It is because of feedback like this, that I am constantly affirmed of my own purpose…. to write and conduct workshops for YOU!

Suggestions for the Chakra Balancing workshop? None. Just conduct more such sessions. Thanks.

Aditi C.

The Chakra Balancing workshop was good. I liked the candid manner in which all the concepts were explained. Grateful to have lightworkers like you in my life 🙂

Sanjana C.

Sometimes it’s like most of your posts are written to me as personal letters rather than public blogs. Its beyond coincidence, I swear! If anything, you are my messenger.

Preetika B.

I don’t know why I’m writing to you but just so you know, today I googled How to become sanyasi and google redirected me to your Quora answer on a similar question. Your answer sounded sensible and then quickly looked up who is the writer. Went to your profile and read other answers. Mysticism, God, … Continue reading “Anmol”


I have read a few answers written by you. They are very well written. I am not writing to just admire your writing skills. I am astonished at the content of your answers. You are really amazing.

Bhanu K.

Your writings and videos are very inspiring and uplifting! I am delighted to find you! Keep doing the awesome work you are doing!

Sonia W.

I read over a few of your blog posts to get a sense of what you’re doing. I really like your post on “spiritual vices”. You write well: focused, concise, practical, readable. Nice work! 

Donald L.

I’ve gone through the blog of yours. Not like a binge-read all of the articles at once. But I can rather say that I have spent considerable time reading many of them carefully and I just wanted to say a big thanks from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for creating it. Thanks for writing … Continue reading “Shivangi S.”

Shivangi S.