Do Dreams Have Meaning? Here are 7 Interpretations.

Do dreams have meaning or are by chance? Does dreaming serve a higher purpose in our life? Here are 7 spiritual and psychological interpretations of dreams.

I’ve always been a vivid dreamer. And after my spiritual journey began, I started noticing the different types of experiences these dreams were bringing for me. I was also able to remember them even hours after waking up. I began to wonder – do dreams have meaning?

So, I started keeping a Dream Diary next to my bed. And sometimes, I would wake up several times through the night, just jotting down messages that my subconscious was throwing at me. Later in the morning, I would sit down and reflect on what the dream could mean.

Years into dream analysis and interpretation, it is thus my understanding, that dreams are a very powerful gateway into our subconscious mind. They can come to us with many different reasons. So, here is my attempt to explain them to you, with my own personal experiences.

#1 – Dreams that Predict the Future

Rare but not impossible, sometimes you will realize that you recognize a place, person or event. Because it happened in your dreams first!

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Some real-life examples of prophecies in my own life include :

  • My mom envisioning I’d say yes to get married on a whim, and that I’d be head over heels in excitement, whereas the guy would be calm and peaceful. That is EXACTLY what happened at the time we both said yes to each other. Which was literally within 24 hours of meeting and spending time together! And I was the excited kid that couldn’t stop grinning, whereas he played it super cool.
  • Me dreaming of a giant temple. And several months later visiting Haridwar with my family to randomly walk through this temple, and being able to tell my parents exactly what would come next as we walked up the stairs. It was surreal!
  • One morning, when I was supposed to lock my room to go visit my parents for the weekend, I woke up dreaming of water leaking in the kitchen. I went outside, groggy and rolling my eyes at how superstitious I was being. But sure enough, overnight, the piping from upstairs had leaked through the kitchen and the wall was growing increasingly damp by the minute. Mishap managed!

#2 – Dreams for Healing and Closure 

Whether you see your ex lover hugging you after a terrible breakup, or your passed-away loved-one that’s meeting you to affirm that they’re doing okay, dreams can help us reconnect with souls that are not physically around us due to the present circumstances.

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This is also depicted beautifully in the mystical book, Immortal Talks : Part 1. In the book, two souls reconnect with each other in a dream. And then, the healing they needed to receive through meeting in person, was achieved on the astral plane.

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#3 – Dreams with Divine Guidance

Our conscious mind is very skeptical, so dreams are a perfect opportunity for us to gain insight from the Spiritual Realms. Many famous artists including Stephen King, Maya Angelou and children’s writer E.B. White admit that their best works came to them during their sleep!

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Some interesting incidents from my own, personal collection include :

  • The time at work when I got a dream for a solution to a problem, which I tried and the issue really got resolved! I even told my team lead about this, and to not give me the credit because it wasn’t ME.
  • Before I met my husband, I kept seeing signs of “Canada” and the name “Sagar” wherever I would look. I didn’t understand any of this, and I had no intentions of moving, so I kept ignoring the message. Then one day, in my dreams, I saw a figure merge into my husband, and tell me I am meant to go to Canada. This, along with a conversation with my cousin sister sparked the idea of finally meeting my future husband!

Infact, this analysis about finding the Divine Light in dark times, was what compelled my friend to wake up in the early hours of her day and share the divine guidance.

#4 – Dreams to Purge Subconscious Fears

Our dreams can help us face our innermost hidden fears. You may see nightmares and awful things which you fret might happen in real life. This is the type of dreaming science most often talks about.

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Like I mentioned in the beginning, when I started seeing more nightmares than ever, using a Dream Diary to write down what you saw right after you wake up, can help with interpretting these dreams. This is a significant step to heal your mind and heart, and become a braver, more loving person.

#5 – Clearing Karmic Debts Beyond THIS Life

We are not limited to our human life, as you’d know by now. Our mind may sleep but our soul is always working. For instance, dreaming of a romantic relationship with someone else while you’re already happily married is NOT an indication of infidelity, but more likely an old connection that’s being completed through the astral plane.

You may also experience traveling to different realities where things are more beautiful, or time-traveling.

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These are lesser explored areas myself, but I am a believer of parallel universes and that’s how I interpret what happens when say, I’m dreaming of a High-Techlife that Earth has nothing remotely close to achieved.

These are all ways of clearing your karma, and making the most of your soul’s learning plan.

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#6 – Manifestating Reality through Your Dreams

People who train themselves in self-healing through Lucid Dreaming have confessed that they have manifested wonderful things for themselves by working in their sleep, including no longer needing to wear specks!

Here’s an awesome video that explains what happens in Lucid Dreaming.

#7 – Seeing Past Lives

To me, there are a couple of characteristics that affirm whether a dream was a past life or not. These include:

  • The dream makes logical sense, and it’s like seeing a real-life story from a different time, except you’re in it.
  • The dream vividly stays with you days, weeks and years after you first saw it.
  • It connects dot in your current life and helps you heal an aspect you weren’t previously able to.

I started seeing past lives in my dreams only after I took my first hypnotherapy session for a past life regression. A few months after, the dreams began and they have helped me to continue healing in the most profound ways.

One such memorable dream was about being abducted as a child, and kept in a house where two women took care of me. One was my grandmother in this life, and another was a lady I didn’t recognize.

One day, when I visited the Bangla Saheb Gurudwara in New Delhi, a lady on a wheelchair called for me to feed her. As I sat next to her and put one bite after another in her mouth, I started crying profusely.

Old Woman, Desert, Old Age, Bedouin, Dry

There was an intense connection and only later did I understand why. She fed me before, and I fed her as we met again. Our Karmic bond was completed.

Final Thoughts : Do Dreams Have Meaning?

I want to end with the thought, that if we spend a third of our lives sleeping, and a sixth of it dreaming, shouldn’t there be an actual basis behind these dreams?

Shouldn’t there be something much deeper at play, that we tend to brush off as a coincidence?


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7 Spiritual Facts About Your Annoying Relationship

Why are some people impossible to tolerate? Looking into the role of annoying people, both spiritually and psychologically.

Why are some people impossible to tolerate? Looking into the role of an annoying relationship in our life, both spiritually and psychologically.

Side Note : I have been meaning to write this one, since about two years, now. Time I finally got to it.

If it’s someone at work, sure you can always deal with their less-than-healthy behaviour and manage this situation to an extent, as I’ve talked about in the recent post, How to Deal with Toxic People.

But sometimes those people can be our partner, or our parents. Then what do you do? And you can’t just go around avoiding everyone, you would have nobody left.

It’s easy to become defensive and say “I don’t need anybody”, but that’s just ego talk. So, to bring true inner change, here are a couple of perspectives I want to share.

#1 – The more someone pushes your buttons, the more tightly-knit your spiritual bond is.

Every single person in your life is there for a very specific reason, and even the irritating ones are NOT by chance.

Man And Woman Wearing Brown Leather Jackets, Fight, Argue, Relationships, Annoying People

The people you resist the most can also teach you the most about your own shortcomings. They bring many deeply-effecting lessons.

They have soul contracts to treat you in a certain way (because they are the best candidate to stir you in this said way, based on their own spiritual evolution) to help you heal parts of you that are getting triggered right now when they so-called ‘push your buttons’.

#2 – You can escape the relation, not the lesson.

You can abruptly end one relationship, but if you don’t deal with the lessons it brought, that behaviour will keep resurfacing for you.

There’s a reason why people now have even 2 or 3 divorces, as a bad example. There’s something within their story that they are unwilling to heal,because of which it keeps coming back with a new face.

Leuchtkasten, Shield, Output, Note, Exit, Escape, Breakup

#3 – Many times, relations of different types will form similar patterns.

That means, you will have the same issues over and over again – the reason may be different on the surface but the core lesson will be the same.

Some patterns may include the side effects of being a people-pleaser, or not being able to accept people without judging them. Or learning how to not give unsolicited advice.

#4 – In the annoying relationship, YOU may have a karmic debt to this person.

Though I don’t like to classify souls as old or new, it can be seen that some souls have a tougher time living the human experience than others. They may be physically unwell all the time, or have a lot of emotional and mental disturbance. And so, they need help to get by.

Sometimes, we sign up for caretaker roles in others lives.

Woman on Black Folding Wheelchair, Healthy Relationships, Helpful, Happiness

Our contribution is larger than what we are getting in return, it seems. But what does this teach us? It helps us understand the importance of giving back, without always being able to receive anything in return. This is a great and tough way to experience the law of Divine Compensation.

#5 – At a soul-level, nobody is really a bad person.

As difficult as that is to believe when a relationship is so annoying, it gets on your nerves. But, just think of it. We are the sum of everything that has ever happened to us. Nobody is the way they are without a reason.

We learn from our parents, society, personal traumas etc. When hitting your head against the wall about why someone treated you in a certain way, think from THEIR perspective. If we can stop taking things personally, we will be able to react a lot less.

Woman Holding Her Head, Angry, Emotions, Sentiments, Trauma, Annoying People

We have to stop feeling threatened and cultivate the space that lets us treat others with compassion even in ugly situations. Which brings me to my next point.

#6 – Someone’s behaviour isn’t about you, it’s about them.

What you are feeling as a consequence of their behaviour, is about you. This is the mirror exercise. I learned this when I was working on my Twin Flame Healing, but it applies to life in general.

So start using the emotions that arise in you to heal your deeper-rooted wounds. Instead of focusing on the question why are they doing this to you, determine why its effecting you.

Woman Standing In Front Of Mirror, Reflection, Self Discovery, Self Awareness, Annoying People

#7 – People’s inability to love you back doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you.

It doesn’t mean you deserve this perpetually.
It also doesn’t mean you love ‘too much’.

Concluding Thoughts

All this being said, the conclusion is quite evident. An annoying relationship can have a huge karmic role to play in our life.

Everything happens for you to evolve. You can either be fussy and bitter about it, or you can become accountable and rapidly change everything for the better.


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3 Reasons for Spiritual Loneliness, A Feeling You Don’t Belong Here

Some hard-hitting truths about “belonging here”, spiritual junkies, and more. Here are 3 reasons we experience spiritual loneliness.

It’s common for people spiritually inclined to start feeling disconnected from the world. I believe that 3 factors cause this spiritual loneliness. Working on these areas can help make our experience on Earth more wholesome once again, as it should be. So lets dive right in!

#1 – The ‘Illusion’ Mindset

One way I see this, and have personally been a victim of myself, is the ‘illusion’ mindset. This is messing with our heads in multiple ways. Here’s how.

Illusion #1 – We Are Not This Body

It’s true that we are not this body, and the body is only a vessel. But when you burn your finger, or hit your head, how do you go about believing this is an illusion?!

Plush Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Injury, Spiritual Loneliness, Disconnected from reality, physical health
It is most often in moments of pain, that the physical reality dawns upon us. Before that, we’re in our own worlds, in our own bubbles.

Then, my first question is, why should we reject this vessel? Or worse, misuse it, thinking that it is impermanent in nature?

Isn’t spirituality about respecting the entirety of existence – every cell, every molecule, every energy form?

Look after your physical body. Have more time for activities such as Yoga, gymming or a simple jog around the blog.

Illusion #2 – Everything material is ‘maya’

Not just the physical body. But when you’re focused on the spiritual aspect of your life, you automatically start feeling a disconnection from materialism.

For example, the car I drive is not an illusion, because it definitely does get me from one point to another. And every time I’ve had an accident, I’ve surely felt the impact of it in my very bones! But there was a time when I was the girl who freaked out and screamed at an auto-driver because he rammed his auto into my brand new car.

Auto, Vehicle, Automotive, Vw, Old, dent, scratch, broken, car, accident

Because of what I will propose in the solution soon, I am no longer attached to my car. I enjoy driving, and yes, it upsets me that all my hard-earned money is spent repairing the many scrapes that occur from driving on jam-packed Indian roads. But I am no longer that girl.

Illusion #3 – All Your Relationships are Temporary

Furthermore, the illusion mindset makes you disconnect from relations around you. When you start seeing everything as temporary, you force yourself to detach.

However, detachment, unless coming from a natural place is bound to give you the feeling of spiritual loneliness.

Read More : How to Stop Being an Emotional Sponge and Have More Detached Compassion

Illusion #4 – This Planet is Fake

And the most serious example of the implications of the illusion mindset, is people that aren’t worried this planet is under man-induced catastrophe that can wipe out our entire race. Why?

Because they believe that it’s temporary and that we’ll go live on another planet anyway. In other words, undermining the entire course of nature that got us to where we are. Hmm…

And so I come back to the question once again. Isn’t spirituality about respecting the very essence of everything, material and non-material?

It neither makes sense to ignore or call our experiences an illusion, and neither does it help to become overly obsessed with the things that deliver these experiences.

How do we find a balance though? We’ll get to that shortly. Let’s quickly talk about the second type of disconnect.

#2 – The Intergalactic Mindset

The second way in which I’ve seen the disconnection rise, is the growing talk in the community about people being starseeds, or coming from different planets to help the people on Earth.

Some believe that they’re from the future, or from a parallel reality and have been trapped into this version of life. Others even believe that there’s a matrix in place that prevents us from remembering our true state, and that aliens are helping us exit this matrix.

Ufo, Alien, Guy, Pozaziemianin, Ufoludek, spiritual loneliness
And while I respect all ideas and remain neutral about how true they are or not, ultimately we all come from the same source.

When we reminisce the potent planets we may have lived on in the past or that we’re better because we are NOT really human descendants, we are neither fully appreciating life on Earth.

Nor are we giving a fair chance to the opportunities we can take in the here and now, because we have layers of disapproval, resentment or even sadness about how the environment here is not what we want it to be.

And we are feeding our spiritual loneliness by trying to create spiritual qualifications, groups or hierarchies.

My philosophy is simple. No matter where you’ve come from and what paradise you’ve seen, now that you’re here, let’s try to make the most of it, eh?

#3 – Being on a Spiritual ‘High’

What could be so wrong with being on a Spiritual high, you might ask.

Desktop, Pill, Abstract, Addiction, Spiritual high, pretty capsules, colorful pills, sparkles, glitters, shiny

We feel better about ourselves, because hey, atleast we’re not sex-freaks or addicts, but are we really any better, if we ourselves are spiritual junkies? And you might even wonder, is there even such a thing as being too spiritual?

I’ll let you read more about this hard-hitting answer first, and come back to this post.

Even after reading the aforementioned post, you might not think you’re on a spiritual high, but there are always signs and symptoms that become prevalent.

The biggest sign is your lower chakras being out of balance.

Your lower chakras connect you to the physical realm, the higher chakras to the Spiritual realm, and your heart centers and anchors you to both!

The practice of balancing our chakras is essential, because it’s easy to get carried away and start renouncing so many of the human needs before we’re meant to. The worst effect is how disconnected we feel from EVERYONE and keep going on and on about how we’re ‘different’.

I mean think about it. Don’t you think something has to be off in our inner energies too? The whole of existence can’t be wrong, can it?

So, let’s talk about the solution now for all this talk about spiritual loneliness.


I will go into much more detail about Chakras in a future post, but major thing you need to understand today, is the need to align of your chakra system. This is quintessintial to make the most of every aspect of your being – Spiritual and Physical.

Chakra, Energy Centres, Body, Center, Balance, Yin Yang, Inner Peace, Spiritual Loneliness no more,

Some practical and easy techniques that I highly recommend from personal practice are :

  • Natural grounding practices like being in nature, around animals, playing with kids etc. to rebalance your lower chakras and help you feel more connected through your Root,
  • Meditating or wearing grounding crystals. Black tourmaline is one recommendation. Clear quartz and amethyst have worked well for me too.
  • Meditate on your heart Chakra (my suggestion is the Heartfulness Way by Daaji)
As spiritually awakened beings, it is our responsibility to look after and optimize our use of the energy centers given to us. Not ignore them and fool around (neither spiritually, nor materially).
Beer, Blotto, Comic, Court, Drinking, Fool around, joker, irresponsible

Don’t believe me? Sincerely try these techniques out for just 2 to 3 weeks, and you’ll experience the inner transformation yourself. Spiritual loneliness? No more. 🙂


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3 Reasons You Are Experiencing Spiritual Loneliness