Telepathy : Is Mind-Reading Real? And How Does It Work?

Is telepathy a coincidence or real? How does mind-reading work? Can we choose our thoughts? And more.

The corniest example of ‘telepathy’ is seen in couples that seem to know what the other is thinking, even before something is said.

Some other hopefully relatable examples of telepathy, that personally happened over the last couple of days are :

  • Wanting to eat a specific food, and my mom preparing it for dinner, without me mentioning it to her!
  • Walking with a friend, and thinking about ending the walk, only to find them saying so too.
  • On a long drive, thinking about halting for a pee-break, and another friend immediately saying the same thing aloud.
  • Thinking about drinking water and my roommate handing my a water bottle in the very next moment.

It makes you wonder – did we get lucky in the moment, or is something deeper happening which we can’t explain because we don’t understand?

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Is Telepathy a Coincidence or Real?

Let’s take a step back and talk about the origin of our thoughts.

Have you ever noticed where your thought originated from? Sometimes, we latch onto a thought and begin creating more thoughts generated from this original thought.

For example, one day, you might wonder what you will have for dinner, and then immediately remember you haven’t met your friend in a while, so you should plan dinner together sometime.

So then, you wonder why your friend hasn’t talked to you in a while.

And then, you create your own conclusions about how they’ve ‘changed’ or that they’re probably mad at you. BAM!

Broken dinner plans for tonight.

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Now you’re in a bad mood, perhaps even experiencing a trigger of abandonment issues. You may continue to think more disappointing thoughts now.

It’s an endless cycle, you see? And in this case – a downward spiral.

But here’s where metaphysics kicks in. As Buddha says, we are not our thoughts. Thoughts come and go. So what is happening?

Based on the frequency that we are functioning on at a given point of time, a Thought Bubble (as Eckhart Tolle calls them) will be interpreted accordingly. So these thoughts that Buddha called ‘coming and going’ are really just bubbles of energy with ideas in them.

When they pass through our inner filter, we experience them as good or bad. So if you’re already in a bad mood, no matter what thought bubble you catch, your inner filter will make you feel worse.

What is the relation between Thought Bubbles and Telepathy?

When two people spend time together, and are getting along well – their frequency is beginning to align. Therefore, amongst the different thought bubbles present in a space, sometimes, two people may catch the same one at the same time, and look at it in the same way.

In that moment, they experience a telepathic connection and think, oh my, you can read my mind!

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When we are REALLY in tune with somebody’s thoughts, we can even experience our neurons involuntarily echoing their behavior. It looks like this:

  • Our body language might change to mirror theirs’,
  • We will feel their emotional response to the situation and soak it up,
  • We might use the same vocabulary as theirs’,
  • And so on…

This is called the Mirror Neuron Effect. Or as we empaths like to call it – the Emotional Sponge Effect.

Which leads me to the next question.

Can You Choose Your Thoughts?

While in meditation you are asked to observe your thoughts, it is difficult to continue observation throughout the day when you’re more actively involved in activities.

What you can do, however, is to stay conscious of the frequency you are in.

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Don’t monitor your thoughts. Instead, monitor your response to your thoughts. Your body language, your mood, your inner turmoil should be very obvious indicators of the frequency you are operating in.

That’s how people that practice gratitude are more likely to find something good in everything. And when crazy or negative thoughts arise, they’re able to transmute them and think, hey, this isn’t ME, I don’t need to believe this.

Closing Thoughts (pun intended)

An original thought is neutral. Your inner filter is what makes it positive or negative. Therefore, you should and can be in absolute control of your thoughts, by being mindful of the filter that processes them.

And now we know, there’s nothing woo-woo when two people share the same thought bubbles.

Telepathy is infact a beautiful form of the Universe’s synchronicities. So, just be grateful for these little winks from the cosmos, telling you, you are in alignment with existence.


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14 thoughts on “Telepathy : Is Mind-Reading Real? And How Does It Work?”

  1. I have been learning this technique. It’s a wonder that I have dreams about talking with animals and them having a wonderful conversation with me. It’s a good feeling and I feel I’m bringing this in the 3D reality too.

  2. This is extremely interesting. I have moments like this with my boyfriend. We finish each others sentences quite often and are usually amazed that we can. This was also quite informative!

  3. Greetings! I’ve been following your site for a long time now
    and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood
    Tx! Just wanted too mention keep up the good work!

  4. I believe in telpathy. I had it with my Aunt. She lived far away and I only saw her a few times a year, but whenever I had a thought about her she would call or I would receive a letter the very next day. Sometimes I have an immediate connection with a stranger. Life is great and getting more interesting every day. Great post and a very interesting read. Side thought, is this why owners and pets look alike!

  5. There were quite fun experiments done – especially in 90ties in Russia – where parapsychology asked itself exactly the same question – can the telepathy be real? The answer was not conclusive for science. But regardless of that, it seems interesting that we are all experiencing the same “thought alignments” – where multiple people share the same ideas at the same time. Thanks for highlighting that.

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