Introduction to Chakra Balancing with Susan

An introduction to chakra balancing, why you need to balance your energy centers and 7 tips on how you can heal your chakras. Guest post by Susan Anderson.

Let’s start with an introduction to chakra balancing, the first in the Chakra Series. This post is a fun collaboration with Susan from Soul Garden Seekers.

The post, a lengthy one, is divided into the following segments:

What Are Chakras?

Chakras, literally meaning wheels, are energy centers in our body, which process our life energies at specific frequencies. Each Chakra is related to many things in our daily life, from our diet, mental health, physical well-being to much more.

The science of chakras is an ancient part of the Eastern philosophies of Hinduism and Buddhism, and has slowly made its way into the modern age.

The Chakra System is studied as a means of achieving spiritual healing and well-being.

Though these energy centers are not physically visible, and thus susceptible to the argument, “are chakras even real?”, working along the practices laid out for balancing your chakras gives sufficient evidence to a direct association with our day to life and physical health.

There are many variations on how many chakras are there in the body, and as an entry point into the study, it is worth learning and healing the key, seven energy centers.

Over the course of this series, we will explore the various centers in depth.

Why would you want to unblock and heal your chakras?

Chakras Energy Healing

Chakra balancing is a healing modality which helps strengthen your mind-body connection and balance your emotions. When your seven core chakras are in balance and in optimal health, you will experience:

  • increased sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self- confidence.
  • improved overall health and well being.
  • greater and faster ability to heal your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional issues.
  • increased openness, memory, concentration and awareness.
  • positive outlook in terms of understanding, perception of behaviors and thought processes.
  • heightened creativity and better resourcefulness through increased perception of your  surroundings.
  • improved and deeper sleep which provides a higher level of control over your emotions and therefore improved patience in life’s idiosyncrasies.

So, by now, it is clear that free flowing and healthy chakras will assist and support you in living the life you want and deserve.

How will I know which chakra needs balancing?

In this series, there is a self-assessment quiz for every Chakra, to determine which specific energy center needs work on.

However, even within this post, we will outline our known tools but the biggest tool (said in the best possible taste!) is yourself.

Whichever method you choose, and feel free to mix and match, is the one that will resonate with you and your 5 senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. This resonation is one way that your chakras communicate with you.

As your body lets you know what nutrition it needs with food cravings, your chakras will let you know with your senses and your choices. So, take note of what clothes you select to wear, their color, texture and fit. What your downtime activities consist of, what company you keep, the effect they have on you and how you react to others, especially when stressed.

All these will be signs as to how healthy your chakras are and which ones may need attention.

An easier way to think of it is, as food cravings affect the physical body, emotional cravings affect the energetic body.

As you feed each body with healthy eating and emotional habits, they will naturally become drawn to the ones that have a positive effect. As in both, choose wisely to turn detrimental habits into positive ones.

What is a Balanced Chakra?

A balanced chakra is one where its wheel operates continuously and at a steady speed. This steady speed enables the chakra to generate the exact amount of energy that keeps that chakra’s related emotions in balance throughout the human body. Balanced chakras = balanced emotions.

Balancing your chakras entails using vibrational energy to either open up or slow down an energy center so that the energy the chakra is generating can be used effectively and efficiently by its host’s human body.

7 Tools for Chakra Balancing

1. Colour Therapy

You will naturally be drawn to wearing certain colors on certain days, just go with it.

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Each chakra has its own make-up of characteristics, needs and vibrations.

This is where the mind-body connection comes in. Depending on your emotional/energetic needs of the day, you will naturally be drawn to the color that assists the needed chakra to operate as effectively as possible.

Example, I began to have a heightened awareness of the effects of color when I was taking exams. I had a blue and yellow dress which I used to wear and always had a good experience when I wore it. Blue for the throat chakra and communication and yellow for solar plexus chakra and fire (calm my nerves).

There is no need to concern yourself with how much or size of the color, the needed chakra will take what’s needed. It is the vibration of the color that balances the energy centres (chakras) and not just the color itself.

2. Crystals & Chakra Stones

As with wearing certain colored clothes, interacting with specific crystals and chakra stones will depend on which chakra needs balancing. Use the tools outlined here to identify which chakra(s) are out of balance before purchasing any good quality crystals.

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You may wish to look for a starter kit. Some spiritual stores have a bag with a collection of seven stones, one for each chakra. Whatever crystals you purchase, we would recommend cleansing them before personal use.

Crystals and Chakra stones can be used in a variety of ways. The most common and easy methods are during meditation and to place it within your clothing.

Do not place the crystal directly on the needed chakra. The crystal needs to feed the chakra its energy, not drown in it!

The other chakras will be fine as they are on a different energy frequency. This is why when you hold crystals, some will resonate with you and some won’t.

3. Food 

Most eating habits recommend a variety of foods and colors. It used to be so that it was pleasing to the eye. This is still true but also visually seeing, eating and digesting foods that have certain colors also assists your chakras.

colorful, food, rainbow, chakra balancing

Adjust your diet to take in more food of the same colour of the Chakra you are trying to balance. Using the sacral chakra as an example, try eating more oranges, orange peppers, pumpkin, mango, cantaloupe, carrots, apricots, and orange sweet potatoes/yams, etc.

4. Sound 

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Just as colour has a frequency, so does sound. Our energy centres resonate with specific musical notes.

  • C = Root
  • D = Sacral
  • E = Solar Plexus
  • F = Heart
  • G = Throat
  • A = Third Eye
  • B = Crown

Listening to music hat has a concentration in the required note will stimulate that particular energy centre (classical music is pretty good for this).

5. Vocal Toning

You can use our own vocal vibration/voice to create tones to stimulate and balance the energy centres.

Place both hands on the energy centre that feels out of balance, then begin to sound your deepest possible tone, gradually getting higher in pitch. You will intuitively know which pitch is correct for you, as you will begin to feel the centre feeling lighter and responding to that tone.

Use this tone technique to identify the out of balance chakra and focus on this one until you feel it is now in balance. Don’t neglect the other chakras as you need to stay in balance as a whole as well.

6. Essential oils 

essential oils, healing

100% pure essential oils also resonate at specific frequencies and can be used to balance chakras.

Although some can be applied directly on the skin if they have been diluted sufficiently with a suitable carrier oil, we do not recommend it. Given humans various skin sensitivity levels and allergies, it’s best to apply the oils to an outside material.

Our favorites are chakra bracelets, commonly known as diffuser bracelets. These are bracelets that have lava beads where the essential oil drops can be placed and enjoyed throughout the day.

Caveat; only use the same oil on the same lava bead. The other recommendation would be in an essential oil burner or steamer.

Although a direct passage, we do not recommend inhaling any essential oil, even 100% organic, on a regular basis. Apart from anything else, it’s too strong and could damage your nasal passages and sense of smell.

7. Mindfulness, Intuition and Visualization ~ Possibly the most powerful tools of them all

Mindfulness for being aware of changes in your internal body as and wen they occur, intuition for what causes those changes and visualization to correct them.

Balance, Stones, Meditation, Zen, Chakra Balancing, Rainbow

As you become familiar with the health of your own chakra system, you could start practicing visualization, preferably just before the close of your meditation.

When sitting in meditation, visualise drawing chakra energy up from the centre of the earth and cleansing each energy centre with its relevant colour, sound and frequency. Remember to clear the chakra first bringing any debris back to the center of the earth and then feed the chakra with its energy vibration with its relevant colour.


When your chakras are in balance, their wheels spin to generate the energy that keep your emotions in optimal balance. When your emotions are in balance, you can experience life at its best.

Su & Soul Seekers

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Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson

Su is the founder of Soul Garden Seekers and Executive Soul Seekers. Her passion and mission is to guide others to reconnect with their soul, to live their own life.

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