5 Ways Your Logical Mind Can Sabotage Your Spiritual Growth

In what ways does the logical mind misguide us in our spiritual evolution? How can we retrain our mind to see the magic of the Universe?

When my spiritual journey began in 2017, I was a left-brain dominant personality. I would operate by logic, and I looked for reasoning in day-to-day life. While living practically is important so that we’re not taken over by emotions, there’s a lot that happens in the spiritual realms, which may not necessarily be explained by our logical mind.

Whether you’re new to the world of spirituality, or you’ve been around for a while, the logical mind will continue challenging your faith, holding you back ever so often. This creates mind blocks that can prevent us from progressing on our spiritual journey.

What kind of thoughts can be detrimental in your spiritual growth? Here’s a list of some of the most common ones. 

Note : I’ve been guilty of these at some point or the other. No judging!

#1 – Don’t trust the unseen.

The ego mind, the left-brain centric thoughts compel us to figure everything out, so that we can avoid surprises. Change makes us uncomfortable, and can even become numbing when we’re forced to think through unfamiliar situations as they confront us. But why? 

It can be scary to step out of our comfort zone. Especially when surrounded by chaos, it might even feel impossible to imagine a better reality. It takes courage. But we don’t need to know the whole journey – we just need to be able to take the next step. And then the next. And then, the next.

Think of it like a Rubik’s cube – where even though at first the colors seem complicated, with a few twists and turns, they begin to fall into alignment.

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It is delusional to think that things will remain the same, in a universe where change is the only constant! Then, it becomes imperative to trust this universe, as it reveals its unpredictable yet magical self to us. 

My takeaway is that we need to learn to believe in the unseen, and allow ourselves to embrace the feeling of being uncomfortable, as one change after the other enters our life. Resisting life or denying the power of the unseen will not get us anywhere, but only enhance our suffering.

#2 – It’s all a coincidence.

I’ve worked with countless individuals, who in the initial stages of their spiritual awakening have told me things like, “maybe it was a coincidence”. Or that they “got lucky”, that one time something good happen to them.

The good in our life, the grace, is not a miracle, nor a coincidence. It is Divine Intervention.

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The Universe is always there to take care of us. And the magic is at play whether our logical mind can successfully spot its presence or not. But when you’re undergoing the initial stages of a spiritual awakening, it can be difficult to wrap your head around the idea that you really are being divinely guided. 

And yet, the sooner you can embrace this magic, the easier it will become for you to work with this mystical energy and bring lasting change. So, take a moment to acknowledge the divine in your life. Slow down and observe the many wonders that life has to offer. 

My takeaway is that the Universe is always speaking to us, if only we could listen. So, we need to give ourselves the permission to talk to the Universe, asking it to reveal itself to us in our daily life. Infact, we should expect it. Demand for it to happen. And then watch how the Universe shows up for you every single time!

#3 – There’s a right or wrong way to be spiritual.

This is a trap we all fall into, and perhaps the most recurring one. 

The logical mind is used to categorizing and compartmentalizing life, to make things predictable and easier to process. And in that, some things are categorized as spiritual, whereas others are not.

So when someone acts outside our definition of spirituality, we blast them with our judgement.

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Everything that has happened, and that will happen is a part of spirituality. How? Because we are spiritual beings, here to have a human experience. We are meant to make mistakes. So many times, it’s a part of our soul contracts to hurt someone, or to be hurt by someone.

It is all a part of the grand scheme of things. And if you can’t see how, step back and look from farther away.

My takeaway is that sometimes even the wisest souls can mask their progress and sign up to give us a tough time. But our journeys are much more intricate than our human mind can perceive. We must learn to look for the lessons in every interaction, and practice non-judgement towards those that don’t fit our idea of how life should be lived. On the other side of this journey, we are all One. Beings of Love and Light.

#4 – You deserved better.

In the face of adversity, our pain is at its peak. And it makes sense to be angry, to feel helpless and want something better for ourselves.

But don’t let your adversity define you. Don’t let yourself believe that the reason something bad is happening to you, is because you are unworthy. Neither let yourself get into an inner conflict, that if you’re a good person, why would something bad happen to you.

And most importantly, don’t fall for the victimhood archetype. Its the very thing that prevents us from being accountable and truly making the changes we desire.

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It can be tough to grasp this, but there’s nothing personal here. It’s all a part of the process, and everything that is happening is needed for the collective consciousness’ evolution.

We all signed up for this, whether we remember it now or not. Infact, not remembering was also a part of this process. It’s what makes this journey so exciting!

And as a soul, we can never die or be born. We can’t be hurt. Nothing can be taken away from us, because we are everything, and we are everywhere. But as humans, we undergo such a wide range of events and emotions in order to experience different expressions of reality. 

My takeaway is that we must always remember that we have a choice. Whether you choose to undergo life’s experiences as a victim or as a warrior, life will happen. We have very little control. So choose the thoughts and actions that empower you, and strengthen you to see the bigger picture. 

#5 – The universe doesn’t want the suffering to stop.

The idea that we must suffer through our life because we’re reaping what we sow, is outdated. What about all the good that happens to us?

It’s in our heads, to either negate the positive, or acknowledge it and let that become our focal point of attention. 

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And suffering? It comes from the unceasing train of thoughts, of how things should have been. That life should have given us more money, less heartbreak, better health, a nicer family, a bigger house, and then some. 

For instance, if you don’t like the rain and it rains, you might feel like your entire day is ruined. Or you could just accept that it’s raining, and get on with your day, without taking it so personally.

My takeaway is that it’s all in your head. Whether you choose to see things for what they are, or form your opinion of how they should have been, is a choice you get to make. If you practice acceptance, you transcend the misery, into a joyous way of living.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s important to get out of our own way. To stop being overly cautious and listening to every single thought the logical mind feeds us.

We need to stop micromanaging life, and to simply BE.

The spiritual journey asks us to step out of our cocoon and really look at the world, and ourselves, for what it is, for what we are. But we can’t do that, until we change our mindset, and allow ourselves to be vulnerable as life unfolds for us. 

So my question to you is, are you willing to let go of these negative thoughts and become more satiated in your path to self-realization?


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