7 Chakras Explained – How to Balance & Align Your Energy Centers

I first began learning about the Chakra System back in 2017, when I read Caroline Myss’ work on the Anatomy of the Spirit. Ever since, I’ve explored many books and tried out small activities on a daily basis, to strengthen the Chakras that are out of alignment.

Through this page, you’ll find two ways to learn about the Chakra System.

You can opt for a 15-day intimate, one-on-one workshop with me. Here are more details. Or if you’re just getting started and want a beginner’s point of view, you can go through the free resources listed below, including the 8-posts series.

Before you do any of that, I also want to share a little bit about why Chakras hold such a significant place in my heart and journey.

Why I Teach About The Chakras

The Chakra System is an ancient practice that’s been taught and retaught by countless profound people. Then who I am amidst the crowd, teaching about something so intricate?

As Nadia Bolz once said, “Never once did God scan the room for the best example of holy living and send the person out to tell others about him. He always sent stumblers and sinners.

My purpose in teaching about the Chakra system, is to simplify it enough and make it accessible in daily life.

  • What role does the Chakra System have in our day-to-day life?
  • Can it effect our mood, our mental state and our physical body?
  • How can we find out if we’re in balance or out of alignment?
  • And most importantly – how do we get back into that state of harmonious inner peace and quietude?

Answering all these questions, and many more, my objective is to empower you with all the tools you need in daily life, to balance your energy system.

Chakra Balancing is neither complicated nor otherworldly. It is in fact a very simple and profound way of living life. And if you haven’t already, I highly recommend trying out my workshop to get a deep experience.

Why Is The Workshop Unique?

I woke up in the middle of one night and had this brilliant analogy come to me, about the Chakra System. I don’t take credit for it because it was Divine Guidance for sure.

And yet I reap the rewards of it. Today, I help dozens of people explore their Chakras through a powerful 15-day course. It’s fun, unconventional and you’ll learn a LOT. Here’s some of their feedback, in action.

Also, I think it’s a part of my higher calling to talk about the energy centers of our body. But that’s a story for another time.

If you’re interested to learn Chakra Balancing in a unique and highly-engaging way, I’d love to facilitate a workshop for you!

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If not, go ahead and check out the next section, where you can read about the basics of each Chakra at your own pace.

Free Resources For Learning About Chakras

Here’s a ton of research and free resources I’ve put together for you to read about. This material is separate from what’s offered in the course. Feel free to browse through and make the most of this series!