It is because of feedback like this, that I am constantly affirmed of my own purpose…. to write and conduct workshops for YOU!

It has been a wonderful experience for me. I never knew it could bring so much change in my life. I was struggling with creativity blocks, lethargy, saying no to people, fear regarding future and few more. The tasks which are given under this workshop makes you sit down and discover so many things about … Continue reading “Indu S.”

Indu S.

The exercises suggested for both grounding and inner child healing were extremely helpful and they remain something I still practice regularly. I am grateful for the way you listened and were able to get to the root of certain beliefs that I had about myself and others. I find now that I have more love … Continue reading “Shanal G.”

Shanal G.

The 10-day program benefitted me in ways of understanding how and when we can always talk to our inner child in different situations in life. And how that helps us become fearless and more understanding of the reasons for our behavior, and how to work on them effectively! – Feedback for Inner Child Healing Workshop

Mayank S. Mayank Sharma

A workshop is an effective workshop, when the attendees call you in person, to let you know it was a great workshop. And, this is the feedback I got post Vasundhra Key note speech. Vasundhra Gupta was the Key note speaker for our Leaders and Readers workshop scheduled on 12-May-2020. She is extremely co operative, … Continue reading “Toastmasters South Delhi”

Toastmasters South Delhi

It was great being a part of 2 of your workshops. It brought a sense of awareness from within and made me realize that I can direct my energy wherever I want, in whichever direction I want. Thanks for being a go-to person on my spiritual journey. Also, your dream interpretations are really helping me … Continue reading “Prachi D.”

Prachi D. Prachi Dhingra

The Get Out of Your Head session helped me. Gave new direction for me on how to think about myself. (Feedback for Get Out of Your Head Workshop)

Bhanu K. Bhanu kiran datta feedback for get out of your head workshop

Session really helped me out to identify my subtle emotions which are always triggered but go unnoticed during the moment. Like for me, during one of the activity in session made me realize the moments while being appreciated, I would respond with shyness and may be fluke right things happened thought was underlying persistently and … Continue reading “Ketan S.”

Ketan S. Ketan Sharma Feedback for Get Out of Your Head

The session helped me reconnect with my body. I have been neglecting my body for sometime now. The stress at work made me lose so much weight. Although initially I liked the fact that I am getting slim without working out but I didn’t realize that it has started to take a toll on my … Continue reading “Aditi C.”

Aditi C.

This session has brought a sense of awareness within myself. I have become aware I have a storehouse of energies within myself. I can direct them and feel abundance and complete. The activities described in the workshop are so amazing and practical. I can stick to them easily with little effort from my side. The … Continue reading “Harkiran K.”

Harkiran K. Harkiran Kaur

The activities given to us on a daily basis were truly engaging and thought-provoking. Some of them left me feeling emotional while others made me lighten up and feel much more refreshed after the whole day. I love how the course is designed to be very personal and interactive, keeping things comfortable and fluid. Vasu, … Continue reading “Geetanjali V.”

Geetanjali V.

Great experience, one of a kind. Looking forward to have more session! (Feedback for Chakra Balancing Workshop)

Sneha S.

The session has only benefitted me. It has familiarized me with my inner child and given a nice start to my Inner Child journey. It is an inner work and regular practice so it mostly depends on the person how enthusiastically he/she works and persevere. Vasu was very patient with me during the course, which … Continue reading “Chandni S.”

Chandni S.

Rediscovered long lost desires and wishes which used to make me happy beyond measure. I got in touch with my more creative, fun loving and extrovert side which I will always be thankful for. I am so glad I attended this workshop. Words are not enough. – Feedback for Inner Child Healing

Preetika B.

She is compassionate and gives very practical tools for working on issues. Wow, you are absolutely the right guide for me. The teacher appears when the student is ready. Thanks a lot for all your help. You are a god sent angel for me at this time. I am glad I am at a point … Continue reading “Shabani D.”

Shabani D.

A lovely soul indeed! with whom I worked on balancing my Chakra 🙂 She was always a go-to person for me not only for my sorrows but also for good conversations 🙂 From Stranger she became a Friend. She was a true healer when my mind was all in daze, she had energetic exercises in … Continue reading “Vaishnavi”


The workshop was in itself a journey. Learning about the little things that you usually take very lightly. (For example: blessing your food, keeping a dream journal, writing letters of gratitude, even taking some sunlight 🙂 ). The exercises given AFTER the workshop were quite amazing. Every day brought out the best in me. The BEST. … Continue reading “Shivangi S.”

Shivangi S.

The masterclass was a basic introduction to chakra, however it covered so many important information in 90 minutes, and was explained in a simple and effective manner that can be understood by even a child.  I love the creativity and stories used in between the session, activities added fun to it. It was not just a … Continue reading “Chandni S.”

Chandni S.

All content of the course is to the point. Chakra balancing course helped me to have better control of mind and body. Maybe if we do group activities in a more spacious room it will be great! You were good. (Feedback on Chakra Balancing Masterclass)

Akash S.

Loved the Meditation and Chakra Balancing sessions! Feeling better, more relaxed! Looking to attend more sessions on Chakra!


A lot of content covered in 2 hours, I am overwhelmed with the learnings! A lot of knowledge shared with storytelling was icing on the cake. Above all, I could relate and imagine everything.(Feedback for Chakra Balancing Masterclass) I have had the opportunity to attend your offline and online meditation session. What stands out for you, … Continue reading “Abu S.”

Abu S.

I liked the hands-on session to get associated with the practical part. Session person was very motivating, patient. Session could have been for even more duration also. (Feedback for 2-hour Chakra Balancing Masterclass)

Raman A.

Wonderful session on Chakra Balancing. Learned many things. Thanks, best wishes. Be in touch.

Shailendra V.

I have been always intrigued about learning about human connection with the universe. I am grateful for Vasundhra for introducing me to the concepts of Spirituality and Chakra Balancing. She explained the Chakras with relatable examples and suggested different techniques to balance the Chakras. While the workshop was highly informative overall, i got the insight … Continue reading “Aditi C.”

Aditi C.

The Chakra Balancing workshop was good. I liked the candid manner in which all the concepts were explained. Grateful to have lightworkers like you in my life 🙂

Sanjana C.

Sometimes it’s like most of your posts are written to me as personal letters rather than public blogs. Its beyond coincidence, I swear! If anything, you are my messenger.

Preetika B.

I don’t know why I’m writing to you but just so you know, today I googled How to become sanyasi and google redirected me to your Quora answer on a similar question. Your answer sounded sensible and then quickly looked up who is the writer. Went to your profile and read other answers. Mysticism, God, … Continue reading “Anmol”


I have read a few answers written by you. They are very well written. I am not writing to just admire your writing skills. I am astonished at the content of your answers. You are really amazing.

Bhanu K.

Your writings and videos are very inspiring and uplifting! I am delighted to find you! Keep doing the awesome work you are doing!

Sonia W.

I read over a few of your blog posts to get a sense of what you’re doing. I really like your post on “spiritual vices”. You write well: focused, concise, practical, readable. Nice work! 

Donald L.

I’ve gone through the blog of yours. Not like a binge-read all of the articles at once. But I can rather say that I have spent considerable time reading many of them carefully and I just wanted to say a big thanks from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for creating it. Thanks for writing … Continue reading “Shivangi S.”

Shivangi S.