Applied Spirituality : Spiritual Workshops for Deeper Healing

While through the blog you can find a range of spiritual theory (jyana), there are many things in this journey that need to be experienced first-hand. We need to learn how to apply this knowledge into our day-to-day life and actually embody all this jyana. For that, I’ve decided to create some fun spiritual workshops for you!

These spiritual workshops are not just based on research or knowledge, but come from my own experiences. So, I share the tools, tips and healing modalities that I have personally been working on in my own journey.

That said, if you enjoy reading my blog posts and little musings, you’ll definitely enjoy working closer and gaining the experience first-hand! 🙂

They are available as solo workshops or you can bring along a loved one, and periodically as group workshops.

NOTE : Currently, I am conducting all workshops online, in real-time. Some courses maybe available as recordings in the future. Stay tuned!

Collectively, my workshops have been attended by dozens of people, with happy feedback. Here are some of the highlights.

So rest assured, you will learn a LOT and enjoy a lot, too!

Upcoming Workshops (Group)

Inner Child Healing Workshop on 31st October.
Get in touch here for more details.

List of Different Workshops & Offerings

Here are the highlights of each workshop. You’re welcome to get in touch for more details, and to book a session for you or your friend.

Healing Your Inner Child

inner child healing, spiritual workshops
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Masterclass for Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing Digital Spiritual Workshop
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Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Body!

Get Out Of Your Head, Spiritual workshops
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Design Your Own Meditation Practice

How to Design Your Own Meditation Practice, spiritual workshops
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Workshop Enrollment Form

Please drop a note below to coordinate the date, time, and course fees for the spiritual workshops you’re interested in.

NOTE: Currently accepting bookings through Paypal, PayTM & UPI only.