Connecting With Your Soul Guides – Tips & My Story

How can you connect with your soul guides? Are there any tips to deepen your connection with angels and masters? Here’s an informative article.

One of the reasons I find a spiritual awakening such a magical experience is that we wake up to the realization that there’s an entire army of soul guides behind the scenes, ready to support us. There are different levels of connection that we have with our spirit guides and this article is dedicated to helping you understand and deepen your connection.

In case you’re new to the idea itself, the existence of soul guides, let me share a little more about that as well.

So, soul guides are essentially the souls that are more evolved in their spiritual journey AND have chosen to support “younger” souls in their evolution.

What does it mean to be supported by our soul guides?

To understand a soul guide’s purpose in our life, we need to understand a little more about our own purpose here as humans. Why are we born and more importantly why do we keep reincarnating?

As I often talk about in my articles, we are all here to fulfill our potential. Whatever that may be for us. Or in other words, to live a more purposeful life and pursue the things that we feel are our “higher calling“.

And in order for us to fulfill our destiny, we need support. Not just physical resources or skill training, we also need emotional and spiritual guidance. That’s where well-wishers from the spirit world step in for us.

Our spirit guides then become our saving grace, in that they are a source of unconditional love and spiritual guidance. Sometimes, they are also that gentle “nudge” waking you up in the middle of the night, reminding you to get back on track with your purpose.

Do soul guides come in and out of our life?

If you go by what renowned afterlife regression therapist, Dr. Michael Newton researched and revealed throughout his work (which I’ll share more about in the tips section), our spirit guides are pretty much always available in our life.

Of course, you don’t “need” them around if you’re taking a shower or doing something mundane. And they’re not in our private business like that. However, they are also seeking opportunities to connect with us, and sometimes, a calming bath is your soul’s way of connecting with its guardian.

In essence, our soul guides are either on standby or actively engaged with us, depending on the intensity of our challenges. As well as how receptive we are to their messages.

What do you mean by receptivity of spiritual messages?

When you’re crying, for instance, you’re all caught up in your emotions. At that point, just like it’s difficult for you to understand what a human might say to you, it’s difficult for your guides to connect with you.

In a similar fashion, you may receive insight or advice but refuse to act on it. That’s where your free will plays out. So while you’re not bound to listen to them, you probably should start tuning into these messages if you want to accelerate your spiritual journey.

But just know that you and I are constantly being guided through spirit guides whispering ideas in our ear (clairaudience), showing us synchronicities, popping images and inspiration in our head (clairvoyance), etc.

soul guides whisper spiritual message in ears

I like to believe that soul guides also help us have intuitive “hits’, where we have insight about something that we couldn’t have possibly known a moment prior. Essentially, they are our caretakers from the beyond. Looking after us, and capable of doing even more so, if we allow them in.

Do we all have a soul guide?

Yes. We actually have multiple of them, again, as confirmed by many spiritual teachers. Our spiritual team can be a combination of some of your closest, deceased loved ones, angels, masters and so on.

And as Dr Michael quotes, “I have never worked with a subject in trance who did not have a personal [soul] guide. Some guides are more in evidence than others during hypnosis sessions.”

It’s a different story how connected (and receptive, like I shared before) we are to them.

All that briefing laid out for you, I want to pause and share some of my story.

What is my relationship with my soul guides?

When my journey first began (here’s that story), repeating numbers like 11:11 on the clock and number plates, called angel numbers, were my first encounter with the divine. I was curious why they’re associated with angels in the first place and went down the rabbit hole of research.

That, and reading Dr Brian Weiss’ books (also shared in the tips later), I was finally initiated to the world of connecting with souls from the ‘beyond’. As I kept reading and trying on new things, I began to have my own experiences.

For some people, they would see orbs or flashes of different coloured lights, which would signal that an archangel was near them. For other people, they could hear “guiding voices” in their head.

And for me?

I was freaking out. Every time I saw a flashing light after meditation or hearing thoughts that were clearly not mine, my logical mind rushed to sabotage my awakening. I did NOT want to have any of that, so I also started researching ways to cut all connections.

scared of spiritual journey
Later on, I learned that being scared of spiritual experiences is pretty common, and I also figured out how to slow down this supernatural dial.

Of course, it wasn’t all scary. I would often ask for help from my guides, and it would work out like,

  • Getting help in finding a parking spot or clearing the traffic when I was running late for a meeting at work;
  • Wondering where something was in the supermarket and having a “hunch” to turn around, my eyes landing on exactly what I was searching for;
  • Asking for healing and noticing my health recovering startlingly fast;
  • Praying for guidance and the right song coming on the radio in that moment to give me some insights;
  • Making a prayer to help me open the lid on a stuck can (this has worked SO many times);
  • and more!

A more recent practice that I’ve been introduced to, is asking for guidance from our soul guides before we sleep, to clear energy (or recover health) in our dream state. I don’t doubt the powerful healing ability of dreams and love that we can work with the Universe for our spiritual growth even while we’re asleep.

While my spiritual journey first had a lot more involvement from my angels and soul guides, I just wasn’t the person to want them overly-involved.

So overtime, I tuned out the intensity of the guidance and consciously prayed to work with the Universe, but from a less freaky place. I will share some tips on that in the upcoming section.

And a disclaimer that I wasn’t “born” with my connection and had to work towards it, unlike some spiritual seekers that share how they’ve always talked or seen souls from the beyond.

That’s just me though and my connection with my guides is constantly evolving as I build more spiritual appetite. But now, I want to share some of the tips and lessons that helped me develop the connection.

Tips to Connect With Your Soul Guides

While I believe that every soul guide is unique in their approach to connecting with us, here are some general tips to help you deepen your connection.

Tip #1 – Allow them in.

There’s something childlike and mischievous about this idea of “invoking” a spirit guide. I would always think of myself like a Pokemon trainer, summoning one of my angels or guides to be with me!

You may not have done this consciously before, but today, I invite you to call in your team to actively make themselves known to you. Here’s an example of what that intention could sound like:

“Dear soul guides, I would love to have your support and to know that you’re here for me. Please guide me in a way that I know it’s you. Thank you.”

Don’t miss the thank you. It’s nice to be grateful!

Of course, you might be like me and not want active participation from your guides. There’s nothing to worry about in this case, you can simply rollback a past intention.

In which case, you may saying something like:

“Dear soul guides, thank you for being so present in my life. I wish to receive your support in a way that’s not so intimidating to me. (if there’s something specific you want them to stop doing, tell them). Thank you.”

At the end of the day, remember the law of divine intervention and know that your guides will never “interfere”. They will work behind the scenes if that’s all you want from them.

#2 – Don’t stick to just one soul guide.

Of course each soul guide has their own strength that they lend to you but you don’t just have to limit your prayers to a certain angel or master.

Like I said earlier, because I detached myself from actively working with my soul guides, I made my prayers a little more generic.

So instead of seeking help from one being, I trusted that the Universe would send in the right resource. My prayer for divine intervention was now being sent out to the entirety of this cosmos. This allowed me to not “depend” on instant gratification or idolize (and then get angry at) my guides too much.

prayer to soul guides for divine intervention

Whenever a prayer is not answered, I trust that there’s a spiritual lesson I need to unpack on my own first. As a rule of thumb, when asking for help or an affirmation from your soul’s team, always, always remember to step into a place of gratitude. The answers or help we get may not be what was expected, but by allowing something higher to show up for us, we can be assured that it’s for our highest good.

#3 – Build and strengthen your intuition.

I know that as a left-brain dominant society today, we’ve parted ways from tuning into our inherent wisdom. But science is beginning to catch up with the idea of intuition (here’s some research). So rest assured, your heart and soul are definitely catching on to insights your mind hasn’t grasped yet.

Fortunately for us, intuition isn’t rocket science. It’s actually natural for kids to go with their gut feeling, if they’re not being looked down upon for it. Somewhere along the way, most people will disconnect from their gut because of trauma or simply because their environment wasn’t conducive.

So intuition is actually something we’ve “unlearned” and want to call back into power. And when you build your intuitive muscles, you allow your spirit guides to guide you in real-time. A tip I share in my article about developing intuition is when in doubt, pause and ask for a sign. Either you will see a confirmation of what you were thinking of doing, or silence (which confirms something too).

#4 – Learn, learn and learn.

I’ve found it SO helpful to learn from those that were ahead of me in their spiritual journey. And five books that I’ve greatly benefitted from reading, in context to soul guides are:

Along with these resources, of course, keep up your own explorations through meditation and prayers. Remember that your connection with your spiritual team is very personal and unique to you. Everyone can only give you some degree of knowledge, but you’ll eventually find what really works for you.

Concluding Thoughts

While the Universe is always guiding us and sending us messages to make our life easier, it is fully our discernment to listen to the call or let it pass. I do know for a fact that after one point, we are all being shown that there’s a higher path available to us. And when we ignore it long enough, our soul guides have a way of shaking us awake!

I would love to know if the insights here help you connect with your spirit world or if there are other tips you have for the community.

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