Toastmasters South Delhi

A workshop is an effective workshop, when the attendees call you in person, to let you know it was a great workshop. And, this is the feedback I got post Vasundhra Key note speech.

Vasundhra Gupta was the Key note speaker for our Leaders and Readers workshop scheduled on 12-May-2020. She is extremely co operative, before the workshop we wanted a lot of details, to drive our PR activities. And, Vasundhra with a smile provided us with everything.

She is a subject Matter expert when it comes to Spirituality, and with her excellent communication skills, it’s music to ears to listen to her. You should connect with Vasundhra for her expertise in spirituality.

Or If you feel you have hit a rough path, or want to know how to live a fulfilling life, or want to give a new life, to your relationships, or just want to chat to a friend. And, I know she will give you a fresh perspective to look at things.

(Feedback for Leaders are Readers)