7 Signs of Divine Guidance : How to Know The Universe is Talking to You

Did you notice 11:11 on the clock or see a rare butterfly? These, amongst many other signs of divine guidance are always trying to catch your attention!

Whether you already know that you’re divinely guided and just looking for more insight on the various ways, or you’re not sure about it yet, there are a lot of signs of divine guidance all around you. To begin with, it’s not a coincidence that you’re here, reading this post. It’s a wink from the universe too! Did you notice?

Truthfully, there are many, MANY profound moments in our day to day life that go unnoticed. But even in the toughest adversities, the universe always has your back! And you will rarely ever be caught off-guard again by life’s events, if you start looking close enough.

But where should you start looking? And for what?! I’m here to help you with just that.

Of the countless ways in which the Cosmos conspires to help your soul evolve, here are just a handful of the signs of divine guidance you should be looking out for.

#1 – You ‘get lucky’.

The word ‘luck’ is strange, because it is neither empowering nor does it acknowledge the possibility of something greater at play. It’s for the cynic who thinks good things happen ‘by chance’.

person holding gold-colored ching coins

Even if you’re not a believer in karma, the 101 rule of spirituality is, nothing is a coincidence.

Here are just two of the countless times I got ‘lucky’. Reading these, maybe you’re inspired to think of the times the Universe overwhelmed you with its blessings.

Once, I was running late for work and would have missed a very important meeting with a tough client. I kept holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed as I drove, not knowing what to expect.

That day, my entire route had green lights, and I made it to work in enough time to even grab my morning coffee!

Another time, I had a connecting flight that needed me to stay at the airport overnight. I was out of points on my card, and would have had to pay a fortune for the airport lounge access, or sit outside.

As a gesture of self-love, I decided to pay for the lounge and get some rest. And by divine intervention, the card machine stopped working and I was given free entry!

It’s one thing to believe in visualization and work to manifest your desires through the law of attraction. But when you get something serendipitously, what then?

The Universe knows our needs even before we do. So just remain observant and when small things work out your way and you acknowledge them, you’ll notice the bigger signs of divine guidance amplify too!

#2 – You see Angel Numbers.

My first wake-up call came with 11:11 on the clock. Ever since, there’s been no looking back! But in retrospect, I realise that when anyone begins to see a crazy amount of repeating numbers, two things happen:

One, they begin to feel like they’re losing their mind.

And two, the logical mind is challenged to the possibility that this just isn’t a coincidence. I mean, how likely is it that you see 11:11 both times in a day AND a number plate of the same value?

11:11, angel numbers, signs of divine guidance

There are countless numeric synchronicities of such nature that begin occurring, especially when your life is leading you towards a deep inner transformation. It’s like the angels are preparing you for what’s in store!

However, amongst all the signs of divine guidance, angel numbers can be the most confusing to understand. So, if you need this, I’ve dedicated a step-by-step post to find the meaning of angel numbers in your life.

#3 – You notice a lot of synchronicities.

This was my favorite term when I first began my journey. Synchronicities. And what are they?

A synchronicity happens when you think of something in your mind that aligns with your path, and then something within your environment happens to echo that thought. And vice versa.

It’s like an immediate form of validation. Like an AHA moment. And one of the uncanniest signs of divine guidance.

I’ve even talked about so many instances in my own life, in this post, where I wasn’t sure if I was thinking from my intuition, or out of fear, and every time the Universe showed up for me with interesting synchronicities to help me know I’m on track.

Sign of divine guidance - woman reading a book on a sofa giving her insights she was seeking for

Some more examples include:

  • noticing a book or author wherever you go, until you finally read it and find some deep-seeded wisdom within;
  • thinking about something in your head, and then immediately hearing a stranger pass by, saying those words out loud;
  • hearing the same advice from everyone around you about something key in your life;
  • hearing a song on the radio that tells you what to do.

If you stay observant enough, it can be quite easy to navigate the toughest situations seamlessly. I call this moving from Point A to Point B with divine intervention.

#4 – You repeatedly see specific (and sometimes unusual) animals.

Not just numbers, you may notice a keen interest arising in animals. And you may end up seeing a lot of them, in peculiar patterns. What do I mean?

Before I met my husband, I kept seeing pairs of birds. Whenever I saw a pair, they would fly together in the same direction. I was curious why this nuance kept getting my attention, and upon introspection I found the term animal totems appear.

The spiritual significance was that these birds were indicating a union involving flying away from home. It was only after several years that I connected the dots, flying to Canada to be with my husband.

pair of birds, signs of divine guidance, pigeons, union, harmony, peace, black and white, spiritual animals

Another time, I kept seeing ants in my bathroom. This was at a point when I had just resigned from my corporate job to become a full-time spiritual writer, and I was driving myself crazy with my work.

Ants are a reminder for patience, and seeing them in the bathroom made me think this had something to do with the root chakra. It was then that 2 plus 2 added up for me, “slow down V, things within the realm of work are unfolding just as fast or slow as they should.”

Just like that, there are countless ways in which spirit animals guide us. I wanted to go deeper into their significance, and wrote a book about it! Do check it out.

#5 – You experience intuitive hits and deja vu moments.

It’s one thing to see repeating numbers or strangely uncanny events outside of you, but what if you start behaving in psychic ways yourself?

There have been occasions where I’ve predicted a phone call as it rang, getting an intuitive insight about the context even before picking up.

woman standing near body of water

Of course, it’s natural to wonder whether you’re speaking from intuition, or if the ego is interfering in your opportunity to experience life. For that, I’ve shared a trick before, but I would also add that to strengthen your intuition, the best thing you can do is acknowledge its existence.

So many people get freaked out when they experience this psychic sense arising and they shut it down. But as my favorite spiritual teacher Caroline Myss puts it, we really have ten senses – five from the body and five from the soul. We need to learn to use all of them!

#6 – You feel like someone or something is taking care of you.

I want to share another story with you. Once, when I was traveling alone, I headed towards the back of the metro station to use the stairs to go up. This was one of those rare occasions where I wanted to be “fit”.

The moment I reached the staircase, I was greeted by DOZENS of monkeys. Taken aback, I froze in my steps, unable to think what I should be doing now.

three monkeys standing near wall, animal totems

The very next moment, some of the monkeys started descending the stairs. And in no time, one of them pounced at my leg, making eye contact with me as he pierced his nails through my jeans.

In a moment of fear, I didn’t know what to do except surrender. I folded my hands and closed my eyes. Dear God, please save me.

And as I opened my eyes, I noticed the monkey had backed away. They all simply stood there, watching me.

I took this moment to turn around and rush away. The memory stays vividly with me till date and I always think to myself, really someone was taking care of me and watching over me that day. Or there would have been no way out of this situation.

Such is the way of this Divine Cosmos. Nothing happening to you is by chance, nor can a mishap be stopped if it’s meant to happen because of your karmic debts. But whenever possible, the Universe will sweep in and save you with its grace.

Trust in that grace, call it forth. It will not disappoint you.

#7 – You often remember your dreams vividly when you wake up.

Some people are deep sleepers and they never seem to remember what they saw in their dreams. It’s not that they don’t have dreams. They do. In fact everyone does.

Only a small percentage of people remember these dreams after they wake up. And a fraction of them think they mean anything at all.

But every now and then, you’ll come across a strange dream. It’ll either come true and feel prophetic, or feel so real that you’ll be taken aback for a few minutes.

dreaming, falling in sleep, asleep, imagination,

Did you know that some of the finest artists received their best work through their dreams? I mean, we spend a third of our life sleeping, of course dreams serve some purpose, eh!

I have worked with dozens of people to help them interpret their dreams and can tell you firsthand that there’s a lot more going back there in the subconscious, than you can imagine!

Dreams can be the gateway to your subconscious mind. While on the surface, this means working with your fears and desires, going deeper, you can tap into wisdom and divine guidance to steer the direction of your waking life in a different direction.

If you haven’t been putting the dots together yet, I want you to consider keeping a diary next to your bed before you sleep, and ensuring you write down as little or as much as you can, the moment you wake up. As you start noting them down, try interpreting what they mean.

Concluding Thoughts

I know that at times, you might feel like it’s your ego-mind, making things up. But really, the signs are there! If you’re having trouble identifying the difference in ego talk and intuitive hits, read this.

There are countless ways, really, in which the Universe is reaching out to you, helping you, and correcting the course of your life. All you have to do at your end, is pause and watch it happen for you.

And it’s a bonus if every now and then, you can remember to say THANK YOU.


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    1. At first I really thought I was becoming paranoid phycophath everything seemed so real, it was all bad for me, Devine intervention, I was told I just might want to change my was, I’m 58 Devine Intervention gave something to look forward to and make my life happy, my whole life was pretty much miserable. Thank for you I speration and guidance. John Borneman

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