Chakras Explained (#1) : Muladhara – Root Chakra

An extensive guide about the Muladhara chakra with a self-assessment quiz to check if your Root is unbalanced, & tips on how to balance the chakras.

Root Chakra Muladhara

My endeavor through the Chakras Explained Series is to simplify and empower you to balance your own Chakra system. We start with the Muladhara Chakra.

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I believe that each one of us is a healer, and we are the best judge of our own spiritual well-being. Therefore, with a little bit of knowledge, we can go much further than any external healer could take us. So, let’s dive right in!

5 Facts About The Muladhara Chakra

#1 – Root Chakra

Located at the base of your spine, your Muladhara is the first chakra in your energy centers. This Chakra grounds you like a tree; it is a powerful energetic root or support, anchoring your soul to the Earth. Hence the name root chakra.

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#2 – Psychological & Emotional Associations

The Root Chakra focuses on self-preservation. And, it holds the heaviest density in our range of emotions (fear).

Psychologically speaking, the first chakra links to your Right to Have.

#3 – Relationship with Physical Body

The Chakras are energy centers but they have a relationship to our actual physical body. The Muladhara associates with most dense physical body parts such as legs, feet, bones and large intestine.

#4 – Relationship with Diet

The most dense foods, those rich in protein (and meats) are associated with the root Chakra.

#5 – Examples of an Imbalanced Root Chakra
  • Constantly eating.
    Eating is a primal instinct. And though there’s plenty of food around us, an unbalanced Root makes us want to eat as much as possible, to preserve our body. Hence the association with obesity (overstimulated) or anorexia (understimulated).
Hunger, Hungry, Eating, Cookie, Biscuit, Binge eating, unbalanced root chakra, unhealthy
  • Constantly operating from the mindset of fear.
    This may cause you to hoard, or work obsessively to acquire more of everything in the material world, because you fear not having enough.
  • Physical symptoms.
    The physical manifestation into the body, due to an unbalanced Root Chakra, includes problems like obesity, constipation, knee problems and sciatica.

5 Questions To Evaluate Your Root Chakra Health

Take this quick self-assessment to evaluate the health of your Muladhara Chakra, and, see if you’re in need to work on balancing this energy center.

  • Do you spend time in nature often?
  • How often do you practice mindfulness in your day-to-day activities?
  • Is your relation with yourself positive, especially with your physical body?
  • How quick and effective are you at making decisions?
  • Are you a workaholic?

5 Ways to Balance Your Muladhara Chakra

If you have identified that there is a need to balance your root Chakra, take a look at the following tips. In addition to the details we discussed in the Introduction to Chakras, here are 5 specific techniques to balance your energy center at the Root.

#1 – Meditate on the Chakra’s color, red, and its shape.

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#2 – Ground Yourself Everyday

Why? Because if you are not experiencing contact with reality, you are likely spaced out. If you’re constantly living in your head, it’s unlikely that you are creating much in the physical world- and you are stressed, because you’re living in your thoughts.

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In other words, your root chakra is unbalanced. But there are countless ways to ground your energy. And, here are some great places to start :

  • Sit or walk barefoot in the grass. And even better, if you can spend time gardening your backyard.
  • Go on a guided walk, where you focus on being mindful, all the while being present with your surroundings.
  • Become aware of your physical body and any pain you are experiencing. Being in touch with your pain brings you back to reality and helps ground you.
  • Do more physical activities, especially ones that involve creation with your hands.
  • Grounding exercises such as kicking or stomping your feet, jumping up and down and taking a jog outdoors are also great ways to disperse stress in the lower chakra.
#3 – Wear or carry crystals like Ruby and Hematite.

I purchased raw, natural healing crystals from R. R. Sheikh through Amazon and was satisfied with their authenticity, pricing and healing capacity.

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Note : Some crystals may overwhelm your energy when in contact. For such cases, it’s best to keep them away from the direct contact with the body, like outside your aura, but in the vicinity (within your room, or carrying in your purse).

#4 – Practice Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is associated to the Root Chakra, and here are some yogic postures worth trying :

#5 – Be Mindful of What You Eat
Cashew Nut, Nut, Protein, Cashew Nut

Since protein and heavy density foods are associated with the Root Chakra, it helps to keep the following diet in mind – foods high in protein. But maintain mindfulness if you consume meat, because too much meat can in turn make your root unbalanced (overstimulated in heavy energy).

Concluding Thoughts

The Chakra system is a complex, intricate energy system which should not be left at this simplified explanation. So take this as an entry point into your knowledge of the Chakras. As you immerse yourself into balancing each Chakra, you will discover a lot more meaning to each energy type.

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