Spiritual Vices : Are You ‘Too’ Spiritual In Your Journey?

Is there such a thing as ‘too spiritual”? Can we really be losing power to our spiritual vices? Let’s sit down for some real talk, today!

Our Spiritual practices can become a slippery slope, if we become too involved in, losing focus of the truth we had initially set out to seek. Through this post, let’s look at some common spiritual vices. In writing this, I hope to inspire you to take a few steps back, today and to tread the journey a tad bit more softly.

DISCLAIMER : It might seem like a tough-love kind of post, and I am sending lots of love and light to everyone that reads this and might be triggered. I have to take this one for the team, and put it out there.

#1 – Astrology & Psychics

There’s always a debate between Free Will and Destiny. The truth is that many of us find comfort in reaching out to people that can predict our future, to bring us the hope we may not have for ourselves.

Some of us even have that capability for ourselves.

The fundamental truth is, the future cannot be fully ‘predicted’. There are some elements that are meant to be as a part of our Soul’s learning plan, and then there are others which alter as per the frequency we maintain in life. Note that the latter is what people refer to as the law of attraction.

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Therefore, the more conscious you are of your inner self, the more flexible and dynamic your future becomes.

This is because you finally learn to resolve the patterns you’ve been carrying for so long, and you are no longer limited to them. This is why so many people study archetypes.

In other words, there is truth in planetary alignments and psychics. But they can only tell as much as you’re current trajectory holds for you. If you were to go get married in Vegas on a whim, the turn of events would lead you elsewhere in your life.

That said – the outside might look different, but your inner experience will keep recycling itself unless resolved. So in other words, you could have the dream job and still end up quitting it because it doesn’t make you happy. Like I did – here’s my story.

You could also keep hopping from relationship to relationship, but until you don’t understand the underlying spiritual lessons, you will be met by the same experiences over and over again.

Because you see, at every point in time, we have the power to make a different choice. The choice should therefore, be focused around finding ways to heal your karmic debts. Not becoming paralyzed out of fear, or finding shortcuts to get out of the troubles ahead.

So, make use of these wonderful spiritual tools. But use them to know how you can heal and free yourself of fears, not to make them worse. And remember, don’t take every reading or insight at face value. Practice discernment at every step of the way.

#2 – Hypnotherapy

Just as your future cannot be fully known, neither can your complete past.

There is a powerful story from the Hindu mythology about a revered King, who could see into his past lives. He had many gifts and powers, but at the end he lay on his deathbed, on a pile of arrows. And when God Krishna came to him, the King asked why he was going through this tormenting death? For in all of his past 100 lives, he couldn’t spot the reason.

Krishna conveyed that it was a lifetime even before those 100, which brought this fate to the King.

The truth is, if we were really meant to remember everything that ever happened to us, we would. There must (and is) an important reasoning behind why we’re only carrying our lessons across lifetimes, and not the in-depth memories.

There are glimpses that can resurface through dreams and past life regression. These can certainly heal many traumas or bring clarity about karma and soul contracts. But, it’s vital not to get fixated on manually dotting your history.

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We don’t need to know our karma or our traumas to heal them. We are always healing and evolving, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Being stuck in our past is not just one of our spiritual vices, it’s also the lack of present moment awareness. Our thoughts are always taking us away from the now, and if we keep indulging in them, we can never really appreciate life for what it is.

#3 – Angel Numbers, Feathers & Signs

There was a time when I would constantly make note in my email drafts about the signs and synchronicities I saw. So much so that I would write down nearly 20-30 signs a day!

The first healer I went to rattled me and called me out.

While angel numbers, feathers, animal totems or any other synchronicities are great to gauge the near future, they can leave us handicapped and overly dependent on external validation.

Whether from physical beings or astral ones, if we are seeking validation, we have lost our inner sense of knowing. Here’s a post I’ve written to help you strengthen your intuitive muscles.

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As the healer went on to say, the most organic way to build our intuitive strength and become grounded is through inner work. Like having a solid meditation practice that helps you be less ‘shaken’.

He was right. For as long as I kept waiting for some sign to do or not do something, I never fully felt sure. I would often become resentful when the guidance and my life wouldn’t match.

My true journey home only began when I stopped seeking validation from my spiritual vices, and started going within. So while on one hand, seeing repeated signs like Angel Numbers can be useful and should be interpreted if you can, I encourage you to go deeper within, with your Meditation practices.

And if you’re not a fan of meditation, you can also explore other spiritual practices that help deepen the inner work.

#4 – Psychic Senses

I see a lot of hype around the Clair senses. I do believe in them, I am a clairsentient and clairvoyant myself, but as one of my favorite Spiritual teachers, Caroline Myss says, we have to live with all 10 of our senses – 5 physical, 5 clair.

This means, to me, that we can’t put our psychic senses on a pedestal.

I mean, tell me how much you’ll enjoy life, if you lost your sense of taste and could no longer enjoy the food you ate, but you could definitely see in the future through your mind’s eye that you will get more delicious food to eat?!

Jokes apart, it’s vital to not go overboard in activating psychic senses.

For some it’s a gift they naturally seem to ‘have’, others develop it over years of practice.

But so many times, people that are chasing these senses and using them for their own benefit can actually start becoming afraid of their spiritual journey. It isn’t uncommon; you’ll be surprised how many people quit meditation because they don’t know what to do with their now heavily activated psychic senses.

If you don’t let this curiosity of the ‘other side’ become one of your spiritual vices, it can actually be quite empowering to open your third eye.

#5 – Knowledge versus Wisdom

Of the four main paths of enlightenment, the path of knowledge, also called jnana in Sanskrit, is one of them. This is the most sought after in today’s day and age be cause we are men and women of logic.

But it’s important to use this knowledge to tap into our inner wisdom, not replace it. Spending countless hours reading or watching lectures is not enough. We must incorporate the knowledge into daily action.

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Our experiences are unique and we ultimately want to be able to write the books we read, from our lens. The quality of our inner wisdom should be enough to overflow if we were to write about our experiences.

This is also called embodiment work by some spiritual teachers, and I love to use the term ‘internalization‘.

After a point, you will realize that all the teachers and their books are delivering the same messages. But if you still feel lost or stuck, it’s possible that you’ve made reading a spiritual addiction, and the knowledge isn’t really landing where it should be.


At the end of the day, there is such a thing as being too spiritual. As Hippocrates said: “Everything in excess is opposed to nature”.

We are super blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful ancient tools and practices. When we start using a tool as a crutch, it becomes a vice.

Ultimately, we must understand moderation is key, even in spirituality. I have been guilty of most of these indulgences myself. And I’m sure there are many more. It can take years to come out of these, if we aren’t mindful.

By becoming too entangled with our spiritual vices and obsessions, we lose sight of the end goal. Enlightenment. Thus, a gentle reminder to bring yourself back to focus on what really matters.

Love and Light,

V 🙂


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    1. Hi Renee – my personal philosophy is, always a student, never a master. And I don’t know what would happen post Enlightenment, but some of the most revered people, like Buddha & Jesus went around and spoke of the Truth to the masses.
      If someone IS enlightened, it’d be interesting to see why they’re still sticking around. What’s their purpose?

  1. Absolutely love this post!! This is so important especially with the mass amount of people going through spiritual awakening now! Thank you so much for this post!

    1. Absolutely Emily, we need to stay aware of our own pitfalls even whilst Spiritually progressing. My absolute pleasure 😊

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