Divine Intervention Stories (#4) : Proof That The Universe Has Your Back!

Here are 10 beautiful stories that prove the universe has your back! Come read these amazing divine intervention stories and warm your heart.

Recently, I conducted a spiritual group activity for Toastmasters, called The Universe Has Your Back. I invited people to share their stories with the group, reflecting on the miracles in their life.

And I was touched to see the kind of stories that people shared!

Because it’s one thing when you read it like a fancy Instagram quote or Facebook post. But that weekend, real people shared their real stories, with moments of hope & despair. And one at a time, they revealed how the cosmos worked in their favor, instilling their faith in the grand scheme of things.

I promised them that the best stories would make it to the blog, but I don’t know how to choose just one or two stories because they were all so beautiful and meaningful! So I decided to share ALL of them with you, to inspire you and affirm your faith in the universe’s unconditional love and support.

10 Stories That Prove The Universe Has Your Back

Here is the magic that unfolded in our group sharing, that weekend. I’ll warm up with my story, followed by everyone else’s.

#1 -Just keep going, the Universe will meet you halfway!

In the weekend I was conducting this activity, I was also traveling. I was nervous about the fate of my book, Spirit Animals, because it hadn’t received the response I was hoping for.

Also, it wasn’t a topic I had ever imagined to write a book about. But it somehow happened, as most things in my life do. Unplanned. But divinely orchestrated nonetheless.

And now, with the ego fully active and telling me what a bad idea this was, I was beginning to assume all kinds of self-critical things. Even to the extent of quitting as a writer. No matter how much I knew from past signs that I was meant to be on this path, in the moment, I had completely fallen prey to my ego’s skepticism.

Of course, writing is too close to my heart to quit, but I was slowly feeling more and more dejected with each passing day. Not for long, though. The Universe came forth to prove it had my back, even if I had forgotten.

I came across a fortune cookie at one of the restaurants my husband and I were dining at.

fortune cookie, the universe has your back, healing, faith, hope, destiny, higher calling
It read, “success if yours if you continue on the path you have chosen”.

And lo and behold, within that weekend, my book sold over a hundred copies!

It may not be a bestseller but it was enough sign from the higher powers that the universe has your back, and it will take care of you in all highs and lows if you just show up for it.

This was just my experience, but here are 9 more incredible stories that will give you goosebumps!

#2 – If It’s Meant To Be, It’ll BE!

The year was 2009. One of the happiest days of my life. I was selected to travel to UK to migrate a process for my company. The only problem was I did not have a passport. And it was told to me that if I don’t get my passport and visa in a week’s time, some one else will travel on my behalf.

I felt like Tom Cruise trying to get my passport in such a short span. It was no less than Mission Impossible!

The following day I flew to Darjeeling, my hometown, only to realize that I have to go to Kolkata to get my passport. So, the next day I was in Kolkata.

I was in queue outside the passport office at 10 pm and the office was suppose to start the following day at 10 am. I slept in the streets, as I had to get my documents sorted as soon as possible.

the universe has your back, people waiting in queue for passport

My turn came at 2 pm, and I was thrilled to get my passport.

When I reached Delhi, I was informed all my colleagues had left for UK, and I had to get my visa by day end. I was carrying the exact cash in my pocket for my visa, and my turn had came just 10 minutes prior to the closing time of the VS office.

Now I was told the cost of visa had increased! So, I told the authority, if you allow me 10 minutes, I will withdraw money and will be back. But the authority refused to budge. I was shattered, as I felt I was almost there and yet so far.

A lady looked at me and to my surprise gave me the money required to get my visa. Then, I rushed to the ATM to withdraw the money and when I returned, I could not find the lady.

I looked outside the plane window and I knew immediately the universe had my back.

Story Submitted by Abu Shadab

#3 – The Secret to Happiness Lies In Trusting That The Universe Has Your Back

My life was miserable and everything was awkward in my life. I was failing in exams, relationships, you name it, I had it – life was wasting away.

You know why? Because nobody told me what life really is, who I am, and how the universe works.

But one day someone suggested me a book, The Secret, and after that my life became magical. Same me with different software (thoughts) thoughts creates reality.

law of attraction, spiritual images, divine intervention stories, divine laws of the universe
Change your software change your life. Can’t live happy with pirated one! Now I can say everything in this created by our mind so if you have the mind. You already have universe with you!

Now I just need to ask and the universe always replies to me. It doesn’t matter what questions I ask I always get answers. I take this book in my hand and open a random page and you will be amazed to hear that it always gives me the exact answers!

Now I am ecstatic because I know our mind created this universe, and we can create anything and achieve anything! We just need to think we deserve and then take action.

All humans have same capabilities, mind and powers. We just need to train ourselves to realize the universe lives within you! We all are connected. And the universe has your back.

Story submitted by Mayank

#4 – The Universe is Steering the Wheel For You

It was late Sunday evening. I was riding my bike back from Delhi to my flat in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad.

When I was about to reach and was around 200 meters away from my flat, I looked from rear view mirror and saw a car was fast approaching.

I was surprised because I did not notice any car in last stretch. But I shrugged it off. After a few more meters, I noticed that it was not a car but two bikes racing towards my side. And later the bikes were driving parallel to my bike.

There were three people – two on one bike, and one on the other.

They waved me to stop. At that instant I knew that I am about to get robbed.

I immediately stopped my bike. The robbers also stopped their bike but a few meters away. I’m not sure what happened but I just took a u-turn and started driving away.

man riding a black motorcycle in gray scale photography

The pillion rider ran after me held my bike to stop it. I nearly missed hitting divider but did not stop. The guy chased for a while but then he left it.

I came on the main road but did not slow down. I stopped only when I reached my flat. My heart was still racing fast but deep down I felt the Universe has my back.

Story submitted by Arun Khanna

#5 – The Universe Will Give You What You Deserve (And More)

My parents say I never gave them a hard time or sleepless nights. Sleeping is my third hobby after reading and eating, followed by laughing.

Even when someone teased me (it’s called body-shaming) laughter bubbled inside me and spilled out. And I was unable to stop till my sides burst. My family didn’t know what to do with me, so they just let me be.

Teenage brought along rosy spectacles and, a hopeless romantic, I fell into a bad relationship. I didn’t realize it, but slowly I had changed from this bubbly girl to a sourpuss.

I didn’t let my family get a whiff about what I was going through. But, I lost confidence in myself and just floated through life with nothing stirring my like before.

emotions, sadness, anger, healing your life, universe has your back
After 15 years of trying my firstborn stoked the fire and then roused it as she grew into someone who was just like I used to be. I wanted to be something do something.

Writing on FB brought me alive as praise for my writings poured in even from persons who didn’t know me. But I was still without direction. Toastmasters opened a whole new vista for me.

I shed the layers of doubt and started blooming again. The Universe really has my back and this Universe has given me back my lost laughter. 🙂

Story submitted by Nisha Majoni

#6 – The Universe will protect you through thick, thin and cold!

The mystic mountains covered with gleaming snow, dazzling sun rays playing hide and seek with me, a twirling road uphill with a clear sky, accompanied with soothing music and my loving family.

The perfect drive to Nathula, a mountain pass in the Himalayas in East Sikkim district. It connects Sikkim with China’s Tibet Autonomous region and is 14,140 feet above sea level.

white and brown mountain near body of water, trek through the himalayas, spiritual encounter, universe has your back

After a certain point , we had to park our car and walk to climb the stairs leading to the border on the Indian Side, the last Indian check post of Sikkim. We could see the Tibetan valley, the Chinese check post, all covered with snow.

It was freezing cold and the biting wind was not allowing us to stay there for more than 5-6 minutes. We captured exotic views of the Himalayas in our cameras, saluted the rock strong soldiers for their grit and dedication for being there to safeguard our country and us.

I could feel my limbs freeze, so I hurried down to grab a cup of coffee and then start the journey downhill.

When we reached the Changu lake, I started feeling uneasy and could not bear the low temperature anymore. My family decided to skip lunch, have the all-time meal of Maggi Noodles and head back to the hotel, so we left by 1 PM.

When we reached the hotel, the receptionist was frantically taking calls and looked at us in amazement throwing numerous questions at us,

“How did you reach, what time did you leave, are you all ok ?”
We exchanged confused looks, when she further added,
“Most of the tourists that went up to Nathula are stuck midway, as there is a landslide and they will have to spend the rest of the freezing cold night in their car.”

Indeed, the Universe has my back. 🙂

Story submitted by Shradha

#7 – You won’t walk, you’ll sore high into the sky when the Universe has your back!

I still remember the day was Thursday. I was scrolling down LinkedIn. Found a post from author Simon Sinek. He was encouraging people to open a book club and read his book Start with why together as a community online.

I shared the idea with our EC team. They all supported it with full passion and madness. And by Sunday, we launched the book club.

success, team work

Our why to open book club is to help people cultivate the reading habit. Now we don’t have the format ready like we have for our Toastmasters meeting but still, we pursued it.

We didn’t restrict this book club to our club members but opened for the world to join. Initially we had around 20 members from South Delhi Toastmasters Club only.

As the initiative was noble and supportive, we received love from people all over India and the world.

We wanted to achieve the first milestone and that was to get recognized by Simon Sinek for answering the questions we were sharing every week on YouTube live with 1000s of followers.

In the 5th week, we achieved the milestone and recorded it. Today that book club is known as Leaders Are Readers Book Club.

People are encouraging us every day to get out of comfort zones, to form a new network and to create something new. We didn’t know this initiative will turn into a good community where every week someone wants to tell a new story, share new insights, express their emotions and showcase the love for reading.

I think The Universe has my back, whenever I attend the book club meeting every Tuesday. 🙂

Story submitted by Paramjot Singh

#8 – There is great magic in this cosmos.

When you least expect something to happen with you, it will happen for sure. Later, you will realize how great it was. That’s when you will realize that UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK.

I think I will only share one incident of my life. This is from back when I was about to have my recruitment interview, and I was almost sure that I don’t know anything. I was sure that I would suck at it.

And I sucked the next day! 10 questions were asked of which I gave only 3 answers. For the remaining seven, my mind was BLANK.

interview, nervous, exam, signs from the universe that you will pass the test

But when the result came and I was among the first one to get selected, I was on cloud nine… That day I thanked one of my friend, and also realized that the universe has my back! I am thankful to Vasundhra for coming again to change our life once again.

Story submitted by Vimanyu

#9 – The Universe is protecting you, and your loved ones!

Agitations, curfew, tough times in Imphal.

I was just in seventh grade, when one day at 4 pm the curfew was released for some time. I stood in my balcony, enjoying a cup of tea and watching the people rushing towards the market to get the necessary goods.

Suddenly I saw a commotion and people shouting,”the truck has run over the child. Don’t spare the driver.” I saw someone waving at me. My heart missed a beat. A shudder ran down my spine.

accident, the universe has your back, miracle, healing

I yelled at the top of my voice calling my siblings.I realized that my youngest sister was not at home. Trembling like a leaf, I ran down to the street, followed by the others. And I saw people carrying her in their lap.

I closed my eyes and prayed to the Almighty. When I opened my eyes expecting the worst, to my amazement, I saw my lil sister in full form. I couldn’t believe my eyes! A truck had run over her tiny frame but miraculously she had survived. God certainly has His own ways.

Story submitted by Gita Kashyap

#10 – The Universe breathes its Light into every myriad of your life.

To be honest for me, I deeply believe and have had a myriad of experiences where the universe has my back. If I look back, everything is well orchestrated by the universe for my evolution.

universe has your back, universe has my back, divine intervention, spiritual stories

All the things, events and situations irrespective of good or bad are necessary and greatly synchronized for me to become a better human with every event.

Life was not so easy on me throughout. Now and then it keeps testing me, but with every test, I have received more number of certificates in the form of learnings. Even the people who entered my life or exit or even during the harsh circumstances, the universe always has my back.

Dear universe, always keep us all blessed in this way!

Story submitted by Shweta

Concluding Thoughts

When this blog began, back in 2018, I didn’t know how many people would read it, let alone write for it. Today, it wells my eyes to see that the Universe has been kind to each and every one of us, and that so many amazing souls share their stories here!

We are surrounded by angels, masters, ancestors and many other divine beings who are always ready to protect, guide and nurture our spiritual growth. We only have to pause, and seek their intervention.

And when it happens to you, sing praises of these miracles. Let the Universe’s Light become YOUR light. Let the miracles become the hope in someone else’s story!

If you’d like to share one of your spiritual experiences and help spread the light, feel free to drop me a note. 🙂

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Divine Intervention Stories (#3): Real Life Stories of Spirit Animals

What are spirit animals? How do they guide our day to day life? Here are some heartwarming stories to help you tap into their wisdom!

Spirit Animals have long been revered by cultures around the world as our divine messengers from the ‘beyond’. Many groups and cultures around the world, like Shamanism and the Aboriginals, work closely with nature and seek God in every aspect of it.

In Tibetan society, people will walk lengths to pull a fly out of their tea, for it could mean their dead ancestor is drowning! Such is the respect and belief in spirit animals and their powers.

Recently, I was floored to see how even a Disney movie like Mulan talks about the phoenix and its spiritual guidance along her endeavors to save the kingdom!

What is the importance of spirit animals in our daily life?

As you and I evolve and deepen our awareness in the spiritual journey, our ability to observe synchronicities is also improving. And in that, one type of divine guidance from the universe is coming to us through the animal kingdom.

It’s been a few years since I first learned about the term animal totem.

And now, just like I don’t take 11:11 on the clock casually, I take felines, canines, and other animals very seriously.

So seriously, I wrote a book about it!

But what’s so special about animals? A lot.

To begin with, spirit animals represent many qualities and strengths that we need to overcome our current challenges. And when our spirit animals walk by our side, they not only provide us that strength, they remind us that we have all that it takes to get through this.

In their own unique ways, based on when we saw them, what they were doing, and what we were going through, spirit animals can reveal a lot to us about this mystical universe and its divine plan for us!

So today, I want you to experience this magic not just from my angle, but that of three other amazing souls.

Receiving Divine Guidance From Spirit Animals

Here are 3 times spirit animals came forth and made a lasting impression on these spiritual seekers.

#1 – Divine Messages From The Cat & The Butterfly

It’s an honor to be able to share this story from one of my client’s recent experiences. Though it was a tragic time for her, it materialized into one of the greatest signs of divine intervention – directly bringing her in contact with the spiritual realm! Here’s her story.

“Earlier in July, our beautiful cat Lilly (Tiger Lilly) passed away. She had an illness that slowly took our sweet girl away from us day by day. And eventually, we had to let her go on a rainy Monday afternoon. It was heart-breaking and I cried holding her for an hour afterward.

On that Monday and in the following days and weeks, we received signs of her being around. But I want to share something quite amazing that happened after we spoke a few words over her grave.

We had decided to bury Lilly in our garden. And after a week or so, we planted a butterfly plant on the top, because she used to love jumping and chasing them when she was a little younger. I thought it would be a lovely reminder of her healthier, active days.

Mark, my husband, had wanted to read William Blake’s Tyger, Tyger.

I can’t put into words what it felt like, but the two of us talking to Lilly felt so real. Like she was there, and I felt that the universe was listening.

It was my turn next, I wanted to be as honest as I could. I told her all the things that were in my heart, that we loved her, that we were sorry we could not save her. And I finished by saying could she come and see us often.

We stood up. And in three or four strides Mark was already back entering the house, when I saw the most beautiful butterfly come flying over the fence into the garden and land on the Buddleia plant. We had had only white cabbage and the odd tortoiseshell butterflies landing on it previously.

Mark came out and we took photos.

Butterfly as a spirit animal, meaning of seeing a butterfly, spirit animals
Actual image of the butterfly sitting in their garden, post the cat’s funeral

I asked him to look up its name because I’d previously hoped to see a particular Moth, named after my Tiger Lilly. I had a feeling this was it, but I waited for Mark to say it. It was a Tiger Moth. We had never seen one before. Not in my 10 years of living here, nor have we since.

To me this was my confirmation. This was what I had been waiting for, I had hoped for something against the odds, and received it.

We cried with happiness as it flew around Mark’s head, and came into our house. It stayed on the inside of our doorpost, which was a wise decision because we have other cats! It stayed in our garden for the whole of the afternoon and then vanished. I kind of knew it was not going to come back.

I hope this gives you hope as it does me.”

#2 – Divine Messages From The Dog

This happened with my friend, and I hope his story gives you goosebumps! Here it is.

“Tuza came into my life when I was 5 years old. I loved her ever so much throughout my childhood and felt a close connection to her. Almost as if she was a person, not a dog. I would talk to her, sit with her, sleep with her on my bed…she was my best friend.

I had to leave her at 17 years old when I went to college. During my second year, she died of illness (at 14 years old) without me by her side.

In my grief, I had a dream that she was reborn in a litter of 3 puppies and came back to us. The next day, I narrated the story to my grandmother, while she was getting massage therapy done.

The therapist heard my story and told me that in her neighbor’s house a litter of 3 puppies had just been born. And that they were exactly the same color and breed I had described from my dream.

They were still too young to be adopted so I went back to university without seeing them. While I was away they were adopted by someone else, but the puppies refused to adjust to their new owner’s house, so they were returned to the original owner.

My uncle went to take a look at the puppies and one of them seemed to recognize him. The puppy brought his shoes (which he had taken off outside the house) to him.

Interestingly, Tuza was very fond of this uncle in her previous life and seemed to recognize him. So he brought him home, and when I came back and took him home to my house, the new puppy seemed to immediately recognize everything in the house. He even found Tuza’s old toys, which we didn’t know were hidden from before.

Actual image of Tuza II
Because of these amazing characteristics, we were sure it was our old Tuza reborn, so we named him Tuza as well.

Fast forward 8 years, Tuza II was viciously attacked by 4 big dogs.

I jumped in to fight them off but couldn’t save him on time. A few days after he died I felt his presence at night on my bed. I could feel the weight of his footsteps on my body lying down, the same way Tuza would walk over me when he was alive.

I could see the blanket sink under the weight and could feel the heaviness but there was nothing there. Then, I had a dream that he would come back as a border collie, black and white in colour.

Mind you, there were no border collies in Thailand to adopt.

A couple months later we saw an advertisement on the internet, from a couple from Australia that had just moved to Bangkok with their border collies. Their dogs had just given birth to a litter of eight puppies.

We looked at the photos and saw that one of the puppies had a pink patch on its nose just as the 2 previous Tuzas did.

Actual image of Tuza III

We asked them to bring that puppy home. The moment she arrived, she completely ignored the owners and crawled straight into my lap and fell asleep. I knew it was Tuza back again.”

In this way, spirit animals not only support us in one lifetime but walk with us through multiple lifetimes. Also, don’t be surprised if you dream of animals. For all you know, your Tuza may be speaking to you from the dream world!

#3 – Divine Messages From The Yellow Bird

This is another heartwarming narrative from one of my clients.

“He finally moved out. I told him in July that I wanted a divorce and now it is October. Usually, I just do my best to ignore his presence but this day I just could not be silent anymore.

I asked him while trying to control my anger, “Why are you still here? Is this enjoyable for you?” I said a few other choice words and after a promise to pay him back the most recent mortgage payment he agreed to move the next day.

After he left, I looked in the closet to see his side completely bare and I broke. The level of despair scared me, but I could not control it. I emailed my therapist, hoping it would help me to tell someone or just write out how I was feeling. It did not.

I later took a shower and decided to try something new I’d just seen on a YouTube video. I attempted to clean my aura and as I did it, I pictured that my soul was yellow.

woman in white dress in bath tub
Image used for illustrative purposes

I sobbed and sobbed as I went through the process, but it did not help, or so I thought. I did not sleep at all that night. The only thing I could compare it to is a few months ago, when I begged God and the Universe to help me which led to my spiritual awakening.

The next day, which was my 18th wedding anniversary day, I tried to continue my routine hoping it would snap me out of my sadness. I noticed something yellow on the deck, but I told myself it was just a huge leaf. Later that morning my son saw it and immediately asked if it was a bird.

This caused me to look closer and sure enough it was a dead yellow bird. It was startling and as tapped into the Universe as I currently consider myself, it really did not resonate with me what it could mean.

However, I knew that it was not coincidental that I had just read a book about Spirit Animals and my intuition told me the dead yellow bird was not a “bad” sign.

bird perching on outdoors, spirit animal as a yellow bird
Image used for illustrative purposes

With some guidance from a wonderful spiritual coach (who also wrote the previously mentioned book), I found a way to overcome the agony that the little yellow bird took on my pain and delivered the message that my turmoil was ending.

The next day I did not feel any turmoil; just a call-to-action to tune into the depths of my soul with joy and gratitude the way I seem capable of doing when I’m in pain and despair.”

My Experiences With Spirit Animals

I have many stories, but I’ll share the squirrel one with you today.

You will still see my grin as I watch squirrels running about, wherever I go.

It’s not because they’re cute – of course, they are! But it’s because they’ve been one of the guiding lights in my spiritual journey.

Back when I was experiencing an identity crisis and slowly making my way into the dark night of the soul, my spirit animal showed up as a squirrel. At the time, I didn’t know what was happening, but I simply enjoyed the company of my cute, furry friend.

I called her Squilly, and I would often feed her peanuts. Throughout the winter of 2016, she came and sat with me as my inner turbulence came and went.

Eventually, it all made sense. She was the messenger of strength and perseverance. She may have announced that tough times, that winter, lie ahead. But she also brought hope and agility back into my life.

Here’s a cute video I made of another squirrel friend, as she munches away on the peanuts.

My spirit animal, Squilly the squirrel, accompanying me for lunch

And as she warmed my heart with her presence, it was only a matter of time when my journey turned around.

A few years later, here I am, dedicating my first publication to her, and to all the amazing spirit animals that have been the guiding light, not just in my life, but in that of countless others!

Concluding Thoughts

This is just the tip of the iceberg when I say that spirit animals guide us. There are many, many ways in which they protect, support, and bring messages from the spiritual realm to us.

If this topic touches your heart and you feel called to know about the divine intervention in your life, do check out my book on the subject. It’s filled with numerous stories, tips & tricks to help you understand how Spirit Animals work in our life.

This is available on Kindle (worldwide), and can also be downloaded as a PDF version from below.

Want even more?

You can also watch (mostly listen) to me talk about more spiritual experiences and messages from spirit animals on my recent video.


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Divine Intervention Stories (#2) : How The Universe Led Me To My Higher Calling

Do we have a higher calling? If yes, how do we find it? With a series of incidents, I talk about how the Universe guided me, and how you can find your path.

My career has taken a strange turn of events over the past couple of years. Once, I used to be a hardcore computer science engineer, but then my spiritual awakening happened. And bam! I started drifting away from my role in the corporate world. It was nothing less than Divine Intervention that finally led me to my higher calling.

It took me several years to start gaining clarity about where I want to take my spiritual journey. Or rather, understand where it was taking me.

Having experienced this wave of uncertainty for a long time, and finally understanding what’s happening, I will be sharing the tools and guidance I received along the way. In hopes of inspiring you to keep going, and walking to find your path. 🙂

The Backstory

Once you wake up, it’s difficult to like the things you used to. I noticed a lot of changes in my habits, likes and dislikes, and even in the physical body, as I progressed through the various stages of the awakening.

And the bigger questions about life surfaced. What’s my real life purpose?

Do I have a higher calling? If yes, what is it?

And, how do I find it?

I didn’t know where to start looking, and it made me increasingly restless. As much as I was surrendering to the process, I was having a tough time making it through each day at work. I began to feel suffocated, and the ego inside wanted me to quit and go renounce my ‘modern lifestyle’ for something more spiritually satiating.

woman biting pencil while sitting on chair in front of computer during daytime

However, I knew better than to take such a big decision on whim, so I hung around and kept asking questions that fueled my restlessness. The first bit of advice that came to me through a series of synchronicities, was this.

Stop resisting what’s happening, and embrace whatever you are being asked to do. It is our karma, our moral duty to fulfill our commitment once we take on the role at a job, in a relationship or otherwise.

So, instead of resenting my work or the unpleasant experiences I had towards the end of my corporate career, I started evaluating the underlying spiritual lessons in these strange occurrences.

And I set my intention that I planned to get out of here once my karmic debts were cleared. Not knowing how it would happen, but trusting that the universe would find a way out for me when the time came.

I gained some level of clarity with a powerful self-reflection tool, called the Life Purpose Matrix. The steps made it clear to me that writing would be a part of my journey, but I hadn’t added up two plus two yet. You can try the steps out too, in case you’re wondering what your higher calling is too!

Lo and behold, at the end of 2018, I got engaged to my partner. Because he belonged to Canada, it was now time for me to pack my bags. And join him in his business.

close view of wanna hang with me forever on tree

This was a big turning point in my life. Because it finally made sense now. The Universe had much bigger plans than I could have imagined for myself.

And so, whenever someone tells me that they don’t think they “fit” in their job, I always tell them to believe that hunch.

I now suspect that perhaps this inner turmoil which arises in each one of us is simply a premonition. It’s as if the soul is preparing us for the next step of our life.

And we, as a human, are stretching our imagination to get there faster than is stipulated per the soul’s plan. Hence the restlessness.

The 3 Stepping Stones to My Higher Calling

I had “planned” to join my husband’s business right after we got married and I moved to Canada. But that move took 14 months! And a very dramatic period of self-isolation, amongst other things.

And so, having resigned from the corporate, I sat at home and did what I do best. Write! This period had its own set of challenges, largely because now, I was unemployed.

For the first time, I experienced jealousy for people my age that still earned from all the work they put in. Whereas even though I worked around the clock on my blog, I hadn’t earned a penny out of it. Maybe the whole sacred profession had me tied in a knot.

Of course, it wasn’t something I was proud of, but it was just one of the many things that I discovered about myself. You can read more about it in more detail here, it’s called, 7 Lessons From a Year Without Income.

Let’s just say that 2019 was about immense self-reflection and confusion about what’s happening. Then, finally, in 2020, something turned around for me again.

As much as I can seem spiritually invested when you are reading these blog posts, I began to find myself distancing from the things I used to be so engaged in.

For instance, I had stopped meditating, and couldn’t sit still for the life of me! So, I began practicing alternative spiritual practices, but kept feeling like something was off.

It was then that the first miracle happened.

A Cafe Opens Its Doors For The World (And Me)

I met my friend, Sanchita in the weirdest way. At a book club meeting.

A book club neither one of us went to ever again, but where we somehow managed to strike a cord with each other. We blossomed into an interesting pair of friends. Both undergoing transitions in our career, unsure about where we wanted our life to take us.

man and woman smiling while laying on lawn field

At the time, Sanchita told me I should be a TED talk speaker. Maybe, it was hearing such uplifting words from a stranger that made me take it seriously enough. Or maybe, it was subconsciously hidden, just waiting for an external push to make it into a dream worth aspiring for.

But after 2 years, when Sanchita opened her cafe, she hadn’t forgotten. And she invited me to give a spiritual talk about Meditation, and the Divine Laws of the Universe.

My first ever talk had 7 participants, half of them unknown to me. I wondered, was this beginner’s luck? Or was I really meant to pursue speaking as a part of my higher calling?

higher calling, spiritual workshop
My first ever spiritual talk – thank you for empowering my journey!

But Sanchita believed in me, and told me to come back again, with a different topic. My first spiritual talk was the most grounding and “real” experience I had ever had.

For the first time in my life, I could stand in the front of a room and talk about spirituality. And people were listening with undivided attention, without swinging between topics or trying to disperse the intensity that often arises from such topics. Because that’s exactly what they came here for.

How amazing was that?! As amazing as the experience was, I experienced a new kind of self-doubt.

Who was I to be talking about spirituality? I wasn’t enlightened. I had attained any superpowers in the journey, nor was I constantly able to watch my breath in meditation. Then what was the Universe thinking, putting me up there?!

Let’s just say, I should do another session. But what would I talk about?

On and on, self-doubt grew. And my desire to do the session became smaller and smaller. I just didn’t feel ready. But as always, the Universe had other plans.

Chakras After Dinner

“Let’s go back, I want to check another store”, my husband said. The shopaholic in him dragged us back. And there, smack in the middle of the wall was a giant poster of the Chakra System.

higher calling, chakra balancing, aerocity
Me standing in awe, next to the giant Chakra System poster in a mall in India.

In its full glory, it looked like the Universe was sticking its tongue out at me.

I rolled my eyes. I had goosebumps, but I wanted to be like a child and stick my tongue right back at it.

Chakras. The topic that I am highly under-qualified to talk about, became one of my most successful workshops in no time.

But the most amazing part was how the workshop’s idea came to me.

Till the very last minute, I didn’t know what to do to make the workshop interesting. I was just going with the flow. And this scared me, because as much as I trusted the Universe, I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself by showing up with a boring “something”.

I guess when you surrender to that capacity, miracles do happen.

I sat there, jotting away on my flashcards when I suddenly had an idea seep in. What if I could introduce the Chakra System in a story format? And each chakra would be connected to the next via this story.

This is exactly how I came to be a teacher of the 7 Chakras, in a practical and fun way. A sentence I never thought I’d say!

Workshop after workshop, people just kept showing up.

Even when I thought I would teach in an empty room, I had last-minute angels come save the day.

Even after the world went under lockdown, my workshop was called forth by one stranger after the after. It was then that I was reminded of one important spiritual lesson.

When you’re walking on the path of your higher calling, you don’t need to worry about how it’ll turn out for you. You just need to show up ready to be of service. And then, let the universe take care of everything else!

My First Client Trusts Me

I had been ‘coaching’ people since the very first year of my journey. At the time, the topic was Twin Flames, and overtime, it grew to be other things. Angel Numbers, Karma, Reincarnation, etc.

But one weekend, my friend Geeti became the catalyst to my journey as a spiritual coach. I was having a conversation with her, and she told me how her friend, also a spiritual teacher, had been “guided” to charge for her services as a healer.

Uptil then, the idea of earning from my work was a huge mental block for me. The “sacredness” kept getting in the way. Eventually though, Geeti convinced me to set a price and see what happens.

And as soon as I made up my mind, the very next morning, I received a very urgent query. A woman was sure I could help her.

She became my first official client, and without thinking twice about the remuneration, agreed to work with me. One week after the other, she kept coming back with more and more trust in me and my work.
don't give up. You are not alone, you matter signage on metal fence

And this period kept reaffirming my faith in my higher calling.

The stigma around charging for a sacred profession has gotten to the best of us – both on the side of the giver and receiver. However, I’ve come to see money as a form of energy. Just like everything else. Then why bother making such a big deal about it?!

I know many wonderful spiritual writers in the community who like me, work tirelessly to serve others. But they are stuck, unable to turn this into a true service.

I think the message should be loud and clear to anyone following their higher calling – you are worth much more than you permit yourself to believe. But until you don’t realize what it is, the Universe cannot help you step into your purpose.

Concluding Thoughts

The Universe is constantly conspiring to realign us for our greater good.

Overtime, a lot of uncomfortable things have happened, that made me realize how little I understood divinity. Even today, I’m often taken off-guard when something magical unfolds for me and amplifies the course of my journey.

Whether you have been seeking your higher calling for a while, or your restlessness has just begun, remember that you aren’t crazy to assume there’s more out there for you.

Remember that things WILL align, people WILL show up for what you offer, and you WILL get paid for it. It’s not too good to be true. That’s just how the Universe rolls! 🙂