Spirituality Simplified : What are Soul Contracts?

What are Soul Contracts? Is our destiny predetermined? And many other spiritual reflections.

I stumbled upon Caroline Myss on YouTube one day, whose spiritual ideas made it easier to recognize, why do things happen, the way they do. She was the pioneer in my understanding of Soul Contracts.

Shortly after that, many other spiritual books that I began to read also strengthened my understanding. Here’s an outline of the ideas I came across, blended with my interpretation and personal experiences.

The ‘Before-Life’

So, before we take birth, there is a certain incubation period. Imagine that in this period, you huddle together with your companions for a meeting. These are the people you share your life with today.

From a person you talked to for a brief moment in the lift, a beggar on the street, your parents, your ex, to your life partner, and everyone else in between. The purpose of this spiritual round-table conference, is to decide the lessons you will learn in the life to come. These are soul contracts, being written for you as you pursue the next ride to Earth.

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Everyone’s Role in Your Soul Contract

Ofcourse, you cannot do this alone.

To learn the act of forgiveness, someone must take the responsibility to deeply hurt you. Thus, providing you the choice to forgive them or to stay resentful.

To know how to be independent and strong, someone must ensure they abandon you at your worst hour. Thus, giving you the opportunity to stand up for yourself, or to fall down and succumb to your circumstances.

So, anyone you meet has signed-up to help your soul’s evolution. YOU have signed-up too, to deal with them. Even the annoying ones. Yup!

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By knowing that everything is an elaborate play, you can allow yourself to grow. We don’t need to try to rationalize someone’s behavior. And our pain should guide us, not make us feel helpless.

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The process of building yourself in this way, is called Ascension. As the name itself suggests – ascending or rising above the current state. The more you move up the ladder, the more you are able to see the bigger picture of life.

You become detached. But much more loving towards everyone. Because now, you begin to see, we’ve all decided to do this together – to build each other up, even if it means to ironically break each other down sometimes.

Why are Soul Contracts different?

How you learn things will be unique, designed to suit your soul’s personality and requirements, as you progress.

You may become the parent to a differently-abled child, so that you can learn to take care and love someone unconditionally even if they may never be able to pay you back, and you might have to keep taking care of them for several years, before you truly understand this.

On the contrary, someone else might learn the lesson of unconditional love by having to deal with difficult siblings or a stubborn partner that makes a lot of bad choices.

That’s why someone might have a financially booming career without putting in much effort but suffers from acute illnesses and dies early. While the other person barely makes it through the days with a loaf of bread and water, yet manages to stay alive decades longer.

unique, different
Not every experience is for you to have within one lifetime.

There are somethings you have already mastered in the past, and there are others that will come to you when it is your time.

Have you ever felt like your parents or someone much elder than you is acting irrational, and that you’re the one parenting them? Yes, souls have different maturity levels, don’t be fooled by the human relationship or age you’re in! Really, your soul has taken many lifespans, to acquire a holistic and all-encompassing flavor of humanity.

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All that’s great – but where’s the proof?

I hear you! The concept of before-life and afterlife are very fascinating and extensive subjects on their own. So what better a book to read, than Journey of Souls? These theories have been scientifically backed by decades worth of great research conducted on voluntarily regressed patients, under the care of renowned hypnotherapist, Dr. Michael Newton.

Likewise, some other pioneers in this space include Dr Brian Weiss, Dr Eben Alexander and Jim B. Tucker. You can read more about their work in my other post, called 5 Bold Spiritual Books with Scientific Backing.

How Soul Contracts can transform your life

Analyze for your present situation – is there someone who’s difficult to deal with? Are you stuck in a circumstance and have no clue how to bring change?

You must go deep down, and try to find the root cause. What haven’t you learned yet? What must you understand, so that you can stop running around in circles, and move forward to newer experiences?

Conscious living is the mindset that says, you are a soul in a human body here only for the soul’s evolution. This helps us move away from the drama.

What if you don’t want to learn?

As long as the lesson is resisted, it will resurface over and over again. And every time with a higher intensity, higher urgency. If you manage to let the lesson pass you in this lifetime, you’ll have to take it up in the next.

This is one way to look at innocent children who take birth and die soon after, from grave illnesses.

Through their soul contracts, they had to grasp how to be taken care of when they are absolutely helpless and crippled. Perhaps because they held too much pride in the past life to take favours. So let’s put it this way, the only way out of it, is going to be through it.

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But don’t let that frighten you! When you allow yourself to look at everything as a catalyst for your soul’s growth, you begin to enjoy things. As a consequence, it gets easier to identify what’s missing/lacking from your palette and improve it.

You become powerful within, enough to be able to say, “I’m going to acquire this new badge of honour.”

So, you consciously experience whatever life brings, catch hold of the lesson, and brush off the dust from the adventure to say, “this is good enough, now let’s explore something new”. That is where your role ends.

One Last Step

Now comes the role of the Universe – it’s going to test you. Once you believe that you’ve truly integrated a value into your life, the Universe is going to put forward a few more scenarios in your soul contracts, where you must display your recently acquired skill.

If you haven’t learned correctly, you may respond like an older version of yourself would have. If you are able to respond differently, you have made progress.

So, if you pass the test, the lesson is complete. Even if something reoccurs, it won’t have power over you, and you will feel the freedom and transformation taking place. If you don’t succeed, try again and see where you fell short. This isn’t mockery from the Universe, it doesn’t “hate” you. It’s simply showing you that there’s more work to do in this certain chapter.

Does the suffering ever stop?

If you did your homework well for the test, then the best thing is going to happen to you. You’re going to laugh and say to the person who’s been treating you badly all this while – “hey, you don’t bother me anymore, I’m done with your BS”.

And within no time, you’re going to notice them change their behavior towards you.

Precisely what happens when young kids face their bullies – the bullies lose their power, and find a new target. This is very fast-paced, it doesn’t have to take weeks or months to happen for you. I have seen a lot of this happen rapidly in personal, unpleasant encounters too.

soul contracts, soulmates
Another point worth noting, is that YOU have an equally important role to play in other’s lives.

A more serious example is, you might have signed up the contract to enter into a relation where there is domestic violence inflicted on you, so that you can inspire others in the same situation around you when you finally take a stand for yourself and put your partner behind bars. It makes sacrifices like Nirbhaya’s no longer go in vain – she revolutionized women’s safety for the people of India. I salute you, warrior soul. 🙂

It is your side of the contract to bring out the best in some people, and the worst in others, just like they do for you.

Closing Thoughts on Soul Contracts

Buddha spent a really long time, through meditation to find the end to suffering. The thing is, in this time and era, with the rise of inhumanity and atrocities, we don’t have enough time left to leave everything behind and explore our inner truth in isolation. If we want to flip life around for humanity, it needs to happen fast, and now!

Look around you – people are growing spiritual in their own, chaotic lives. They’re meditating indoors, balancing their chakras, learning healing techniques, and discussing souls a lot more freely.

meditation, zen, dhyan

The point is – you can end your suffering, and the way is to be conscious of life itself. For minds that are curious about the ‘why’, clarity on these questions can become humbling, and becomes a great alternative to end suffering. All the best!

My sincere gratitude to the following key writers of some phenomenal spiritual works, which have been catalysts in the transformation of my life – Caroline Myss, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dr Brian Weiss, Dr Michael Newton and Neale Donald Walsch.


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What are soul contracts?

11 thoughts on “Spirituality Simplified : What are Soul Contracts?”

  1. Soul Contracts are most definitely real. But we cannot deny the role of the Law of Attraction (LOA), which is much more than just a law—it is the governing principle of the universe. The LOA is the manner through which we primarily learn on this physical plane because the “outside” or physical manifestation is reflecting the “inside” or the predominant energy being transmitted through our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. We could not learn about ourselves if we didn’t have this “external” mirroring dynamic at work, which is nothing more than karma. In the end, the LOA is the fundamental mechanism the Universe uses to show us how we are aligned with fear instead of love. When we perceive the imbalance, we learn a lesson and make changes—if that’s what we choose. But learning could not happen without the truth of ourselves being reflected back to us through others as well as the material world. That’s all the LOA is.

    So, why–as you alluded to—doesn’t the LOA seem to work sometimes? First, the LOA is much more complex than just “like attracting like.” We have to take into account the actions of others. Obviously a plane isn’t going to crash simply because you are worried sick that it will. There are many other people on the plane that are creating the incident of a flight, including the pilot. But this is not to say that the LOA isn’t working in this situation. After all, being worried is an action that automatically brings its own suffering, regardless of what actually happens with the plane. We can see this same dynamic at work when, for example, a ruthless dictator, who was responsible for the death of millions of people, lives a long life and is never brought to justice. On the surface, he seems to get off scot-free. But in truth, this man is suffering massively due to a guilty conscience that touches his life every day. In addition, the full effect of his actions may not be felt until another lifetime. But that doesn’t mean the LOA or karma isn’t working.

    But if both the LOA and Soul Contracts are real, how do we reconcile them? We need to understand that they are simply two sides of the same coin. They both work together as the same dynamic. It is true that souls convene to make agreements that are enacted in lifetimes, but this in itself is a product of karma. We wouldn’t be making these soul contracts if it weren’t for the LOA or karma in the first place. So, while someone who shows up in our lives to abuse us in order to teach us invaluable life lessons about, for example, self-worth and assertiveness is a player in a Soul Contract, this abuse is simultaneously occurring because we have energetically attracted it into our lives. Something or someone cannot come into our lives without the corresponding energy we are transmitting behind it. This is true even for the infants you mentioned in your article, who have the imprint of energetic karma working in their lives to attract to them the adults who harm them. In this case, the LOA is obviously not working through the thoughts, emotions, or beliefs of the infant, but instead through his negative karmic imprint, which we all have. In other words, the Universe is simply attracting itself at deeper levels.

    You mentioned that souls convene to make agreements “before” they enter a particular lifetime, but the truth is that there is no “before” or “after” because time doesn’t ultimately exist. Everything that has happened, will happen, or is happening—is simply happening now because all events arise from the eternal present which serves as the ground of all existence. Therefore, while the Soul Contracts and resulting events that happen to us appear to be “fate” or outside of our control (at least in a lifetime), at the very same time, these souls who enter our lives are doing so based on the energy we transmit in the moment. In other words, while Soul Contracts implies a predeterminism, the simultaneous truth is that free will is at play. In between lifetimes, souls can “see” events that “will” happen because they are happening now. Determinism and free will are happening simultaneously. Therefore, the dynamics of Soul Contracts and LOA (our transmitting energy being reflected back to us) are happening simultaneously. They are two sides of the same coin.

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