? If not, you’re lucky! Jokes apart, I came across this concept several years ago in the most random way – from the comment section on a Medium article! And combined with 11:11 on the clock, it sparked my Spiritual Awakening.

I learned and experienced a lot of unexplainable things when actively working to heal myself through my twin flame journey.

Initially, when I began writing on my Instagram account, I would talk about Twin Flames, create memes on Divine Union, and whatnot. It was a learning curve for me, and those around me. Over time, as my spiritual journey expanded, so did my work.

I’ve been stalling this post for more than two years now. From the beginning, I’ve written, rewritten and deleted this more times than I can count on my fingers. But I finally decided to do this.

I want to bring all the genuine advice I can, from personal experience. Because of late, I notice a lot of fluff and misconception on the subject, and I hope that this post will address most of that, even if not all.

This post is not just from my perspective. But also from the lens of several other Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that I befriended along the way. 🙂

DISCLAIMER: This information was personally gathered from everyone I believed could add value to this subject. Using Google Forms, I asked a dozen questions. Most people want to remain anonymous at the end of the day. This is a personal choice and I respect their privacy. So, I will only share what I am permitted to.

Even though this is a giant post, it is still scratching the surface of what the whole twin flame journey is really about. Nevertheless, we must all start somewhere, and this is my initial jab at the subject. Let’s dive in, shall we?

WHAT is a Twin Flame?

The most popular idea on the internet is that twin flames represent one soul split into two bodies that come together in that last lifetime. They’re believed to merge back together after having learned all their individual lessons, for a lasting union.

soulmates, recognition, inner union, twin flames

As nice and romantically satisfying as that sounds, that never made much sense to my logical mind, because there was insufficient proof.

Even then, there are some interesting yet unexplainable events that happen in day-to-day life during the twin flame journey. And as you experience them first-hand, you will know that there’s something magical unfolding.

I can thus, explain twin flames best with a few telltale signs and experiences that happen during the process.

So, what are the signs you have met your twin flame?

#1 -you see VIVID, otherworldly or prophetic Dreams of this person

A Divine Feminine from the US shares,
Early on in this journey, I dreamed of him very often. Each dream ended the same: we said I love you to each other and we were always dressed in the same exact colors.”

Personally, for me too, I wasn’t ready to move to Canada. And I wasn’t willing to even meet the guy at the time, as a prospect for arranged marriage. But it was a very vivid dream that helped me let go of my resistance. At the time, I saw a man I couldn’t recognize tell me I need to go to Canada, so that we can “meet again”.

twin flames experience a lot of prophetic dreams

Interestingly, my mother also had a prophetic dream about my getting married to Sagar (my husband), in the exact way we did!

#2 – you experience deep RECOGNITION & UNEXPLAINABLE FAMILIARITY with this person

This turns out to be a person you’ve had a deep, past connection with over many lifetimes and you have a lot of history together (even though you can’t remember it).

You may know the person for many years and still not recognize them, or on the other hand, you might hit it off right away. But you will experience a certain familiarity, an intense attraction, and the desire to be around them even if it started as a platonic friendship.

However, as you do hang out together, you will also notice yourself constantly being triggered and feeling emotionally threatened. This is called the mirror effect. They are mirroring to you what you need to see within you so that you can feel it, and heal it. For good.

man and woman holding hand together

Your twin flame’s biggest role in your life is to bring out your unhealed wounds, your shadow aspects, and help you overcome them through self-realization. They act as your biggest teacher, as a true mirror to help you see yourself.

#3 – this person amplifieS the signs & SynchronicitieS in your life

Though not all necessary, you could experience any of the following:

  • Increased synchronicities such as Angel Numbers whenever you’re around them, thinking about them or about to meet them;
  • Animal Totems, especially pairs of animals like a pair of birds, horses, etc;
  • Crossing people with the same name, seeing their name written on boards and in random chats, etc;
  • Enhanced psychic senses and a strengthened sense of intuition,
  • So on and so forth.

Anjana, a Divine Feminine from India shares her story,

“I started noticing the word Twin flame while watching over videos related to spirituality, as I was on a journey of awakening. The curiosity made me do some research on TF journey. When I realized I too have met my twin, this journey became more precious and more curiosity bounded me to move forward. “

It’s as if the universe conspiring to bring you together, and every time you pay heed, it rewards you!

#4 – you experience a deeper understanding of the meaning of unconditional love

In the spiritual journey, we are taught that it all comes down to love. Every action we take is either out of love, or a call for love. Of course, this is easier said than embodied, but it gets easier to understand in a twin flame dynamic. How?

For twin flames, they experience an immense and engulfing feeling of love for each other, amidst the intense waves of push and pull. This love can feel so pure at times, it can feel much more than just a romantic or friendship based emotion. It is then, that you get a hint of what it means to be unconditional in nature.

On the shadow side of this sign of a twin flame, many people make the mistake of putting their partner on a pedestal, and letting them get away with things that make us challenge our self-esteem and self-worth. It’s a reminder to use this triggering dynamic to strengthen your relationship boundaries, not let them weaken!

#5 – this person shows up in your darkest hour

It could be after a tragedy or during your dark night of the soul, that you meet this person ‘by chance’. You both could even be going through similar life challenges, and find solace in each other’s companionship. But as soon as they enter your life, they trigger immense healing and an initial sense of comfort.

woman on bike reaching for man's hand behind her also on bike

As a Divine Feminine from Greece shares,

“One night, after I thought I reached the bottom and I was wishing to not be alive, I asked for the first time help from God. I was always an atheist but this time my desperation lead me to surrender and ask help even if that God didn’t exist. A few minutes later I met my twin online by “accident”. It was so intense and I couldn’t even realize why. I was completely unaware of what all those things that I was experiencing were. The only thing I knew was that I wanted for the first time to transform into my best version of me. And that’s what I did.

As you experience these signs, you may find yourself to be in a “Honeymoon” Stage of the journey.

As Lilibeth a Divine Feminine also shares,

It all began with a break up. I sought help on how to understand what I had been through and met a wonderful spiritual advisor, simultaneously I “met” my Twin Flame but I had no idea what I was headed into, I just knew it was going to be different than anything I had ever experienced before.

A twin flame, just like other soul family, holds a strong telepathic connection with us. So, when we are in distress, they levitate to help us.

The differentiator is that twin flames typically carry a lot of complimenting wounds and baggage, and they both heal each other as well as trigger each other’s wounds in a way that’s more intense than most other relationships.

So now, let’s take a minute to talk about the three types of spiritual relationships that we share – soulmates, karmic connections and twin flames.

What Is The Difference Between a Twin Flame, Soulmate, and Karmic Connection?

Broadly speaking, the people we meet can have three types of soul contracts with us.

Karmic connections are said to be the relationships that we get into, purely to fulfill a karmic debt to each other. Such relationships typically do not stay with us for life, and can end in an ugly way.

karmic relationships versus twin flames

These relationships can almost feel transactional in nature, where it eventually feels like one person got the better side of the deal, whereas the other was just giving and giving away.

Soulmates are spread out across our lifetime, and include our friends, family members and loved ones. Initially, they may have many spiritual lessons for us to learn from them, and can trigger us in our healing. However, overtime they can be the easiest people to hang out with, who we even consider our soul tribe.

Even when soulmates go apart in distance and lose touch from time to time, they are harmonious and gravitate back to each other over and over again.

And then, there are twin flames. It’s believed that you only have one such person, a true energetic counterpart.

However, there have been instances in the twin flame community where people have talked about false or catalyst twin flames. Which is what I want to talk about next.

False Twin Flames

Just like the concept of a twin flame feels strange at first, so does the idea of a false twin flame. Until you’ve experienced either phenomenon, you won’t believe in it.

However, there are many people I’ve met in the community that can confirm they have undergone a spiritual awakening due to a false twin flame. The “false flame” acts as a catalyst in your journey, and can prepare you for your final union with your “true twin flame”.

And what people experience is that when they’ve truly awakened to the dynamic of this journey, the false flame will “fall off” and lose sight. And over the next couple of months or years, no matter what they do, will not be reentering the awakened partner’s life. Instead, the path opens up to the real deal.

Sounds like a twisted movie plot, eh? I know!

At the end of the day, remember that these are all labels.

It doesn’t matter if you call them a soulmate, a karmic, a twin flame. Or if you want to call your special someone a tree. At the end of the day, all relationships are helping our soul in its evolution.

So, don’t tie yourself up with labels.

Whether this person is going to be your partner for life or not, doesn’t matter. What you can, and must do, is learn your spiritual lessons while holding immense love and respect for the individual whose here to play this role in the soul contract.

So… what is the Purpose of a Twin Flame Journey?

I believe it’s a couple of things.

  • One, it introduces you to the realm of Spirituality. For most people in the twin flame community that I have spoken to so far, they’ve all said that the journey brought on their spiritual awakening. It’s possible that through the experiences of unconditional love for another person that we wake up to the bigger truths of life.
  • Second, it makes you aware of your duality and helps you balance your energy from the perspective of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. In every case I’ve seen thus far, the Divine Feminine energy is known to awaken first and undergo immense healing. The Divine Masculine follows suite much later on, but seemingly catches up quite rapidly.
  • It also inspires you to rapidly heal yourself and tap into your higher purpose. I like to think of it as the Universe dangling a carrot for us to keep prioritizing our evolution. Often, I’ve observed that the awakened partner will pursue their spiritual calling and the other partner will join them shortly after.

So in essence, a twin flame journey is a deeply spiritual path that leads us back to ourselves and our wholeness. However, you don’t need to continue pursuing this path to stay spiritual – it’s just one of many modalities available to help us self-actualize.

Myths About Twin Flames

I’m adding this section because it is what triggered my need to write the article in the first place. Some hard-hitting truth bombs your way, now. Note that I will continue adding to the list overtime.

Myth #1 – There are only 144,000 twin flames in the world.

With all due respect, it doesn’t matter how many twin flames there are. There’s no need to glamorize or make any of feel special over the other.

All paths are leading us home, and some people have just chosen to walk down the spiritual path with a counterpart. This is just one of the many spiritual myths that pull us away from our true purpose.

Myth #2 – You need to be perfect to be in union.

It’s natural to want to improve yourself, but remember that the twin flame mirrors you. So they don’t need you to be perfect, they are always meeting you exactly as you are, and simply showing you where that is.

Instead of trying to perfect yourself and beating yourself up that you’re not in Divine Union, try to understand the concept of soul contracts. Some people, no matter how special cannot be with us because we are not contracted or destined as such. And that’s that.

Myth #3 – You’re special if you have a twin flame.

Once again, this idea seems to flatter the ego-mind but doesn’t have much value. Unless you’re using this “special journey” to focus even more intensely on your healing, and you understand the depths of the mission at hand.

At the end of the day, we’re all going back home, twin flame or not. And there are no extra credits for doing your journey a certain way.

My Twin Flame Story

Last but not the least for this post, I want to share a little bit about my story.

For the first few years of my spiritual awakening, I was doing everything in my power to manifest a Twin Flame Union. I was driving myself crazy, wanting to find my Shiva. Eventually, I realized how ridiculous this was, and this was NOT in my power.

So I shifted my focus to other self-healing dimensions like Chakras and Inner Child Healing.

Finally, when I, Vasundhra (Earth) met my now-husband Sagar (Ocean), it hit me. This is it.

Throughout our courtship and several months into our marriage, I kept noticing uncanny synchronicities between us. Here are just some of the mystical stories that have unfolded for us.

  • When I was a 4-year-old, I used to sing a Bollywood song, Pardesi Jana Nahin, which meant “my beloved, don’t forget me to go live in the abroad”. It gave me goosebumps when my grandmother reminded us of this because of the prophetic way in which my younger self must have sung that song!
  • We’ve always had common relatives, but don’t remember meeting each other. However, we were at a wedding together when I was 7 or 8 years old. And legend has it (our mothers say), that we danced together back then!
  • During my awakening, I started painting out of nowhere. The cover of this blog post is the painting I drew, long before I met my husband. Cherry blossoms are NON-EXISTENT where I lived in India, but are a natural aspect of Canada, my husband’s home.
  • The moment we exchanged garlands during our wedding, I looked into the audience. And my eyes landed on someone’s phone cover, as they were clicking our picture. The cover was a beautiful picture of Shiva. I knew I had found him. 🙂
There are countless incidents that happen every other day that affirm this journey and the Oneness that it’s meant to lead us towards!

Even today, after stalling this post for 2 years, when I decided to finalize it for publishing, my twin flame showed me a set of greeting cards he’d just purchased, by a brand called “good twin”. Haha, these synchronicities are something else!

Concluding Thoughts

The case in point I would like to make here is that the twin flame journey is a funny dance between our masculine and feminine energy. For example, the moment one of us is emotional, the other naturally jumps into their logical self. When one is inclined towards physical fitness, the other naturally inclines towards spiritual fitness. And so on.

There are many valuable lessons to be learned through this journey, and perhaps the most important one is finding our own inherent worth and wholeness. So, my question to you, fellow twin flame is, are you ready to stop focusing on them and bring all that awareness to the magic already within you?

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Bite-Size (#2) : Are You Misusing Your Power?

Are you misusing your power and taking on an unfair role in life? What are the ways you can manage your personal power? Here are my two cents.

I consider myself an accidental spiritual writer because even though I’ve always loved writing, it never once occurred to me that one day it would be about spirituality. Today, as a part of my self-reflection, power play came up as a theme. And I was humbled to realize the ways in which I was misusing my power as a writer. See how this post lands for you in your life.

Feeling Powerful Can Make Us Feel Full Of Ourselves

There was a phase in college where I got involved with a food reviewing group. We’d get invited to restaurants to try out their food, in exchange for an honest review. There were a couple of incidents where the management and food was really subpar and I left a sour review.

review, critic, misusing power to hurt other people's reputation

Sometimes my parents would feel like I was going too far and that the reviews might bring personal attacks on me.

This memory flashed back as I was looking at my own fear of being criticized as a new author. The truth is, I have no idea how to write a book, let alone a book that matters. And the fear has engulfed me for several years to the point that I often find myself looking down at my books even though it took me a whole other level of courage to put them out there.

Today, as I decided to move beyond this inner critic, it humbled me to realize how the power I had as a consumer was getting to my head. I was, albeit unknowingly, misusing my power.

A big part of our healing requires us to practice self-forgiveness and know that there’s an innocent intention, no matter how malicious the action.
self forgiveness is important in healing

I tried not to judge myself for this incident. Here’s the thing.

I wasn’t trying to be malicious, at least not in my head.

To me, it was like wearing the “food critic” cape and I just wanted to do the role justice. I look back at it today and see the moments of immaturity that shimmer. But I also see that those events really were subpar and deserved to be highlighted. Maybe just not with the extremities that I deployed.

When I saw that even misusing power could have a childlike innocence, I also had flashbacks of the two people online who had said nasty things about me at some point in my work as a writer. I could finally see that they weren’t villains in my story. They were just wearing the “social media police” cap and wanted to do their role right.

For the first time in months, I didn’t feel hurt. I felt like I could understand where they were coming from – because I had once been there myself.

But who gives us this power?

Who is anyone to come up to us and say hurtful things? Why do they believe that they have that kind of right?

The person displaying that power, is the one that believes he or she has it.

Have you ever participated in Halloween and dressed up as a character? Have you really felt “in character” and that magically you were acting so much more differently than you usually do?

halloween, different roles can make us feel powerful, misusing power when wearing a mask

And then the mask and makeup comes off and you’re back to being yourself. What happened there?

The same thing that happens in daily life. We are all putting on different masks that temporarily make us feel powerful. But sometimes, when left unchecked, the very power that can give a person their biggest breakthrough in their career can also be the power that destroys another person’s reputation and life.

Concluding Thoughts

What masks do you wear? What roles are you playing in everyday life? And when you wear them, how differently do you behave from who you believe you actually are? In other words – how can you be more of your true, centred self and still do everything you’re meant to do?

Think about it. And go deeper into thinking that even though you have all these roles and power, you might not always be using it for the greater good. If that’s true for you, imagine now, how difficult it must really be, to wear a superhero cape and not get carried away.

Honouring every real-life and reel-life superhero that has worked wonders with power. How I see it is that the only way we can have power over power, is when we are focused and have the bigger picture in our mind. The higher the vision, the more power we get to work towards it, and the less we try to use it for personal gain.

I’m ready to do bigger things for the spiritual community and use the power I have to be of deeper service. What about you?

Ready to take your healing deeper? Let’s talk about it! You’re welcome to fill in this this form and submit an application to become eligible for a complimentary session with me.

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The Three Stages of Being An Empath & How to Be a Superhero

What is an empath? Is it a superpower? And what are the stages of being an empath? Here’s a post for you to reflect on and empower you.

I am surprised by how many people consider themselves as an empath, because I used to consider this a rare thing. However, in a way, it’s reassuring to all of us to know that there’s more goodness out there than we realize. So I feel disheartened when a highly empathic person is experiencing burnout and retracts from their fullness. This is why I want to address the three stages of being an empath. So that you no longer see empathy as a problem but as one of your biggest superpowers.

First of all, what is an empath?

In a world where everyone is so concerned about their own problems, you as an empath are naturally able to hold space for other people to share their pain with you. Most people don’t get that kind of acceptance for their emotions. So, in holding that space for them, you’re able to relate to them in a way where they feel like you “get” them and they can count on you for emotional support.

woman hugging another woman, empathy, sorrow, stages of being an empath, emotional support

As a result, you attract a lot of emotionally dependent people, and seem to get even the most unfamiliar strangers to share their deepest secrets because they seem to trust you.

In other words, you can walk in most people’s shoes – you’re kind of the exemplification to the phrase, one-size-fits-all.

It’s different from sympathy where you are feeling bad for someone. Empathy is about validating another’s experience without fuelling the victim archetype. You get where they’re coming from, but you don’t enable their sadness. You instead have a natural way of elevating them to a higher perspective.

Many people consider empaths as “naturally gifted” or as born healers.

This becomes a problem for many empaths because they tend to get drained after such healing effects. They begin to see how deeply and intensely this relating to someone else can affect their own energy. And they want nothing to do with it, but they don’t know how to make it go away!

Using the explanation of the three broad stages of being an empath, I’d like to help you understand how holding our empath abilities back works against our spiritual development. And if we learn how to master our empathy as a superpower, it actually works for us.

The Three Stages of Being An Empath

Stage One: The Unaware Empath

At our autopilot, unconscious best, we are constantly absorbing from the world around us. Even those that don’t speak the spiritual lingo casually say things like “bad vibes” or “negative energy”.

It’s because whether we sharpen our skills or not, we all are fundamentally connected. It’s a collective consciousness, which means we can all feel each other’s emotions to some degree. As independent and “self-made” as we consider ourselves to be, we are all an indispensable part of the grand scheme of all life.

It’s like a stone dropping in clear water – the ripple effect goes on and touches every water droplet for lengths!

But the problem arises when empaths take on too much without knowing what’s happening and they experience a lot of mood swings and inner tug of war every time they try to help someone else. I like calling it the emotional sponge effect.

being an empath can be overwhelming, highly sensitive person, absorb other people's pain,

You tend to soak it all in – the good and the bad from a conversation, without realizing what’s yours to deal with and what wasn’t even yours to begin with.

We might spend decades being this way, until something finally shakes us awake.

Stage Two: The Retracted Empath

At this stage, you begin to have a sense of the different ways in which you’re absorbing other people’s energy. It’s normal for you to retract when you see how harmful something is for you.

So at this point, as a retracted empath, its common to think of thoughts like:

  • “I care for everyone too much”;
  • “I’m the only one that has to understand everybody”;
  • “Why can’t people get me like I get them”;
  • “I love helping people but I hate being around them”;

And so on. This is the ego-mind waking up roaring as a means to protect you. Nothing wrong with that, but if you keep buying into these thoughts, you will find yourself distancing from the people you used to love being around.

stages of being an empath, spiritual awakening, separation, duality, ego mind
Spirituality 101? Anything that creates more separation in your heart or mind is the ego.

While you don’t need to absorb everything and feel bad about it, you also don’t need to “protect” yourself. There’s nothing to protect, if you’re fully aware of the energy and flow of your spirit. This is another one of those “spiritual myths” that is distracting us from stepping into our superpower.

But then how do you develop awareness of your energy and tune into the flow of your spirit?

  • Get used to the idea that you’re susceptible to absorption. Instead of denying or running away from this experience, understand that it’s something we need to accept so that it can be managed.
  • A good way to manage this is to practice clearing your energy at the end of every interaction (or at least before you go to bed). Here’s a free, powerful self-healing tool to help you release anything that’s not yours.
  • Empower other people by not becoming an emotional crutch for them. While you sit there and hold space for their pain, don’t try to sweep in and save them. This is how they’ll learn it’s okay to cry, but that you’re not the only one that can wipe their tears.
  • Also practice being more in the body, and less in the mind. When we’re running away from our own pain, we tend to escape and go into our headspace. But if you can be more “present” in the now, you become hyperaware of the slightest changes in the flow of your energy. And then, it becomes easier to not guess or carry that energy back home with you. You clear it as it comes.
  • How do you do that? Initially, it helps to work with someone that can guide you through different embodiment practices and teach you a new way of living. Who can you work with? I’m one option. You can set up a complimentary call with me here, if you’d like to. Or you can work with whoever you resonate with, along those lines.
  • Use crystals, take salt baths and ground your energy back into Mother Earth. You know, the whole spiritual 101 stuff.

The Powerful Empath

If you’re the rare type of person that understands pain and has mastered how to transmute it, you are finally able to step into the true power of being an empath. You are a superhero.

being an empath is a super power

For such people, they can make a beautiful coach, healer or therapist because they are able to hold space for all healing – theirs and of those around. Because they were willing to do their inner work, they’re able to help everyone around them dispel the darkness.

They are no longer afraid of being ‘hit’ by the wave of an emotion. They know it’s there for a reason, and they have all the right tools and mindset to deal with it.

Wasn’t that the whole point of ‘waking up‘?

We need more such people. Are you ready to be one of them?

Concluding Thoughts

If we keep ‘protecting’ ourselves, not only are we digging our own spiritual grave, we are doing a disservice to the collective consciousness.

A simple example I’ve seen of this is in some of my clients. When I clear some of my stuff, it automatically clears something in them. So many times, it wasn’t a logic that needed to be shared, it was a transcendence of energy that was required.

We don’t need to talk sense into people, because most people already know what they should do. But we need to exemplify how to do it without rejecting the parts of us that are hurting or aren’t perfect.

And when you get to do more of that, it is the most gratifying and fulfilling experience you can imagine! Imagine having that kind of impact on every person, in every conversation? Yes. I see that for you. And I hope you will choose to put on your superhero cape now.

Ready to take your healing deeper? Let’s talk about it! You’re welcome to fill in this this form and submit an application to become eligible for a complimentary session with me.

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