10 Steps to Find the Meaning of Angel Numbers

What does 1111 mean? Are you seeing repeated numbers on the clock or on license plates? Here’s everything you need to know about Angel Numbers.


Angel Numbers are an interesting spiritual phenomenon that have gained popularity over the last couple years. As mystical as they sound, I admit, they really are complicated to understand.

So in attempt to help you understand them better, I’ve written the key lessons that I’ve personally learned over the last couple years of working closely with the Angels and their mysterious musings.

We will start with the basics, to help everyone warm-up, and move into the more complicated theories.

#1 – Simply speaking, Angel Numbers are seeing repeated numbers such as 1111, 2222, 9999, etc as messages from the Universe.

You will see them so often, you will feel like you’re losing your mind. But really, it’s just the Angelic realm trying to grab your attention and remind you there’s more to life than this 3-D, human reality you’re so consumed within. Your Spiritual journey has officially begun!

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The most common places to start noticing the numbers will be on the clock (for many people it begins with 11:11), license plates while on the road, and even digitally like social media ‘likes’ suddenly aligning.

#2 – You will see the numbers the most, when you are ‘wondering’ and stuck on a thought which requires clarity.

It’s as if you have opened some kind of communication line with the Spiritual Realm and your advice is pouring in. Even if you just ASK in your head. Many atimes, you will actually see the number within a few seconds of that thought crossing your mind. Even if you can’t understand what the number meant, you will feel reassurance, that your problem has Divine Intervention.

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#3 – There’s no point using someone else’s interpretation to really understand a number’s meaning in YOUR life.

If you search online, you will realise that multiple numbers begin to mean the same thing – you will be wealthy, your love life is going to be successful, blah-blah. STOP!

#4 – Angel Numbers should also not need to mean a paragraph-long message. Keep Is Simple, Silly!

Associate very simple, meaningful messages that are sufficient for the moment you need them, and deep enough to stay with you until the next time.

#5 – How to establish your own relationship with the AN’s? Associate them to something personal to you.

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Here are some of the examples I love to share with people.

  • 32 – Reminds me of teeth. So – SMILE!
  • 64 – Reminds me of a chessboard. So – PLAN YOUR NEXT MOVE!
  • 99 – Reminds me of the finish-line, of one less than 100. So – KEEP GOING, YOU’RE ALMOST THERE.

#6 – Angel Numbers can remind you of other people, places and dates.

Some more examples :

  • Your own date of birth – a reminder to focus on your Life Purpose.
  • Birth date of a loved one – a reminder to get in touch, or Pray for them.
  • Country code of a place – perhaps you must visit that place, or something significant related to that place will happen.
  • Other important dates – maybe an event you need to get closure on, or the premonition of a similar situation re-arising.

Infact, Neale Donald Walsch used to see his date of birth on the clock for a long time, while he was writing his book, Conversations with God. He used it as a sign to remind himself, this was his purpose!

#7 – Speaking of premonitions, Angel Numbers can often act as an insight towards the energies and potentials that lie ahead in your life.

However, sometimes, it will seem like what was assured to you didn’t manifest. In other words – the Angel Numbers and the premonitions are not written on fine stone. Use them as guidelines, with the knowing that the signs don’t lie, and at the same time respect the possibility that your life events can still be dynamic.

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#8 – Not EVERY number is an Angel Number.

Sadly, as soon as we learn about AN’s, we start going crazy and trying to find meaning in every number. The best rule of thumb that I recommend, is before you take a number as a serious message, to let a number appear thrice, in a very short span (within the same day).

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#9 – Don’t let the numbers become your handicap.

At the end, Angel Numbers too are a form of external validation.

Once you’re able to tune into your energy and inner knowing, you will become more intuitive and develop a deeper relationship. Use the numbers as a guide, not your clutch. Know the Angels are working with you, for you, but you have to continue doing your Inner Work too.

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#10 – Angel Numbers are just the starting point to your journey into Spirituality.

Adding to the last point, Angel Numbers are a precious way with which the Universe gets your attention, but you cannot stop there. Once you have become curious and start placing your faith in the possibility of receiving guidance from ‘the beyond’, many horizons will open for you.

Final Thoughts

As often as we’d like to improve communication and understand what’s being conveyed to us, Angel Numbers do have their limitations and there’s no point frustrating yourself over it. The universe will find the means to deliver the message because it knows you’re listening, Angel Numbers are just one of many resources.

Allow yourself to fill with gratitude in knowing that you’re being Divinely Guided and that the Universe has your back. Always. 🙂


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