Spiritually Disconnected: Why The Universe ISN’T Talking To You Anymore

Why do we feel spiritually disconnected? What can we do to get back in alignment with our spiritual journey and experience true healing?

You’re NOT alone if suddenly, one day you realize you’re not experiencing synchronicities as often anymore. Or that you don’t feel as strongly towards the Universe. And that you’ve become spiritually disconnected.

When you first learn about the spiritual realm and open your mind to a completely different way of looking at life, it’s like falling head-over-heels in love with the Universe! You’re like a mystic, living in wonder of the magic that is unfolding around you.

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It’s not unnatural for this honeymoon phase to fizzle out.

Think of this journey like a pendulum, swinging between your ego-mind and your soul.

On some days, you are all about spirituality. You meditate for hours and are able to keep your calm through it all.

At other times, you’re obsessive, aggressive, and a tad too in touch with your primal, human side.

As you swing to each extreme, you either feel fully absorbed in the path or very distant from it. Along with this swinging motion, I want to address three other reasons why you might feel spiritually disconnected.

#1 – You’re resisting something important that needs to unfold for your growth.

Back in 2018, I was open to the idea of getting married but I had a lot of hesitations. As my parents labored through the prospects and I kept rejecting them, I noticed my disconnect increasing with the Universe. I felt as though I had stopped seeing the “signs” I used to.

After a few months, it felt like I was experiencing another dark night of the soul.

Life was moving against me, coming at me from every direction. I was working 12 hours a day at my job, sometimes made to work on weekends. My physical and mental health were crashing and for some reason, I felt very lost and directionless.

Until, finally, I decided to meet the man I was eventually going to marry.

The very week I got engaged to my partner, everything that was “stuck” suddenly started moving.

I had 3 job interviews lined up after months of silence, my health felt a lot better and I started noticing the signs and synchronicities intensifying around me again. It was all as if the Universe was reassuring me that getting married to this man was the right thing to do.

Fast forward two years. Indeed, this has been one of the BEST things to have happened to me. Among other things, my husband has been one of my biggest supporters in this journey, and the go-to person for all my decisions as a life coach and solepreneur.

marriage, indian bride, soulmates, if its meant to be it'll be, healing, weddings for spiritual people
My takeaway from this experience was that we have signed up to be a part of the grand scheme of things. We are responsible for keeping our end of the deal and putting in the steps required to keep evolution rolling.

While the Universe doesn’t want you to suffer or slow down, it definitely knows how to bring you back on track with your committed purpose.

So with this new sense of awareness, ask yourself what you’re resisting. Does something immediately come to mind? That might be it. And now, stop resisting and simply participate in the evolutionary process.

No matter how scary or uncomfortable the change may be, your destiny lies ahead of this change. The longer you refrain, the more spiritually disconnected you’ll feel.

#2 – You’ve been “too spiritual” for a while.

When you get too sucked into anything, be it a relationship, a job, or this spiritual journey, you will notice yourself reaching a point of satiation and then boredom.

boredom, overworked, tired, spiritually disconnected

This is because becoming too focused on just one face of existence can make life very one-dimensional.

For many people, this spiritual journey starts off very exciting. But a few months down the road, they find themselves craving the very human tendencies they had first tried so intensely to heal.

To be honest, an excess of anything, even spirituality, is detrimental to our growth. And being spiritually obsessed will eventually catch up with you in the form of you feeling spiritually disconnected from the path.

If this reason resonates with you, the best thing you can do is to be more human. Get over your spiritual fatigue by doing something less spiritual.

If you used to like parties, go attend one. You don’t have to drink if your ‘new self’ doesn’t align with that. But now, try integrating your past self with your present self.

In the same way, have normal, non-spiritual conversations.

For some people, just watching a mainstream movie or talking to a friend outside their spiritual tribe can be enough to balance that overwhelm and bring normalcy into their life.

One of my favorite activities is to play board games with my family, bringing out our inner child again, as we fight over whose team cheated and make fun of the losers. 🙂

And most importantly, stop living in your head so much. We learn so much in the journey, which shifts our mental state. But until we focus on the physical body, we don’t fully utilize this knowledge.

Don’t know where to begin? Start with the tips shared in this article.

#3 – You’ve plateaued on your self-development.

A spiritual plateau can happen due to many reasons.

One, you might be focusing too hard on gathering the knowledge but not enough of this ‘theory’ is being internalized to bring an actual impact on your healing.

All the best teachers and books teach us the same fundamentals. Keep your heart open, detach from your thoughts and emotions, etcetera etcetera. How much of this are we really able to do? If not much, then we’re bound to hit a wall.

I’m guilty of this myself, because I read around 80 books in the first year of my awakening, until I came to a hard stop and decided to step back!

reading too many spiritual books can cause a spiritual plateau

For this, the solution is obvious. Stop reading/learning so much! And absorb your truth through these five, simple techniques.

Second, your spiritual plateau could be because your spiritual practices are no longer bringing you depth. You may be doing certain things on a kind of ‘autopilot’ or with a mundanity, which is holding you back from making real progress.

This is ironic because we are trying to be more conscious through our rituals. But as they become easy and the challenge subsides, our conscious mind is trained to push activities into the involuntary part of the brain, while it continues to think (and overthink) about other things.

In such cases, the simplest answer is practicing mindfulness. Do each task as if you were doing it for the first, and the last time. Add all the love and light you can in your actions.

Also, ask yourself why you’re doing something in the first place. See if you want to carry a spiritual practice into your future, or if you’d like to try something new. Even if that means you let go of meditating and pick up something else in its place!

The third reason I’ve seen with people is their unwillingness to get help. The fear around asking for help can hold you back in your journey.

From time to time, it is important to work with someone who is at least a few steps ahead of you in the journey, and let them show you the Light. This not only builds accountability but also helps us overcome the feeling of being spiritually disconnected. Because now, you have someone walking this path with you!

If we spend too much time in the dark, we end up falling back on our old patterns and belief systems and feeling like we’ve lost our way. Before you let that happen to you, get help from someone you trust.

If you’d like to se tup a call with me, no obligations. Let’s talk!

Concluding Thoughts

Time and again, I come to the same conclusion.

It isn’t that the Universe stops talking to me. Rather, I stop listening.

There are countless signs and synchronicities unfolding around us in every moment, and the only thing preventing us from seeing them, is our ego-mind.

The more you work through your own limiting beliefs and acknowledge the higher power, the deeper your connection grows.

But whether you’re feeling connected at this moment or not, just know the Universe has your back. Always did, always will. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Spiritually Disconnected: Why The Universe ISN’T Talking To You Anymore”

  1. I had such a hit of spiritual serotonin that I thought I’d dang well arrived a few weeks back. My compassion was out the roof; I was having people ask if I was talking to them when I wasn’t (whoops??), multiple people calling me by accident without realizing how they did that (WHOOPS??), so many ideas I felt pregnant (GAH!), and everything I could think to say was like channelling Buddha! lol I had plans to take time off work to get stared on everything that I’d already felt before reaching that point, but almost at the same time that I started that time off… By heightened feelings! It’s easy to get so discouraged by that, wondering if I made a wrong turn; it can make me wonder if I should doubt everything I thought was a good idea, and YET I felt I had the realization that doubt has been my cruellest teacher all along. There’s definitely an aspect that hasn’t left me from those experiences, but it’s certainly one thing to realize anything, and another to live by it. I think that’s the part I’m struggling with according to gratitude and balance; I was shouting at myself to be humble when all that craziness began though! lol I felt the need to cleanse my body in a lot of ways, and even doing that makes me wonder if I was just following an unnecessary desire. Sometimes this whole thing is simply confusing!

    1. I love your sharing, my friend! It’s so true that one day you can feel like the Buddha and another, you might feel like the worst person around. It’s beautiful how complex this journey is, and it’s such a gift to us, if we can let go of the idea that we need to know what happens next… the divine plan is ever dynamic and has so many amazing things for us! Excited to see what continues to unfold for you, me and all of us spiritual seekers, both the awakened and the awaking 💜

  2. Lovely, I’m so happy that this blog keeps adding all those aspects of our lives that we struggle on a daily basis and especially after we’ve started on our spiritual journey as a conscious being.

    Time and time again, I keep coming back to these posts and apply them in my life and they give me a deep sense of reassurance.

    Keep writing Vasundhra! Your writing is a gift to the whole world 🙂

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