Applied Spirituality : Spiritual Workshops for Deeper Healing

Through the blog, you can find a range of spiritual theory (jnana). But there are many things in this journey that need to be experienced first-hand. We need to learn how to apply this knowledge into our day-to-day life and actually embody all this jnana. For that, I’ve been putting together some fun spiritual workshops for your learning!

These spiritual workshops are not just based on research or knowledge, but come from my own experiences. So, I share the tools, tips and healing modalities that I have personally been working on in my journey.

If you have been enjoying my blog posts and little musings across the internet, you’ll definitely enjoy gaining the experiences directly from me! 🙂

How to Balance Your Chakras

  • Identifying your blocked chakras;
  • Learning how to feel more energetic and balanced every day;
  • Understanding the significance of each chakra in daily life;
  • Practical tools & tricks to heal each energy center;
  • Learning breathwork & meditation for Chakra Balancing, etc.

Grounding & Body Awareness

  • Learning why & how to ground your energy, and tap into the abundance of Mother Earth;
  • Learning how to connect with your surroundings and overcome “overthinking”;
  • Becoming more confident in your own skin;
  • Overcoming inertia and actually “doing” the things you’ve been thinking about, etc.

How to Design A Meditation Practice That Works For YOU

  • What exactly IS meditation, and how does the mind do it (or not do it);
  • How to overcome the different blocks that appear during meditation;
  • Different meditation practices, and techniques to deepen your experience;
  • Breathework, mudras, chanting, etc;

Inner Child Healing

  • Reconnecting with your inner child & learning how to reparent yourself;
  • Building self-esteem & finding your true voice;
  • Strengthening your emotional awareness and learning to embrace the full spectrum of human emotions;
  • Rewriting old patterns and overcoming relationship blocks, etc.

Some FAQ’s

What is the duration of each workshop?

Each workshop is a combination of learning on-call from me, and doing some of the activities at your own pace.

Based on your needs, each workshop can be curated to be anywhere between 90-minutes (video call only), spreading across several days (mixing in the homework). If you’d like to understand more about your options, feel free to drop me a note using the form at the end of this page.

What are the prices?

Because each workshop is highly customizable, the price structures vary. Group workshops are in general, the lowest-marked.

But all courses have been designed keeping YOUR healing in mind. Which means that if you’re unable to pay, you can request a pro-bono session (subject to qualifying). In short, pricing won’t get in your way. 🙂

How do I know which program is right for me?

Every person’s needs are different. So even though these spiritual workshops have a structure, they are tailor-fit to your journey. If you’re confused about which program to take, let’s talk about it! No obligations, here’s the link to setup some time.

Can I bring my friend along?

Yes! The workshops are available one-on-one, and for groups. Other than the Inner Child Healing Program, you can bring along a loved one in all courses.

If you’d like to enroll for a workshop, or ask more details, just drop me a note using the form below.

And periodically, I offer them to the wider audiences, as group workshops (details shared below).

How can I trust that this will help me?

Over the past four years, I have been working closely with countless people, and taking every feedback very seriously, to ensure that the quality you receive only gets better with time. Here is some of the happy feedback I get, and the highlights:

So rest assured, you will learn a LOT and enjoy a lot, too!

Workshop Enrollment Form

If you’d like to ask about any of the workshops, or confirm your interest, please use the form below to drop me a note.

NOTE: Currently accepting bookings through Paypal, PayTM & UPI only.