Shamanism In Hollywood Movies – Explored By Phil

In what ways does Hollywood depict Shamanism in its movies? Here’s a wonderful reflection by shamanic practitioner, Phil.

It’s been a wonderful journey with shamanic practitioner, Phil (goes by Phantom Phil). Through his guest posts for this blog, he’s shared some amazing insights into the world of Shamanism. And today, he shares his final reflection as a look into how Shamanism is nestled into Hollywood movies. I hope you enjoy him reflecting on some of the finest works, like the Batman Triology and Star Wars series. Here’s what he shares with us today.

“Why Do We Fall Sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

– Alfred, played by Michael Caine in Batman Begins (2005)

This quote is so simple and so vast. It says so little and tells us so much and is the central theme of not only The Dark Knight trilogy, but maybe even life itself. More on this later as I will fill you in on the last of my Shamanic Studies (they are finally done).

The courses and themes I outline will not be placed in chronological order because unlike trilogies where the third act of the story ties everything together this conclusion came during my second last course. The final course was still important but didn’t nearly pack as much gravity. With that being said, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t extremely cool. In fact, I think this will be a good place to start, so lay your head on that fluffy pillow and enter the dreamtime.

Do You Remember Me?…On The Street Of Dreams?

-Street of Dreams by Rainbow, from the album Bent Out Of Shape (1983)

Dreams are utterly fascinating and the interpretation of them deserves their own series of blogs. I am willing to bet that some of you were unaware that dreams and their symbols can also be interpreted through Shamanic Journeying.

Don’t worry because until the middle of December 2021 I wasn’t aware of this either. I came to this class with a journal that was full of recent dreams and some from the distant past that never really left me.

Like in my previous two entries I can only recite some of my own journeys. When I’m journeying on behalf of or working with others I cannot fully comment because that would be breaking the sacred circle of this practice. In this course we journeyed into one another’s selected dreams to gain new insights and information.

dream interpretation in shamanism

It was quite an amazing experience and if some of the details didn’t resonate at least Spirit gave us symbols to decode. So if you’re having a recurring dream (be it a positive or a negative one) and you can’t decipher its code or shake it out of your subconscious, look up an experienced Shamanic practitioner.

You may be pleasantly surprised with the results if they are able to journey into the dreamtime on your behalf. What I can share here in this space are some of the different styles of dreams and how they pertain to my journey.

The first one I will focus on is called Big Dreams.

These are dreams that I would describe as being ‘realer than real’ or can be classified as psychic premonitions. They are so vivid in detail and feeling that you may feel like you are in your waking life when experiencing them. I have had several of these since receiving my first ever reiki healing in 2013.

Some of them have been recurring and anything recurring is delivering you a message. At this session I was able to journey and gain insight into one of my recurring ‘Big Dreams’ and it’s everything that I thought I was.

It’s a series of clues leading to what was spelled out to me as ‘purpose’ and ‘soulmate’. While this dream appears to be an upcoming promise of love and light it is important to acknowledge them when they turn dark.

Welcome to my nightmare…I think you’re gonna like it.

Welcome To My Nightmare by Alice Cooper, album of the same name (1975)

I don’t think a single soul on this planet has been able to live a life free of what we know as nightmares. Nightmares are unpleasant and can escalate to night terrors for him and can turn into a pattern of no escape. But these unpleasant experiences (like the ones in waking life) can sometimes be our greatest teachers.

Here is an example of a nightmare I had leading up to the course that’s meaning got revealed to me from Shamanic Journeying.

I was in a dimly lit bathroom at the sink and I was brushing my teeth. For some odd reason I cut adjusting and manipulating the size of the bristles and when I finally decided to start I had to stop because my gums were excessively bleeding and were quite sore.

nightmare of bleeding gums with shamanic interpretation

It’s really easy to go onto a search engine and find out the direct interpretation for this but there are so many varying meanings that I didn’t really connect with any of them. So I decided to do a journeying exercise on this and I received an auditory message that roughly said ‘It’s not the bristles, it’s you.’.

Not the most uplifting message you want to hear from Spirit but after much deliberation I discerned that this message was about self sabotage. Despite all the healing I have been able to work through in recent years this is one theme I am still wrestling with and working through.

I am grateful for the message and I share this example because nightmares can be useful warnings or lessons for us to grow. I could go deep with this modality of Shamanic healing as it is quite layered but I have so much more to get to here that I have to conclude.

However there is much reading material on this subject and even though I have yet to enjoy his work the author Robert Moss has been highly recommended to me. One of his best known books is Dreaming The Soul Back Home: Shamanic Healing For Dreaming And Becoming Whole.

No One’s Ever Really Gone”

Luke Skywalker – The Last Jedi (2017)

Like the quote from Alfred that started this whole thing off, this one is full of beauty and powerful simplicity. This is from the much maligned Episode VII of the Skywalker Saga in Star Wars.

In my own opinion, this is one of the cooler scenes of the movie when Luke’s (not yet known) Force Ghost reunites with sister Leia. I brought this to the table to introduce the concept of Psychopomp and how it is used by Shamanic Practitioners.

In fact I will make a bold statement here as I am wondering if George Lucas brought in the concept of Force Ghosts to the Star Wars Universe after doing some research on psychopomp.

I know it’s a stretch but you just never know and after studying and performing in this modality I really ponder if that in fact was the case.

For those who may not be familiar, a Force Ghost is a luminous apparition of a character who has passed on or become ‘one with the Force’.

The goal posts have constantly moved on what these beings can or can’t do and whether they exist in the modern film for merely ‘fan-service’ but it comes across as a powerful tool to show us in the real world that grief can be temporary and that the spirit of the departed can exist beyond the physical.

Which brings me to the term of psychopomp and how it relates to core Shamanism. Now fasten your cosmic seatbelts because this section gets a little wild. Psychopomp work is generally speaking the caring work of guiding others through transformative experiences from life into death.

shamanism in hollywood and psychopomp ritual explained
To further bring in the element of core Shamanism and journeying, the right practitioner can track down souls in the spirit realm that have not fully crossed over and can assist them in doing so only if that soul grants them permission.

My friends the physical world is only but a single realm in this vast Universe. While this work is to be done with the utmost care and respect it can provide immense healing in the right situations.

I want to clarify a statement from an earlier post in this series that Shamanic healing is not a substitute for medical advice or therapeutic counselling.

If someone may have a terminal illness or experiencing crippling grief from losing a loved one or animal, then seek out the professionals. However, if grief is still consuming you a great deal and someone ready to pass on needs comfort in order to peacefully cross over after professional help then this may be a worthwhile option to look into.

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Psychopomp can prepare people in the final stages of life so they can understand the geography and cosmology of where souls go. It helps transition the soul / life force from life into death in a loving and compassionate way. In fact I would like to share an interesting experience I had while journeying in this class.

We had to journey to what’s known as The Destiny Of Human Souls in order to know where the souls that needed to fully cross over would end up.

Now, by no means is what I’m about to say imply that I personally know what happens when we die. I don’t have a clue and in my humble estimation neither does anyone else. But what I felt and experienced in this journey showed me that this may be along the lines of the ‘right idea’.

At least that’s how it feels to me personally. The gist of it being that every soul crosses over to the same realm. There is no duality (ie: Heaven & Hell) and the souls that did wrong in their life or didn’t fully learn their karmic lessons would be reincarnated on Earth while the ones that lived to their higher purpose and learned their lessons would stay.

angels and masters help us reincarnate and live a more spiritually evolved life

A couple additional thoughts I would like to share here is that in the spring of 2019 when I was new to Shamanic Journeying I connected with and conversed alongside two long-time deceased relatives of mine. They each gave me a message and faded into the ether and after I came back I was overcome with emotion. I just knew it wasn’t a figment of my imagination.

Fast forward to this course and The Dreamtime, and I can now call on deceased loved ones with ease. I’ve even connected with one that I never knew during my waking life. Although I don’t have experience with this, the same can be done with our deceased animal friends too.

If grief is controlling your life and professional help has not brought closure, looking into a trusted Shamanic practitioner with psychopomp experience may help the grieving process along.

One other fascinating aspect of this modality is that it can allegedly clear haunted spaces and help those disembodied spirits cross over. On my podcast Unexplained Inc. I interviewed a veteran paranormal investigator about it and she had never heard of this being used in that field. Somehow I don’t think the Shamanic and paranormal investigative field have worked together in a way that I can think of.

But if their expertise could team up with Shamanic psychopomp knowledge? Who knows what they could accomplish together. While the Star Wars franchise may have dabbled in the teachings of psychopomp they also used methods of Soul Retrieval in their characters.

“No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.”

“You think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark, I was born in it, molded by it, I didn’t see the light until I was already a man and by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!!”

Both quotes are from the character, Bane played by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

And these two quotes from the hulking and brooding super-villain known as Bane are the perfect way to take us to our conclusion into my journey of core Shamanic Studies known as Soul Retrieval.

This modality I feel is the most important one as a whole because it can arguably apply the most healing if used properly. I didn’t realize it at the time but this is what I went through on the journey while visiting my first Shamanic practitioner in 2019. Before I dive deep into this theme being used brilliantly in The Dark Knight Rises I want to give a brief explanation as to what exactly this is.

There is no Soul Retrieval without Soul Loss.

Soul loss is just about any form of severe trauma that may include forms of abuse, prolonged grief, separation / abandonment and most other difficult situations. A lot of this can happen in childhood (parallel to inner child healing in a way) and even at various stages of adulthood.

Think of a perfectly shaped shining and sparkling crystal. Blunt force trauma smashed into the crystal and not only does it crack but shards of it ‘splinter’ away from the rock and all of a sudden that crystal loses its sparkle and shine.

It experiences ‘loss’ from its truly beautiful and glittery essence. It can only get that essence if the lost shards are ‘retrieved’ and put back into the crystal to give it the full power charge that it needs to sign.

Now take that example and apply it to your soul or spirit. Just because we can’t physically see the soul doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

If we experience physical trauma our bruises and scars heal on the body but not always in the soul. It takes someone like a shamanic practitioner to journey to the spirit realm to retrieve them and rightfully give them back to their client.

Star Wars fans vocally shared their discontent with the treatment of the Luke Skywalker character by writer/director Rian Johnson in The Last Jedi. Even though it could have been executed a little better I think this was just another adaptation of the Hero’s Journey.

This theme has been recycled in countless stories / movies everywhere and with good reason because if it’s done properly it works wonders. In Episode VII Luke is in the shadow aspect of his journey and triumphantly completes his journey saving The Resistance in an act of self sacrifice that costs him his physical life.

shamanism in hollywood movies like star wars

Like I said before even though the execution could have been a little smoother this was the part of the saga where Luke performs his own soul retrieval as reconnecting to his Jedi roots and saving those he cares about. The Last Jedi may not be the greatest example of this but I will share a movie where this was done to near perfection.

Enter director Christopher Nolan.

The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final instalment of The Dark Knight trilogy. It had to follow the previous film from 2008 which many consider to be the greatest superhero / action movie ever made. That assessment is not too far off and the iconic posthumous performance of Heath Ledger’s Joker is legendary.

The third film had big shoes to fill and I feel it almost does the job and a big reason is the layered themes of the Hero’s Journey and how it can tie into Soul Retrieval on the big screen. Here’s an excellent video sharing more about the Hero’s Journey, for those that are new to the idea.

At the beginning of this movie Bruce Wayne is mentally and physically beaten down. He lost his childhood love Rachel, his confidante Harvey Dent and the persona of Batman as a whole. He also hadn’t shaved in a dog’s age and needs a cane just to get around Wayne Manor.

Enter Bane.

He is a character loosely tied to Wayne’s past and comes to slowly wreck havoc on Gotham City. Things reach a boiling point to where Bruce is finally in the right mindset and dons the batsuit again to put a stop to all this. Problem being is that he completely gets his ass handed to him by Bane in a fistfight.

Through here he proceeds to take over Gotham albeit permanently. While Bruce is escorted to the prison where Bane came from halfway across the world known simply as The Pit. Bane doesn’t just leave him there to die but to do it slowly while watching Gotham destroy itself through a satellite feed beside his cell (I’d love to know who footed the bill for that expense!).

shamanism in hollywood movies like batman
When an individual experiences an inordinate amount of Soul Loss in their lifetime they are ruled by their shadow. It envelops and takes over them.

The shadow aspect of ourselves needs to be acknowledged yet held in check. When Bruce gets physically and mentally broken down and left to rot in The Pit he has succumbed to his shadow in the form of Bane and his own personal demons. 

But witnessing his city burn on the monitor is too much and he pushes himself to get his body back in shape and to make the climb out of The Pit which has only been done by one person that lived to tell about it. All others perished.

After a lot of time passing and dialogue with fellow inmates who are symbolic of his ego-mind, Bruce makes the triumphant and impossible climb. His life flashes before his eyes, especially when his father repels down a rope to pull him out of the well. Bruce tried climbing out of The Pit tethered to a rope but got told to drop it and that is when he was successful.

This gesture symbolizes that Bruce’s father, Rachel, Harvey Dent were all his rope to pull him from the bottom of the well of his own life.

He makes the climb out of The Pit without the rope and takes a ‘leap of faith’ in order to do so…this is Soul Retrieval.

Bruce is now on his way to reclaiming the safety of Gotham City and its rightful place as its hero. In the scene when he finally returns and  fights Bane instead of matching brute strength he uses strategy to damage his mask and get the upper hand.

This can symbolize breaking unwanted patterns in your life which is another benefit of Soul Retrieval. On a side note I wonder if his sidekick in this one Catwoman was an animal totem? I tend to think this is a remote possibility.

“Deshi! Basara Basara! Deshi! Basara Basara!”
“What does that mean?”

“It means..Rise.”

-The Pit from The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The prisoners chant this while Bruce is making the climb. And of course it’s symbolic of the film and the entire character arc of the trilogy. It took Bruce to ‘make the climb’ to reclaim the missing piece of his soul so he could fulfill his destiny as the hero Gotham City needed.

I could have used any example for Soul Retrieval because so many really do apply. This just happens to be one of my favourites and I watched this film a good year and a half before I took the course so I believe that’s why I resonate with it so strongly.

As for the work I did during the course I can’t disclose specifics. What I can say however is that when I was journeying on behalf of others to find their own lost soul pieces I was performing some ‘next level’ type of moves in order to get it back and reunite them.

I surprised myself with how far I can take this ability to heal from that very realm. It was a monumental and pivotal part of my journey that solidified that I had indeed made the right choice to pursue this in the first place.

This corner of core Shamanism can change your life. It certainly changed mine and I’m just beginning to ascend to new heights.

Concluding Thoughts

In closing I want to thank each and every one of you for taking this journey with me and giving me positive uplifting feedback as well. I chose to put Soul Retrieval last because I feel it is the glue that holds all of these various modalities together.

Writing about it is difficult because it has to be experienced and felt to appreciate its full impact. I have been blessed to experience it as both a client and a practitioner in training.

The connections I’ve made during these courses have totally been worth it as well. I will end by paraphrasing my teacher that mentions that we are all here to find out why we are here – and that why is to reconnect with our personal power.

Now if only it were that easy…but that doesn’t mean that it’s not impossible and it all starts with one journey. Until next time…Aho!

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Phantom Phil
Phantom Phil

Phantom Phil hosts the mysterious, paranormal and spiritual podcast Unexplained Inc. and his show is a member of the Void Podcast Network. Phil has experience blogging on his site The Phantom Hub. He is also currently in the middle of Shamanic training and while is nowhere near being an expert is thrilled to share his discovery and journey into this mystical healing modality with you.

How Working With Anger Can Help Your Spiritual Growth, by Brianna

How can anger help with your spiritual growth? What are some tips to channel anger properly? Here’s insight from ExistBetter’s Brianna.

So many of us have grown in households where “negative” emotions like sadness and anger were frowned upon. We weren’t allowed to express those emotions, and overtime, we learned to suppress them in order to be accepted and to avoid being reprimanded. However, I’ve learned in my journey that working with these very emotions is what brings us true freedom. And today, a wonderful writer, Brianna shares how working with anger can actually help your spiritual growth. Here’s what she shares.

As people begin the spiritual awakening process, there can be a tendency to gloss over negative emotions for fear that they will prevent progress. Spiritual people are typically more sensitive, aware, and motivated to behave in a conscious manner. For this reason, they can struggle to know what to do with anger, frustration, and resentment, and they avoid working with anger in their spiritual journey.

For example, we know that expressing anger at other people is not healthy. It can be a form of projection or deflection that prevents us from truly taking responsibility for ourselves.  

It can often seem like a better idea to just try to calm down or forget about angry feelings. But this insidious tendency can lead to major problems down the line.

Essentially, we become suppressors of our own anger, dis-identifying with it altogether. From this place, anger has an opportunity to fester until one day we explode at someone, become passive-aggressive, or turn that fired-up rage in on ourselves.

Thankfully, there’s a better way.

How Anger Can Help Your Growth in the Spiritual Journey

The first and most important thing to understand is that anger is always about boundaries. And not just boundaries, but overstepped boundaries. Basically, anger is a mechanism that arises in all of us when we feel we have encountered something threatening; whether it’s an idea, a person, or a situation that feels unfair.

anger can help you know about boundaries and improve your spiritual growth

In other words, your anger is a self-preservation mechanism. It exists to say, “Hey! This isn’t ok! We do not accept this!”

Here is an example: You are having a conversation with someone who keeps talking over you. You know they’re probably not doing it on purpose, but eventually, annoyance turns to anger. You think, “they must not value my perspective.”

This may trigger a pre-existing wound, such as feeling like you don’t belong. As you perceive this threat, you will automatically want to defend yourself and re-establish the boundary you feel has been crossed.

Interestingly, as you work through lower emotions like shame and guilt, you will begin to feel better. This is when you are most likely to start encountering more anger because you are no longer stuck in a mode of powerlessness & low self-esteem.

What Happens When We Suppress Anger?

When we suppress, ignore, or gloss over anger, we get stuck in a loop that prevents our spiritual development. For example, you may start to feel anger, but then stop yourself and feel guilty for feeling angry.

Later on, you may become angry again at the same unresolved issue, but again try to stop yourself and repeat the same thing. This puts you in a loop of bumping up against anger but never quite dealing with it. 

Channeling Anger Instead of Abusing with It

As you start working with anger in the spiritual journey, it’s important to remember that angry people don’t have to be abusive. We often associate anger with people who are abusive and irresponsible.

But when you feel anger, you don’t have to yell, fight with people, or blame others for what is happening. Similarly, you don’t have to lie and pretend everything is fine when it’s not. The misalignment with our emotions is what makes us inauthentic and sabotages relationships.

Instead, there is a third option: channeling anger.

Learning to channel anger can be an uncomfortable process, as many of us were taught as children that anger is not acceptable. You may be surprised how hard it is for you to really get in touch with your anger.

For example, you might sit down and try to write out your angry thoughts, but you notice you are censoring yourself. Or you might feel frustrated like you want to punch a pillow, but you hold back and feel silly for having such emotions. A big part of working with anger in the spiritual journey is accepting that channeling it is not only ok, but necessary for personal growth. 

journaling and channeling anger can help you express it in a healthy way so it can actually help your spiritual growth

The First Stage of Empowerment

Still feeling a little icky about your anger? Here’s another idea that will help: Anger is actually the first stage of empowerment. In our culture, we often think of anger as a sign we are doing something wrong or failing in life. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Anger often comes about when we are breaking through our conditioning and accessing new levels of awareness. Suddenly, you may find that you are able to stand up for yourself in situations where you used to get bullied or mistreated. By no stretch is this an unhealthy behaviour, but a sign that you are moving toward empowerment. Of course, anger is not an emotional state that we want to linger in, but it is a state that we want to let ourselves pass through. 

Anger Wants Action

Do you notice anger come up repeatedly in certain situations? Do you struggle to know how to resolve the situation without lashing out or suppressing your anger to please other people?

One critical thing to keep in mind is this: Anger wants you to take a new action. Your anger needs you to change something in your life because your boundaries are being overstepped.

The first thing we need to ask ourselves when anger keeps coming up is: What change are you avoiding? 

What part of you feels stepped on and why? 

Is someone else doing it, or are you doing it to yourself? (Keep in mind, you can overstep your own boundaries!)

Concluding Thoughts

As we start to weed through the messy, often-intimidating territory of our inner world, we find things out about ourselves that we never knew before. This awareness gives rise to new ideas, new strategies for getting our needs met, and the opportunity to slowly graduate from anger into true self-empowerment.

If you continue working with anger in the spiritual journey as a friend and not resisting it like a foe, you’ll find that one day, you simply don’t need it anymore 😉


Brianna is a parts work practitioner offering Shadow Work Sessions to those who are ready to face their darkness & bridge the gap between who they are and who they want to be. You can find her on YouTube & her website,

Other resources for emotional awareness

Akashic Records : 8 Insights From The Journey Into The Unknown, by Man Su

What are the akashic records? Are they even real? What problems can an akashic reading solve? Here’s what spiritual seeker, Manprit shares.

Manprit is a wonderful friend and spiritual seeker who I’ve shared many parallels with in our journeys. But there are some healing modalities that he’s explored in so much depth, that I couldn’t possibly write to you about. So we are super blessed to have him share about the Akashic Records with us today, through this amazing article. It’s in-depth, so do take a moment to pause and really soak in his wisdom. Here’s what Man Su shares.

I had no clue about Akashic Record Readings and what they were. I had been looking for answers to my soul purpose and the reasons why I felt so disconnected in life? Today, I explain more of this in the sections below. 

Then I came across a book by Michael Newton, PH.D., “Journey of Souls” case studies of life between lives. This book dealt with body, mind, spirit, and reincarnation questions – a hidden spiritual knowledge treasure that I had always wanted to find. It answered life purpose discovery and the manifestation of a “creator” type of questions on my soul journey. So began my awakening into Metaphysical and Esoteric worlds that also included Akashic Records. 

In this post, I’ll be delving into my Akashic Record engagement – my journey into the unknown. And I will be answering 8 Akashic record reading questions:

  1. What I came to know about Akashic Records
  2. To do or not to do: FreeWill and Akashic Record Readings
  3. What problem did I want to solve? 
  4. My feelings: before, during, and after the session
  5. What did Akashic Record readings reveal? 
  6. Can the records help with Career and Dharma?
  7. How did it help you with toxic relationships?
  8. How long does it take for something to change?

Let’s dive in!

What I came to know about Akashic Records

My search leads me to the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), a psychic who had been reading this Akashic Record reading accurately in the past. I came to know that Akashic Record is “real” and not hearsay. It is also called the “Book of Life.” 

This Book of Life is the Creator’s always-on spy camera! A soul spy camera is being projected on a 3-dimensional world to record our actions and performance on this stage called planet Earth.

sun reflection on calm water near green mountains, god has his eyes on us

The lens of Akasha is recording every thought, deed and calibrating a possible future which tends to change each time our thought changes. Similar to our weather forecast that predicts possible outcomes for rain in hours, days, weeks, or even months from now.

So if you ask me, the records are also comparable to the atmosphere’s spiritual backend database filled with thought data. A mainframe, supercomputer, or a mighty computer storehouse with logical partitions containing eons of lifetimes of karmas accumulated for each individual ever lived. Kind of like what they show in the movie, Soul.

As I connected these dots, the first thought that came to my mind and haunted me for a while was that I had no privacy! Everything in life is a show as our thoughts are accessible and can be watched and read through a source such as the Akashic record readers. 

Who else besides Edgar Cayce could still read these database records in this day and age which accuracy? It surprised me to know that the internet was full of Akashic Record readers. I had an urge to know about what my book of life contained but was hesitant. 

2. TO DO OR NOT TO DO (FreeWill) and Akashic Record Readings

I then pondered if I should read mine. What if it changed the course of my destiny. Then the question of free will came to my mind. 

  • If we have no free will: 
    • If I have an Akashic Record Reading done, then this choice will be part of my destiny. But if destiny is pre-written, then the akashic record reading may also have been pre-written for me.
    • If I had no free will, then Akashic Record readers were sent to me by the Creator to guide my life journey ahead.
  • If there is free will: 
    • I’ll like to go to have an Akashic Record Reading done. At the same time, I surrender this decision to the Source. If this is leading me to a greater good, then I’ll let the things guide me. 
    • Since the future changes every time, I said to myself, “I’ll then test the results and output to see if it helps me direct my life most positively and inwardly.” 
    • If the Akashic reading is part of knowing my life purpose, it should help as one of the signposts along the soul journey.

If you are stuck with the decision-making, I recommend you re-read the above points again to eliminate any doubts in your mind. Also, be willing to write down your questions and try solving them to the best of your ability. It is your life, your destiny, your story. 

Here is another example: 

Q.Why should I not go for a reading? 
A. Because it is something that I haven’t done before.

Q. So what?
A. I don’t know what may happen.

Q. Fear of the unknown is a negative resistance telling me to stop thinking about it?
A. Resistance is a form of the ego-mind. Procrastination is a form of ego too. So the ego is preventing/limiting me from doing something I have never done before. It must be a brave thing to do then, and hence the resistance. I will go and see what happens then.

When you start to see that you have defeated the mind, it will surrender itself. When you have a peaceful emotional moment, it is a sign from your soul that you are in the right direction and are ready to test the waters. Emotions are the eyes of your soul.

But why did our minds do that?

The answer is simple. It’s our limited belief system. Since our birth, we have been socially, emotionally conditioned to believe in setting upper limits. This trick of mind limits us from crossing the threshold beyond conditioned beliefs. For instance, if you had heard of Akashic Records since you were 5, 10, or 12 years old on and off, you wouldn’t even be searching for this topic! 

silhouette of child sitting behind tree during sunset, child reading akashic records

In general, a limited mindset cannot comprehend, and therefore accept, the existence beyond the 3-dimensional world of the five senses system. The 4th-dimensional world is the time, space, or interface to reach the Akashic record that resides in and beyond the 5th dimension. So to believe its existence from a 3D mindset is indeed a problem; unless you are awakening spiritually to these higher dimensions. 

3. What problem did I want to solve? 

The problem that kept growing was “I strongly felt” like I didn’t belong to this 3D planet. Life just felt meaningless and stressful. I wanted to find my purpose for existence itself. I had a knowing deep within me that this pain had a message but didn’t know what. 

So an Akashic Record reading was one of the unconventional options to relieve my stress. I have discussed numerous other options in my post, 27 Holistic Self Care Options to relieve Stress.

Although one would believe that years of meditation practices should have cured me, I couldn’t even still my racing thoughts during meditation. It started to hurt me. I lost my memory to a certain degree due to growing despair, discontent, and disconnection.

painting of man

The lesson I learned was that I was spiritually bypassing. Although meditation has its benefits, meditation alone will not solve all the problems and is not a magic bullet.

Avoiding reoccurring problems and issues stating that meditation for liberation will take care of the issues is bypassing. Meditation should give us the spiritual power, energy, and focus in finding the answers to our problems, not sweeping them under the carpet! I also had a feeling that ascension through meditation could have led us to the knowledge of the records.

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4. My feelings, before, during, and after the session

Before these sessions, I was nervous. Very nervous. I thought I’ll get arrested as the resistance was at an all-time high! I felt like I was going to go to a magical forbidden land. At that point, I started to believe that after I came back, the whole world will change. My life and future will be different. I will get all the answers, and my life will improve immediately. 

During the session, I felt a sense of calm. I felt relaxed in my own sacred space. I was curious to ask questions that I prepared beforehand. By the way, I couldn’t see, touch, smell, or taste any new magical world. But I sensed some energy.

I felt like someone was there. I felt relieved as I asked my questions. The new knowledge I was gaining was helpful at that time. The spiritual lessons I needed to learn or the roadblocks to those lessons were being a little more clear. 

After the session, I felt a sense of relief. But nothing had changed. I still saw the same old world, same people, places, etc. But there was something that had happened. Perhaps at the soul level. I started to feel a bit positive even – a ray of hope for a better life.

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5. What did the Akashic Readers reveal? 

I went to multiple readers during various timeframes to understand what was going on. From the different Akashic readings, I came to know that:

  1. I was awakening gradually
  2. I had a higher purpose in life, and so life was feeling meaningless
  3. My office work was not my primary purpose for existence but a bridge 
  4. Some angels were there to help us always
  5. I had different spirit guides assigned starting from our birth
  6. The toxic relationships in life were there to teach lessons 
  7. There were akashic records related to a specific house, people, and even buildings, companies, and businesses

6. Can the records help with Career and Dharma?

From my understanding, yes. The problem is that it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you get an Akashic Reading stating you are a highly evolved soul and are here on a mission to help with the evolution of earth at this time, it would sound great initially.

But there are no details such as timeframe and signposts that will reveal much information. Why? Because the future is ever changing. 

My take about the future is, we have multiple future possibilities that “maybe” are set in stone. Not just one. So, which one future path to take is a question mark. And so, no one can answer where you are going until you set your intention, create a vision, plan, and take action. 

I struggled with this aspect for some time. Over time, I have learned and now teach others how to create visions for a better future, in my Freedom designcoaching sessions.

7. How did it help you with toxic relationships?

At a deeper level, I learned about soul contracts. It was a foreign concept to me. As Vasundhra explains in her blog, it means that you met every person before you started your journey on earth. You have a pre-life agreement, per karmic entanglements, to teach each other life lessons that will help you [and them] evolve spiritually. 

Knowing this had a profound effect on my perspective on relationships. I started to think, see and feel differently about everyone from family ties, parents, siblings, children to coworkers, bosses, employees, etc. 

soul contracts, akashic records, together, community, union, collective consciousness

So the “toxic” aspect started to fade away slowly with ease and grace. 

As a spiritual life coach, I now help people heal toxic relationships at work or home. It has an immediate effect from a healing perspective. Many of my clients have also confirmed in affirmative. Doing so does not require an Akashic Reading.

8. How long does it take for something to change?

Based on my experience, it took me nearly a year to see changes after the Akashic record readings. The knowledge and information take time to digest. Many roadblocks, however, took approximately three weeks to clear. 

Changes take time. But it depends on many sub-factors such as your karmas: your life lessons, people in life, environments, the time it takes for you to grasp the deeper meaning of lessons, repeated patterns of failure if you don’t understand and fail to pass the tests in life, etc. 

To speed up healing requires immense inner work. It is best to engage a spiritual life coach and journal your life daily. As things change in life, you will feel how the universe is always listening to you. Remember, the Akasha spy camera is always on! 

In Conclusion

The Akashic Records are for real – they are a storehouse of thoughts, deeds, and karmic actions from the past, present that helps predict the possible future similar to the weather forecast. To believe the existence of this phenomenon from a 3D mindset is indeed a problem; unless you are awakening spiritually to these higher dimensions. 

If you feel disconnected in life, Akashic record readings are a great source of revealing what is going on at a different dimension. Ultimately, the decision, drive, and willingness to seek answers require you to go beyond your conditioned beliefs. 

Manprit Suri

Manprit has completed his Basic, Advanced and practice life coaching achievements and is a Certified Holistic Spiritual Life Coach, Transformation and Intuitive Coach. His passion is in empowering people to live a meaningful purpose driven life full of love and compassion. He specializes in upgrading people’s lifestyle to: help them get unstuck in life by removing any roadblocks, limited beliefs in career, relationships, money, life purpose; and inspires them to be the best authentic version of themselves. With his Freedom Design coaching, he holistically designs your life to  attain your most important vision, goals and big dreams. He is also a spiritual awakening guide and mentor and helps those who are on their journeying into awakening. He has a keen interest in creating online content, and is also a spiritual writer.