Embracing My Different by Sasha Bulimo

Were you the kid that always moved too much, or had too few friends you could relate to? Sasha’s story will inspire you to embrace your different.

Growing up, I always felt like the odd one out. I was different and that seemed to be a problem. Until I learned to embrace my different. And here’s my story.

At every stage of development, I was the “new girl” since my parents constantly moved because of their careers. Throughout Kindergarten, I struggled to relate to the other children.

In Elementary, I was left alone on the playground.

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In high school, I established a circle of friends which maintained that much needed social interaction, but I was ultimately unsatisfied.

When reading this story, you may have wanted to relate my uniqueness to some sort of developmental issue, mental health disorder, or family problem. However, that was not the case.

Someone looking at my life would see a “normal” girl with a good family, but internally I was different.

I THOUGHT differently, I QUESTIONED everything, and my mind constantly tried to give meaning to everything around me. It also felt like I was born with a different lens, seeing multiple perspectives and dimensions of the world.

But, being an outsider led me to feel isolated, unwanted, and powerless.

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When I was unenlightened, I used my time wallowing in depression and anger, questioning God as to why I was made like this. So, my favourite question was “why wasn’t I made normal?”

Being unique presented me with two choices.

I could either step into my power and use my distinctive nature as a tool for success. Or, I could reject my true self and live a life of lies trying to chase what is common.

My different lens led me to start questioning the religion I was raised in: Christianity. I started asking myself necessary questions such as “Who is Jesus?” or “Do I have to go to Church every Sunday?“.

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At first this scared me. Because, I was told to NEVER “question God”, but in reality I was questioning the barrier (Religion) that came between me and God (the Universe).

The only answer that made sense to me was spirituality.

When I discovered spirituality, everything that I experienced began to make sense. I finally felt like I belonged.

I was in a space where I could feed my soul with wholehearted love, knowledge, and strength. Thus, I stepped into a position of power.

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All my questions were answered, all my thoughts were validated, and my mind received the meaning I was looking for all along.

From spirit guides, to the Law of Attraction, even to soulmates; everything I encountered made sense. I finally found my power and stepped into it fully.

Embracing my different led me to find my passion, and most importantly, my purpose. As a result, I have dedicated my life to providing tools to those who have also lived their lives with a different lens.

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In a very simple way, if I had to break this down for you, here’s what I’d suggest.

How To Embrace Your Different:

#1 – Discover what you truly enjoy doing

#2 – Dedicate your life’s purpose to it

#3 – Start setting your own life goals and standards of success

#4 – Reject all people and things that don’t support you

#5 – Be confident in your truth

Being different does not have to be a death sentence. As you evolve, things will get better and you will:

Find your tribe,

Discover your purpose, and

Become the person you have always wanted to be.

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Sasha Bulimo is completing her BSc in Human Ecological Studies, and plans to travel and teach, while spreading knowledge and her love of Spirituality to as many people as she can.

She is the creator of Black Girl Who Manifests and you can find their content on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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