Divine Intervention Stories (#1) – Life-threatening Events & Miracles

Divine Intervention is always at play in our lives, I realized. And here are my 3 personal stories about life-threatening experiences turned miracles!

As I step out of my comfort zone in 2020, I’ve been sharing more of my personal stories, alongside the advice and insight. I want to help you, as my reader, feel comforted in knowing that you’re not alone and your experiences are valid. So here is a special series called Divine Intervention Stories. Today, let me tell you about the life-threatening events that became life-changing miracles.

#1 – The Time Our Car Almost Fell Off A Cliff

Two decades ago, when my family and I lived in Idaho, we enjoyed visiting the local snowy ski spot, Bogus Basin.

On one such trip, we had guests visiting and we all hopped into our car, excited to go ski! The kids, meaning myself and my cousin who was visiting, eventually fell asleep in the backseat. And the adults continued their chit-chat.

Not long into the mountains, I woke up by sounds of panic and our car skidding to the left. It was a fraction of seconds, but it felt like an eternity. A lot was happening, but in the moment I actually felt very still and comforted.

car, skiing, snow, skid, miracles, life-threatening
Until it started sinking back in. We were now at the edge of the cliff and our car was tipping. We were in a life-threatening situation, it was a make or break moment.

My dad asked us to get out of the backseat. It doesn’t sound logical even today, because us getting off would mean more of the weight going to the front. But it was a parental instinct and we obliged.

It was no less than one of life’s greatest miracles that within a few minutes, a group of skiers stopped to help us. They pulled out their equipment, and in no time, helped rear the car back into safety.

The definition of time gets skewered in situations like these. The moment of impact felt endless, and everything after was barely a second long in my head. Makes me believe, time really is an illusion.

#2 – The Time I Almost Had An Accident (Twice)

I love driving. So much so, that I’m the one behind the wheel even if I’m all decked up in an Indian lehenga, and we’re driving to a wedding!

I consider myself a responsible and reasonable driver. Of the many times I’ve driven to a wedding, wearing high heels, this one incident stands out.

Delhi is infamous for hours of traffic jams in the peak hours of the evening. And on one such evening, we got stuck.

time-lapse photography of city night lights, traffic,

As we left the intersection and entered a slower moving zone, things happened. FAST.

Out of nowhere, the traffic rapidly came to a halt infront of us. A car zoomed into my lane last minute and further reduced my time to respond. As a reflex, I moved the steering wheel to navigate my car to the left. Phew, I thought. That could have been a bad accident.

But as I was thinking this, the same car decided to steer left too at the same time. I was not prepared and I did not have the reflex to respond. But my hand moved to the left again anyway. This action was faster than I consciously could have calculated.

And what could have been a life-threatening collision at around 50 KMPS (deaccelerating) ended up as nothing. Not even a scratch.

My mind went blank. My parents were in a state of panic, but I became absolutely blank. Almost euphoric, realizing what had happened. And then filled with this sense of immense overwhelm.

As loud as my ego mind can get, often diminishing my spiritual experiences, its silence in that moment proved something huge had happened. This was no less than divine intervention. This was once again a miracle that would stay with me till the end.

#3 – The Time I Was Electrocuted

This is the most recent of incidents and one very few people know of.

In November 2019, when I visited a family wedding, I planned to perform a small dance with the bride squad. So I removed my high heels, because even though I can drive, I can’t dance in them yet. Though this experience makes me think, I should learn! Anyway….

The event was outdoors and it had been drizzling intermittently. I stood next to the stage, barefoot. And I felt a small jolt in my feet. I didn’t understand, so I moved a step back, and BAM!

For what seemed like another eternity, a crippling current raced up my both my feet. It was so intensive, I was thrown back from the impact.

electricity, shock, current, miracles, life-threatening

I was shaking, and a vision of my legs being compromised as I sit on a wheelchair flashed before me. It was terrifying and I had no clue what had happened.

As spiritual as I’ve been all these years, that moment revealed how little I could undertake in a life-threatening situation. I had lived under the misconception up till that point that I couldn’t get into trouble. Boy, was a big bubble bursted.

Thankfully, a doctor at the party checked my vitals and within an hour of resting, I felt better. The reason divine intervention became known to me was this.

At the time, I personally believed that the spiritual mystic, Sadhguru to be my guru from a past lifetime. Within this lifetime as well, there have been many occasions in the past when I seeked help in my journey and it was his guidance that led my way. More on that another time, but coming back to the story for now…

So, as the doctor checked my vitals and pacified me that I’m okay, he showed me something on his mobile for symptoms. And right above on that webpage, was an advertisement with Sadhguru’s photo on it.

Being a family doctor, I had been reassured even personally that the divine had saved me. But as that image appeared, I was finally able to internalize this belief.

Back then, I didn’t have the courage to, but that incident reminded me of my purpose in life.

I later learned from the book, The Originals that even historic people like public figure, Martin Luther King Jr and astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus resisted doing what they’re most known for today. And yet, they too were propelled by a higher force to do something they couldn’t have imagined for themselves.

As a spiritual writer, to step deeper into my power would mean to write a book about that which has brought me so much healing. And I knew NOTHING about writing a book, let alone editing one or getting it published.

So, as you can imagine, a lot of self-doubt and resistance crept in for the next several months. It took a while to follow through on the Universe’s orders, but it finally happened.

In October 2020, one year later, my first book, Spirit Animals: 21 Divine Messengers of the Universe, was written for the Universe, by the Universe.

And a year later, I published my second work, Homecoming: A Spiritual Guide for the Awakened and the Awaking.

I am no King or Copernicus but in my own ways, I upgraded my intention to be of service when the Universe nudged me to.

The universe is ALWAYS working for us, curating miracles, one after the other. And even in the toughest moments, if we can learn to look for signs, we’ll notice that there are no coincidences. Everything is being divinely orchestrated.

Concluding Thoughts

I firmly believe in the philosophy that nothing can happen to you, if it’s not meant to. And if you are meant to go through something, you can’t stop it. Postpone it maybe, or reduce the effect if you’re really conscious and self-aware, but for most of us, there’s nothing more we can do about it.

Life has its mysterious ways, and the complexity of our karmic debts is beyond our imagination. We don’t need to undergo the gravity of a near death experience to internalize this simple truth. The Universe really does have our back at every step of the way.

So the next time you question why something isn’t happening your way, remember, there’s something much bigger and wiser than you at play here. So you’ve got nothing to worry about. Surrender! And go take a nap, perhaps, while the Universe brings its plans into action for you. 🙂

P.S. Last year, I also wrote a guest post about the five times law of attraction worked its miracles on me. Check it out!


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  1. Hi there, I am searching for ways to connect with the divine more. I’ve read many articles about how divine interventions seem to help others with needing help whether it be a relationship formed or miracles happening. My fiance lives with a disability and has his entire life (28yrs) but was recently diagnosed with Chiari Malformation (meaning there isn’t enough room in the skull for the brain causing enormous amounts of pressure in the head + countless other symptoms). We have done everything from a western medicine doctor’s stand point except surgery because there isn’t enough information out with it being successful. I KNOW something can be done for him I’m just struggling finding the answer. We are in desperate need of help with alternative healings/medicines because I don’t know what else to do for him besides just dropping everything and asking my guides to help him. If you have any advice on how to connect with guides and other divine beings and are able to get back to me I would be forever grateful.
    Love and Light to you,

  2. I was really astonished by reading by your stories. It is unbelievable at this age of high technology and futureless life.

  3. The love and protection of the Creator always shines upon us. He saves us at the hour of need and often in mysterious ways. These incidents reinforce the idea about the lord that even before one has asked it’s already done. God is with all of us and at all times! 😁

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