3 Ways To Read Someone’s Energy Without Being A Psychic

How can you tune into someone’s consciousness and read their energy? Here are solid tips to help strengthen your telepathic skills.

It’s important to be conscious enough to read someone’s energy, because you not only elevate the quality of your relationships, you learn how to dis-identify with what is not yours in that interaction. And yes, you don’t have to become a psychic to do this.

The fact is, we are all very sensitive to each other’s energy. Some of us are so sensitive, we act like an emotional sponge, soaking each other’s moods and emotions up in daily interactions.

But in general, we might not even realize that we have the ability to tune into someone’s energy field, and that it can affect us so deeply.

I wanted to share these tips to help you understand your own energy, as well as that of the other person.

How to Read Someone’s Energy & Heal From The Experience

First things first. Energy is in continuum, even though our physical bodies may be distinctively separate from each other. So, there’s no point where you stop, and I start, metaphysically speaking.

But it helps to see another person’s energy as separate from yours. Otherwise unconsciously, we might find ourselves getting stirred by another person’s baggage, if we don’t recognize the distinction. Which brings me to my first point.

#1 – Realize that energy is neutral, but your past experience is what brings charge to it.

Have you ever spoken to a loved one that’s undergoing a life challenge, and you’ve felt deeply sorry for them? But when you talk to them, it feels like in their mind, their situation might not even be that sorrowful?

This is because the first mistake we make around other people is projecting our own fears onto them.

Let’s say someone was sharing their relationship problems with you. And you have fears around a failed marriage, or the fear of ‘dying alone’. So, you get nervous and start convincing this person to hold on to their partner through thick and thin.

At that point, you might become so winded up in your own thoughts about how to save their relationship, that you forget to hear what the person is really trying to say.

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Of course, it’s completely normal to get emotionally charged up when we’re interacting with people, and then to subconsciously project our fears onto them. However, here’s what you can do when you catch yourself projecting into someone else’s energy field.

Get present in the moment with them. Take a deep breath, acknowledging your own fear as it comes up, and affirm to yourself that you’ll come back to it later. And then, allow yourself to be with this person in the now, minus your own idea of how good or bad the situation is.

You can do that by asking lots of questions to help you reconnect with them, and then tuning into their answers as you listen to them speak. This is where you can tap into their consciousness – from a place of curiosity.

As you become neutral, you will be able to approach this person with more openness. And it will become easier to read someone’s energy when you’re not already charged up by your own past. Here’s another example of what it can look like to move out of emotional charge, into a place of alignment.

Later on, when you do finally sit down and work on your fears, perhaps journaling about them or meditating on the blocks, it becomes such a great healing opportunity for you!

#2 – Observe their projections in your energy field.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we might become so involved in troubleshooting a problem with somebody, so tapped into their psyche, that we literally ‘share the load’ and carry their burdens for them.

When we wake up from this experience of getting so shaken by some people, we can find ourselves labelling them as ‘toxic’.

It isn’t so much as the other person being toxic, as their energy penetrating yours and creating overwhelm. This is an invitation to you, to set up healthier relationship boundaries and read someone’s energy from a distance.

Here’s an example of handling projection from other people that I’ve recently been working on. Being aware of other people’s disappointment and not trying to fix it.

If we’re in our unconscious patterns, it becomes easy for us to step into people-pleasing behaviors as a way to avoid disappointing another person.

handling disappointment, projecting fears,

However, this notion that we need to make someone feel better if they get triggered by something we do or say, isn’t healthy. When we take on the responsibility to make another person happy, we rob them of the opportunity to sit with themselves and reason with their own inner turbulence.

Infact, this is a bad example of telepathy, when you can almost sense their reaction, and you try to manage it before it even unfolds.

So the next time a conversation brings emotional charge to you, evaluate how much of it was actually a reaction to the other person’s emotional charge. And as you do that, you heal simply from understanding how much effect someone’s reaction has on you.

#3 – Speak to their fears.

Now that you understand how easy it is for everyone to get charged up, let’s address the very thing that creates this charge for us. Fear.

Fear is the primal part of us that steps into action, the moment we need to deal with a problem. Depending on how much grip your fear has over you, you begin to operate in your survival mode.

scared, fear, read someone's energy and help them heal

The survival may not be a physical threat, but to our mind, a physiological threat is just as scary. So, people are not only losing their logic and reasoning when they get emotionally charged, they become primal in their ways.

This is because we aren’t familiar with using our right hemisphere. The emotional, feminine energy becomes dormant within us when we are acting out of fear.

This leads to tightness and contraction in the mind, and the body.

So, to read someone’s energy, start by noticing how their body responds in any given discussion.

The more open and fluid they are in movement, the lighter their thought pattern will be. The more rigid and closed they appear, the denser their conditioning will be in that moment.

As you become aware of their energy, and you are neither adding fuels to the flame, nor getting triggered by them, you step into your true power. And then, through your own playful and nurturing nature, you can bring them back into the flow too.

Concluding Thoughts

Reading someone’s energy isn’t about predicting the future for them, or reading their mind. It is more about picking up on the language beyond words that you read from their energy field.

And then translating it to them in a way that not just heals them, it heals you too. Of course, this is a rich topic that we’ve just touched the tip of! So if you feel called to, let’s take it deeper. Set up a complimentary 30-min session with me, and let’s find ways to elevate your consciousness!

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