10 Authentic Spiritual Practices that are NOT Meditation

You may want to bookmark this one – I’ve loaded the post with as many spiritual ideas that are NOT meditation, as I could. Try them all atleast once!

So many of us, no matter how hard we have tried, have failed miserably at sitting still to meditate. The usual complaints are – my thoughts are all over the place, I can’t concentrate, I just can’t sit still, etcetera, etcetera. So, we are constantly wishing to find a way to be more spiritual, with spiritual practices that are not meditation.

Also, at times, even when we know how to meditate, we may not have the time or the emotional availability to sit down for it. On the other hand, some people just don’t want to meditate – they don’t see it as a part of their path to Enlightenment.

Or, you may be on the other end of the spectrum where you do meditate, but are looking for other ways to enhance your day-to-day spiritual routine.

The good news is, our journey back to self is attainable in unlimited ways! Here are just 10 things you can do in your daily life to experience peace, even if you can’t sit still or don’t have enough time to.

#1 – Music (Chanting)

You don’t need to close your eyes to experience peace.

Listening or following spiritual chants is not just therapeutic, it can open up another dimension of healing for us. And even if you can’t understand the chants due to a language barrier, try to listen to them while driving, or before bed. Or at any time of the day when you need to get back into the flow and rhythm of life.

woman wearing black sleeveless dress holding white headphone at daytime

I often used to listen to these while at work before I quit my job at the corporate. It helped me stay calm and focused. Here are my top 5 recommendations for spiritual chants :

1) Buddhist Monks Chanting
2) Ancient Sun Mantra
3) Lotus Sutra (Namyoho Renge Kyo)
4) Om Chanting
5) Peace Mantra

#2 – Mindfulness (Not Meditation)

While meditation is associated with sitting still, mindfulness asks you to focus on your reality, whilst engaged in other activities.

It isn’t as challenging as it sounds! Start small, as small as 1 minute every day, and let your mindfulness expand in duration, as well as the activities you do.

mindfulness not meditation

How to be mindful?

To summarise the practice, when you’re involved in any mundane task in which you are so good, you no longer pay attention and your mind begins to wander. Tasks as mundane as brushing, eating, or walking don’t require our concentration anymore, and therefore permit our mind to keep running at infinite thoughts an hour!

So, to overcome this mental race, become fully aware of doing such a simple activity. Feel yourself being involved in the task at hand. Appreciate the effortlessness you have developed in doing something – enjoy it. And as you do that, you not only become more relaxed, you lose less mental energy being elsewhere all the time!

#3 – Minimalism

Minimalism has been quite the ‘trend’ lately. It not only appears tidy and overcomes the psychological problem of hoarding, minimalism is another way of saying “I am a MINDFUL consumer”.

And as Jack puts it, “minimalism is the basis for freedom”.

minimalism for spiritual practices that are not meditation

While there are multiple philosophies on how to practice minimalism, I think we should all start with the basics.

  • All future purchases should be what you immediately need.
    When you purchase less, you can still upgrade your wardrobe and appear stylish, by spending more on the quality of what you’re buying. This allows you to maximize the use of what you have, and thus a NO-WASTE policy.
  • Scan your existing purchases and remove items you haven’t used in 6 months or more.
    If you keep stocking up, or refuse to let go of old possessions, you’re basically a hoarder. That word is not to be taken lightly, simply because it is a psychological problem, a fear of ‘lack and insufficiency’ that as a conscious being, you MUST overcome.
  • For every new item you buy, try to remove an old pair.
    The effective consumption stays constant, and you are able to recycle your wardrobe. Preferably giving away your used items to charity.

When we evaluate how many gallons of water is wasted in making a simple piece of cloth, or that our natural resources are outrageously being depleted, minimalism is the LEAST we can do to start curbing the explosive consumption and lack of appreciation.

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#4 – Grounding

It’s simply reconnecting with nature and allowing your excess energy to balance into the Earth.

Woman, Young, Rain, Pond, Cambodia, Girl

Dance in the rain.
Walk barefoot in the grass.
Take a hike in the nature.
Play with your pets outdoors (keyword is outdoors).
Hug a tree.
Walk in the sand and let the ocean waves crash against your feet.

These are all just some examples, and just 5 minutes a day can make all the difference!

#5 – Absorb Wisdom from Around

Surround yourself with spirituality. But, how? Keep reading.

  • Since we spend an awful lot of time on social media, the quickest trick is to follow pages and channels that keep reminding you of soulful messages. Slowly and steadily, these thoughts will penetrate into your way of living.

    Speaking by personal experience – on the days when you don’t have enough inner light, it is these messages that will lift you, NOT the images of people getting married or going on a Euro-trip.
  • Second, listen to spiritual teachers. Here are some of my personal favourites :
  1. Sadhguru
  2. Caroline Myss
  3. Eckhart Tolle
  4. Oprah Winfrey’s Soulful Sunday series
  5. Hay House podcasts
  • Also, to nurture your Soul straight from the wise horse’s mouth, read more intriguing books. If you haven’t picked up a book from this genre yet, you can check out my recommendations for 5 spiritual books everyone should read.

#6 – Morning Pages

A suggestion that has been around for a few decades, but I only got to, this year myself. Morning Pages is like a mindless rant, it’s venting everything that’s on your mind, onto a piece of paper (or typing it in Word, if you’d like).

Pencil, Sharpener, Notebook, Paper, Journal, Not Meditation, Self Discovery, Emotions, Feelings

This is the brainchild of Julia Cameron found in her book, The Artist’s Way. I will come forward and say, that what meditation sometimes does not do for me, morning pages do. How?

Because you are taking a few minutes to actually channelize your thoughts, you are able to finish the thought and move on. Sometimes in meditation, the mind will jump from one unfinished thought to another like a kid high on sugar, so writing slows down the process and really lets you vent.

And you may even experience some wisdom seeping through! This is what manifested the page, Messages from the Universe, on my blog.

#7 – Reliving and releasing your pain (Therapy)

Anything that brings you back to the present moment is a good thing. And what is more effective, than a bad memory which reminds you that you’re safe now, in this moment? Counter-intuitive, I know.

As someone said, “in the exact moment, we are all, always alright”.

When we actively pursue our pain, or ‘darkness’, we are able to realise the lessons behind our suffering, and appreciate our ‘now’.

therapy for mental health, spiritual practices that are not meditation

On to the ‘how‘, three suggestions –

  1. Regularly talk to somebody you trust and feel safe opening your wounds around.
  2. Second, write about it for yourself or for a bigger audience (this is how my page on Instagram began). You’ll be surprised how liberating it is to speak your truth. The world is really a more receptive place today, and vulnerability is welcomed.
  3. Attend therapy sessions. Though this isn’t the path for everybody, but if you feel like you might benefit from it, trust me, YOU WILL!

#8 – Do What You’re Meant To : LIVE a Little (or a LOT) !

Not everyone is made for the same 9-6 job or other stereotypes like getting married and having kids, but there’s no doubt that every creative cell in your body deserves to be fuelled. No matter who you are!

Remember from the Trolls movie, how the characters withered away, when they weren’t allowed to dance or sing? That’s precisely how we humans are, too. Just not as cute.

Troll movie, colorful, rainbow, animation, cute, dance, sing,

Surprised this even makes it to the list? It’s true. The more spiritual you become, the more creative and in touch with your ‘inner child‘ you will be. And vice versa.

Here’s a handy guide on how to find your life purpose, if you’re searching. Also, as the analogy goes – as food is to the body, creativity is to the soul. You need to feed your soul regularly, generously!

#9 – Healing

There are a number of wondrous healing techniques – using crystals, practicing Reiki, Pranic healing, etc. Though not meditation, these can also ‘up’ your spiritual game and might even become a profession for some. Explore them, give the practices a chance, you might be surprised!

Crystals, Stones, Healing, Mystic, Not Meditation, Spirituality

NOTE: The Reiki Healing Foundation offers free Reiki Level 1 classes every month, for the masses in Delhi, India. I have personally attended the session too, and learned a lot! Would definitely encourage that those that are in the area and can attend, should.

#10 – Spiritual Cleanse

This is an abundant and magnificent topic of its own. Given how exhaustive this list has already become, my post on my favourite cleansing practices will have to find its own space and time! Stay tuned.

Until then, you can also read about 10 Religious Rituals and their Spiritual Significance. These will also add great value to your journey inwards. 🙂


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  1. I totally book marked the “chants” you recommended; love it. Never thought of minimalism as a spiritual practice but of course it is; thank you for bringing that to my attention. Yes, spirituality is a moment to moment activity in all things and thank you so much for reminding us. Gasho.

  2. I love listening to Oprah Winfrey’s podcasts, which I don’t know are from the Soulful Sunday series. But there are a lot of a-ha moments that I have taken from her podcast recently.

    1. I love the variety of people that come on Oprah’s show/podcasts! There’s always so much to learn for sure!

  3. These tips would help a lot to save your day! Music is one of my healer when I feel tired and demotivated thanks for post!

  4. I love this blog! Great ideas. I do most of these and some not as often as I should. This will really help people and it’s great to look at alternatives other than meditating. Observing your own thoughts and your self talk is powerful in changing self sabotaging behaviours! Fantastically beautiful post!

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