5 Strange Misconceptions About God We Need To Set Straight

Have we got our ideas about divinity wrong? There are so many man-made misconceptions about God, that I’m compelled to set the facts straight now!

I often wonder if we’ve got our idea of the Creator all wrong. There are so many misconceptions about God, so many strange expectations! To begin with, why would ‘God’, who has access to everything and needs nothing that we can offer (because He IS everything) not give you what you want?

What would God do by keeping everything good for Himself?

Note : While I’m not declaring a gender for God, but I’m in no mood to write He/She everytime I make a reference, so let’s use He.

And, is it even God, if He enjoys seeing us ‘begging for mercy’? Does God need His ego to be flattered, and really does God even have one?!


And just like those questions above, I have a few bones to pick with humanity. Let’s throw out these misconceptions and get our facts straight about God. Shall we?

Misconception #1 – God’s grace is only invoked through prayers, rituals, sacrifices, lighting candles, etc.

What about the atheists? I know a few, and they don’t look miserable. God hasn’t even punished them yet, for being so bold and declaring God is non-existent.

And think of this. We’ve all met someone we can call the ‘most selfless person ever’. Then considering that God is the combination of all the highest qualities everyone has, including selflessness……does it even make sense that God would only give you something when you worship and please Him with intense sacrificial rituals?

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What would God get with all that glorification – who is He even competing against to prove his glory? Does God even need validation, could God be insecure?

Truth is there really is no right or wrong way to invoke the omnipresent, all-pervasive presence in our lives. Your relationship with the Universe is whatever you make of it.

Misconception #2 – “God needs to help other people, so maybe today’s not our turn.”

But if it’s God, if it’s the Universe, if it’s the Divine, then this is an omnipresent soul. Then there shouldn’t be a Round-Robin service, I think it should be ’round-the-clock!

This is sheerly a sign of living with the mindset of lack. It’s about staying blind to the power of Divine Guidance. It further reflects our lack of self-worth, and judgment towards ourselves, thinking we don’t deserve care or help in moments of need.

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Misconception #3 – But what if God gets ‘fed-up’?

Is there really a limit on how much God will do for you before He decides He’s done enough? Who decides that you’re a lost cause, and it’s time for God to abandon you? What happens to such people – do they get thrown out of the Universe?

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Adding to the previous point, the idea that people are too toxic to be saved is just barbaric. Healing, love and compassion are the inherent natures of our being.

More often than not, we’re under soul contracts, obligated to treat each other in tough ways that help us learn our spiritual lessons once and for all.

Misconception #4 – Asking God for help is a sign of weakness.

If It Isn’t God – what stops us from taking help?

It is ego that says “I am INDEPENDENT. I will do this all by myself”.

There are people that claim they’ve never asked God for anything! There’s another growing trend of people calling themselves ‘SELF-MADE’.

So then I wonder, how much of a self-made person are you, really?

Do you harvest your own food? Stitch your own clothes from the cotton growing in your backyard? Grow your own trees for the all your well-carved furniture? You know where I’m going with this.


You see – no matter how hard you try, you cannot be a self-sufficient, isolated ecosystem. We were never made to do unnecessary heavy-lifting in the first place!

We are here to come together with our unique qualities and simply help each other grow towards our Oneness with the Universe.

By being ‘self-sufficient’ and never asking for help, who are we even trying to prove a point to?

I am not preaching here, because I came from the same mindset of self-sufficiency. And it was this huge blockage that disconnected me. After all, I was saying I am separate, and therefore I must take care of myself separately. How can such a person experience Oneness?

The Universe likes the fastest way to self-evolution. It wants to help you. It’s YOU that’s deciding to ride a bicycle to the finish line, when really, you could be on a Hayabusa!

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Misconception #5 – How can you believe in something you’ve never seen before?

We need to understand that we are always, constantly being helped and looked after. But because things are manifesting behind the scenes, instead of counting our blessings, we’re usually questioning its occurrence at all.

The Universe is NOT beating a drum for you, every time it helps. Would you have preferred that instead? Would have been kind of annoying, honestly. We must admire it working in a wondrous silence.

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But then there are moments in life, when we are met by Divine Intervention. We know in that moment, “this couldn’t have been by chance, this wasn’t ME. This was something much bigger, more powerful”.

For me the first signs of God stepping into my life were Angel Numbers. Boy, was that an exciting breakthrough!

In retrospect, we can always agree that things worked out for the best. Why? Simply because things were working in your favor, even when you didn’t think so.

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Concluding Thoughts

So what I’m trying to put out there, is that the creator, God, the Universe is always working for you. Whether you ask for it or not. Divinity isn’t against you, it’s working FOR you. At all times.

YOU can make your life much more better, and more meaningful, if you let go of your guilt of asking for too much, or trying to figure everything out on your own. And instead work with the Universe to co-create a reality that better suits your human experience.

Now that you know this, only one question remains, “slow-motion, or accelerated living?”

Choice is yours! 😉


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5 Misconceptions about God We Need to Set Straight

10 thoughts on “5 Strange Misconceptions About God We Need To Set Straight”

  1. I don’t know whose misconceptions are these, but if a person has atleast some rooting in any spiritual tradition, these misconceptions wouldn’t come about.
    Taking the first one that God’s Grace can be invoked by prayers.. this is actually true; simply because God does not interfere in the daily lives of people which is self governed partly by free will and intelligence but mostly from past karma. And so even an atheists can live a good life and the most ardent believer – a miserable one because in both cases it is their karma in action. God does not interfere. Prayer is a supplication to God to interfere in our lives. And the quality and intensity of prayer evokes a response.

  2. My partner and I stumbled over here coming from a different web address and thought I should check things out.
    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to looking at your web page repeatedly.

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