Homecoming – A Spiritual Guide For The Awakened & The Awaking


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A spiritual awakening isn’t just one person’s journey. It has a ripple effect into every person’s life that has had anything to do with the “awakened one”. This is Vasundhra Gupta’s attempt to explore the different challenges of a spiritual awakening that spiritual seekers undergo, not just as individuals, but as families.

Some of the ideas explored are:
– the purpose of a spiritual awakening
– can you undo a spiritual awakening
– what is self-awareness
– why is the ego-mind so activated
– how to embrace the spiritual journey
– how to help someone else with their spiritual awakening
– what you can do when someone’s ego-mind is dominating them
– the different ways your behavior changes during a spiritual awakening
– wisdom from the spiritual shenanigans tribe
– and a lot more!

Let this book heal you, and the parts of you that have separated themselves from those around you. Let this book be an invitation to your homecoming, by finally coming home to those you are already at home with.