7 Ways We Experience Behavior Change During Spiritual Awakening

Why do we experience a change in behavior during our spiritual awakening? Here are 7 causes and expectations you should have for your growth.

I’ve always jokingly said this, that a spiritual awakening is like a personality makeover. And it’s true because every bit of who you are transforms! I want to talk about this behavior change that occurs during a spiritual awakening in more detail today, and go into some of the causes.

But before I do that, I want to remind you something fundamental to your growth.

Every journey is unique, and you may not experience all of the weird spiritual awakening changes that I often talk about. However, many of the things that happen to you, are also what happen to other people. Keeping that in mind, your first takeaway in all this should be that you are NOT alone.

The Universe is doing all this for good reason, even if you can’t fully understand why right now. And maybe, you may never be able to logically grasp the way this cosmos works. That’s okay.

Spirituality is about many things, and one of them is being comfortable in the uncertainty. However, this faith in the process, and comfort with unknowingness will not happen overnight.

Rather, it will become a part of you through a series of events that will prove to you that the Universe really does have your back, and that it’s safe to trust this unseen divine force.

Having set that tone and disclaimer of sorts with you, let’s talk about the different ways people experience a behavior change during a spiritual awakening.

#1 – You Have An Increased Awareness of the Intensity of Emotions & Thoughts

It’s not that you were emotionally unaware before, but now your senses become heightened.

You’re likely to become more sensitive than most of the people around you because you spend a lot of time healing and working towards self-awareness. A lot of time is invested in monitoring our thoughts, emotions and feelings, making sure we are living as consciously and as off auto-pilot as possible.

So when you step outside your space, you realize that not all thoughts originate from you. And when you’re in crowded spaces or at parties, you may be catching ‘thought bubbles’, as Eckhart Tolle calls them.

busy, energy, staying away from large gatherings, crowds and parties

Such places are full of stress, anxiety and haphazardness which can really put your energy system off balance. It’s as if the energy is buzzing around you, and it’s too much to handle. And when you come home, it sucks to have to deal with all that energy you’ve collected for no fault of your own!

As a consequence, many people start retracting from large gatherings and find themselves becoming more introverted in nature. They seek more one-on-one time and quiet spaces, experiencing a drastic behavior change during their spiritual awakening.

The workbook below is a helpful resource for you if you’re learning how to balance your emotions, by practicing emotional awareness.

#2 – You Begin To Seek Something Higher

Understanding the inevitable nature of death (and rebirth), you indulge lesser and lesser in making small talk. You begin to see why many conversations and behaviors are futile.

You don’t try to ‘impress’ your boss, or get influenced by peer pressure anymore. And you can now see that many of your personal preferences are often societal ideas of fun, but not deep enough to bring lasting joy to your soul.

For some people, they realize that certain foods and places can bring them down. For instance, bars & parties, alcohol, meat, etc. I have seen numerous people go vegan overnight with their awakening, and many others simply end their years of alcoholism!

You may even find yourself staying ‘quiet’ during arguments, to save your peace. You are more easy-going and less flustered. This is all a part of your growth, don’t let it shock you. 🙂

behavior change during a spiritual awakening, more relaxed, easy going

So, you find yourself distancing from all that, and seeking something of higher quality in your life.

You are slowly driven towards the true purpose to free yourself from this cycle, to fully realize this impermanence of life. And making sure you can help others too, once you’ve found the Way (as the Buddha called it).

#3- You Realize The Influence of Past Life Impressions & Soul Contracts

During my past life regression sessions, I realized why I really love some people, and dislike others. I was able to see people’s tendencies from their past lives carry into this one, and look at them with a broader understanding of why they are a certain way.

past life regression can cause behavior change during a spiritual awakening

When we start moving across timelines and seeing the relationships we have as mere soul contracts for learning life’s lessons, they affect us less. This automatically affects how we behave in our relationships.

For example, when you know someone has had the tendency to lie or abandon you over many lifetimes, you have less expectations from them. As your grip loosens, the other person might actually experience the ripple effect and heal from the runner-chaser dynamic.

Even if not, you are able to heal from your abandonment wounds and realize that what people around you are doing has very little to do with you, and very much to do with their own inhibitions.

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#4 – You Begin Embodying Present Moment Awareness & Detachment

To be more spiritual, we don’t need to leave the world, we actually need to become fully present in it. We need to be more human. How ironic, isn’t it?

We struggle to do this because the present moment makes us uncomfortable. We don’t remember how to just be, and not have to do anything. That’s counterproductive, and the ego-mind doesn’t like that. So, we soothe ourselves by busying our mind with thoughts of the past, or of the future.

And as a consequence, our energy remains scattered day-in and day-out. We are absent-minded even though physically present, and we are hooked onto our ideas of what things should be like.
overthinking reduces during a spiritual awakening and you become more present in the moment

But as you have a spiritual awakening, one way you experience behavior change is that you become very involved with the world, even though you no longer relate or attach yourself so strongly to it.

This means, you will be a better listener, more motivated to help other people, be observant of your shortcomings (as well as that of others), and so on. The denial for how reality is, arising from the ego, begins to diminish as you work more and more on your own healing.

But, because you’re familiarized with the impermanent nature of everything, you will not engage in the insignificant nuances. And neither will you get carried away with emotions or thoughts as much.

Even though you may appear as introverted in nature, this is actually detachment, a key milestone in attaining Spiritual Enlightenment.

#5 – Your Empathic Nature Deepens

Not only are you sensitive and highly aware of this sensitivity, you are able to feel your energy being sucked out around certain people.

Being around people who gossip, talk ill or are ‘energy vampires’ can really drain you. You feel like an emotional sponge, easily soaking in negativity and experiencing fluid-like and effortless release of positivity.

Initially, it is difficult to determine who’s bringing that effect on you, before it’s too late. So as a precursor, people start avoiding interactions, or engage for lesser periods of time.

behavior change during a spiritual awakening leads to loneliness
This leads to distancing yourself from people who you do realize are hurting your energy system. Sometimes, it can even break marriages, and push us away from parents or siblings.

In the long run, it is important to realize that being an empath is not a weakness, but a huge blessing in disguise.

As you continue healing, it becomes easier to share space and time with the people that used to trigger you. You are able to move past the person who loves ‘too much’, towards being a more unconditionally loving and compassionate being.

Remember – we want to be able to break free from this dualistic experience, and live with oneness. NOT fuel our separation by projecting the blame on other people for how they make us feel. Thus, a big part of the journey for us becomes about learning to live in harmony, in a deeply dualistic and diverse world.

If this is you, a good way to manage this intensity is to practice clearing your energy at the end of every interaction (or at least before you go to bed). Here’s a free, powerful self-healing tool to help you release anything that’s not yours.

#6 – You move from materialism to mindful consumerism.

It doesn’t matter how it happens, just that it does. Amongst many other things, you gain awareness of the difference between being materialistic versus appreciating the materials you use.

shopaholic, minimalism, behavior change during spiritual awakening

The idea of minimalism originates from the combination of a couple of factors:

  • A general sense of contentment and not needing more,
  • Detachment from the physical reality (associating with impermanence),
  • And also, love for mother nature.

We subconsciously become aware of primal tendencies such as hoarding, binge-eating and shopaholism, realizing the impact of our carbon footprint. On one hand where people pick veganism to save the fauna, many of us pick minimalism to save the flora.

One personal example was my realization that animals are also messengers of the divine, and eventually learning how to tap into their spiritual guidance. I ended up having so many stories to share, that I published my pocket-size book on the topic! You can read that on Kindle (available worldwide) or download a PDF version from below.

We also realize how futile it is to focus on the fleeting joys of life, by chasing cars, clothes or cuisines. And as we do that, we automatically make choices that reflect this. This behaviour change can be of shock value to your loved ones, because the very fundamental actions that defined your personality are beginning to shed.

#7 – You become picky about who you bring with you on this journey.

Initially when the journey begins, we tend to stay hush and experience things in isolation.

You’ve been having spiritual experiences like seeing Angel Numbers or building your psychic abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc). You’re doing all sorts of healings, meditations, using crystals and tarots…. you name it. All this becomes a LARGE part of your life.

And you don’t need people to put you in a madhouse, so you avoid sharing your life with them. This automatically makes you feel disconnected, and you start hunting for your ‘tribe’, people who understand what you’re doing, and not calling you crazy. This is what I like to call Spiritual Loneliness.

looking for a friend bear

As you embrace your new ‘side’ and integrate it into your current reality, the confusion can deepen the loneliness.

But you understand it is essential now, and you are unwilling to compromise on that. You are ‘filling your own cup first’, as Iyanla Vanzant puts it, because you realize you need to take care of yourself first, before you can step out and help the world.

In the process, many people lose their significance in your life because they don’t get ‘it’. This is normal, and another part of the process.

Give yourself time to figure things out, and remember that people haven’t changed – you have.

It’ll be important to treat them with love and respect for old time’s sake. Even if you no longer wish to carry them into your new life. Eventually, you will find your tribe and reminisce about those that didn’t make the cut!

Concluding Thoughts

In the beginning of the spiritual awakening, it’s difficult for us to explain what’s going on with us, why we are undergoing behavior change. However, when questioned, it helps to have a resource in hand to share with others.

Renee, a concerned sister for her ‘awakened’ brother, reached out to me, trying to understand how to help him. And I can tell you that just like her, every single person that loves you wants to help you through this, even if they can’t relate to you right now. I’ve put together a comprehensive guide for you and your loved ones, which you can read on Kindle, or through the PDF version below.

As a starting point, you may also consider sharing this article with your loved ones and help them get on the same page as you. All of these resources will affirm to them (and you) that you’re not going crazy, you’re simply waking up. 🙂

You may also enjoy reading about the different stages of a spiritual awakening.

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