Divine Intervention Stories (#2) : How The Universe Led Me To My Higher Calling

Do we have a higher calling? If yes, how do we find it? With a series of incidents, I talk about how the Universe guided me, and how you can find your path.

My career has taken a strange turn of events over the past couple of years. Once, I used to be a hardcore computer science engineer, but then my spiritual awakening happened. And bam! I started drifting away from my role in the corporate world. It was nothing less than Divine Intervention that finally led me to my higher calling.

It took me several years to start gaining clarity about where I want to take my spiritual journey. Or rather, understand where it was taking me.

Having experienced this wave of uncertainty for a long time, and finally understanding what’s happening, I will be sharing the tools and guidance I received along the way. In hopes of inspiring you to keep going, and walking to find your path. 🙂

The Backstory

Once you wake up, it’s difficult to like the things you used to. I noticed a lot of changes in my habits, likes and dislikes, and even in the physical body, as I progressed through the various stages of the awakening.

And the bigger questions about life surfaced. What’s my real life purpose?

Do I have a higher calling? If yes, what is it?

And, how do I find it?

I didn’t know where to start looking, and it made me increasingly restless. As much as I was surrendering to the process, I was having a tough time making it through each day at work. I began to feel suffocated, and the ego inside wanted me to quit and go renounce my ‘modern lifestyle’ for something more spiritually satiating.

woman biting pencil while sitting on chair in front of computer during daytime

However, I knew better than to take such a big decision on whim, so I hung around and kept asking questions that fueled my restlessness. The first bit of advice that came to me through a series of synchronicities, was this.

Stop resisting what’s happening, and embrace whatever you are being asked to do. It is our karma, our moral duty to fulfill our commitment once we take on the role at a job, in a relationship or otherwise.

So, instead of resenting my work or the unpleasant experiences I had towards the end of my corporate career, I started evaluating the underlying spiritual lessons in these strange occurrences.

And I set my intention that I planned to get out of here once my karmic debts were cleared. Not knowing how it would happen, but trusting that the universe would find a way out for me when the time came.

I gained some level of clarity with a powerful self-reflection tool, called the Life Purpose Matrix. The steps made it clear to me that writing would be a part of my journey, but I hadn’t added up two plus two yet. You can try the steps out too, in case you’re wondering what your higher calling is too!

Lo and behold, at the end of 2018, I got engaged to my partner. Because he belonged to Canada, it was now time for me to pack my bags. And join him in his business.

close view of wanna hang with me forever on tree

This was a big turning point in my life. Because it finally made sense now. The Universe had much bigger plans than I could have imagined for myself.

And so, whenever someone tells me that they don’t think they “fit” in their job, I always tell them to believe that hunch.

I now suspect that perhaps this inner turmoil which arises in each one of us is simply a premonition. It’s as if the soul is preparing us for the next step of our life.

And we, as a human, are stretching our imagination to get there faster than is stipulated per the soul’s plan. Hence the restlessness.

The 3 Stepping Stones to My Higher Calling

I had “planned” to join my husband’s business right after we got married and I moved to Canada. But that move took 14 months! And a very dramatic period of self-isolation, amongst other things.

And so, having resigned from the corporate, I sat at home and did what I do best. Write! This period had its own set of challenges, largely because now, I was unemployed.

For the first time, I experienced jealousy for people my age that still earned from all the work they put in. Whereas even though I worked around the clock on my blog, I hadn’t earned a penny out of it. Maybe the whole sacred profession had me tied in a knot.

Of course, it wasn’t something I was proud of, but it was just one of the many things that I discovered about myself. You can read more about it in more detail here, it’s called, 7 Lessons From a Year Without Income.

Let’s just say that 2019 was about immense self-reflection and confusion about what’s happening. Then, finally, in 2020, something turned around for me again.

As much as I can seem spiritually invested when you are reading these blog posts, I began to find myself distancing from the things I used to be so engaged in.

For instance, I had stopped meditating, and couldn’t sit still for the life of me! So, I began practicing alternative spiritual practices, but kept feeling like something was off.

It was then that the first miracle happened.

A Cafe Opens Its Doors For The World (And Me)

I met my friend, Sanchita in the weirdest way. At a book club meeting.

A book club neither one of us went to ever again, but where we somehow managed to strike a cord with each other. We blossomed into an interesting pair of friends. Both undergoing transitions in our career, unsure about where we wanted our life to take us.

man and woman smiling while laying on lawn field

At the time, Sanchita told me I should be a TED talk speaker. Maybe, it was hearing such uplifting words from a stranger that made me take it seriously enough. Or maybe, it was subconsciously hidden, just waiting for an external push to make it into a dream worth aspiring for.

But after 2 years, when Sanchita opened her cafe, she hadn’t forgotten. And she invited me to give a spiritual talk about Meditation, and the Divine Laws of the Universe.

My first ever talk had 7 participants, half of them unknown to me. I wondered, was this beginner’s luck? Or was I really meant to pursue speaking as a part of my higher calling?

higher calling, spiritual workshop
My first ever spiritual talk – thank you for empowering my journey!

But Sanchita believed in me, and told me to come back again, with a different topic. My first spiritual talk was the most grounding and “real” experience I had ever had.

For the first time in my life, I could stand in the front of a room and talk about spirituality. And people were listening with undivided attention, without swinging between topics or trying to disperse the intensity that often arises from such topics. Because that’s exactly what they came here for.

How amazing was that?! As amazing as the experience was, I experienced a new kind of self-doubt.

Who was I to be talking about spirituality? I wasn’t enlightened. I had attained any superpowers in the journey, nor was I constantly able to watch my breath in meditation. Then what was the Universe thinking, putting me up there?!

Let’s just say, I should do another session. But what would I talk about?

On and on, self-doubt grew. And my desire to do the session became smaller and smaller. I just didn’t feel ready. But as always, the Universe had other plans.

Chakras After Dinner

“Let’s go back, I want to check another store”, my husband said. The shopaholic in him dragged us back. And there, smack in the middle of the wall was a giant poster of the Chakra System.

higher calling, chakra balancing, aerocity
Me standing in awe, next to the giant Chakra System poster in a mall in India.

In its full glory, it looked like the Universe was sticking its tongue out at me.

I rolled my eyes. I had goosebumps, but I wanted to be like a child and stick my tongue right back at it.

Chakras. The topic that I am highly under-qualified to talk about, became one of my most successful workshops in no time.

But the most amazing part was how the workshop’s idea came to me.

Till the very last minute, I didn’t know what to do to make the workshop interesting. I was just going with the flow. And this scared me, because as much as I trusted the Universe, I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself by showing up with a boring “something”.

I guess when you surrender to that capacity, miracles do happen.

I sat there, jotting away on my flashcards when I suddenly had an idea seep in. What if I could introduce the Chakra System in a story format? And each chakra would be connected to the next via this story.

This is exactly how I came to be a teacher of the 7 Chakras, in a practical and fun way. A sentence I never thought I’d say!

Workshop after workshop, people just kept showing up.

Even when I thought I would teach in an empty room, I had last-minute angels come save the day.

Even after the world went under lockdown, my workshop was called forth by one stranger after the after. It was then that I was reminded of one important spiritual lesson.

When you’re walking on the path of your higher calling, you don’t need to worry about how it’ll turn out for you. You just need to show up ready to be of service. And then, let the universe take care of everything else!

My First Client Trusts Me

I had been ‘coaching’ people since the very first year of my journey. At the time, the topic was Twin Flames, and overtime, it grew to be other things. Angel Numbers, Karma, Reincarnation, etc.

But one weekend, my friend Geeti became the catalyst to my journey as a spiritual coach. I was having a conversation with her, and she told me how her friend, also a spiritual teacher, had been “guided” to charge for her services as a healer.

Uptil then, the idea of earning from my work was a huge mental block for me. The “sacredness” kept getting in the way. Eventually though, Geeti convinced me to set a price and see what happens.

And as soon as I made up my mind, the very next morning, I received a very urgent query. A woman was sure I could help her.

She became my first official client, and without thinking twice about the remuneration, agreed to work with me. One week after the other, she kept coming back with more and more trust in me and my work.
don't give up. You are not alone, you matter signage on metal fence

And this period kept reaffirming my faith in my higher calling.

The stigma around charging for a sacred profession has gotten to the best of us – both on the side of the giver and receiver. However, I’ve come to see money as a form of energy. Just like everything else. Then why bother making such a big deal about it?!

I know many wonderful spiritual writers in the community who like me, work tirelessly to serve others. But they are stuck, unable to turn this into a true service.

I think the message should be loud and clear to anyone following their higher calling – you are worth much more than you permit yourself to believe. But until you don’t realize what it is, the Universe cannot help you step into your purpose.

Concluding Thoughts

The Universe is constantly conspiring to realign us for our greater good.

Overtime, a lot of uncomfortable things have happened, that made me realize how little I understood divinity. Even today, I’m often taken off-guard when something magical unfolds for me and amplifies the course of my journey.

Whether you have been seeking your higher calling for a while, or your restlessness has just begun, remember that you aren’t crazy to assume there’s more out there for you.

Remember that things WILL align, people WILL show up for what you offer, and you WILL get paid for it. It’s not too good to be true. That’s just how the Universe rolls! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Divine Intervention Stories (#2) : How The Universe Led Me To My Higher Calling”

  1. I am in awe of you. You are awspiring!!!!
    I began my journey a couple of years ago but truly started to understand it beginning of this year. I don’t know where I am on my path but it just feels right. I’ve learnt that I have become a magnet for sure, from attracting the books I desire to read to attracting your article on Pinterest. I scribble too but mostly on Instagram. I know I’d be asking too much but if you get a chance do visit me there –https://www.instagram.com/rizzypoems
    May your journey inspire every life it touches. Amen.

    Love and power to you & your writing!

  2. Wow!! I have always admired the way you write, it is genuine and straight from hear.It is very thoughtful of you to share links for your previous blogs, incase someone wants to connect the dots.

    Pictures speak more than thousand words, and the way you decorate your blogs with pictures it further basks the content in Authenticity.

    I just wish all your pictures were clicked, and not from Google. But, I also realize if you clicked pictures all the time, you will have no time for spirituality.

    My takeaways

    1) Write to express and not to impress
    2) Listen to the universe it is talking to you
    3) There is no transformation without transaction
    4) Find a soulmate from Canada (Lol)

    It would be an honour to have you once again, as our Key note speaker for Leaders are Readers book club.

  3. “I now suspect that perhaps this inner turmoil which arises in each one of us is simply a premonition. It’s as if the soul is preparing us for the next step of our life.”

    Thank very much for your sharing of your journey. This idea of the a premonition coming in the form of angst is very interesting and insightful; thanks again.

  4. What an amazing journey. My journey for the last two decades has also been similar. I can absolutely relate to the life you’ve been led to. Many great things are in store for you. Sometimes, the spiritual journey may have tough lessons. But it is ok. Wonderful reading about it

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